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Probably everyone has seen the sensational movie "Heat". Almost all the characters in it - young famous actors. Today we will talk about one actress who are interested in the whole world after the release of the film. So, get acquainted - Agnes Ditkovskite.

Biography Agnes Ditkovskite

This wonderful, attractive girl born on May 11, 1988 in the Lithuanian SSR, in a beautiful and big city Vilnius. According to well-known sites Wikipedia, Agnes was born in the family of Tatiana and Lyutaeva Olegas Ditkovskisa. Tatiana - a very beautiful woman, the famous Russian actress, and Olegas Lithuanian least famous director. Biography mother Agnes interested in all after she played an excellent role in "The midshipman," and said, woke up a star. She continued her career in the Lithuanian theater. Of course, in her present life different shooting a movie, but the scope remains far from Moscow. For years, Tatiana dreamed of returning to his hometown, and the children at that time were growing rapidly.

Prior to 2003, the family lived in Lithuania, and then somehow swiftly moved to Russia. Once successfully completed Lyutaeva VGIK student who exactly twenty years later became her daughter Agnes. It has stood the complex entrance exams in Russian State Institute of Cinematography, but her study there did not last too long, and the future actress went more with the first course. Probably, Agnes decided to plan their lives, and not to act according to the wishes of his mother.

But after a few years Agnes Ditkovskite still begins his professional career in the movies. Already in 2006, she plays the role of Anastasia wonderful girl in the youth lightweight film "Heat", which is what makes it famous. In filming it themselves moving closer to a promising young actor Alexei Chadov; there is a whirlwind romance, and after - a long relationship.

At the time, love Alex told the press: "Agnes Ditkovskite - wonderful girls who are not only interested in clothes and money. It is interesting, it has a lot to talk about. She knows how to approach the man knows how to respond to some of the male shortcomings. Agnes does not run away from home, are not satisfied with tantrums and hangs up the phone, as many modern hysteric. Of course, knowing all this, I want to fall in front of her and say that she is the best, that she is a goddess! "

Their relationship lasted for three years, and they have not been deprived of the big romantic plans for the future, in which the lovers even dedicated ubiquitous journalists. Yet these young people and disappointed, which was followed by separation. Agnes Ditkovskite said that love is over, and build relationships and family life without it is impossible and wrong.

Another big plus of this girl is that she is very different from the well-known glamorous ladies. Life on display - not for her. It does not share the view that the interior should be especially luxurious. The actress does not seek to stand out from the crowd with the help of constant demonstration of branded items. About herself she says that was not used to judging people by their appearance, believes that more should pay attention to the spiritual world.

Agnes Ditkovskite does not call himself a modest standard of behavior, the more times it is not noticed with a glass of wine or a cigarette. Agnes does not deny that he lives, unencumbered by some systems and frameworks, but she is trying to improve.

 Ditkovskite agnya

Life actress

Recently, Moscow paparazzi often credited with the charming actress new hobbies. For example, recently she was seen in the society of the young singer Roma Kenga. Then, as the evil snake quickly rumors spread that they had a love affair. However, as it turned out, they have a very different attitude. Young actors starred in the video for the song Alexei Tishkina "Aircraft", which appears as a loving couple. According to the director, at our heroes, living in a cozy family nest, with incredible force falls into the first scandal of their life together.

Free from the time of the shooting, they have fun together, constantly laughing and hugging. Roma happy to help realize the cherished dream of Agnes, because she really wanted to sing, and now her dream has come true. Perhaps this is not only a creative union? Time will tell!

Biography of this remarkable actress is very versatile. It is a living person and easily find common language with new people. By nature she was a homebody, and at social events appears likely, out of respect for the rules of modern show business. Currently, she is trying a new role, doing modeling activities. Agnes O. Ditkovskite by nature has a wonderful taste, so the clothes she picks up on their own, do not blindly follow fashion, but rather creating your own style. She continues to receive invitations to different movies and still delights us with you new roles and their versatile talents.

 Agnes Ditkovskite: a great star of Russian cinema

 how to breed for money


  • Goals and objectives
  • Start position
  • Preparing the battlefield
  • Rules of engagement
  • Receptions divorce
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How to separate the man with the money? Let we will not deal with the ethical and moral side of the issue. In the end, the men against us, too, not always highly ethical and deeply moral. And we are being soft, weak and defenseless. The proof of love is often considered the readiness of men to spend on us a certain amount (however small). However, there is among us, and the other category delicate and weak that, unwinding a man for money, trying to solve their financial problems, or simply are gambling and profitable game.

