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Any signs of the food, chemical or animal allergies (runny nose, nausea, dizziness, urticaria) - a serious cause for concern. The sooner you contact the person, the better. Otherwise, if not the first time to provide medical care, deterioration may occur up to anaphylactic shock.

Unfortunately, the allergen may be present in everything: food, medicines, hair, dust, household chemicals. Therefore, it is very difficult to define yourself why you came sharply worsening. At first you will have to undergo a full examination, pass a bunch of analyzes and tests. And only after that you will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. Important in this case the role played by accompanying symptoms. Tell your doctor about all the symptoms and when manifested allergy.

What causes allergies

Often, the disease does not occur immediately. The fact that an allergy - a reaction of the immune system to a foreign protein, which hit the inside of your body. If the beginning occurs memorizing the type and structure of the allergen, it will continue to follow a more severe reaction. Often patients begin inflammation, bleeding, sharply increased body temperature, swelling occurs.

Such a reaction of the body is fraught with serious consequences, including death. If time does not help, there may come anaphylaxis, asthma, hives. In such cases, you should call an ambulance quickly. Before the arrival of the doctors follow the patient. If he will stop the heartbeat, you will need to make a direct cardiac massage and artificial respiration mouth to mouth.

There are several ways why an adult can manifest the disease. For example, you may have a child, too, was allergic to any product or thing. But parents do not pay attention to it, not recovered, or overly protective of you. As a result - a weak immune system.

Often, the disease occurs even after brief contact with chemical products (at work, the street, at home). But reaction to food can occur due to violations of the intestinal microflora. So ladies must first cope with dysbiosis.

 allergy symptoms

What is an allergy

Allergy to cold

The disease usually manifests itself after a person buys in cold water, or if he will stand in the strong wind. But worst of all people feel it is in winter and autumn. They sometimes have to relocate, since this type of allergy is almost not treated.

The main symptoms, which can recognize the disease: a runny nose, severe headache, itching in the open areas, skin inflammation, rash, dyspnea. If such a person comes to a warm room, it feels much better. But is it worth it to go out again - there will aggravation. In the worst cases, the body will appear watery blisters that are a couple of months.

Food allergies

Typically, after a person, say, ate chocolate, nuts, cabbage and squid on his body appear small pimples that begins to itch. Only at units comes serious food poisoning: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, diarrhea, cramps.

If you do not know on what product you have allergies, try to exclude from the usual menu, sweets, honey, fruits, vegetables, fish. Gradually enter in your diet above ingredients. This will help identify the cause of the disease. By the way, there are a number of dishes that experts attribute to the category of the most dangerous for people suffering from this disease.

  • Mead

In this case, the allergen acts as pollen, which is part of honey. Signs of allergy may be different, starting with the usual rash, cough, swelling and redness of the throat, ending with angioedema. Patients are advised to completely stop using this product.

  • Sweet

Actually allergy causing any single component, and not all the sweets in general. Therefore completely rule out the goodies from your diet is not necessary. Typically, the reaction takes place in the protein. If you are "lucky" and do you feel about that seventy percent, eat candy, jam, candy, marshmallows.

  • Vegetables, fruit and berries

Surprisingly, neither alone citrus (tangerines, oranges, lemons) and strawberries cause allergies. Strong allergens considered nuts (walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds), melons, apples and pears, stone fruits (peaches, cherries, sour cherries).

By the way, if you do not put tomatoes, parsley, celery and other vegetables, they succumb to heat treatment. Heat helps to cope with allergens contained in them. Cook the stew cook compotes, make casseroles, use a double boiler.

  • Eggs

Taki ladies will have to give up everything, what contains this ingredient. It is necessary to forget about baked goods, sauces, mayonnaise, pasta. But you can prepare cereals, lean beef there, fish, poultry, drink small amounts of milk.

  • Fish

Eliminate from your diet clams, oysters, squid, crab, shrimp and seafood rest. However, in some cases, people can not tolerate any marine life or the river. Therefore, you should be tested for allergens, to determine the cause. The fact that in this diet contained the greatest amount of iodine. And if your body is reacting negatively to the fish, will have to find another source of this important element.

