Assorted pizza recipe


  • Assorted Pizza Soviet-style
  • Mixed with rice and vegetables
  • Unusual pizza: Assorted potatoes with eel

Do you know what dish is the most popular at the moment? The answer is obvious - of course, pizza! Italian flat bread is so loved by not only his homeland, but also in other continents that today specialized restaurants, pizzerias and cafes that serve it, open every day around the world. Why is the pizza got its spread? Firstly, it is delicious. Secondly, universally. The food can serve as a snack for lunch, and the main attribute of a party. However, do not necessarily go to expensive places to enjoy a favorite product, we offer to cook it himself. Hopefully, at least one recipe for an unusual pizza-platter of the following will you prefer.

Assorted Pizza Soviet-style

This recipe is ideal for people who are conservative, not only in the choice of clothing or political preferences, but also in food. Not all are addicted to understand and European cuisine, so some ordinary Italian pizza may not like. However, this tortilla with assorted sausages and juicy tomatoes, think, have to taste everything from small to large.

Ingredients for pizza:

  • 250 grams sifted (premium) flour
  • Two chicken eggs
  • 15 grams of yeast dry bags
  • 100 milliliters of warm normal water
  • salt to your taste
  • 10 ml of vegetable oil
  • two large onions
  • 300 grams of conventional sausages premium
  • 6 juicy ripe tomatoes
  • 3 large garlic cloves
  • 50 grams of green (pitted) olives (olives can use the drum)
  • 200 grams of cheese durum
  • 30 grams of low-fat sour cream
  • 10 grams of good butter
  • salt - at your discretion

Cooking method:

Boil 300 grams of any good quality sausages and cut them in small circles, and onion - thin rings. Peel ripe tomatoes - they pour over boiling water first, then cold water. So you will easily release from the vegetable peel, cut them after the middle-sized cubes. Olives with a knife, divide into two halves, cheese rub on a medium grater.

Now turn to the test. Heat a little water and dissolve the yeast in it dry, then add half the indicated in the recipe portion of the sieved wheat flour - mix well. Ready to leave the base to approach in a warm place for two to three hours. For the dough get soft and juicy, you can lubricate it with oil of olives. Then enter the remaining ingredients: chicken eggs, flour, salt to taste, and vegetable oil - Stir well and cover with a tight hand towel, let stand another 60 minutes.

Roll the finished pizza base in the form of thin cakes, which lay on a baking sheet, pre-lubricated with a small piece of butter. Crush the garlic and mix it with low-fat sour cream - Spread the dough. Put the stuffing on top and sprinkle with grated cheese. Baked product in the oven at a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. Set a timer for 20-25 minutes.
As you can see, this recipe is quite simple. No special knowledge and skills do not need to have to cook a pizza. Good luck!

 Assorted toppings for pizza

Mixed with rice and vegetables

Sometimes the meat products are simply bored. They are hard on the stomach, children are not always appropriate, and to fast sometimes not superfluous. For lovers of vegetarian cuisine offering a simple recipe of Italian cakes: Assorted rice and tasty vegetables.


Basis for the pizza:

  • 250 milliliters of warm normal water
  • 2 small pinch of salt
  • 25 grams of yeast (we recommend using fresh)
  • 2 tablespoons tablespoons olive oil
  • 0, 5 teaspoon (without top) tablespoons sugar
  • 350 grams of sifted wheat flour


  • 300 grams of good long grain rice
  • one large bell peppers
  • 200 grams of cauliflower
  • three ripe juicy tomato
  • 100 grams of zucchini
  • two small bulbs
  • 20 grams of butter
  • 2 tablespoons tablespoons olive oil
  • salt of your choice
  • 100 grams of parmesan

Cooking method:

At the initial stage to do a test. To do this, dissolve in the usual glass of warm water 25 grams of fresh yeast, add ½ tea spoon of sugar - let stand about 10 minutes.

Then, in a separate bowl, mix the sifted premium wheat flour and salt, to the resulting mixture pour in the water with the yeast, add a spoonful of olive oil a large - broom knead thoroughly and leave not cold place for half an hour. When the base is suitable for pizza again Punch the dough and divide it into three equal parts. The two remaining portions can be frozen in the refrigerator and use during subsequent cooking. Roll the finished weight in the range of thin, brush the pan with olive oil and place the dough on it.

To prepare the filling, boil in a little salted water for long grain rice and cauliflower to a state of semi. Then last cut small pieces, chop onion, cut into rings netolstym sweet bell peppers and tomatoes, and squash - thin circles. Mix all the vegetables and place in a pan with butter, stew ten minutes. Then Stir in rice and cook, covered for another five minutes. Grate the cheese on a fine grater. This cheese is quite expensive, so you can easily replace it with other cheaper varieties, such as Russian or Edam.

