• What you need to know?
  • Recipes using oils for the skin

For many residents of megacities morning ─ the hardest part of the day. In order to put himself in order, you need to spend a lot of effort, and yet still have a long working day. With such a situation would do well aromatherapy. Everyone knows that pleasant scents have a positive impact on mood and well-being; so why not use this method to deal with morning distraction and slowness?

How does it work and what is it? Aromatherapy - is the use of various essential oils in cosmetics and medicine. Scientists have determined that human body instantly reacts to different smells. A variety of oils meet its effect not only through our sense of smell, but also through the skin, such as skin. We also know that a large portion of their components has a special structure, thanks to which they normalize overall, relieve fatigue, drowsiness and stress. In addition, they also possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

What you need to know?

Aromatherapy Facial - the science is thin, so, first of all, you need to start using several oils. But there is the main condition - choose her, the ones that you like best. Among oils, there are a few common, those that contribute to a significant increase in vitality and activity of man. The most popular are oil conifers (fir, juniper, cypress, pine), as well as lemon, tea tree, ginger, rose and thyme. It is also very important to know about the properties of different oils and their proper use are what we have right now and have a look.

  • Dry facial skin is very sensitive to the sun in summer and cold in winter. It is easy to peel off and quickly inflamed, and in the most vulnerable areas quickly wrinkles. It is in these situations often use aromatherapy: it helps to strengthen cell membranes, stimulates metabolism, improves the regeneration of the skin, greatly improves muscle tone.

    Soothing have the following oils: jasmine, almond, geranium, chamomile and orange. Help smooth wrinkles masks, which include lavender, rosewood, tea tree and geranium.

  • Oily skin is characterized by facial oiliness and shine. Aromatherapy in this case is used for bleaching and the dissolution of the secret, constantly clogging the pores and promotes their further narrowing and strengthening immunity. Masks, containing the oil of lemon balm, mint, lemon, geranium, romarinho, ginger, thyme and juniper, a type of skin tone.

    Soothing has chamomile, lavender and ylang-ylang. Smoothing - lavender and lemon. These recipes are easy to do, the main thing - to collect in advance the desired oil.

  • Normal facial skin - it is a reward for every girl, because it adequately responds to the environment; and yet it requires periodic maintenance. It has a tonic effect geranium, lemon, juniper and rosemary. Recipes that are used for making masks contain lavender, rose, mint, jasmine or chamomile. Regular performing procedures with the above oils calms and relaxes the skin. Help eliminate wrinkles oils of orange, lavender, lemon, tea tree.
  • Mixed skin often combines several properties, and there is a normal and oily and dry. For this type of recipes are best used masks that contain peppermint, neroli, lemon and rosewood.

 Aromatherapy Recipes

Recipes using oils for the skin

Unfortunately, every woman sooner or later confronted with unpleasant factors as the rapid aging of the skin. There are wrinkles, reduced elasticity. All this contribute to metabolic disorders, the possible hormonal changes, stress and the unfavorable environment. Aromakosmetiks helps to block these processes.

To wrinkles have decreased or disappeared completely, use rose oil, peppermint, pine, incense, nutmeg, sandalwood, myrrh. Also, there are simple recipes that can be prepared using a mask helps to rejuvenate the skin on the face. And here are some of them:

  • A mixed two drops of lemon oil, two drops of lemon balm, one drop of lavender oil, chamomile oil one drop, one drop of oil of jasmine; accurate movements to rub the mixture into the skin.
  • Mix three drops of geranium oil, two drops of lavender oil, two drops Roman Chamomile, one drop of oil of lemon, then carefully rub the skin with light circular movements.

Swelling of the face - is quite common and usual thing for many women. They are the cause of stagnation of fluid in the cells of the skin, disorders of the heart or kidneys. In advance consult your doctor and determine the cause. The most common recipe from edema - two drops of lavender oil, two drops of juniper oil, two drops of rosemary oil, one drop of orange oil, one drop of pine oil. All mix well and rub in a circular motion into the skin.

A remarkable modern panacea for acne is composed as follows: two drops of cypress oil, two drops of bergamot oil, two drops of lavender oil, a drop of oil of sage, one drop of tea tree oil. Mix in a separate small tank and slowly, gently rub into the affected areas of skin.

There are some simple recipes using which you can easily cook a great mask at home. Next, the resulting mixtures are used for a different procedure is uplifting and improving efficiency. For example, a bath, which add five drops of rosemary oil, three drops of pine oil. Also, you can experiment, for example, by mixing five drops of rosemary oil with two drops of lemon oil, or two drops of anise oil and three drops of lemon oil. But remember, in such a bath can not be based on more than ten minutes!

Aromatherapy - a modern, pleasant treatment for your skin. But it is worth noting that all of the mixture should be used in the evening, before bedtime, pre-clean the skin of makeup and dirt. Massages cost could move two or three times a week - no more; thus watch carefully to ensure that oil does not fall into the eye. Use our recipes, follow all the rules and be beautiful!

