causes of alcohol dependence


  • What is this disease?
  • What causes this disease?
  • How is the relationship?
  • What happens to alkogolezavisimym man?
  • Why is this disease difficult to cure?

Today, alcohol abuse is a major problem in modern society. Number of people who have formed the dependence is growing.

Alcoholism is one of the most common reasons that marriages break up. Even the close-knit family, where there is warmth and understanding, is doomed to failure if one of the spouses stepped on the road of alcoholism. Over time, the alcoholic always turn into a nightmare his life and the lives of their households, and all the love will come to naught. In this case, once agreeable and interesting person changing beyond recognition from what can not suffer his family. Living with an alcoholic is impossible, and disintegration of the family - it's just a matter of time.

 signs of alcohol dependence
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What is this disease?

As follows from the wording of alcoholism - a dependence on alcohol. But to better understand the meaning of this phrase, let's look at it in detail.

A person addicted to alcohol, not just love to drink - he just can not do without alcohol beverages, drinking becomes an important part of his life. If a person simply likes to meet with friends and sit with a glass of beer, it does not mean that it is dependent, however, if this is a common pastime, he firmly steps on this path - the path to alcoholism.

A person suffering from addiction, not only appears craving for alcohol - alcohol takes so stable place in his life that is gradually changing the system of values ​​and outlook on life. The horror that losing themselves into drinking person often does not understand what is happening to him is something really serious.
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What causes this disease?

  • Alcohol in small doses causes a pleasant feeling of relaxation and uplifting. Therefore, there is a desire to use this method to relax more often.
  • Alcohol is available in our country. Alas, despite the law banning sales to minors, alcohol often gets into the hands of young people who are not yet able to treat this matter with the seriousness relying.
  • The inability of many of us seriously enough to evaluate early warning signs ("I drink on Saturdays - and that this terrible?").

By the way, alcohol can overtake even the older people who drink and think about not going. For example, my grandmother heart problems and insomnia, so she drinks daily drops like valokordin. It would seem that such? But some medication on alcohol! So grandmother drink too much - it's not so rare. This is a prime example of how a man provokes a terrible disease solely on the lack of awareness on this issue.

 stages of alcohol dependence
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How is the relationship?

The first stage of alcoholism - psychological dependence

In other words, the first drink is a habit. The person starts to drink, for example, at a meeting with friends or in the evening after a hard day's work. It seems that nothing terrible happens, he just wants to relax. But gradually the habit becomes so strong that the person can not do without it. For example, when meeting with friends he has automatically begins to want to drink, even if he was not going to do that today. He just got used to the fact that the company he was always drinking. And if in such a situation it for whatever reasons, will not be able to drink, it just will not even know that he was in the company do. One simply forgets how to communicate with people without drinking.

At this stage it is too late to go back. And this is not so difficult as it seems. At this stage, it is important to realize that what is happening is wrong, it should not be. If there is awareness, the next step is to break the stereotype (fellow beer), the struggle with the habit with the help of some strong-willed efforts. If a person will be able to take the first steps in due course craving for alcohol will come to naught.

But it often happens that a person simply does not understand the gravity of the situation ("I drink with my friends - what's the big deal?"). In such a case, the person is drinking more and drinking has become part of everyday life. And then it will only get worse.

The second stage of alcoholism - a physiological

In this step, begin serious problems, not only caused by psychological factors. Gradually, as the body becomes accustomed to the constant flow of alcohol, which can not do without it. Here at this stage there are binges.

The mechanism of this. Man meets with friends, drink. But after several years of practical use of alcohol appears this feature, as the absence of stop-signal: a person ceases to control the dose. He drinks and can not stop, even if it is already drunk. As you might guess, such a situation already fraught with the emergence of serious incidents.

The next day there is a hangover. If a healthy person, moved the previous day, the next day the thought of alcohol is extremely disgusted, then there is an alcoholic reverse situation: he'd like a drink. Man has become so bad that he needed dose of alcohol - it can only alleviate his condition.

At this point, the person is not quite right reflects reality, consciousness is distorted. It appears only one thing - the desire to drink. And it becomes no matter what you need to work, and that in front of people in the household ashamed, and that stale smell a mile away.

