anthurium breeding


  • The right choice before purchasing Anthurium
  • Light Do you Anthurium?
  • The temperature of the content
  • Ventilation and humidity
  • Reproduction and transplant Anthurium

Male flower of happiness - this is the popular name of the overseas tropical flower, admirable for its exotic beauty. If you are the owner of the plant, find out all the secrets of successful care for it so that it as long as possible delight you with its views of flowering. This is quite achievable. For example, one of the varieties of anthurium, derived for the content in the home -Anthuriumandraeanum Lindenex Andre - with proper care can bloom all year round.

The right choice before purchasing Anthurium

The best time to buy plants - is the period from late May to mid-autumn. The plant is better to tolerate changing conditions and safer transfers acclimatization quickly recovers from the stress posleperesadki and relocation.

To select a healthy plant initially, pay attention to the following points when buying Anthurium:

  • The stems, leaves, flowers and buds of the plants have developed to look equally harmoniously and proportionally
  • Carefully inspect all the young leaves, while the larger of the underside of the leaves for the absence of pests out there
  • The large number of bud gives you a guarantee that you will be a long time to enjoy the beauty of your Anthurium after purchase

 Reproduction anthurium

Light Do you Anthurium?

Any well-lit place, but without direct contact with the plant is strong sunlight, perfect for your flower. Anthurium - shade tolerance, so quietly tolerate even modest coverage, but that bloom at the same time it begins. The most suitable for permanent residence in the plant will be a window to the west and north-west side or the east or northeast. If you had to put the Anthurium on the south side, take care that the sun did not have direct access to the plant.

Proper lighting means a lot to flower. Excess and lack the same negative impact on its appearance. If the plant is getting too much light, it can slow down and even stop the growth. Leaves become denser and shorter petioles. Changing color of leaves: from dark green they become brown and pale yellow leaves begin to turn yellow stronger. Flowers also change color, losing its intensity. In size, they become less and begin to wilt faster.

The temperature of the content

Anthurium comes from the tropics, as should always keep in mind, providing him proper care. Because of the optimum temperature will depend on the correct development of the leaves of the plant and its excellent flowering. In spring and summer flower needs high humidity and a temperature of air around at least 20, and preferably 25 ° C. That's how much you need to plant to form buds, followed by their normal formation, development and flowering.

With the onset of autumn and in winter, watering should be reduced, if the room temperature is lower. If you do not take care of reducing the moisture content at low temperature, on the leaves of plants can form a convex shape roundness yellow-green color. This significantly spoil the appearance of the Anthurium. In addition, upon the occurrence of the winter, make sure that he did not start to rot the root system. It can provoke hypothermia soil when the window sill on which the plant gets too cold. To avoid this fairly easy: just put a pot in which your Anthurium on a piece of plywood, thick cardboard or any other coating. It will be a barrier against the cold, going to the roots of plants from the windowsill.

Ventilation and humidity

The air in the room where he lives Anthurium, you need to regularly refresh and ventilate. But to do it so that the plant does not suffer from drafts. In cold weather plants can be moved to another room at the time, while in his "home" room will be open window. If you are a fan, heater and air conditioner, make sure that the air jets emitted by these devices do not fall on the plant. Do not put a flower in the immediate vicinity of working equipment. Note that the use of these devices also affects the level of humidity in the space. This is a very important factor in the maintenance of Anthurium.

The plant likes moist climate. In summer, you can achieve the required performance level of humidity in a natural way, with the help of irrigation. With the onset of the heating season indoor air becomes dry because of the batteries and other auxiliary heating devices. The lack of moisture the plant begins to suffer greatly, and most importantly - it can begin to develop pests. To increase humidity tedious to take the necessary measures. Pot Anthurium can be put on the tray with water in which to pour the pebbles or the beautiful stones. In many interiors using decorative fountains - they also contribute to the increase of moisture in the apartment.

