Algorithm experiences love crisis

What should be the sequence of your actions:

Take care of your physical condition. Chronic stress causes extreme destabilization of the entire body, leading to a serious deterioration of the immune, neuroendocrine, and other body systems. Exacerbated chronic and psychosomatic illnesses. In turn, this further exacerbates our mental state. And so the circle.

It is important to break this circle. What should I do?

  1. Fully sleep.
  2. Eat well. A sufficient amount of protein (meat) and carbohydrates (may accumulate) - sugar, starch Calories - oil. Optimally - caviar. Vitamins.
  3. Good rest.
  4. Refrain from bad habits (alcohol, smoking, change of sexual partners).
  • Understand that everything is in your hands

The most important thing to understand, once in a severe crisis, is something that can come out of it is only yourself. No one will come out of it for you. Neither former loved one or friend or psychologist.

  • Understand that the past can not be returned

Live in the present (this belongs to us) and think about the future and the past, and preferably only the good, leave a memory.

  • Remember that you can always ask for help and receive it

These can be relatives, friends, professionals, colleagues, or even familiar people. But the fact that the Council should not immediately execute. All individually. I think in any case, on the advice, do not follow them blindly, ponder them, but hand real help not repulsive.

  • Look for their mistakes, not errors of a loved one

Try not to blame others and to understand their mistakes. It is more constructive as we always suffer from his mistakes, and the only person who we can change - we are.

  • Develop a plan to overcome the crisis

Evaluate all the factors that you upset or pleased. Think about what are the resources (psychological, physical, intellectual) to overcome the crisis. What are the ways and means to resolve the crisis (with your hand, the inner and outer side, that is, other people, circumstances, accidents). Make a rough plan of action to overcome the crisis.

Then, after all the thought, begin implementation of the plan. From that point on, all your actions should be only rational character. Monitor the plan into operation. Keep a journal and write down what is happening.

  • Do good deeds

Find some good work, which will be able to deal with the time (give it at least one day each week - the best Sunday). It can be an aid to orphans, the sick, the elderly, or a relative or friend. Best of all, if this is the sort of thing that will not be easy for you, but will require the disclosure of your heart, to teach you what you could not before. Try to give these people what you do not know how to give your loved one.

It is very important not to wait for gratitude and even be prepared for ingratitude. You do it not for you to say "thank you", but for themselves.

This will help you overcome your weaknesses and fill your life with meaning and warmth.

 Algorithm experiences love crisis

 The wisdom of women. What men think about it?

"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish will destroy him."
(Proverbs of Solomon).

We argue a lot about what women like men. We are putting a lot of effort in order to effectively look and sort out a lot of recipes to indulge in a delicious dinner at their favorite. We care about men trying to make their lives more comfortable. And ... we remain alone! Why is that? Let's see, what about this man speak.

Male ideal woman. Arguments seasoned

Oddly enough, but the dream of every man - not the likeness of a sex symbol and not a copy of a doting mom with her hearty meal. The dream of every man - woman possessing wisdom. It is no accident that almost all the famous sayings of wisdom about women's names belong to representatives of a strong half of humanity!

"It is believed that the wise women do not exist. It is a myth, fairy tale character, male unattainable ideal. Because only exist in an ideal wife, taking men as they are. No attempts at modernization and alteration. Wives who start the morning with a smile, a kind word and a hot breakfast, not to clarify the circumstances where it is faithful wandered almost until morning. Wives who understand the soul of the football fan and are able to bring my husband a bottle of cold beer at a time while he looks Cup Winners' Cup with their favorite team. Wives who let understanding husband to meet with friends, and on his return offer relax. And so on and so forth…"

It is a maxim of one of my friend was born after I asked to speak on the topic of whether there is in the nature of a wise wife. Not to say that fully agree with the above thesis, but with respect for the views expressed. To be honest, because a lot of men, and, according to some estimates, their absolute majority, who see in the women's wisdom utilitarian, consumer motivated. What is the wisdom of women for these men? If you look into the problem more deeply, it becomes clear that it is often perceived only at the household level. Often homemakers in the minds of men - a mother, a maid and a housewife in one person, quiet and gentle creature around to indulge her husband. Such substitution of concepts, usually to no good does not.

