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  • Food, stimulating women
  • Plants for the women's field

Private parts of women's lives is of great importance in the mood, well-being and even the success of each of us. One had not sold that much importance. Why are there "not really" - generally not given! The girls in the old days were taught to suppress their sexual desires of all kinds. Like, this is lewdness and indecent. And doomed bednyazhek thus the rather dull existence. Now everything is different. Now the company has realized that the tense, exhausted, asexual woman does not make him happy.

Well, no, actually, why men should enjoy sex, but we, you see, is not necessary? Rubbish! And if a woman by nature is not weak libido, she do that? Gritting his teeth, to restrain themselves? And then pluck it out on others, to hurt, to grieve, to rush ... No, no. Needless to go against his nature. However, our libido capricious. Sometimes the most inopportune moment, it declares that it intends to take a nap.

That bucked, and that's it! And so you want sensual, pleasurable sex with your beloved! What should I do? Yes, everything is easier than ever! You just have to use aphrodisiacs for women, and everything will be in openwork. This does not necessarily have any special preparations. There are many other ways to reach a state of extreme excitement.

 means for women

Food, stimulating women

Natural female aphrodisiac, unlike some excitatory drugs can not cause any harm. Because it's just food, drinks, infusions, which include some component that activates the sexual Gomonov women. Recipes that can awaken our libido and make it spin like a top, there are many. You can choose what you want. So that was tasty and useful and effective in enhancing sexuality. A pleasant way to drive, does not it?

So, what we should eat and drink, and always to himself and loved to deliver maximum enjoyment?

  1. Oranges, tangerines, mangoes, avocados, pomegranates, grapefruit, and bananas. These wonderful fruits are full of vitamins and "hormone of passion."
  2. Legumes. They contain fitestrogeny - female activators, used for the stunning sex in ancient India.
  3. Vanilla. She, too, from ancient times known for its sexy disturbing properties.
  4. Grapes. Grapes promotes blood flow to the vagina, and thus increases the excitability of women.
  5. Chocolate. Wonderful aphrodisiac! Also loved by many girls.
  6. Red wine. Also a great aphrodisiac, if they do not get carried away.
  7. Artichoke. Artichoke hot female sexual organs and thus increases the desire.
  8. Mushrooms. Mushrooms much zinc, contributing to excitation.
  9. Caviar. Well, it's an absolute afrozidiak.
  10. Cabbage - a great way to violence of passion in women.
  11. Strawberry. This gorgeous berry is able to make the break and the desire of women and men.
  12. Shrimps. Not only shrimp but also other seafood activate the hormones passion. Especially effective in this regard seaweed.
  13. Cinnamon, coriander, dill, tarragon - spices, which are used for centuries in cooking erotic for women.
  14. Honey. He is also known for a very long time as a female and a male aphrodisiac.
  15. Almonds and nutmeg. It's just a miracle cure capable to arouse passion, even in women who consider themselves frigid.
  16. Oats. Oatmeal, as if we did not belong to her, in fact, brings great benefit to female sexuality.
  17. Olive oil. It is rich in vitamin E, activating fertility and increases libido in the fairer sex.
  18. Sunflower seeds. Seeds too are full of vitamin E, so it is advisable to click them often.
  19. Soy. In soy contains large amounts of estrogen.
  20. Cottage cheese. He, too, strangely enough, enhances women's sexuality.
  21. Currants. And the black and red, it has magical properties and can even awaken the passion in a cold woman.
  22. Eggs. In any form, it is extremely beneficial effect on the sexuality of the weaker sex.
  23. Tomatoes in any form. Yes, all the usual tomatoes are also excited female passion!
  24. Ghee. It increases sensitivity of the fair sex and causes it to be more erotic.

Actually, it is not a complete list of products that can make any lady to wake up the volcano of passion. But what is listed, it is enough to make a good diet erotic power. And if you add to it aphrodisiac plants, the wonderful night with boyfriend or husband we almost guaranteed.

 strong aphrodisiacs for women

Plants for the women's field

What are the heiresses of Eve plants help break the passion? It is, first of all, jasmine and ylang-ylang, the aroma of which is capable of just a few minutes zadurmanit woman's head. Approximately the same properties has geranium, mallow and balm - lemon mint. Activates "hormones passion" herb oregano. Improve the production of sex hormones female licorice root, Aralia and flaxseed, which included many fitoestragenov and vitamin E.

A large number of fitoesragenov keep in hops, is quite strong female aphrodisiac. Not bad ons weak half of humanity aloe, which should be used with honey. Aloe and arnica increase blood flow to the pelvic organs. The more and contribute to sexual desire. A remarkable activator of female passion is tea tree oil. Finally, the effect is simply stunning excitability has rose oil.