 Anthurium propagation by cuttings

Reproduction and transplant Anthurium

Now focus on the transplantation and breeding Anthurium. Loose soil is best for this plant. It has a capacity to hold moisture, it is breathable. The substrate is most suitable for the flower, make a mixture of leaf soil and peat. They need to take in equal amounts. There also is recommended to add a little sand, a few pieces of bark. It is important in a container for planting put a good layer of drainage so that water does not accumulate and stagnate in the substrate. Anthurium grows too quickly, so it must be transplanted too often. It occurs every three to four years. The roots of the plant are very fragile, so you should carefully removing the flower of old container and carefully placed in the new pot.

Flower quite successfully propagated by cuttings apical and stem suckers. If the root system they have developed quite well, the offspring of a stem is separated from the parent stem and planted in a container of appropriate size. If the roots are not yet available or are not sufficiently developed, children pre-rooted in the sand. In this case, you need to cover the top young Anthuriums transparent film. This is done in order to increase the humidity. In a similar way to perpetuate apical cuttings. Plant propagation occurs in the spring and summer months.

Now that you know all the secrets of successful keeping, breeding and care of bright and colorful anthurium. As you can see, there are no special conditions and privileges of this flower does not need - all within reason. But due to the application of effort in your home would be an attractive plant more. A variety of colors and the unusual shape of flowers and leaves of the plant is bound to attract admiring glances of guests in your home. And the Anthurium fits perfectly in a variety of interiors. We wish to "male happiness" has always been present and growing in your home!

 Anthurium: reproduction and other secrets of care

 Cyclamen seeds of


  • Preparation of seeds and capacity
  • Seeding
  • Care of seedlings

Cyclamen - stunningly beautiful houseplant, which in the cold season. Yes, that has one drawback at the cyclamen: with each new season of flowers on it is becoming less and less. But flower growers have found a way to save the life of cyclamen. For this purpose it is necessary to simply propagate to all the qualities of the mother plant to transmit it to the new instance. Propagation can be carried out by dividing the tuber or seed grow cyclamen.

Note that the multiplication of dividing cyclamen corms carry quite painful. But the seed is obtained remarkable "clones", which allows not only to disturb the mother plant, and grow new high-grade items. Grow cyclamen from seed - employment troublesome, but it's worth it. Reproduction cyclamen seeds require you not only time and patience, but also some knowledge of farming. But how to grow cyclamen seed method, and we'll try to find out.

Preparation of seeds and capacity

Seeds for growing cyclamen can be purchased in a store or collect from deflorate plants. Note that a wholly-owned domestic seed germination. But Cyclamen purchased seeds do not have such dignity. Seeds are formed in the seed box, formed in place fruitlets cyclamen. The box itself is very small - less than the nail on the thumb, and the seeds are like grains of buckwheat.

Seeds were collected from an already dry seed pods, just shaking their hand or on a saucer. Before sowing, seeds should be soaked cyclamen. You can use special drugs that stimulate germination, or normal boiled water. Cotton pads or folded in several layers marlechku well moistened, spread the seeds on top and leave for a day.

The capacity of the land for planting and also need to prepare in advance. As the capacity should be fine small flower pots for seedlings or plastic containers. The capacity is required to make drainage holes for water outflow. In addition, the bottom of the tank is necessary to lay the drainage layer of foam pieces, shards of clay or fine expanded clay. The thickness of the drainage layer - half to two centimeters. Well, at the end of preparation for sowing containers should be easy to fill Peat mixture.

 how to grow cyclamen from seed


Prepare to be that the seeds of Cyclamen grow long enough, but the seedlings grow very slowly. So you need patience. Sow the seeds very simple. Pour a layer of earth in the pots are well moistened and just spread it the seeds at a distance of two to three centimeters apart. Top seeds sprinkled a layer of soil thickness of no more than two centimeters.

