anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen

Each of us wants to be slim and beautiful, but it happens that in the exercise have neither the time nor the energy, compliance with strict diets complicated schedule of life and a craving for good food, but we still want to make your body perfect. To help in such cases comes to cellulite massage of the abdomen and other parts of the body, which tighten the skin and removes unevenness of adipose tissue.

Doing it yourself is possible, it does not require any sophisticated equipment, also simple to perform. Of course, in pure form, it will not be a panacea for fat accumulation, exercise and diet revision is still needed. But, as often happens, the first action for myself may entail a full range of changes.

 cellulite massage belly how to do

How do anti-cellulite massage

Note that the most impressive results can be achieved if you do a massage on an empty stomach, then you get a deep study of the muscles. Be careful, the habit after the first treatment area may be ill treated, also may have small bruises. Do not worry, it shows the quality of the massage, but in this case it is necessary to carefully regulate the pressure.

Before the study of the techniques, you must do several things. First of all it is necessary to clean and heat the skin, perfectly suited to this dry grinding. Ideally, they should be done with a special bristle brush or massage glove. The skin should be massaged in a circle, always in a clockwise direction until a little red. This procedure should not pay more than five minutes, because you can damage the surface of the skin. If the intended massage have sores, burns or other violations of the integrity of the cover, rubbing contraindicated for these places.

Prepare your skin, you can begin. It is best to use special massage oils or creams, but you can replace them with talcum powder. Note that, as in the case of heating the skin, all the movements necessary to make clockwise. Keep hands were "soft" and "quiet", because, in spite of the opportunity to buy a variety of special tools, our hands - the best possible tools.

If we talk about the basic techniques without the use of honey or cans, not so much. To begin with talk about the pinch technique, this massage should be done in a supine position; applying anti-cellulite cream will enhance the effect, but you can use regular massage oil. Relax and grab the fat fold with your fingers, then how would it move in a circle, quickly grabbing a fold, increasing the pressure with each new round. This procedure should be conducted for ten to fifteen minutes, increasing with time during the session. This seemingly simple form of massage is very effective, it helps for a short time to achieve amazing results.

Even more simple, but very effective motion - circular motion open hand with outstretched fingers, the principle is the same - repetitive movements, with each round increasing the pressure. But do not overdo it with him. You can make a fist and knuckles led stomach. If alternate and combine this method with an open hand massage, the results of a couple of weeks you will be surprised.

It is also extremely effective anti-cellulite massage honey - this technique was invented a long time ago and is, in fact, vacuum massage. It requires a small amount of honey, if you wish, you can add a little essential oil. Palms, which are applied medical, made a slap on the stomach. Honey due to its properties as it sticks to the skin of the palm, and when you come off them, create the same vacuum effect.

If in the process of your skin to give off a white substance from the pores, do not worry - it is a natural and healthy process of selection of slag. Duration of treatment - about half an hour; in the most effective massage alternate pat and strokes. Upon completion, take a warm, but not hot, shower.

It is possible, combining business with pleasure, used for anti-cellulite massage ordinary shower. Water massage will make your skin smooth and supple, and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In the performance it is as simple as honey and plucked. Before starting the procedure to adjust the temperature of the water - it should be warm or cool. Aim the stream of water on her stomach and lead it in a circle in a clockwise direction, while changing temperature and water pressure.

This massage is easier to do on a regular basis than other types. It can be difficult to force myself to get to the store and buy honey, or find time in the morning, on an empty stomach to how to pinch myself; but the shower takes each of us, so give yourself ten minutes while hygienic water treatment is always possible. The results of regular massage, you'll do with the water, will be shown in a week and you'll be pleasantly surprised. However, keep in mind: this massage is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Of course, anti-cellulite massage in the area of ​​the abdomen should be done quite carefully. Too deep study may adversely affect the function of internal organs, which in this area are many. Therefore, significant results will take longer than, for example, for zone breeches. But do not lose patience and do not throw it up.

If you do any of the three variants of the massage fairly regularly, your figure will change, especially if you alternate or combine them. Of course, if you are even slightly will correct diet and bring to life a little sport, dance or yoga, the results will not keep you waiting too long.

 Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen: how to do it yourself?

 Why exfoliate fingernails


  • Why can exfoliate nails
  • Methods for treating the bundle of nails

Shiny nails with a natural pink tint every woman is a clear indication of good health and careful attention to their appearance. In this manicured nails only beneficial to emphasize the beauty of femininity and handles their beautiful owners.

But today, among the numerous complaints, there was a women about the state of the nails, increasingly heard: nails break, crumble, change color and do not grow. If you are wondering why exfoliate fingernails at a constant and proper care of them, we are glad to try to help you understand this.

This problem is called, without exaggeration, a disease of civilization. On the outer surface of the nail, as if in a mirror, it is shown the slightest change, what is happening inside our body. Disadvantaged surrounding environment, the lack of essential vitamins and unsystematic unhealthy food - all this immediately influences the state of nails and indicates mistress on the need for treatment.

Before you take up consideration of this issue and the search for effective treatments, it is necessary to find the cause of this phenomenon. After failing to find the root of evil, from the bundle of nails you will not get rid ever. In each case, an individual can be a source of nuisance, is not the same as others. Finding and determining the cause of the foliation nail you best should begin with a detailed analysis of their lifestyle.

 exfoliate fingernails reason

Why can exfoliate nails

So, what are the possible causes of the foliation of nails?