Allergies to medications

Most often it appears on allergy drugs, which include natural ingredients, as well as antibiotics. That's why experts recommend pre-testing of all drugs. For instance, if you're going to make a shot, a little scratch on the crook of the elbow with a needle, then drip contents of the syringe. If after five to ten minutes the skin is inflamed and covered with rash, you can use the drug.

When drug allergy symptoms differently. It may be anaphylactic shock, and swelling, and drug reaction and urticaria. In some cases, there is dizziness, nausea, rapid breathing. And if the patient does not have time to help, he can die in a matter of seconds. So never take, and do not let your family members medications without first reading the summary. And throw out all of the kits expired medicines.

Allergy to bloom

It is a seasonal disease that occurs at certain times of the year. It usually appears during the flowering plants. Late spring and summer - the most dangerous time for patients. So if you have repeatedly seen this before, try to protect yourself: start drinking medication in acute leave to another place, go with a bandage, etc.

The most common allergy symptoms: runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat, fever, dyspnea, sneezing, swelling. If you find yourself in one of these symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor. And in any case do not self-medicate.

Allergy to household chemicals

Which means not only available in our time! They help to remove the stain on his trousers a three-year, clean yellowed tiles in the bathroom, wash the box on the balcony. But such products are toxic and dangerous to health. No wonder people are increasingly turning to the clinic complaining of shortness of breath and spots on the hands after they poubirali apartment.

So if you have appeared the first signs of allergy: burning, itching, skin irritation, cough, runny nose, dizziness, dyspnea, take all the precautions. First, try to use household chemicals to a minimum. Never combine multiple tools. If you use gel to clean the plate, do not use powder. Otherwise, some of the active components can react, giving off toxic substances. Buy products where less than all colors, flavors, fragrances and other additives.

Second, it works only in rubber gloves. Hand skin not to be in contact with an allergen. If even a drop of funds hit an open area, rinse it with plenty of cold water. In no case did not turn on the hot tap, as the high temperature of a catalyst. It will only accelerate the process. During operation, ventilate the room.

Wash clothes in the machine should be thoroughly rinsed. Of course, since you spend more energy and water, but then will not be all day scratching. Always put a little bit of detergent, do not hammer the drum in full. Air conditioners and similar supplements should be avoided.

If you are allergic to even a special chemistry, try to replace it with improvised means. So, for example, a lemon can be cleaned tiles, slab floors, wash the clothes. For washing dishes, use baking soda or soap, for windows - ammonia.

Allergies to cosmetic products

Mascara, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, creams, masks, hair dye - all of which can adversely affect your health. Recognize the symptoms of allergies in this case, it will not be difficult. Usually this redness, itching of the treated area, burning, tearing. If you nakrasili eyes proteins may also become slightly pinkish or pripuhnut.

Usually, this happens with low-quality products. Therefore, buying makeup, make sure you are required to provide the certificates. By the way, do not purchase anything in the markets and in the transitions. Wind, rain, humidity or dryness of the air - all this has a negative impact on the product. But improper storage can result in damage to the contents.

 allergy symptoms

Complications and sequelae of allergy

If you do not pay attention to the first signs of (local and general) or do not call a doctor, your condition may get worse. For example, anaphylactic shock in the patient develops within a few minutes. In humans, the pressure drops, there is suffocation, headache, dizziness, stop working some organs (up to cardiac arrest). If you do not provide emergency medical care, the patient may die.

The same goes for angioedema, which is deadly. Urgent call for an ambulance if the patient experiences the following symptoms: paleness, or blueness of the skin, severe shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue and mouth. After a few minutes the person can start to choke.

Allergy Prevention

Once the doctor determines the cause of allergies, try to avoid contact with the allergen. Try every day to do wet cleaning the house, that on the carpets, the furniture, the books are not dusty. If you wash floors or vacuuming the carpet, wear a dust mask or cotton-gauze bandage. Do not get pets. If there are any in the house, try as often as possible ventilate the room. After you pat a cat or a dog, wash your hands with soap and water.

People who have allergies to medicines should be carried in a pocket or wallet card with the names of dangerous drugs. So if a person happens misfortune, and he will be in a swoon, doctors know which medicines the patient in any case should not be given.

You have allergies to foods or alcoholic beverages? Notify the relatives and friends. In a cafe or restaurant, do not forget to talk about the waiters. After all, the most secret ingredient that gives a spicy dish, maybe it is your allergen. The main thing - to take all the precautions.

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