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Modern rhythm and life impose very high requirements for the appearance of people. And, of course, to the appearance of women. And women themselves to this problem are so serious that want to start from yourself and your appearance impossible. A key benchmark is a modern beauty ideal figure. This is no accident: everywhere we are surrounded by pictures in magazines, on television transmission, video clips on the Internet. Ideal images of models loosely-women unwittingly impose the idea that beauty and thinness - equivalent concepts. And this is the first step to what doctors call nervosa: its first symptoms are indistinguishable from the normal behavior of a woman losing weight.

Unfortunately, nature would have it, only a small number of women by nature have external data corresponding to these made-up standards. And that's why a huge amount of the fair sex constantly fighting heroically against overweight, centimeters, folds. And often the tools in this unequal struggle are far from the most innocuous ways. Pills and teas for weight loss, exhausting exercise, starvation - all this could end very badly. To learn how to distinguish weight loss from anorexia and what are its main features, we will tell you in this article.

What is anorexia?

In order to recognize the problem, you must know the basic symptoms of anorexia. Doctors describe the disease as a disruption of normal eating behavior, reflected in the increased attention to the pursuit of its own weight and is almost completely limit yourself to the consumption of food. People suffering from anorexia, to the extent feared type at least one gram of excess that nearly brought himself to exhaustion.

Tragically, most often this disease affects young girls, sometimes quite yet teenagers. It is not surprising, because they are much more than other age groups susceptible to outside influence. These girls are so much different pace yourself diets that their weight is reduced by fifteen to twenty percent lower than normal, and sometimes even more. But even if their weight is lower than ever, and the feeling is very much suffering, when you look in the mirror girls still think they are too fat. And they continue to torture yourself diets brutal.

For young girls such "experiments" are the most dangerous - their bodies are still growing and forming. As a result, instead of a beautiful and wholesome girl, surrounding almost see a disembodied ghost, with pale skin, black eyes and a whole bunch of opportunistic diseases - these are the consequences of anorexia. At a time when there is an intensive growth and the formation of various functional systems - the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and others - as a result of which turn out to need a huge amount of nutrients, a teenager hungry for weeks, because of what her body is applied irreparable harm.

 signs of anorexia

The symptoms of anorexia

As a rule, the patients themselves, women and girls flatly refuse to recognize the existence of the problem, so it is very important that the first signs of anorexia in time to family and friends noticed. Otherwise, the pursuit of the ideal weight may end very, very badly: may be jeopardized not only the health of women, but sometimes her life.

The most important symptom of the fact that the girl caught anorexia, is a significant reduction in weight, sometimes in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, this feature becomes apparent only when the dangerous depletion of approaching a critical point. Until that moment, it may seem that a woman has decided to lose weight quite harmless ways.

Another manifestation of anorexia, which is also in any case can not be ignored - a loss of appetite and a significant reduction in the size of the portions of food eaten woman. In addition, she can and does often refuse to eat a meal, there is a huge amount of excuses - sometimes quite plausible: recently eaten, is tired, sore stomach.

However, despite this, a person suffering from anorexia may be long and happy to talk about food: different diets, calories and weight loss strategies. Moreover, many women anoreksichki spend much time in the kitchen preparing a variety of dishes. On the one hand, it may seem that sick girl eating a completely uninteresting. However, in reality it is not so: the thought of food take almost all of their free time. But it is necessary to reach the implementation of these thoughts, all their desire somewhere disappears.

As the disease progresses largely deteriorates the overall health of the girl. This finds expression in a variety of clinical symptoms of the work of many body systems.

  1. Increased fatigue

    Sick woman begins to experience very weak, very tired quickly. No woman has time to get up and wash, as feeling very tired. This is not because of some heavy physical work, but on the basic things that, in general, is not surprising: the body nowhere to borrow much-needed energy, and it refers to its internal resources, which, I must say, not boundless. By the way, in very advanced cases, the girl may appear a strong feeling of drowsiness, it can begin to regularly faints.

  2. A change in the state of hair and nails

    The patient girl hair loses its luster, becoming dull and begin very much split. And no one, even the best balm for hair care is not able to improve the situation. This is due to the fact that the body is deprived of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the hair in good condition. The same goes for nails: they become thin and brittle, they can begin to exfoliate.

