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  • How to stick to protein-carbohydrate diet?
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Many dieters are well aware that no diet is unlikely to achieve positive dynamics of weight loss, but choosing the best among all the diets of their species diversity very difficult task for a person not associated with a dietician. Most of the existing diets for weight loss is ineffective as it is directed at removing fluid from the body, rather than the actual decrease in the number of fat. Protein-carbohydrate diet, or as it is called, protein-carbohydrate diet alternation - guaranteed quality tool for weight correction.

According to the developers, a diet in which there is an alternation, to become a kind of catalyst that can cause the human body to expend accumulated carbohydrates, since it is mainly from carbohydrates and fat are made.

Diet needs to adhere to a special diet, which implies the alternation of day when you can eat protein foods, and days when it is necessary carbohydrate food.

Such a diet is not accidental, as in the "protein days" a decrease in body fat, while the "carbohydrate days" can reduce the strain on the body due to loss of accumulated fat reserves.

The thing is that if you lower the amount of carbohydrates consumed, is a provider of energy, the body begins to consume existing stocks, but it feels great stress. Reducing stress for the body is extremely important effect, which further eliminates the recurrence of weight gain, unlike other diets. Those, though can achieve weight loss, then lead to the fact that the body is affected by stress from the loss of "reserves", is trying to compensate for it. The result is set to lose fat fast.

This diet - one of the few that guarantees stable weight loss and its fixation at the right level. Alternating days of consumption of proteins and carbohydrates allows you to "trick" the body and make it "discreetly" to part with body fat. In addition, when such a diet is not observed slowing metabolism, it is a significant advantage, since the weight loss continuously occurs, precisely due to fat rather than muscle tissue.

 Products in the protein-carbohydrate diet
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How to stick to protein-carbohydrate diet?

Conventionally, this diet has a 4-day cycle which can be repeated an infinite number of times until you reach the desired weight loss results. Separately, it must be said about the necessary diet in these 4 days.

Throughout the cycle should be in the 1 st and 2 nd day to eat foods rich in protein, on the 3rd day of required food rich in carbohydrates, while the 4th day is to some extent "discharge" and requires negligible the rules of a separate food, and consuming carbohydrate and protein foods. Despite the fact that the list of foods that you can eat during a diet, it is extensive, there are a number of limitations that should strictly implement. The first thing you need to carefully monitor the amount of calories consumed.

The optimal amount of calories considered 1000-1500 . Consume more calories is strongly discouraged. The diet should be planned so that all calories were relatively evenly distributed over 5-6 meals. Eating should be done in small increments - this will reduce the volume of the stomach and in the future will help to maintain weight and get rid of this phenomenon, as overeating. We should also be said about water. With this diet you must consume at least 2 liters of water a day, but do not drink water during meals.

By the choice of food should be approached seriously, especially when it comes to carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Eating complex carbohydrates welcome as they longer processed by the human body, helping to release energy required for life. Complex carbohydrates are rich in vegetables, cereals, legumes and other products. These carbohydrates are beneficial organism, allowing to obtain the necessary energy to safely buy extra body fat.

Simple carbohydrates are eaten is strictly prohibited, as they are actually ready to send fat into fat cells. The most simple carbohydrate rich foods containing sugar and sweeteners, fat milk and dairy desserts, fried oil including vegetable oil overcooked. Fat should be completely excluded from the diet and not to use it for cooking.
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Recommended foods

The "protein" days need to be diet, including the following products: chicken breast, lean fish, turkey, lean beef, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce. The diet can include all green vegetables, but should be completely excluded vegetables containing fructose and starch. The amount of food consumed should be strictly limited, do not overeat. It is important that the food has been prepared without the use of additional fat.

The carbohydrate per day should be included in the diet of bread, pasta, flour durum wheat, cereals, legumes, vegetables and beef. In addition, it is possible to include in the diet of fruit, but sweets should be excluded, as the sugar in its pure form, as well as substitutes contribute to slower metabolism and accumulation of body fat. This day is to completely eliminate foods rich in protein. The amount of food consumed should be limited.

In the last 4-day diet and should be consumed protein and carbohydrate foods, and foods rich in carbohydrates, you need to eat in the morning, protein - in the afternoon. The list of foods that you can eat, a diet is quite wide, so it is possible to make a suitable diet. The finished product is best for a couple or eat them cooked or raw.

 cooking with the protein carbohydrate diet

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Sample menu for the diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation

Alternating consumption of proteins and fats, you can think about yourself and, if you know the approximate content of these elements in the products, but for starters, you can use the below diagram meal.

