All of lifting

Lifting - a cosmetic facelift. The procedure can be conducted by means of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Lifting used to combat skin aging - loss of elasticity, elastic tissue. The result of the procedure - firming, long-term strengthening of the tissues, improving the contour and shape the face, smoothing out facial wrinkles and age. The most commonly used for the lifting of problematic parts of the body - the lower part of the face, the neck, the frontal part of the face. Equally popular for a breast lift, eyelid, chin.

In order to achieve the effect of lifting, not necessarily to do plastic surgery. There are many cosmetic procedures that strengthen the skin. These procedures include mesotherapy, vacuum and manual massage, ultrasonic treatment, laser resurfacing, myostimulation and rejuvenation.

Return of skin beauty using mesotherapy is possible due to the base material, used in cocktails - hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid - a component of the skin, responsible for the retention of moisture in the tissue. The use of natural elements causes that the necessary balance cells recovered moisture, it becomes more elastic.

Using a vacuum and manual massage can also achieve the effect of lifting. When the procedure to remove the layer of dead skin cells, blood vessels dilate, increasing perspiration and toxins. Massage gives lymph drainage and firming effect, and the skin becomes more elastic.

Ultrasound effects tones muscles and causes skin cells to shrink. The effect of the procedure proved that wrinkles are smoothed out, and the small disappear altogether. The basis of the procedure myostimulation the principle of normalization of muscle tone due to alternating contractions of muscle fibers. Because of this microcirculation is restored and the skin gets the beauty and resilience.

Facelift requires special precision and delicate procedure, so it is best to contact the professional beauty salons. The most novel and effective way to return youth facial skin rejuvenation, and are radio wave lifting. In the process of rejuvenation effect is achieved due to the impact of a powerful beam of light on the different layers of the skin, both surface and deep. This exposure activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, providing a lasting effect on the procedure.

Radio wave lifting - this is another non-invasive procedure that allows to achieve excellent effect. To do this, the skin affects the high-frequency electric field which heats it subcutaneous fatty tissue. The gradual increase in temperature stimulates fibroblasts - the main cells of the skin. The main advantages of radiowave technique is that the procedure does not require anesthesia and recovery period, moreover, visible rejuvenation effect is achieved after the first session.

 All of lifting

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 Selection of jewelry

Competent selection of jewelery helps supplement expressive strokes of the selected image. It is not necessary to know the production of silver chains or place of extraction of topaz. We need to remember a few basic rules of selection of jewelry, with the help of which you can not only decorate your face, highlight the advantages, but also to correct some of the shortcomings of the structure of the figure.

An important consideration when choosing jewelry is the color combination of your appearance and image. For a correct choice, you must know your tsvetotip appearance. There are four tsvetotipa. Each tsvetotip includes certain shades of skin, hair and eye color.

Tsvetotip "Spring" and "Autumn" is based on warm colors. For the "Spring" fit gold jewelry, with golden shimmer. It is necessary to avoid jewelry made from copper. "Autumn" can complement the image of gold jewelry in various shades of copper, brass, products with elements of wood and tortoise shell. The stones used to insert into the metal, in harmony with spring and autumn tsvetotip should be warm colors. For example: yellow diamond, emerald, carnelian, cream pearls.

Cold tsvetotip - a "winter" and "summer." Owners of these tsvetotip may be interested in the production of silver chains, because the money is in the list of suitable metals. "Winter" suit decorations of white metal, such as silver, platinum, white gold and items made of white ivory and white coral. Tsvetotip "summer" can be used in the creation of their image silver, platinum jewelry, rose gold, coral pink and ivory shades. For metals, suitable winter and summer colortype, more suitable range of cold stones. For example: white and pink diamonds, blue topaz, white pearl, sapphire blue or pink tinge.

Having defined the colors decorating, do not forget about the peculiarities of the structure of the figure. When choosing earrings, you must take into account the shape of the face. With correctly selected the shape and size of earrings, it can be corrected too wide or vice versa narrow shape of the face. Owners of large, wide oval faces should avoid wearing large earrings. In this case, suitable neat earrings, pendants with a flat and elongated shape. Narrow face, complement and distract from the elongated oval - large, convex, round earrings.

Choosing Necklace need to build on the structure of the body and the woman's age. High thin neck profitable decorate close-fitting necklace, like a collar. Divert attention from the broad neck can with a long gold chain with a medallion. Mature Women suit elongated beads and chains, distracting from the aging skin. Chains may have a variety of weaving, as Production of silver chains widespread.

Hands can be decorated with gold rings. But there is also need to know their nuances. Tenderness and poignancy of age of a young girl perfectly accentuate slim and trim rings, possibly with small accents of precious stones. Large, wide ring, decorated with massive jewels, a girl of tender age, will look defiant. These rings are more suitable for women of mature age.

Women with long and thin fingers, you can use the rings of various designs. In other words, it fits all that is tried. It can be as narrow and broad rings with or without precious inserts of different shapes. The only exception may be very The thin ring, which is itself only guess at his mistress.

Owners of short fingers should choose a ring with a vertical design that visually pull finger. It is better not to choose a wide ring.

If the brush is broad and large better to choose from rings with a wide rim.

To make use of the ring with the elegance of a thin rim and a small inset precious elongated. Select elegant wrist bracelets help. The massive bracelet, the denser it should encircle the hand. A single bracelet usually worn on the right hand. Bracelets in the pair can be worn on different hands.

Over time, the rules for combining the precious metals such as silver and gold simplified. When you create your unique image, you can safely experiment with a combination of stone, metal, jewelry design. The only taboo recognized in bad taste, a combination of jewelry and jewelry.