All these natural aphrodisiacs affect female sexuality in varying degrees. Some of them stimulate fast enough. And some affect our libido is slowly but persistently. One way or another, and have them in your home should be. And do not bypass at the same attention! After all these wonderful gifts of nature are able to make a night of love divine. These, which recalls an internal yearning, dreaming to repeat them again and again.

 Aphrodisiac for women

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 how to have sex


  • Why do I need to know how to have sex
  • Influence of sexual positions on the psyche of the partners
  • Having sex and health

It would seem that the question of how to have sex, is relevant only for young women chaste and inexperienced in the case of youngsters. No, well, in fact, do the mature, already seen in the intima kinds of people and in addition to think about it? In the piggy bank of experience already more than a dozen of normal sexual acts on an apartment a couple of kids running around ... and then still puzzled by such goofy questions ?!

It turns out, often do well to not let puzzled, but just ask. Because the art of sex there is much of what they have no idea of ​​creating not only innocent, but also those who consider themselves a great connoisseur of the case. No, well, there is a real professor of sex, of course! But not so many of them, such professionals. Most of us really has quite an incomplete picture of how the right to have sex. So why not try to fill this gap in knowledge?

Why do I need to know how to have sex

Well, what to know about it to someone who is not really making love, of course. Boys and girls, still only the first step on the rising adulthood, amateurs in this matter. They, of course, want to find out as much as possible, so you do not get trapped. But you need some new information about the intima of those who have plenty of hours behind bliss? Probably yes. Because this area is very versatile. It is possible to learn the nuances of life.

And we usually calms down and often start a family after a while begin to perceive sex as though pleasant, but an obligation. And this applies to both men and women. "Well, is the proximity of once or twice a week, ends with mutual satisfaction, and good! "- They say, not knowing what is actually much themselves deny.

The expression "make love" does not only mean certain leading to orgasm, the sequence of actions of the partners. It includes a whole gamut of emotions. Then you and the feeling of excitement and unparalleled sense of flight and admiration for a while, and tenderness to someone who gives a moment of bliss, and much more-a lot of things.

Those who have little knowledge of how to have sex, do not suggest the existence of such an exquisite bouquet of erotic bliss! So often and replace lacquer phrase "make love" to the rigid modernistic word "fuck." However, if you do not know what the sex is really, then at least as it is called - even love to do, even fuck, though dryuchit. Differences will not.

But sex is an essential component of human relationships! When two people are able to enjoy it fully, hardly one of them arise the idea of ​​treason. Left usually go when you want something more impressive. And when a man sex with that makes each time to lose his head - that's it, next, why should someone else to look ?! Not long after, and in general with nothing left! So do not ignore the need to improve the intimate sphere of life. Without it, there can be full of happiness.

Of course, someone will say - well, what else is there improvement? It is enough to learn a few key species so sexual caresses, and everything will be in-date information! And here and there! It is not enough. In order to find the best option for both partners' positions, and we must also be aware of their psychological component. Excluding it, we will never understand why this or that pose originally a pleasure, and then began to cause boredom or irritation.

But the fact that these postures is actually someone - man or woman, or perhaps both - not psychologically fit. Yes, when they were new, previously unknown cause sensations. But then the feeling became habitual. And dissatisfied mind took such positions run the show. Because he wants to make love to the fullest.

So how can influence those or other sexy pose on our psyche?

 how to have sex

Influence of sexual positions on the psyche of the partners

About sexual poses so many written, rewritten, it does not count! That only is one Kama Sutra, the study of which in practice sometimes requires the presence at the door MChSniki ... And suddenly so zavernёshsya in any position that without their help, no one to unravel? But to try something different so I want to ... Because sex is somehow bland. And like tested posture of anatomical parameters satisfied with both present and orgasm, and that something is not right. It is necessary to add the peppercorns in it!

Peppercorn, of course, add not interfere. But the experiment is possible without the extreme. You just have to try to understand the nature of the problem and try to eliminate it. Yes, there is a perception that the partners will be able to always meet each other, if they find an option poses are best suited for both physiological characteristics. However, it is not. Physiology physiology, but we're the same people. And sex, we need not only for the sake of bodily pleasure, and more for peace of mind. There is no comfort - no complete buzz. And neither of which making love is not out of the question. It remains a banal bang, turning into some dreary duty.

Well, try to understand what kind of a beast - psychological component of sex. To understand this, we can help the most common posture.

