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  • Gastritis: why there were problems with the stomach
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Modern women are so busy building a career and earning money that inevitable bustle of everyday life in the metropolis sometimes can not even eat properly. Due to the high employment in the work they have to give up full meals in favor of short "snacking" on the go. Substandard products is not enough purified water, bad habits and other negative factors are also destructive effect on the human body, daily deteriorating state of his health. In such circumstances, gastritis has become one of the most common diseases of the twenty-first century.

But the main role in this issue played a show-industry dictating fashion for thinness. Unfortunately, this makes the girls and women of all ages to exhaust themselves with diets for weight reduction. Such experiments also lead to an increase in the number of patients of gastroenterology.

Internet is teeming with quotations from the series: "The ideal diet! I began to eat once a day, but plenty of two months she lost fourteen kilos. However, he earned atrophic gastritis, but it reached its goal! ". Such blasphemous attitude towards own body terrifying as to harm the health unreasonable chosen menu is very simple. A remedy this situation it is sometimes impossible. Remember, weight loss diet has brought no good to anyone. Did you throw off an extra five to ten kilograms, but then have to allocate time and money for treatment.

Gastritis: why there were problems with the stomach

This illness has many forms and manifestations, which differ in their properties and characteristics. Acute, chronic, superficial, atrophic, erosive, antral gastritis - almost everyone is familiar with it firsthand. Just like other kinds ZHKCH diseases that occur in doctors' conclusions, Medical card, printed and electronic information sources.

Sometimes the person without medical education, difficult to navigate in this diversity and to distinguish one from the other form of the disease. Our article aims to help readers in this. But remember that treatment should only be carried out by the doctor. By the way, the diet for your particular case, too, it is developed.

What is gastritis

Disease of the stomach is called gastritis, accompanied by the defeat of his shell. This inflammation (focal or diffuse) may occur due to exposure to the mucous too spicy food, too much alcoholic beverages, substandard products, etc. A common prerequisite for the emergence of gastritis is a systematic violation of the diet - irregular food intake and the presence of long-term (about 5-6 hours) intervals between meals. Severe stress and mental stress also contribute to the development of the disease.

Today, doctors distinguish between acute and chronic gastritis. The main manifestations of acute gastritis are different intensity of pain in the stomach area, discomfort in the pit of the stomach, a sense of buckwheat in the mouth, belching, nausea. The most common symptoms appear after an average of 2-3 hours after a meal and accompanied by increased salivation, rumbling in the stomach, loose stools and a strong gagging that could bring relief (natural time).

Another important feature - an aversion to food, combined with headache, general weakness and fever. Vividly symptoms expressed by ingestion of food contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. Most often it is poorly cooked meat and fish, salads badly washed ingredients tainted confectionery - profiteroles, custard cakes with cream.

 erosive antral gastritis

Diet for gastritis

What diet? This will not only limit the harmful products, but inclusion in the diet of healthy food. Fully, rationally and diverse eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Replace your morning coffee with sandwiches on fresh juice with fruit salad, yogurt or yogurt-drenched - to give themselves such a joy even on weekends. After diet - it's not the end of life, but the beginning of a new, a place where there is no pain.

Proper medication and a strict diet - all of this together will help overcome the acute gastritis. In this case, the patient usually shows a warm liquid diet - low-fat meatless soup or broth, sweet tea, juice or jelly, yogurt or fermented baked milk. Later in the menu allowed to add sparsely porridge, soup, mashed potatoes, boiled eggs, steam cutlets. After a certain period of time (usually 2-3 weeks) included vegetables, cheese, boiled meat, steamed fish. This is subject to continuous improvement of well-being and good tolerability of food consumed. Please note, the diet should be followed even after your treatment is finished.

Chronic gastritis is more common among the urban population, and its treatment is considered to be more complex, costly and time-consuming. The problem is that in supermarkets and markets rather difficult to find products that are not composed of various additives and chemicals.

As mentioned above, gastritis occurs mainly due to malnutrition, which leads to deterioration of developing gastric digestive tract.

Eating cold food (sandwiches, burgers, buns, etc.), starvation, failure to comply with at least approximate table meal, excessive spices in cooking, reading during meals, insufficient chewing products. All of the above at least once in his life did each of the fair sex. A systematic repetition occurs at the disease.

An important role is also played by alcohol abuse. As a consequence - loss of gastric mucosa and its subsequent anatomical changes. Often gastritis caused by smoking (especially on an empty stomach) and the wrong medication. It is not necessary to self-medicate, if you have no medical training.