In short, no matter what was the purpose of this financial attack, if successful woman to break the bank - a confirmation of his own irresistibility, or the moral and material satisfaction. And yet, how to promote a man for money (or gifts) is beautiful, elegant and tasteful?

Beautifully dissolve a man worth it: We need a lot of strength, certain skills and talents. Somehow our already meager men today have become more tightfisted. Where is the vaunted breadth of the soul? Knights, Don Juan, smoothies, on what you decide to save money? On the women? And the women, insulted similar attitude, went on the warpath: I do not want to indulge themselves us - then we will learn to plant men.

Goals and objectives

The purpose is known to justify the means. Therefore, correctly stated purpose will always find justification in the causes. For what reason are you going to go hunting? In general, all the reasons that motivate the women in the extortion of money, can be reduced to the following points:

  1. In the ladies a very difficult financial situation.
  2. The woman is simply trying to draw attention to themselves.
  3. Lady obsessed with revenge for an unsuccessful personal life.
  4. Awareness of their own superiority over men.
  5. The desire to assert himself and prove to herself that she can do anything.

This is perhaps the most important points that make the ladies shake men's wallets. And every self-respecting lady has its own secrets. Moreover, these secrets are available for almost every woman, regardless of the status of wife, mistress, concubine, girlfriend.

Start position

To address the question of how to separate the men with the money, it should be approached primarily creativity. Perhaps the first golden rule should be the presence of self-esteem. You should not beg, do not complain about the meager salary (stipend), thankless State or own unfortunate life. If you want to raise men for money, you should forget about self-pity (in any case, do not try to bring this sorry).

The man, of course, be compassionate, to be pitied, but he was such a situation is more than beneficial. Agree that satisfy the needs of the poor and needy students of civil servants is much easier than to win the attention of wealthy ladies. Therefore, a woman should look like an independent and successful. The only way to successfully breed of men. Cavalier must once and for all understand that the lady of the heart do not have to fine-outs: the only things bigger and potsennee help it achieve its goals.

Another rule - love to skate, love and sleigh to haul. So be prepared for the fact that just because a man does not fork. Just do not have right to talk about the absence of principles and too, especially about the corruption of women. So the world: if you want to take, be able to give. And your task is to convince the man that will certainly return. Let not now and not in a minute, but is bound to be. As the poet said: "Hope boys feed." Believe me, not only nourish the hope of the young men. Encouraged by the mature man - it means to get it by all means (especially financial) to try to bring the "moment of reckoning."

And the third rule - keep your eyes open. Not one we are smart and learn how to promote a man. Podinamit like (and are able) and men. Not for nothing are all kinds of schools, courses and company pick up artist (seduction). So it is possible: in your hunting prey will be you, not him. So do not be lazy and ask what exactly they are taught in such schools. And then we can be in the fight, which is necessary to conduct its own rules.

 how to breed a man for money

Preparing the battlefield

How to breed a man "naturally"? Intrigued and make a man you seek. Male hunter's passion make him fork still in the process of courtship, and on the way to the cherished goal men do not save. After all, they sure do it for yourself, not for women.

Thinking about how to separate the man, remember, a very wealthy and prosperous men sincerely believe that the beautiful women want to meet them only because of the money. Of course (we will not dissemble), in fact, the way it is, but they know this is not necessary. However, on the basis of their viability, some men just go crazy, considering himself an invaluable treasure, the navel of the earth and downright utter happiness, for which it is necessary also to run. Well, let them think so.

Persuade those fools (well, what else to call these items?) Is useless. Your task - to strengthen him in these thoughts and awaken in him a desire to bring happiness to you. Or do you need to provoke the moneybags in the constant desire to prove their worth.

How? First of all, go hunting, be fully prepared. Get ready to start to invest in the creation of their own image of a wealthy and unapproachable beauty. Flawless appearance, "traces" of expensive visits to beauty salons, branded accessories should be your weapon in the hunt.

By the way, some men thrives Pygmalion complex: they are simply looking elsewhere "material" for creating his Galatea. Therefore, the exact opposite simpleton (with the makings!) Will also help to put on the hook moneybags who imagine themselves educator and connoisseurs. However, to recognize when and what kind of image of the "work" is almost impossible. So it is necessary to rely on their intuition.

