African braids

Once seen catchy African braids on the streets of Russian cities can be quite rare, and even then - only representatives of other nations. In some such unusual appearance caused raptures, others - at least, puzzling. As a cultural exchange confidently gaining momentum, pigtails are no longer exotic for Russian beauties. And since the traditional "demand creates supply" has not been canceled, we can confidently say that the number of skilled craftsmen and beauty salons that can braid pigtails, inexorably rising.

For a proper understanding of what pigtails, it should be said that not every hairstyle in which there are a large number of braids can get a definition of African. If braids are woven only of his hair - it is, rather, the Uzbek version of weaving. African involves the use of additional yarns woven into the hair, which impart braids thickness and volume, thereby braid does not look flat and dense and supple. Therefore, to get exactly the African braids, how to weave them - you need to know necessarily.

Weave braids

The use of additional materials allows to weave braids in the hair of any length, from 3 cm, the main thing - to fix the thread. Longer hair is woven into a braid with the yarns. Experienced master must necessarily your hair to inspect and evaluate the thickness of the thread which is better to use, because the structure and the degree of strength of the hair at all different - thin is preferable to use a thin filament, not to increase the burden on the hair roots.

Many are worried about the strength of the attachment pigtails. It all depends on the skill of the person who carries out this hard work. Properly secured special knot the thread is not feasible for slipping because braid will hold fast and retain their original appearance. Skilled craftsmen are always willing to vouch for the quality of weaving.

Choose the color of African braids of a plurality of options will not be easy. Some prefer a single color weave, weave other contrasting colors. Of course, the most natural and the volume will pigtails with several close shades. With proper weaving braids are not look gaudy and stylish. In addition, the effect of soft coloring allows you to wear pigtails longer. Since the hair tend to grow, in a few months will see the roots, and if they differ significantly in color from interwoven threads, will either need to remove the braids at all, or braid the new. Similar colors do not give such a striking contrast.

 African braids photo

Care pigtails

Many are frightened by the prospect of special care for African braids. It is worth noting that there are no special procedures, they do not provide. You can wash your hair the usual way with the usual frequency (many African braids holders argue that this procedure is performed much less frequently. We believe the matter purely individual). In the first days after the hairstyle may experience headaches, unusual sensations in the neck, which can be attributed to the increased load on the spine. A few days later the body gets used to it.

Some note that even pigtails help them to keep a good posture. Dispelling fears about hair loss, masters claim that after the removal of African braids number of lost hair does not exceed what we lose in the process of natural renewal. Due to the fact that during the socks hair does not have the ability to free fall, hair loss occurs immediately after removing the braids, because the number of lost in a moment of hair can frighten.

If you can not determine the order exactly what you want, African braids, photos will find a lot of variations of this hairstyle. Once you have finally decided with my intention to braid pigtails, the main question comes down to choosing a qualified and experienced masters, who can work in a beauty salon and at home. It is better to trust the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, to explore the reviews on the Internet, as far as possible to evaluate the previous work of the master and to agree on prior consultation, during which the master will look at your hair and assess scope of work.

It should be understood that the netting of African plaits - it laborious and rather long. Depending on the length and volume, it may take from 5 to 15 hours. Therefore, the master must ensure that the client and myself the opportunity to rest periodically. If you bet on the pigtails - how to weave them, tell the master. From forms of weaving it depends on the form in which you will be able to wear her hair after. For example, it is possible to collect in low or high tail, leave loose or bunched.

Among the indisputable advantages of African braids can be called easy installation, a significant amount (if your hair - pretty thin braids hair to help make a living and volume). In addition, pigtails - a great way for the laying of the hot summer holiday.

If you decide to braid pigtails, experiment, but do not forget about the important rules:

  • Pawn beauty of your hair - it's a good wizard, go to because their choice responsibly. Match option of weaving and the choice of materials. Discuss ways of styling and care for braids.
  • Although braids and allow to wash your hair less often than usual, it is not necessary to bring to the extremes.
  • If your work or lifestyle does not involve such experiments, is either completely abandon the idea of ​​African braids, or confine them to the most conservative option (no color contrast).

If you have already made an appointment to the master, remember that time and place for experiments has always important to match your attitude and makes you not only a visible and vibrant, but really stylish and harmonious!