The use of non-prescribed medicines and a variety of drugs, such as antipyretics - true road to the emergence of stomach problems and your health in general. The factors contributing to the development of disease, are the foci of infection in the oral cavity (caries, inflammation of the tonsils, erosive or ulcerative lesions of the language, etc.), diseases of the pancreas, gall bladder and liver.

 antral erosive gastritis

Symptoms and diagnosis of chronic gastritis

The symptoms of chronic gastritis are a pain "in his stomach", belching and heartburn, fullness and distention in the abdomen, nausea, unstable stool (diarrhea alternating with constipation). In the period of acute manifestation of the data is usually amplified.

Patients with chronic gastritis need skilled care, constant medical supervision and effective treatment. Mandatory condition - almost lifelong adherence to prescribed menu. Diet may vary depending on your condition. Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to a tasty, but everything should be in moderation.

Will promote healing such additional measures as treatment in specialized sanatorium establishments, including medical physical training, special physical therapy, diet drinking mineral water. Most patients with gastritis favorite resorts are considered to Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Truskavets (Ukraine), Borjomi (Georgia), as well as Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk and Kislovodsk (Russia). The list goes on and on. Fortunately, the choice is huge, so in this case, it all depends on you, your needs and preferences, time and financial opportunities.

  • Gastratrophia

Usually distinguish two basic forms of chronic gastritis - focal and atrophic. In the first case there is a complete or partial loss of the upper layers of the gastric mucosa, which does not have particularly serious consequences, as it does not affect the secretion.

Atrophic gastritis, on the contrary, is dangerous for the health, because it leads to a thinning of the wall and the reduction of gastric secretory glands. This, in turn, becomes the cause of developing gastric disorders. Atrophic gastritis is considered the most serious and difficult to treat, it is even called "precancerous condition."

Atrophic gastritis occurs in about 20% of cases. It should be noted that this disease is strongly "younger". This endemic is found more often in modern representatives of the fair sex, and not the elderly. "Atrophic gastritis" - a morphological diagnosis, staging precedes a series of surveys. This may be, for example, the analysis of the gastric juice which is to determine the level of acidity, X abdominal (stomach, in particular), immunological blood tests.

The causes of atrophic gastritis are varied - ranging from the negative effects on the stomach roughage, finishing running, left without proper treatment of inflammation. We do not like to visit the hospital, trying to get rid of the disease on their own. And this worse.

Symptoms similar atrophic gastritis chronic indications, which have been described above. To the previously mentioned list, you can add weakness, excessive sweating, general health deterioration (including weakness) after meals. In this pain is almost completely absent. When the disease will progress, the patient can begin to complain of weight loss, blurred vision, hair loss, peeling nails. It is caused by a violation of the assimilation useful for the compounds and trace elements from food (atrophic gastritis gets in a person's immunity).

  • Antral gastritis

The most common form is gastritis of the antrum, which is also referred to as Group B or gastritis antral gastritis. Such a diagnosis is also the morphological (his statement is based on the results of a gastroscopy or gastrobiopsy). It is worth mentioning erosive (or erosive) antral gastritis, at which the surface ulceration (erosion) of the gastric mucosa, which gives the patient a lot of discomfort.

Quite often the diagnosis of "superficial antral gastritis" young. This disease also refers to varieties of chronic gastritis. The cause of - bacteria licobacter pylori. Remember, you can not determine at a glance that you have this infection. Requires advice of experienced professionals. It is unlikely that you will understand yourself, what is the difference between an atrophic gastritis and patchy. And if you start treatment at random, listening to the advice of friends, only worsened his condition. After the symptoms in this case may be similar.

In chronic antral gastritis, which is a superficial disease of the stomach, there is increased acidity of gastric juice. Please note that the disease is often asymptomatic. As the individual measures for the prevention of gastritis can be identified acquisition of control of food (with the exception of consumption of stale, expired products), avoiding the abuse of acute and peppery food. Diet - the basis of your treatment. It does not matter, you antral gastritis or not.

Yet we should not forget the refusal of bad habits (smoking, drinking). Your stomach (and the body in general) will tell you thank you for adherence. The diet is based on fractional and frequent meals. To eat it is necessary not less than 4-5 times a day with small portions (in any case should not be allowed single or double hearty meal).

Watch for health that you do not have to maintain complex and expensive treatment and just spoil the mood of visits to the gastroenterologist. By the way, as stated above, in this case, must always follow a diet, but not in the period of exacerbation. Remember: if you find yourself in any of the symptoms of gastritis, is urgently seek medical advice for the qualified help. In no case do not engage in self - it can hurt.

 Antral gastritis: what to do if you have stomach problems

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