Sprinkle the pizza base a little olive oil, put the stuffing on it and sprinkle with grated cheese - put in the oven at an average of 20 minutes. Do not expose the high temperature of 200 degrees is sufficient.

Hopefully this recipe came to your liking, but the whole family to taste! Pizza can combine a variety of products, so cook the stuffing on the mood. For example, children's party, use mushrooms, fresh or canned pineapple, chicken, and for more solemn meeting will suit seafood and other luxury ingredients.

 tasty toppings for pizza platter

Unusual pizza: Assorted potatoes with eel

Pizza - is simple enough, especially when in possession has a simple recipe for the product, which is being prepared for long, and is eaten even faster. I want something exotic? Then try out this dish stuffed with assorted potato and conger eel.


  • pasteurized milk glass
  • one kilogram sifted (premium) flour
  • bag of dry yeast
  • 0, 5 tablespoons teaspoon salt
  • 10 grams sugar
  • Spoon 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Two chicken eggs

Pizza Toppings:

  • 400 grams of acne
  • 60 ml of vegetable oil
  • 300 grams of fresh potatoes
  • salt to taste
  • one large clove of garlic
  • freshly ground black pepper at your discretion

Cooking method:

Initially make the foundation. For this Loosen 500 grams of sifted flour, add yeast, previously beaten eggs, warmed pasteurized milk, vegetable oil - salt without permission, throw a little sugar and slowly pour out the remnants of flour. Add to it until the dough is taut and moderately elastic. After good hands knead the resulting mass and put in not cold place for 30 minutes. Then roll out the pizza (do not need to knead) into two thin cakes, one of them lay on a greased with sunflower or olive oil pan.

Clean the eels and potatoes, then cut them into small pieces. Put both ingredients in a marinade consisting of vegetable oil, crushed garlic cloves, salt and pepper on the table your discretion, leave to infuse for an hour. After that first cake, greased with vegetable oil, put the filling and cover it with another tortilla, secure the edge and send it to 40 minutes in the oven. The optimum temperature 180-190 degrees. Now the pizza is ready for serving!

Hopefully at least one of the above recipe "take root" in your kitchen. Combine a variety of foods, experiment with fillings, most importantly - do it for fun, then any dish will be a masterpiece!

 Appetizing pizza: assorted prescription

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 how to cook a pizza


  • A little about the test
  • Sauce as a component of the right tasty pizza
  • On the Diversity of toppings for pizza

Pizza has long been a popular far beyond the borders of his homeland. This dish is so fond of the modern cosmopolitans that today every day all over the world open specialty restaurants, cafeterias and pizzerias. The cake, which once could only prepare the indigenous inhabitants of Italy, today, are able to do all the professional chefs, regardless of nationality.

The product is very satisfying and versatile - it is suitable for a party with friends or a picnic in the countryside. They can eat lunch or dinner with family. Pizza can be used not only with good wine, and tomato juice. If you also belong to the fan club of fans of this product, our boards of appeal to you, as they say, to the court. We'll show you how to prepare the product in Italian. You will be surprised how easy it is!

A little about the test

There are classic recipes for pizza dough, enjoyed the restaurants professional pizza maker. You can do a variety of foundation: yeast, fresh, puff and so on. Just by trial and error, select the appropriate option for you, change the filling, and then every time on your desktop will be a completely new Italian flat bread! We will tell you a few secrets of delicious dough.

  1. To cook a pizza, the taste is similar to authentic Italian, you will need two kinds of flour - plain white upper class and durum. It is also called durum. However, the latest find is not so easy, and there is such a product is expensive. If you can afford it, you probably will find on the shelves of durum products to Mediterranean cuisine at the supermarket. However, in the absence thereof, can be prepared in a conventional product of flour.
  2. There are many different options for pizza bases: yeast, water, milk, salt dough, fresh or flaky. It all depends on your taste preferences. However, if you still decide to properly prepare Italian pizza, that is following the classical canons, use of the above two grades of flour: white, durum. Also, add water, dry yeast, refined olive oil and salt to taste. Then knead the dough hands thoroughly and let it brew for about a half hour in a warm place.

    After roll into a thin, no more than 8 millimeters thick cake and brush with olive maslom.Gotovya the product at home can make a pizza in their own way. If desired, add the flour eggs, warm milk or pasteurized sour cream, you can even use cottage cheese. Great variety of recipes! Only the inner culinary flair and their own experience to help you find the perfect combination, due to which your dish will be a masterpiece.