  1. Missionary position

    Generally posture when partners are face to face, inherent only to the human race. On the one hand, they are like a symbol of physical and spiritual merging of man and woman. On the other, it is a posture prefer yokels who try through sex show its superiority over the partner. They do not matter, they are delivered with the pleasure of the woman, whether. The main thing - to show her power and silu.Chto As for the ladies, a portion of them loved missionary position because they feel in bulk top man kind protector.

    A similar position is often perceived as an opportunity to be inactive in bed. So why bother some, especially when sex has become normal duties? Legs spread and that's enough! Let him panting ... It turns out that when a woman wants of security, and the man - power or partner tends to unity, and the Lady just waiting for when everything is finished, the missionary position once bother to at least one of them. And most likely - both.

  2. Pose "rider"

    Pose "woman on top" also have a different psychological impact on people. They are in some cases (for example, a man tired of his girlfriend or the whole activity) physiologically even preferable missionary position. But psychologically difficult. Since there are male individuals who would not allow to be on top of the Lady. Well, that's because they are steep! They can not demean their dignity ... I must say that the behavior of ultra-light ladies like VIPs do not stand on ceremony. There has to do with the dignity of the girl chёm.Kuplennoy possible and get top - let work out the money!

    And the "biggie" is not a sin and lie until it works. Of course, such a distorted idea of ​​the rights of the Lady is bound to create problems in the intima with his wife or steady girlfriend. Because many women posing on top of love. Especially when in the society they are in a permanent dependence on men. In the same case, to be on top when the lady does not like a partner that wants to arise again, the psychological conflict.

  3. Bozeman posture

    This posture is when a man is behind. I must say that it is much problemnee earlier. Sexologists believe that a person has borrowed this position in the animals. Like, once they do that, then I have to try. It should be something you want, but that's not very convenient. The fact that people have more developed muscles of the buttocks. Therefore, the penetration of a little more difficult. But men Bozeman posture like.

    First, the partners in it do not see each other's faces, and may not even know with whom they are paired. Therefore it is possible to have sex is not responsible for the consequences. Secondly, such a position even in monkeys represents the humiliation of the weak strong. Accordingly, a woman is like a kneeling before a man and recognize his superiority over the other.

That is why many independent ladies do not like such a position even when it get a lot of pleasure. Particularly serious problems arise if such persons back and the back wall of the vagina - the most erogenous zones. In these cases, you should try to have sex so that the partner was behind. But the woman feels humiliated! About what her full satisfaction can be said? A lady choose a different position - it can not really achieve orgasm. What should I do?

In short, the majority of sexual problems occurs when partners have different psychological perception and different views of the same pose. Should they try to change it and to find a compromise, the conflict is likely to be exhausted. It poses can be seen as a demonstration of confidence and efforts to protect, rather than as a complete obedience and the desire to humiliate.

In each of these advantages can be found, and from any of them, when it causes physiological discomfort or simply unsatisfying, can be dispensed with. The main thing that was a mutual understanding between the partners. And it must be found. Because sex - it's not only fun, but also health!

Having sex and health

Yes, to make love is not only pleasant, but useful! Sex burns calories, makes the skin soft and elastic, strengthens muscles and improves overall health. The more of it in our lives, the less worries about excess weight and rejuvenation. So give up sex should not be at any age. Just take this issue should be creative, while following a few tips.

  1. Sex should be varied and be at least three times a week. If the partner does not seek to ensure that the start of his first, then women should be active itself. Do it better at home. So is the house you can afford anything;
  2. To exercise the arm muscles and shoulders can use this posture. Man and woman sit on the floor facing each other. She grabs the partner by the waist down. He rests one hand on the floor, the other holds the girlfriend behind his back. Both make the movement towards each other;
  3. To exercise the pectoral muscles will approach the knee-elbow position. In this case, it is necessary as much as possible to bend the arm, arching his back and making a circular motion pelvis;
  4. For inflating press woman should lie on a table so that the buttocks were on the edge. Then take the man's hands and start moving. We need to make some frictions. After that it is necessary to slowly rise to kiss a partner and slowly back down. Back men should always be straight;
  5. In order to become more elastic buttocks, suitable posture "rider." Lady is necessary to exert maximum buttocks and alternate fast and slow movements of varying depth;
  6. In order to make more sexy thighs, you need to stand face-to-man to bend and lift one so that the knee appeared at partner under the arm. He should embrace her friend's waist and keep the heel. She starts to move with a simultaneous flexion and extension the woman of his tribe;
  7. To exercise the back muscles and lower back girl should lie on your back, put your feet on the shoulders of the guy and lift the pelvis. During sex, it is desirable to get their knees to the shoulders;
  8. For general training of the cardiovascular system, stimulate metabolism and mobilize their energy reserves just need to practice regular sex.
 How to have sex

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