  3. Changing the status of the skin

    As a rule, in women with anorexia becomes very pale complexion, under the eyes appear blue circles. The reason for this phenomenon is very often iron-deficiency anemia, which is a must-have this disorder. Also, anorexia is often the cause of problems with pochkami.Vesma acquires a peculiar bluish skin of hands and feet a sick girl. There it is because of poor microcirculation of the skin. By the way, for the same reason, the sick woman is almost always cold and often even her body covered with a layer of very thin and short hair - in this way the body tries to protect itself from hypothermia and keep warm.

  4. Amenorrhea or disappearance of menstruation

    I do not quite understand the mechanism of occurrence of this symptom: whether the prolonged lack of essential nutrients in the body affects the hormonal girls, causing a variety of failures, whether it is at all about the impact of mental state. In any case, amenorrhea - a serious violation, saying that the problem has gone too far, and she urgently needed medical help.

  5. The development of other diseases

    Since the lack of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates is a great shock to the body, it is very difficult to predict exactly how it will react to anorexia. In some cases, women begin serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the central nervous and endocrine systems, the development of osteoporosis.

 symptoms of anorexia

Causes of anorexia

So, who and why the disease strikes? For a start it should be noted that there are several types of anorexia: primary, mental and nervous. Primary anorexia occur in women due to a variety of organic and physiological pathologies hormonal dysfunction, neurological disorders, malignant tumors and other diseases. Mental anorexia is caused by a variety of psychiatric disorders: depression, delusions, catatonic stupor, schizophrenia.

However, when we say the word "anorexia", often we refer to anorexia nervosa. And in this case, the best proverb: "All the problems from the head." Psychological causes of anorexia there are so many: it's and family characteristics, and personality, and the difficulties in communicating with others. Most often, this broad range of issues include:

  • Dysfunctional Family

    Simply put, it is a family with an unhealthy psychological climate in which all members of the family or to hide their emotions, or constantly irritated at each other. One or more family members often suffer from various kinds of dependency: alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. ... No one takes into account the needs of each other. Children either to themselves, or are under the constant supervision of authoritarian parents. No wonder that in such unhealthy conditions, a family member - most often it is a teenage girl - sick with anorexia.

  • The negative atmosphere around meals

    As a rule, the source of this cause - deep in my childhood. Some parents believe that the child should be fed at whatever cost, and this reluctance is not a barrier. They begin to violently shove food into a child, and that forms the gag reflex and the general negative attitude towards food. Anorexia because of this can begin at a very early age, and can hide and show already in adolescence or even adulthood if there are additional factors.

  • Low self-esteem and impaired perception of the body

    All the girls, patients with anorexia see themselves as fat ugly ugly. Even with very little weight and bone bulging out they feel that they "swam very fat." But it is rather a consequence of anorexia, and the reason lies in the fact that these girls do in life consider themselves worthless: stupid, weak, boring and passive. And they are trying to at least something to succeed, finding beautiful, in their opinion, the shape.

  • Obsession and compulsion in behavior, perfectionism

    This feature has a very bad consequences in long-term weight loss. Even if it starts off as a very healthy process, due to excessive pursuit of perfection she can so it "stuck", that will always look beautiful is not sufficient. And, then, there should be even less, and another, and another ...

  • Unmet need for love and acceptance

    In this case anorexia becomes a bridge to that to begin to like other people. This often happens to girls who are overweight. Starting weight loss, they note that it began to stretch and show sympathy for other people. This reinforces the positive effects of weight loss, and they are "hooked" on it. And pretty soon it starts to wear a pathological character.

  • Fight with obstacles

    A very interesting point of view on the problem of anorexia has been offered Psychophysiology Vadim Rotenberg: he believes that it is based on the desire of girls to overcome any difficulties, which were their constant appetite. She refuses to eat, thus defeating it and get satisfaction. It is for them a victory over the other and making sense of their lives - which is why, in his opinion, anorexia so hard to abandon their pathological behavior.

Lovely girl! If you are unhappy with your figure and plan to experience the next diet, think about whether to risk their health for the sake of some illusory beauty? And if you decide to improve your body and combat the fact that more than you think, do not forget about the limits of the struggle itself. Turn your head and a sober assessment of what is happening, as the boundary between weight loss and anorexia nervosa are very, very illusory. Go to it quite easily, so if you or your relatives have felt some doubt, it is better to be safe once again, and refer to a specialist for advice. The most important thing - you can be beautiful and attractive in any body with any appearance, because self-confidence and charisma is much more important than a flat stomach!

 Anorexia: symptoms and causes of

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