 Aromatherapy: a panacea for your skin

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 Akvadermagenez - youthfulness of your skin

The latest achievement of scientists in the field of health and beauty has become the latest method of cleaning and nutrition of the skin - akvadermagenez. It allows you to remove small defects of the skin and helps return it to a healthy fresh look.

The process takes place in two stages: the first involves the removal from the skin of dead cells with a special natural means, which includes finely ground apricot. The second step is bio-rejuvenation. For this purpose under the epidermis introduced microjet air, which includes vitamin and mineral cocktail for the skin.

Thanks akvadermagenezu skin is clean and fresh. Increased production of collagen makes it more dense and firm, wrinkles, age spots and enlarged pores disappear after 3-4 treatments.

 Akvadermagenez - youthfulness of your skin

 beautiful manicure


  • Easy to manicure
  • Simple manicure "Printed"
  • French manicure

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit nail salons, but, nevertheless, wants to look well-groomed every woman. It is not necessary to go to the wizard, you can care for your nails yourself. Our tips will help you make a quick beautiful manicure at home, spending is not more than 40 minutes.

Easy to manicure

Make it easy and very quick manicure at home easily. For this simple procedure, you will need manicure accessories: nail file (it is better to use glass nail file - it does not damage the nail plate), scissors or clippers (ideal to use both tools), cotton wool or cotton pads, towels, nail polish remover, a container of soapy Vodicka, nail brush, a stick to remove the skin around the nails, hand cream, massage - almond or olive oil.

To paint nails, use a colorless substrate colored lacquer and hardener.

Make a beautiful manicure is very simple:

  • By using the nail polish remover to remove old paint with a cotton pad.
  • Wash your hands, neat movements brush nails, rinse and dry with a soft towel.
  • Give your nails nail file form common options: oval or square. Nicely obtained if they have an average length - sostrig with scissors or clippers. Then, lightly, moving from outside to inside, file off the nails.
  • Lower hands into a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.
  • When the cuticle becomes softer (you can use a special softening agent), being careful not to get hurt, push the wooden stick. Doing a manicure at home, it is better not to cuticle cut. Use care, slowing its growth - the skin around the nail is soft, without burrs.
  • Apply to hands and nails almond (or olive) oil, make a gentle massage. Then lubricate the pen cream.
  • Once the cream is absorbed, wipe nails with acetone to remove its remnants. Beautiful manicure impossible without varnish - Apply base color coat and fix a special tool manicure.

We hope that our mastered very easy and quick manicure at home, your pen will always be right!

 simple and beautiful manicure

Simple manicure "Printed"

Very simple and, most importantly, fast manicure can be done with the newspaper. To start using a special tool, remove the old layer of varnish and file off the nails. This manicure looks very impressive on the nails of various shapes.

From any publication, newspaper or magazine, cut out ten pieces of paper with an interesting text. Slice the squares slightly larger than your fingernail to Newspaper easily removed.

Apply a clear varnish nail and wait until it dries - place a large piece of cut paper (magazine) means for removal of a varnish. Attach the paper to the nail plate, press down well and wait 15-20 seconds. Very carefully remove the piece of paper. Cover the nail a layer of colorless varnish and allow to fully dry.

This is the easiest and very quick manicure, which allocate your hands in any company.

French manicure

Probably the most conservative and "discreet" manicure - French. It is universal and suitable for any outfit and a variety of activities from the campaign office to incendiary parties. We will help to make French manicure at home.

French manicure - not very easy and fast way to make your nails expressive. It is performed in two stages: a simple manicure, then - the process of painting nails. The whole procedure takes about one and a half hours.

You will need:

  • lacquer in two colors: white and ivory
  • base-drying
  • Special strips for French manicure
  • scissors, nail file, tweezers to remove the cuticle

Wipe off old nail a special tool. Soak hands in warm some water and get rid of the cuticles - slide to the base of the nail. So that no burrs, and the skin around the nail was well-groomed appearance, use the means to care for the cuticle.

Cut the nails under the same length, then file off. French manicure looks very nice, if you give your nails a square shape, they are rounded at the edges.

Color nail the basics, you can choose: a transparent, pale pink manicure with impressive looks bright (for example, dark red) basis. We cover the nail easy thin layer, wait until dry.

Apply white nail edge smooth line - use special strips for the French manicure. To manicure did not look ordinary, you can use colored nail polish, such as wine-colored - even a very simple French manicure "sparkle" in a new way.

When the nails are dry, cover them with "drying" - means consolidate varnish and allow longer keep manicure from damage.

As you can see, care for the nails at home is a snap. Use these tips and you will learn to make a very fast and the most beautiful manicure without resorting to expensive beauty salons.

 Beautiful manicure at home

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