  • He just can not drink

Such a condition can be compared with the feeling of hunger in a healthy person. For example, you do not have time to eat breakfast and go to work hungry. What is going on in your head for the evening? That's right, you will be extremely difficult on something to focus, and even important things somewhat lost its significance, because in my head will climb the thought of a warm soup, fried meatballs, sandwiches with cheese ... Food is necessary for any person, and stay hungry, he can not think about it. The same thing happens with a person suffering from alcohol addiction. Alcohol for it is no less important than the food. If no more.

Hence, there are conflicts with others. Alcoholic blame in yesterday's drunken behavior makes little sense. You can fight in hysterics, wondering why he was not ashamed. He just is not up to this, because he wants to drink.

As a rule, a person in this state is very difficult to resist the temptation, and he drinks. Which, incidentally, helps to reduce feelings of guilt after yesterday. But control of the dose-then again not. Man gets drunk again, and then all of a circle: again hangover alcohol again.

At this stage, many patients have psychosis - delirium tremens, delirium tremens in common.

Delirium tremens (delirium tremens)

A person can not drink all the time. Periodically There were days when he simply can not drink, for example, for health reasons, or when the money runs out. But the body has got used. Thus, on the background of alcohol withdrawal cord may fail.

In this case, the person loses sleep and he having hallucinations, mostly in the evening hours. The most common images are silhouettes of people, as well as any "crawling detail": insects, mice, snakes.

In such cases it often results in hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. Symptoms of delirium tremens respond well to treatment and because of the impact of drug peparatov go through a couple of days.

The third stage of alcohol dependence - Degradation

This step comes after many years of alcohol 'time. " Human intelligence is reduced, social connections are lost, the person "falls."

Probably each of us has seen of drunken people who sleep on the streets in the mud. Many of them are not just vagrants, but just people who suffer from end stage alcoholism. They look like a nightmare, the behavior is poor ... nothing interesting in their life does not happen, where self-esteem such a person, not very clear ...

 hangover in alcohol dependence
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What happens to alkogolezavisimym man?

  • Man often want to drink, that is not always associated with celebrations and joyous events. This becomes his need naryadku with eating and sleeping.
  • Gradually there is a so-called raising of tolerance, ie, increase in drinking. For example, if earlier a person drank a bottle of beer and started drinking to get drunk at the time of the second, then later he began quietly to drink 4-5 bottles and stay sober enough.
  • If a healthy person drinks too much, the body's natural reaction to intoxication will be vomiting. Alcoholics gag reflex disappears with time.
  • During drinking disappears brake man feels when he "had enough" and continues to drink while you can.
  • The next day hangover occurs and the need to drink again to alleviate the condition.
  • Over time, the narrow interests of a person, and reduced social circle. He simply ceases to be interesting that is not associated with drinking.
  • Due to the constant poisoning organism brain cells are destroyed. Over time, the thinking person becomes more primitive, attention and memory deteriorated. Suffering itself the central nervous system: there is a hand tremor, incoordination.
  • In the once friendly person changing the character: he becomes a liar, aggressive and irritable, with his increased sense of self-importance, so that it requires constant admiration from others.

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Why is this disease difficult to cure?

Of course, to get the body out of the habit of regular reporting in a very difficult matter. But the reason is not just psychological. And it's not only the habits that have been described above.

Alcohol dependence reduces critics person to the disease. Criticism to the disease and behavior - a person's ability to understand that what is going terribly wrong. Here triggered a psychological protective mechanism. This nice plead an alcoholic? Accordingly, if a person previously agreed that drinks too much, then over time it begins to seem that it is not so much he drinks and not be so drunk there.

In words a man can accept that he is sick, but believe it myself, much less find the strength to radically change their way of life - it is very difficult, and to cope with this unit.

Thus, the problem of alcohol abuse often does not see the man himself and his loved ones, who suffer because of what is happening.

Remember: if you do not want to help themselves, nobody do it for you can not! Do not ruin yourself and your family, stop in time! After all, the family is more important than the bottle!

 Alcoholism: causes and mechanisms of dependence