  3. Correct would be to cook a pizza in a special wood-fired ovens, which is called the "Pompeii" - are doing in Italy. It has the shape of a dome that can evenly bake to a turn the product from all sides. Naturally, such conditions at home you do not have, so you can cook a pizza on a baking sheet in the oven or in a frying pan with a thick bottom. Grease the bottom and sides dishes with olive oil (can substitute sunflower), put the dough, put the filling and bake in the oven for about 30 minut.Vse depends on the temperature - the higher it is, the less keep the product in the oven.

    Optimal heat - 180-190 degrees. Also, the cooking time depends on the type of pizza dough and products that you use for its content. If you are cooking a dish for the first time and are afraid to burn, then propekite basis for 5-10 minutes, then lay out the "internal" and finish in the oven until cooked (still about ¼ hours). Thus, the dough is crisp and golden and the filling is foothills.

  4. Today has acquired considerable popularity all over the world a closed pizza, which is filling between two layers of cake. Prepare it absolutely is not difficult. To do this, the classic dough (flour made from durum and white, olive oil, water, yeast, salt and dry), give it a "go" in the heat, and then divide into portions - Roll out two thin circles. Lower Spread prepared sauce (buy at the store or make your own), top with sausage, ripe tomatoes and other ingredients, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and close the second cake - slightly moisten the edges with water and secure. To the product turned rosy and crispy, rub it with olive oil, make a few holes with a fork and bake for a couple of 30 minutes. The optimum temperature of 200 degrees.

Prepare a closed or an ordinary pizza, yeast or layered - a private matter. Learn the recipes, experiment with ingredients and choose the version of the test that you do best. In this case, do not have to every time doubt whether the dish will turn out. To make the right product is not enough just to follow the recipe - this is only half the battle. The main thing - do it in fun!

 how to cook a pizza

Sauce as a component of the right tasty pizza

Italians smeared pizza sauce homemade. For this purpose, tomatoes, all kinds of herbs and spices. You have two options - to prepare the filling itself or buy in the store. To score it juicy and tasty, the dough can be spread with a mixture of ketchup mixed with mayonnaise or cook flavorful sauce. We share some tips.

Classics of the genre - the tomato sauce for pizza. Options myriad of cooking. Often, they differ only in the composition of spices and herbs. Today, in any store you can buy a jar of the special mix, but it's better to cook it yourself. So you will not mess up pizza inappropriate "grease".

  1. So, prepare the tomato dressing. For this purpose, medium-sized quarters cut one kilogram of ripe juicy tomatoes, put them in a deep dish, at its discretion salt and leave for 24 hours. Then drain the juice, which allowed vegetables, boil on a quiet fire flesh; so that the skin is separated - rub through a colander or sieve. Stirring constantly, cook until thick sauce consistency. When it reaches the desired condition, add Italian spices for pizza and cook another three to five minutes. You can use fresh basil, rosemary, allspice, cumin, even fit. Now, cut into thin rings of onion, mix with the crushed garlic and add both ingredients in tomato sauce - Throw a pinch of salt and boil for about ten minutes.
  2. Prepare dressing can be using any of the products. There sauce recipe based cream with fresh mushrooms, milk, liquid or vice versa, dense, with eggs and others. We offer pizzas with English sauce - it's insanely delicious! Heat over low heat 500 ml of low-fat yogurt, add 75 grams of white fresh bread, which is pre-rub on a small grater.

    Melt 60 grams of butter and clean large onion bulb (Do not cut) - connect with kefir mixture and place on a quiet fire. Stirring constantly with a spoon, cook for 10 minutes. After remove the bow, and finished dressing, whisk broom or special blender - add 120 ml of warm cream. This sauce is the perfect complement to meat pizza with boiled beef or chicken.

  3. Today, in the modern world, with its hectic Many housewives do not always have the time to cook a meal, following the recipe completely. If you ordered a pizza close, and you take your time for, use a little trick that will reduce preparation procedure for a few minutes.

    For example, grease the cake in the usual ketchup and mayonnaise, or buy a special finished dressing. Instead of mayonnaise can be a mix of sour cream chicken with mashed boiled egg yolk, adding one teaspoon of mustard spoon. You can cook out of the ordinary mustard or replace it with grain. In this case, the sauce will turn out much more fragrant.

Cooking pizza dressing properly, given its stuffing. For example, a dish of mushrooms and chicken more appropriate white sauce, meat and tortilla Italian with pieces of pork, ham and grated Parmesan Parma will taste better if you combine it with a mixture of aromatic wine. Consider this feature!

 how to cook a pizza on their own

On the Diversity of toppings for pizza

Pizza - absolutely versatile dish that is served with wine, juice and other beverages. There is even a children's version of the product - sweet pizza. So, before you cook the stuffing, think about where, with whom and for what reason you'll eat this product. For example, to meet guests better to make a pizza with exotic seafood, and for the ordinary family dinner, use more fuel-efficient components: smoked sausage, ham and tasty mushrooms.