Encyclopedia of Women's Wisdom

What is wisdom? Definition of this concept exists myriad. Perhaps of all the pearls of wisdom can be identified as follows: "Stupid never forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. " This aphorism American psychiatrist Thomas Shasha most fully reveals the concept of true wisdom. With regard to the wise woman, this expression can be understood in such a way that it actually is to forgive all the sins of her husband and patiently endure all his actions, whatever they may be. How to become the wife of such a wise and whether it is the women themselves? Each solves itself. As an example - a sketch of life.

He was one of those about whom they say "life is good". His business flourished, and it is natural that there were surrounded by a businessman and create a charming female. He was married. Moreover, he was a loving husband. But, nevertheless, it has sometimes happened affair. For his wife, these adventures were not a great mystery. She knew about them, but after each adventure took her husband back, wisely forgiving his pranks. Time passed, and the man realized that all his novels fleeting - nothing more than a white apple smoke. And he needs only his wife - loyal, loving, and all understand.

The story is true, but of a wife, a true incarnation of wisdom, perhaps, would have dreamed of each. In the above circumstances, a higher understanding has helped not only to understand and forgive her husband, but also to keep the family hearth. The heroine of the story came as a truly wise woman. Of course, patience was given her very hard. But, in the end, she got him a worthy reward!

Lessons female wisdom

Union of two - is work. Trud daily, it requires each not only patience but also the ability to forgive, to treat the partner with the understanding. The ancient sages observed that in itself a man - this is not a person, just as a woman. And only then, when the union of two constitutes a family, the new organism and can be euphemistically called a man. If each half of the body will live, given the interests of the other, such a body can live happily ever after.

No coincidence that the woman known as the guardian of the family. Her wisdom depends largely on what will be a family. Of course, the role of men in the maintenance of the family hearth is also important, and nobody decrease. But it was his wife having congenital or acquired wisdom, will be able to make her husband after work happily back into the house. A truly wise woman intuitively understands that the family - is a great work, largely based on a compromise solution. Yield, to forgive, to understand - these are the qualities that best cement unit of society.

It is clear that women's wisdom - the quality of the acquired. It is hardly necessary to demand it from yesterday's students immediately after the honeymoon. Good and wise wives are not born - they become. Just as cognac with time becoming better taste, and a woman, having passed through the thorns of everyday family coexistence and entered in the heyday of its beauty, understands, what exactly is the real female wisdom. And it is, among other things, and in the awareness of the fact that nobody is perfect. And if the woman will be able to love someone who next, with all its shortcomings, ambitions and aspirations of the vain, the wisdom of that love will allow burning hearth and home for a long time - a long time.

My half ... Which I imagine it

First of all - wise. Um - this is the initial step to the wisdom that comes with age. Wisdom - a product of years, internal reflection and improvement. In addition, it is tolerant, discreet and understanding. All these qualities came to her with the experience, which was before me.

It is not only able to understand me, that in itself has great value, but also to feel my mood, to catch undertones, not to inflame the conflict. She did not argue, and does not insist on his own. Just listened to me and agrees. Either gently and respectfully express their views, and I agree with her. We had a visual embodiment of the saying, which states that the husband - is the head, and his wife - the neck.

She is an excellent mother to our children. She knows how to give them all the love without reserve. Children are excellent feel and, as a rule, meet the same. With it, you can discuss any issue or problem. Calmly and carefully, it will prompt a decision, and this sense of our union grows stronger day by day.

Her love unobtrusive, but I feel it every minute. And it makes me realize that I can not live without her. Probably, this is the ideal relationship between a man and a woman.

In short, here's a she, my half. I believe that sooner or later we will meet, never to leave ...

 The wisdom of women. What men think about it?

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