 African braids

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 how to lighten your hair at home

If a woman is happy with the color of his hair - so it has managed to change it. The beautiful half of the human race are always dissatisfied with the fact that from the bounty of their let her nature - the lashes are not as thick as it should be, the breasts are too small or, conversely, is large, the growth did not come out. But most of all claims from the lovely ladies there is a hair color. The owner of the fine ash tends to become a brunette curls, bright ryzhinku repainted in neutral brown, brown-haired women tend to repaint the hair in amazing shades of red wines - from Bordeaux to the so-called "drunken cherries".

The most often produced by treatment with the hair - bleaching. By the way, I have long known that black is not only slim, but also old ones. Consequently, many holders of dark hair tend to lighten them, to look younger and more attractive. I must say that such a tactic is justified. I had once been a brunette, but put on a joke at a party wig helped me to radically change hair color - in blond wig at me from the mirror looked young and very pretty girl, and in fact at that time I had already conducted an audit of the first wrinkles and counting caused they caused my face. By the way, in order to lighten your hair, do not necessarily go to the hairdresser - this procedure is quite possible to perform independently at home. It is only necessary to know how to lighten your hair at home properly and without prejudice to them.

Traditionally for lightening hair at home, a solution of hydrogen peroxide of varying concentrations. It is important to know how to lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide properly and without damage to the hair and scalp.

To lighten the hair thick, poorly-absorbent, will require 8-12% solution of peroxide to lighten the hair of medium thickness - 6-12% solution is required, and to lighten the hair is thin enough 4-8% solution. To avoid damage to the hair, be sure to stick to the rules - the more porous and thinner hair, the less hydrogen peroxide solution to be used.

The amount of solution that is needed for lighting, will depend on the length of hair, and how they are thick .  As a rule, the average length hair is enough 50-60 grams of solution, but it is better to prepare a solution with a reserve, then to not be interrupted in the middle of procedure of clarification and not to prepare another batch of solution .  In this case, there is a risk that the hair to paint unevenly, and it will be too noticeable difference in color .  To prepare the solution should be in the porcelain, plastic, glass or enameled container, in no case can not use metal utensils, as metal can react with oxygen, thereby causing decomposition of the composition .  The peroxide solution for enhancing the effect of accelerating the reaction, and ammonia .  It is important not to overdo it because excess ammonia give your hair a reddish tint .  50 g of the solution sufficient 5 drops of ammonia .  If the solution is to train more - for every 10g of the solution should be added 1 drop of alcohol .  The solution should be prepared immediately before use .

 lighten your hair at home

Simple truths

Before you are ready to lighten your hair at home, you should not wash your hair for 2-3 days, formed during this time a natural layer of fat can well protect the hair and scalp from the irritating solution for lightening.

The solution is applied, starting from the back, with a wooden stick with a wound on her with a thin layer of cotton wool or a brush with synthetic bristles - natural bristle quickly destroyed by the solution - clarifier, why not do. Before the procedure must lubricate the forehead at the roots of the hair with petroleum jelly or fat cream to protect the skin from a chemical burn.

The composition did not flow down from the head and is not sprayed, to a solution is better to add a small amount of liquid soap. Shampoos add is not recommended because their constituent components can hinder the process of clarification of hair.

Note that the roots of the hair due to the heat from the scalp are clarified quickly ends. Therefore, during the primary clarification of the composition should be applied first to the hair along the entire length before reaching the scalp of about 2 cm, and then, on reaching the desired hair color, re-moisten them and put structure already on the roots. In this method can achieve lightening hair color evenly smooth along their entire length. If applied directly on the part of all the hair - from root to tip - ends will turn darker, which does not look very nice and natural.

You do not need anything to wrap his head after applying the composition of lightening - scarves, polyethylene and warming cap strongly heated solution applied to the hair, which can cause chemical burns of the scalp and hair burnout.

Once the hair to lighten the color you need, you should gently rinse with warm water, at the same time easy to massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Do not use a shampoo for washing the hair after lightening suitable non-alkaline soap. After washing the hair should be rinsed with water and vinegar or lemon juice - a rinse will help neutralize the hydrogen peroxide and a little to restore hair.

If you do it right, in accordance with these tips, after the procedure, your hair will delight you with a nice smooth color.

 How to lighten your hair at home

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