Speaking of Italian cake, we can not help but mention of the embodiment of dishes called "Margarita". This pizza is served in all the specialty restaurants. Raisin products - filling, which consists of red tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh green basil; chosen filling respectively colors of the flag of Italy. Do you want to cook it? Then peel the tomatoes.

To do this, fill them with boiling water and let stand for a while, then pour over cold water - you will easily release from the vegetable skin. Now chop the tomato flesh into small cubes, grind the garlic and place the ingredients on a heated pan with olive oil - Put the basil leaves. Simmer until thickened, then add pepper and salt to taste cookery. Just a couple of minutes, hold on low heat, then cool. Ready-made sauces, lubricate the prepared cake pizza, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and mozzarella. Put in the oven for 25 minutes. Properly prepare this dish at 190 degrees.

Usual toppings for pizza

Festive version of pizza nautical theme can be prepared from smoked, salted or boiled fish. Also perfect platter of clams, squid, shrimp, crab meat and even eggs. In the preparation of the usual pizza for a family dinner, using canned tuna. First, peel several large ripe tomatoes. To peel easily moved away from the vegetables, pour over the tomatoes with boiling water, then cold water. Then cut the flesh into small cubes, Grind two cloves of garlic, finely grate the cheese.

Prepare the filling place on the dough, pre-greased with butter sauce and sprinkle with olives. Season with salt and add freshly ground black pepper. Place small pieces of sliced ​​canned tuna, olives, pitted and chopped onions thin half-rings. Sprinkle with parsley and grated cheese. Send the product for half an hour in the oven. In order not to burn the pizza, set the temperature to 180 degrees.

Festive "okonomiyaki"

For the festive meal, you see, pizza with sausages and mushrooms or standard is not very suitable. Looking for something unusual. Therefore, if you want to surprise your guests, try to cook a pizza in Japanese - Okonomiyaki. Certainly, none of them tasted this dish. So, right Boil 200 grams of noodles special to do this, follow the instructions on the packaging. Cut small pieces of cooked squid, and sea kale. Then chop 100 grams of marine shrimp, sweet onions and grate the cheese on a medium grater. Better use of elite varieties such as Parmesan, mozzarella and Edam. Combine all ingredients in a separate bowl, stir and add the chopped tuna into thin strips.

In Japan, the use of fresh fish, but you can get canned. Prepare the dough for a pizza - a pleasure! Beat with a mixer, a blender or a special broom one chicken egg, a glass of warm boiled water, three tablespoons of tablespoons sifted wheat (higher grade) flour. Then add the prepared mixture to the already chopped products - mix. After pour all the well-hot frying pan with a thick bottom - top with thin slices of boiled pork and fry Japanese pizza on both sides. Serve pre-dividing it into equal squares and sprinkled nori. It will be the ideal complement of soy sauce! We believe that the joy of guests would be no limit!

Little joy for kids

All children love sweets and never give up pizza. We suggest to combine these two attachments in one dish - sweet pizza. Typically, it is used the filling delicate soft Mascarpone cheese, dried or fresh fruit (apples, pineapples, bananas, etc.), a variety of nuts and raisins. To make such an unusual dessert, make a yeast dough. To do this, knead in a cup of warm water 15 grams of dry yeast, salt and add two tablespoons tablespoons olive oil. The resulting mixture is well broom mix and pour into a deep dish with pre-sifted flour from wheat (you will need half a kilogram), then knead everything thoroughly, cover with thick towel and leave for 45 minutes.

When the dough has risen, knead it again and again, let it brew. Then roll out the foundation into a thin layer and place on oiled baking. In order subsequently to divide the pizza into slices, can do a lot of little cakes about 10 centimeters in diameter. Each portion Mascarpone grease, place on top of the pre-soaked sweet figs, golden raisins, chopped nuts and brown sugar. You can prepare a dish of several varieties of nuts: pine, walnut, hazelnut. So it will be much tastier. Bake at 200 degrees, the product is not more than 20-25 minutes. This pizza will appeal to all kids. It can be given to children with milk for lunch or afternoon tea.

You always have the opportunity to use their imagination, intuition. But at the same time comply with certain rules, which are the basis for the preparation of delicious dishes. Hopefully the above tips will help make your life better! Good luck!

 Culinary Secrets: how to cook a pizza

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