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The term "anorexia" know almost everything. But many do not realize what has caused this disease, what are its causes, how to get rid of him. And most importantly - how to prevent the development of dangerous - do not be afraid of the word - a deadly disease? To answer these questions, it is necessary to start from afar - in other words, to understand the psychology of people suffering from anorexia.

Let's start with a definition of the term. Anorexia - a serious disease that is accompanied not only digestive problems and mental illness. The latter is expressed in the deliberate refusal of food. Anorexic very sensitive to the volume of food consumed, constantly compare it with their own weight. Afraid to gain extra weight, they come up with any ways to give up eating. Convince others that have an aversion to food, forcibly cause vomiting or take large doses of laxatives. According to doctors, successfully treated anorexia takes only 7 out of 10 infected people. For the rest, it all ends in death.

What you need to know about anorexia?

Basically, the disease susceptible young girls 15-25 years. Looking at the elegant shape of the model, they decide to radically change the diet in order to get as close to their idols: the figure, and then - you never know - and the degree of celebrity. It all begins with a banal diet. The girl, who dreams of becoming a model, just pace yourself starvation, moving from one diet to another and never adheres to the rules of a healthy diet.

Weight goes, but a dream come true in a hurry. That's when it starts, and psychological problems. She blames her enough perfect (in its view) the shape and starvation continued with a vengeance. In her dreams the doors to high society open only to women with a perfect, flawless figure. She is no longer able to abandon the obsession. And, most interestingly, the body as it goes toward her, stopping to eat at all.

Or is such a case. Teenage girl hopelessly falls in love with the guy. But he does not pay attention to it, he prefers to meet with the other. Girl for a long time looking for the cause of this injustice and finally understand - the whole thing in her figure. It is slim enough in comparison with the rival. For the love we go to the many victims, particularly in adolescence. Parents of teens need to delve into the life of the child, not to let things take their course, in time to provide assistance - otherwise you can not see trouble.

To distinguish from the anorexic simply too thin man is quite possible. Usually suffer underweight people refuse to eat - they eat very tight, but do not recover. Such people are always active, cheerful, their behavior does not give any cause for concern.

But if you notice that your daughter, niece or friend has become tricky to complain of lack of appetite, constantly invent excuses not to sit at the table - you need to guard. Be sure to follow its behavior in a few days - if your fears are confirmed, seek immediate professional help.

 treatment of anorexia


All anoreksiki a great inspiration saying about food, about calorie foods and even cooked for loved ones delicious and unusual dishes. In their subconscious so deeply embedded idea of ​​proper nutrition, food becomes the theme of obsession. They study books on calorie, calculate it with gusto and never allow yourself to eat a forbidden food in their opinion.

In addition to psychological symptoms, anorexia has physical symptoms. They are quite a lot, but if you compare the facts, then you can easily calculate the disease at an early stage. But remember: the presence of one or two of the following signs may not cause concern. Here you need to thoroughly investigate the behavior of the person, take into account all the nuances.

  • Frequent weighing (literally several times a day), the clock viewing myself in the mirror;
  • Constant dissatisfaction with their figures;
  • Very low self-esteem;
  • Fear gain even a few extra kilograms;
  • Depression and mood swings constant;
  • Failure to communicate with friends, and all of the walks and the publication;
  • A passion for cooking, but this unwillingness to have it;
  • The constant criticism;
  • Excessive cleanliness and neatness;
  • Very dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails;
  • The rapid weight loss, constant refusal of food;
  • Signs of anemia and growth retardation (for teenagers);
  • Low body temperature, cold hands and feet;
  • The sharp disruption of the menstrual cycle;
  • Frequent fainting, weakness, shortness of breath.

Approaching the critical stage of the disease, a person experiences true terror before eating. This fear does not go away, even when it's complete exhaustion. The body is no longer eat, rejects it, but the subconscious mind of the patient says, "you should not stop there, you still ahead, you're not good enough for your dreams." If no action is taken in time, the disease can completely destroy a person. Recovering very, very hard - the process takes more than a year.

Treatment of anorexia

If a case is too neglected, anorexia treatment may last from three to five years. The recovery process is not without psychological help, suggestions about what treatment is needed. After all, in most cases, the patient categorically does not want to seek help from a doctor, he feels quite healthy.

The complexity of the treatment process is that you must not only stop fasting patient, but also to "teach" his body again to take food. Psychologist is necessary to overcome the passion of the patient to starvation, to direct his subconscious for a new way to instill new life priorities.

Statistics show - 60% of patients recover completely, start to lead a new way of life, happily married and have children. Although infertility in this case is no exception. Another 20% of patients are constantly on the verge of collapse and undergoing rehabilitation throughout life. And the rest, sadly, can not be treated at all. What are fatal. Moreover, not only the depletion causes of death, and frequent cases of suicide. Anorexic realizes that his dream is feasible and decides that it is not worthy of life.

Treatment begins with the physical recovery of the patient data. There is a category of patients who are no longer able to take any food or move independently. In this case, the body is supported through a dropper. Gradually, people coming out of the critical condition of his diet introduced the necessary products. But the main problem lies in the fact that during starvation all organs affected. It is not enough to just start there, there must be a comprehensive treatment that takes a long time.

In parallel with the recovery of the body carried out a course of psychotherapy. The task of the physician to identify the causes of the disease, to try to save the patient from phobias. Often, the disease leads to the violation of the nervous system. In this case, the reception is prescribed sedatives.

 how to treat anorexia

The effects of anorexia

Anorexia can lead to a very, very sad consequences. That is why doctors have categorically forbid comply with whatever diet without consulting a nutritionist. Before you begin a hunger strike think about it, is it worth it. After all, health problems will last a lifetime.

  • We are often hungry people reduced blood pressure, resulting in impaired heart function;
  • One of the most dangerous consequences of anorexia - hormonal disruptions. They also lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle. Develop osteoporosis, girl, time does not begin treatment, risking never become a mother. The diagnosis - infertility - common in anorexic. And to treat it very seriously;
  • Developing, the disease begins to disrupt the brain. There are seizures, mental disorder, numbness in hands and feet;
  • Because people do not get enough vitamins may develop anemia. A low hemoglobin level, stay for a long time, can cause changes in brain structure. So anemia should be treated immediately.

Liver damage, a weak immune system, intolerance to cold and heat, dehydration - all this is also the consequences of this terrible disease. When it is running stage of the disease, anorexic is not proud of himself, he does not feel the most beautiful. It remains only a fear of the future, which he himself and deprived. Without professional help is not enough.

Keep in mind that the blame of others (parents, friends, husband) that their loved one was ill, it is not necessary. The man himself driving himself into a corner, from which is so easy to get. But we can still prevent the disease, you just need to be a little more attentive to others and do not shy away from their problems. During the initiation of treatment to avoid serious consequences and build a happy life.

 Anorexia - Symptoms and Treatment

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