Rules of engagement

In the first stage of hunting is necessary to place snares and traps. Home West - confident man that you do not need his money. If you hunt in the image of chic vamp, then let him know that you already have everything, but what is lacking, and you'll get without him. If you try on the image of charming simpleton, a man must be sure that the "extra" you just do not need and are happy with what you have. Only self-confidence (you are poor or rich) will roll out a man for money.

Naturally, all the time will not continue (not the ones we have done!). Accordingly, a smooth transition to the second stage - "tapping out a purse." Now that he is convinced that you are completely independent and self-sufficient, and at the same miracle as it is good and necessary as air, let the man know that the time spent on it, to be compensated. And demand payment in cash. And do not be shy to ask for money. But in any case, do not be too pushy and impatient. Try to find a middle ground and accurately predict when your request will be perceived as something natural and self-evident.

Another rule defrauding - a sense of proportion. The man should not see the predator in you, obsessed to gut his purse. Raise the bar gradually accustom him to spend on you. Do not be capricious, but rather, be capricious in moderation. Excessive aggressiveness only scare your man. So if he is willing to buy you a new pair of boots, I do not insist on the need to buy them even coat. Coat - a little later.

Technique "divorce"

The question of divorce men for money is very relevant. Judging by the Women's Forum, and there ladies and girls of all ages are eager to share their own experiences. Here are some practical tips from girls who are able to quickly dissolve the guy on the money:

  1. It is better to hold off on going to the expensive boutique, in order to buy something there expensive. At first, choose only those items that can afford you the most. This is the right way to how to separate the men for money.
  2. The most important thing in the matter of how to raise men for money, do not put pressure on him. The store will pay for itself alone, even if he will insist. So your boyfriend is also grateful that you have agreed to take money from him.
  3. When mastered the delicate science of how to separate the men with the money, you should be patient. If you like shopping center is something that obviously you can not afford it, you should not immediately begin to beg. Just a little thing for a long time to consider trying on, sighed over her and ask the seller a million questions. Then leave without buying anything. And to the question Man, why do not you bought this, tell me, that used to spend large sums only useful and practical things. After that, the new thing is sure to be yours.
  4. At the restaurant, after the waiter put the bill in the middle, Things to take it first and get ready to pay it in full. Strong men like independent and independent women, so your zeal will be appreciated. But man does not tolerate the female domination and always insist on the fact that he must pay the expense.
  5. In order to properly dilute the man should show him that you are not so easy to achieve. If it prompts you to go to his house to drink coffee (ha! As if you have it a little drunk), or offer to show you the collection of butterflies, it is best to politely refuse. Let me understand what you are - a young and beautiful - it is not too tough, and to get you, he will have to ... try and fork on a grand scale. This is perhaps one of the most important points on the issue of how to separate the guy on the money.

 how to breed a man for money

  Weapons enemy

Dear women! Do not be naive and do not assume that you are completely surrounded by some fools and suckers. Among men, too many hunters. And you know what the main weapon they use? The pressure on the pity, for the ability to empathize, to decency, after all. So if suddenly after dinner at a restaurant a man was surprised to discover that the "forgotten house money", it should alert you. And if the next time he suddenly "catches the belly" and he strongly requires you to immediate purchase high-speed medicine is another bell.

Or passing the theater, he read the poster, he says that this film because it reminds your relationship and wakes such heat or passionate feelings that it is necessary to immediately see but, bad luck, money for the tickets is not enough ... And you touched, go buy tickets. What do you think? It just teaches you to think, what to pay for it - this is normal and nothing to be ashamed of in this situation is not. Meanwhile, other things, "the rule of three payments" - one of the favorite methods of pick up artist. Do not give in to provocations. And if you're out on the hunt, this is clearly not your prey. Run away from these guys, and quick!


And finally. Tips on how to raise the peasants are only normal men who really want a woman who always get what they need. This man just wait and get it later, by ticking the "here a little longer have to till." But untenable instances only theorize on the theme of women's dynamo, but do try to profit at our expense.

And the moral aspect (after all we are talking about it). In the same forums, the same men and women along with them constantly argue about it. Men persist in calling these women venal, and the ladies ... Ladies lot to say in his defense. For example: "Oh," breed! ". This is not because the money is not enough, it's just like a balm for the soul - presents ... Every woman has their quirks, that's all. " So, dear hunter, choose a worthy prey. Good luck in the hunt and a good catch!

 How to separate the man with the money? Instruction for beginners

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