Now the pots with seeds should be placed in a cool place where the temperature will not fall below 10 or rise above 20 degrees. It is believed that at this temperature the seeds of Cyclamen grow fast enough. Flower growers observed that at a given temperature germination occurs within four weeks, but at temperatures above 20 degrees, this period may be doubled. The average term of cyclamen seed germination varies from 1 to 3 months.

Some benefits of gardening is recommended to provide seeds darkness, and this cover them with opaque saucer. By and large, at the time of germination, this measure does not affect. But if you still Coverings such as blankets seeds saucer, hurt by this, they will not.

Now you just have to wait, occasionally moisten the soil in a pot with seeds. The soil in the pot should be kept moderately moist. It is unacceptable pereuvlazhnyat or overdry. Watering is best seeds from a pipette. This will accurately calculate the degree of soil moisture. And if you have covered seeds saucer, it must occasionally lift and aerate the surface pochvosmesi.

Care of seedlings

In due course of seed germination appear thin pale purple. At this stage, many growers confused by the presence of the top sheet of the rind seedlings from seeds. Do not worry about this and do not try to free yourself from the leaves of the captivity - you risk damaging the fruit. You just need to wait for the plant to get rid of this self-interference. If you want to help, then just spray frequently shoots to peel softened. But at the same time try not to pereuvlazhnyat soil in the pot.

At this stage you need to follow to form in the ground a small nodule appeared above the ground. When sowing seeds were too recessed, then just need to very carefully remove the top layer of soil, exposing a little nodules. By the way, adults cyclamen tuber should also rise above the ground by about a third.

The first three months after emergence, you may feel that the seedlings do not grow. But this impression is deceptive. In fact, in this period actively developed root system of plants. Poet of new leaves on the seedlings are not there long enough. The most important thing at this time - to make sure that the soil in a pot with seedlings did not dry up. However, it is equally important not pereuvlazhnyat it, otherwise nodules begin to rot. The soil in the pot should be kept moderately moist, but not wet! Water the plants very carefully and it is best to use the same pipette or watering with drip spout.

But as the temperature, the cool kids are perfectly transfer up to 5 degrees Celsius. The optimum temperature is in the range of 15-18 degrees. Keep seedlings were protected from both the draft and on the flow of hot air. Therefore, do not put them near hot batteries and radiators.

After appearing on seedlings of two or three of these leaves there comes a time of picking - transplant into individual pots. This usually occurs after three or four months after sowing. When swordplay seedlings are carefully removed from the pot, along with a clod of earth and the new seedlings are transplanted into boxes or small pots of flowers. It was after picking actively begins to develop the aerial part of young plants. And six months after sowing cyclamen has been growing very significantly, gradually acquiring the characteristics of a mature plant.

Up to this point is not recommended to feed the seedlings, and only six-month plant can begin to fertilize with a weak solution of complex or special preparations. It is best to use mineral fertilizers for cyclamen or universal feeding for flowering houseplants.

In the first nine months of young specimens are different from their adult counterparts only by the size and density of foliage. However, they usually do not bloom earlier than a year. Keep them in a cool room. It has been observed that higher temperatures cyclamen also carry well, but in this case they form a very loose rosette of leaves.

It is important to water the young cyclamens. If, during the irrigation water gets to the point of growth located in the nodule protruding from the ground, it will start to rot and the plant dies. Therefore, they need to be watered only on the edge of the pot, in any case without wetting with water the tuber itself.

A year after sowing seeds of the plant can be considered an adult. It begins to bloom actively true colors it appears not so much. By the way, the Persian cyclamen almost lost the need for a period of rest, so can blossom all year round. However, if after flowering when the plant begins to drop leaves, then provide him full leisure facilities.

As you can see, the process of growing cyclamen from seed is not so complicated. The only downside - palpable duration of this process, which will require you to be patient. But knowing in theory how to grow cyclamen, you're sure to be able to implement it in practice. Of course, with proper reserve of patience. Good luck!

 How to grow cyclamen from seed?