1st and 2nd days of protein

  • Breakfast №1: vegetable salad, do not contain starch; 5 eggs.
  • Breakfast №2: protein shake from fresh egg white and skim milk.
  • Lunch: 200 g of cooked chicken breast, grapefruit.
  • Lunch: 200 grams of lean beef.
  • Dinner №1: vegetable salad, do not contain starch; 150 grams of cooked fish.
  • Dinner №2: 1 tbsp. skimmed milk.

Day 3 - carbohydrate

  • Breakfast №1: 300 grams of oatmeal with raisins, 3 egg whites.
  • Breakfast №2: 300 grams of rice, a small piece of bread from wheat flour, 100 grams of chicken breast.
  • Lunch: 1 serving of pasta with a little grated cheese.
  • Lunch: 200 grams of rice, 100 grams of chicken breast.
  • Dinner: 3-4 slices of bread from wheat flour, a small piece of fish.

Day 4 - discharge

  • Breakfast №1: 300 grams of oatmeal with raisins, 3 egg whites.
  • Breakfast №2: protein shake from fresh egg white and skim milk.
  • Lunch: 1 serving of pasta with a little grated cheese.
  • Lunch: 200 grams of rice, vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, do not contain starch; 150 grams of cooked fish.

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Protein-carbohydrate diet in action

This diet is based on the principles of the right of a separate food. In this case, a huge role diet plays a contrast food, that is, the use of certain days only protein foods, and at other times - only carbohydrate foods that actually causes the body to experience a shake-up and use a large amount of accumulated energy. The question arises, how this diet affects the body and whether it is dangerous to health. In fact, it allows you to bring food into the body all the substance and thus limit the flow of harmful.

The effect of diet is achieved mainly due to the first two days of the protein when the body simply has to start spending accumulated in the adipose tissue carbohydrates. This effect has a positive effect on the discharge weight, but at the same time during continuous protein diet body starts to use the resources of muscle tissues instead of adipose therefore necessary to interlace with carbohydrate days. During high carbohydrate day reduces stress on the body's involuntary hunger that prevents slowing metabolism and consumption of the substances contained in the muscle tissue. On the 4th day of the diet and should be consumed protein and carbohydrates to make the body completely "forget" about the transferred in the first two days of stress and prepare for a new round of cycle.

In fairness, it should be noted that the actual weight loss occurs in the first two days of the diet, while the remaining two days are designed to provide lasting results. Typically, two proteins of the day can be reset from 0, 5 to 2 kg depending on physical activity during the day. Diet protein-carbohydrate alternation allows you to quickly speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and this effect is observed during the time of application techniques. Therefore, when it is used properly, you can achieve amazing results. Of course, the main advantage of this diet is the ability to maintain muscle mass, which is essential to the body look slender, and the skin - toned.

 drink a diet
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Subtleties of losing weight through diet

There is little secret that can increase the rate of weight loss at the time the application of diet protein-carbohydrate alternation. In developing an appropriate diet should pay attention to a person's lifestyle. In the event that a person is constantly sitting, little moves and rarely outdoors, his daily ration must not exceed 1000 calories because the body will not be able to use up energy.

Food is quite possible to pick up the individual, based on their calorie, protein and carbohydrates listed on the label. It is not necessary to include in the diet foods rich in salt, because ultimately it will provoke an unnecessary delay in the body fluid and smazhet overall picture of weight loss. In addition, it is not necessary in the diet consumed conservation and other ready meals, as they high content of harmful substances and fat. For those who can not resist the temptation to drink sweet tea, we can recommend the sweet tea with stevia. This tea helps to reduce blood sugar, but do not abuse it and drink more than 2 cups a day.

Most people are keen to throw the hated kilograms may want to compromise with his laziness and start to play sports. Physical exercise can improve results at times, but if a person to diet never went in for sports, it is better to reserve all his ardor on the 4th day - then the exercise will have a really stunning effect and does not provoke an overload of the body and the added stress. In the case of exercise accustomed to humans, it is not necessary to break the usual pace and training regimen, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the diet.

If exercise is not included in the plans for losing weight, it is possible to confine a leisurely stroll in the fresh air to provide oxygen to the body to effectively burn fat. In general, the diet provides enough good results and without physical exertion and a month you can lose 4 to 8 kg. The main thing - to fulfill all the conditions of diet and go to the intended result.

 Alternation of carbohydrates and proteins - a "smart" way to lose weight in a short time