 Selection of jewelry

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 Gifts for February 23

Women are well aware of the old proven truth - if you want, to March 8 was a success, will spare no effort and imagination February 23. Scratching their heads in anticipation of holiday comes a lot, because the question what to give the man on February 23 - is not easy. In addition to the holiday remains very little time. And with its approach insistently desire of many women to gift came to taste their near and dear men.

Gifts for February 23 should be appreciated - such a holiday. They must bear the message, which will be properly appreciated man. What they do not fragrant gift can become an eloquent reminder of your attention and evoke the most positive associations. Successfully selected men's fragrance helps a man to look at you with new eyes, to stop the flow of habitual thoughts and remind him of the most expensive aspects.

In that case, if you know exactly flavor that I prefer men, the choice of a gift for February 23 will not be for you easily. Your task is already extremely simplified, but on the other hand - what to do with the holiday as a surprise? Not always interesting to give those things with which people are already familiar. Especially if it is a gift that you will not once gave, it is unlikely that you will want to repeat.

What to consider when choosing a men's fragrance?

The first rule - correctly determine the type of man. If a man has a sporty physique, it is active and agile, for him a great gift for February 23 will be a citrus scent with fresh notes of orange, mandarin, lemon or lime. For pragmatic man better look musky scent, which will be attended by shades of oak moss and geranium. Romance you will rejoice spicy composition with the scent of cinnamon in conjunction with thyme and pepper. The activities of individuals can be very useful suit the flavor of the skin after manufacture, and the image of a business person would support the tobacco flavor combined with musk. Perfume with a chypre notes is fine individualist. Classic bouquets are usually presented conservative men - be it wood aromas with hints of vetiver and sandalwood.

The second rule - Gifts for February 23 should cause positive associations, and appropriate to the nature of existing relations with the man to whom the gift is intended. Perfume, which is suitable for a husband or close friend may be totally inappropriate for her father, a son or a nephew. Typically, a woman loved a man trying to choose a more sensual fragrance, while his son more than appreciate the fresh and cheerful perfume. Representatives of the older generation, it is desirable to give a conservative, forest flavors with woody notes.

In general, it is best to give gifts to men on February 23 at the complex. That is, if you have chosen a particular fragrance as a gift, you should choose him in line, or from the same manufacturer, and other care products - lotions, creams, deodorant, shower gel, bubble bath, shaving foam etc . If you have enough imagination to combine all into a single composition and fun packed, your man will certainly will be satisfied, and certainly will try to please you in the coming March holidays.

The art of choosing the male gift

 gifts to men on February 23

We dare you to convince the man to choose a gift on February 23 - a real art. Doctors and psychologists have done great good for us, as proved scientifically active influence of aroma on the people. Considering that currently the stronger sex is very actively used by perfume, women should take advantage of this nice habit to make them happy with a holiday.

Gifts for February 23 always begin with pleasant words, which can be more expensive than the most expensive perfume. It should incidentally be noted that the opinion that a real man should exude the smell of strong tobacco, followed by alcohol have long been out of date. So feel free to rely on your intuition - and forward to the choice of fragrant gift!

Present for beloved

If your lover is actively watching them prefer to make a good impression and pleasant smell, before you do not raise the question what to give the man on February 23. A good perfume for him will be a welcome gift.

When a girl or woman for the first time faced with a choice of water perfume for your loved one, then it is often simply do not know where to start their search. In fact there is only one sure way - to begin with a study of the preferences of his men, including his culinary tendencies.

Some features of the man's character and tell a lot about a particular man to his woman who could correctly underline them properly chosen cologne.

So, if clearly defined with the characteristic habits, preferences and personality traits of your lover, we can safely go to the store and choose gifts for February 23.

Hike for men's fragrance - a delicate matter

 What to give for February 23

The most thankless job - is to listen to sales assistants working in large boutiques. Usually, nothing good is not finished. Although there are pleasant exceptions. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for less untwisted shop, where the price will be pleasantly surprised, as the number of sellers will not be dazzled. Moreover, often, salespeople in these stores have a lot of experience and not for the first month you are familiar with the world of fragrances.

However, if you have already opted for a specific brand, the gifts of February 23 it is possible to trust the young saleswoman large boutique. For example, "Platinum selfish" from needs no introduction Chanel, can recommend as a mature woman for her husband and a young girl to her young fans. The most interesting thing is that this cologne really fit in the first version and the second!

What's New in the world of men's fragrances

If you are for the originality, fashion or individualism, then you know exactly what to present on February 23 - a novelty in the world of men's fragrance will leave your man an excellent impression.

Intense, pleasant, smooth flavor usually hits the spot for most men. Alternatively, the level of performance and class, not conceding eminent brands Chanel, Armani and Hermes - CH by Carolina Herrera. However, it is worth noting that the flavor is more suitable boys and young men.

In the world of men's fragrances real breakthrough was the "1 million» by Paco Rabanne - another variant of this class, pleasantly surprises with its relatively low price.

Original and unusual flavors

For individualists who prefer the unusual and not on similar flavors in the gifts on February 23 can be turned on like a perfume fragrance from Gautier.

However, caution in this matter does not hurt as shocking fashion designer produces perfumes with special mark "unisex". This means that its perfume with the same success can be used not only men but also women. However, in the latter case, the attraction of female sexuality and is not in danger.

Another version of the original perfume - it's "Fighter" by Dolce & Gabbana. This fragrance is very unusual and gives oriental spices, vaguely reminiscent of some sort of holy war generated in the Muslim territories. But this fragrance is incredibly attracts fans of oriental culture.

Perhaps choosing gifts for February 23, is to remember the most important thing - you have chosen the perfume should please not only your strong half, but for you personally too. In this case, you will have all the guarantees that the popularity of a certain perfume men will not play any difference!

 Fragrant gifts to men on February 23

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