  1. The very first and rather banal reason for lamination nails can become banal lack of certain vitamins and trace elements. It is important to know that the nails, as well as any other part of the human body requires a constant supply of substances necessary for health. Identifying lack of micronutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins A, E and ascorbic acid, may give an answer to the question why exfoliate nails.

    Compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals is easy enough. They can be found in calcium-containing dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods, as well as in multivitamin preparations with iron. Remember that in the body to maintain the right balance of important substances necessary for every woman in general, and those who exfoliate nails, it is necessary in the first place.

  2. Continuous application of the nail plate invisible injuries, which could result in a problem foliation nails. This process can occur quite easily and painlessly for the woman. And even a simple "knock" on the computer keyboard is an excellent opportunity for the emergence of problems with the nails.

    Or purely female habit when the nail is used instead of a tool, if you need something podkovyrnut or scrape the surface of the object - it is also capable of causing great harm to the structure of the nail. To sloilis nails are not, you should make sure that the keys on the keyboard are a low-slung, and try to get rid of the bad habit of using nails in all kinds of cleaning surfaces.

  3. The third reason - a chemical effect on the nail plate. Throughout his life, every day, every woman washes dishes, washes linen mountain constantly gets polish nails, and then remove it with various chemical compositions. Numerous dishwashing detergent powders, paints and liquid aggressive in their chemical composition, they quickly eats and harmful to the nail surface.

    Therefore, engaging in economic affairs, we must try to avoid direct exposure to the chemistry and getting used to do all the household chores with rubber gloves. Also do not forget polish remover after each preventative treatment of nails.

  4. Improper care, expressed in nail cutting scissors are not special and still wet after filing trays of nails - the most common cause of their separation. In this case, the board will is simple: use a special and desirable individual manicure sets and steaming wet nails allow to dry well, and only then proceed to their treatment.
  5. Use a metal nail files is strictly to be avoided. This quality scratch nail file nail plate, forming small cracks in them, eventually nails grow more slowly, become brittle and start to exfoliate. Not wishing to get rid of a nail file and get a new - with a special coating, which almost does not hurt nails. Most importantly, podpilivaya nails, nail file follow the movement in one direction.
  6. The appearance of fungus on the nails or the violation of proper metabolism in the body becomes a major obstacle in obtaining the necessary nutrients required for the growth of beautiful and strong nails. At the slightest suspicion of the appearance of the fungus should promptly seek professional medical advice, carry out the treatment as prescribed, as well as fully fed and take a multivitamin regularly needed.
  7. It is also to blame for the bundle of nails may be some medications that other women have to be taken continuously because of serious health problems. For example, drugs to control the condition of diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid disease. In this case, you must consult your doctor, who will choose for you another way of treatment.

 Why exfoliate nails

Methods for treating the bundle of nails

How to help your nails so that they ceased to exfoliate? We offer you a few masks and baths, which can make your nails healthy and shiny. And if you spend such procedures regularly, you will notice very soon that became strong nails are smooth and shiny and grow faster than before treatment.

  • One of the proven and popular methods of treatment is the use of lamination nail natural olive oil, as a part of which is a set of useful substances. The desired effect is observed when making the mask twice a week. This will require a mix a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. The resulting mixture is a thin layer should be applied to the nails and the area around the nail, then it is necessary to wear cotton gloves. This mask is recommended to do before going to bed to hold it long enough so without undue inconvenience to itself.
  • Good help in the fight against nail wrap lamination, which consists of 35-40 grams of water (or about two tablespoons), five grams of alum and one spoon of glycerin. It should be a good stir these ingredients in the composition of the resulting wet the cotton pads, then lay on nails and discs hold so for twenty minutes.
  • Excellent help in the bundle nail baths with sea salt. Despite the fact that the treatment should be carried out every other day, to do that you will be quite difficult. This will require about twenty minutes to hold your hands in warm water with dissolved in it a teaspoon of sea salt. The positive effect will be noticeable if the procedure carried out for two weeks, then give a hand to rest a month, and then to repeat the treatment. In the future, to maintain the nail plate in good shape it is recommended to do such a salt bath once a week. If desired, the water for the bath, you can add a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil.
  • There are special oils for cosmetic nail care and prevention of diseases. These oils, it is desirable to use every day, at the same time to lubricate not only the surface of the nail, but the cuticle, and a place in the regrown nail. Single-layer coating the nails normal iodine as well to the women in the struggle with the foliation. Do not be afraid of yellow that iodine leaves nails when exposed to light he quickly disappears. And so you get another version of low-cost but highly effective for action and useful procedure for nail.

Manicure nail in the bundle is not prohibited, but it is necessary in this case to comply with the only rule. It is important to take a break between manicure, giving your nails a chance to rest and "take a breath". During the break, can be applied to patients in several layers of nail "Smart enamel", which is also recommended to apply before each nail polishing. When choosing a cosmetic manicure tools and new nail polishes do not be tempted to shop for cheap goods from unknown manufacturers. A nail polish remover, use a special liquid, because acetone is very dries nails.

Podpilivaya nails, try to give them a rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges, but in any case it is not necessary to sharpen them. After removing the varnish do not be lazy to make a salt bath, lubricating then nails in medical cosmetic purposes or olive oil, and only the next day, apply new varnish on the surface of the nails rested.

Following these simple tips, you ensure that you will always be beautiful nails and hands. Remember that healthy nails manicured with a neat, even if your hands do not have any decorations, always accentuate your grooming and tell others about what you are - a woman who knows her worth!

 Why exfoliate fingernails and how to fight it?