Affirmations for Women


  • What is their secret?
  • Affirmations for all women
  • Affirmations for housewives and young mothers
  • Affirmations "careerists"

Each of us wants to be happy. What is the main secret of the fact that it has become a reality? In the right mindset and attitude towards life. No longer a secret of the fact that our world view defines the things that are happening to us. Of course, we can all be attributed to various factors: the success or failure, heredity, personality, coincidence - yes anything! However, psychologists are increasingly talking about the fact that a positive perception of the world is capable of performing miracles. But the question arises: how to generate it at? And then come to the aid affirmations for women that really work.

What is their secret?

Affirmation - a mental statement formulated in a positive way, which already contains an image of a desired reality. Simply put, with the help of just such simple verbal constructions you program your mind for success, then it is more and more believe in them. It turns out that this is the most simple and elegant way to be happy.
Affirmations are able to give you exactly what you want. It may be banal improvement in mood and form a positive outlook on life, facilitating achievement of the desired goals, such as the construction of the desired relationship or a dizzying career.

Most importantly, you do not have anywhere to go, something to do and actively pay someone a lot of money. All you need to do - is to highlight the morning and evening for fifteen minutes to say aloud statements concerning important areas of your life and goals. Just do not forget that you need to work with affirmations every day, as their effect is based on the cumulative effect. It should be interrupted, and you need time to get back to achieved.

 right affirmations for women

Affirmations for all women

Of course, one can work with common practice affirmation that fit any person. For example, "I have the inner strength" or "I really love yourself." They are effective and quite specific. But we all know that women have very specific needs and goals, and we can talk about specific affirmations that are right for us. These include:

  • I am strong because I am a woman;
  • I accept myself for who I am;
  • I am happy to meet and anticipation of this day, because I know that I expect a wonderful event;
  • I have a wonderful character;
  • I love your body for what it is;
  • I have the strength to change their lives;
  • With each passing day I become wiser and stronger;
  • I am a woman, and because I have a unique ability and strength;
  • I know that I can be loved;
  • I experience love every day and even every hour;
  • I have the perfect weight for me;
  • I listen to your intuition, as she often tells me the right way;
  • When it is necessary, I obscures itself from all negative energy;
  • I appreciate every breath;
  • I care about other people and give them the love that comes back to me tenfold.

Affirmations for housewives and young mothers

You know the feeling, when every day is similar to Groundhog Day, and others think if you do nothing? I congratulate you, because you - a young mother or housewife! According to statistics, it is in this category of women most of all requests to improve their own lives and the stabilization of the mental state. What affirmations will suit you and your lifestyle?

  • I love my husband and my children;
  • I enjoy socializing with my family;
  • I am a very important part of the global universal design;
  • Every day, caring for their children, I am learning to be a better mom for them;
  • Motherhood for me - a great opportunity to fulfill your potential and get the love;
  • I am in harmony with all that surrounds me;
  • I am a positive role model for their children.

 Affirmations for Women

Affirmations "careerists"

Modern woman got a chance to be not only the foundation of the family hearth, but also to work, to earn money and build a career. It's pretty cool, but many working mothers feel guilty about it. But even if you have no children, building a career and success at work may require a lot of mental strength, in this case, the affirmations will be very helpful.

  • While working, I am glad that I can provide for themselves and their children;
  • I enjoy my work;
  • My career is guaranteed by the fact that I can give my children the best of everything for them;
  • Through my work in front of my children I see a positive example of working people;
  • I can easily make a career;
  • I love to go to his work;
  • I have a wonderful boss and great colleagues;
  • I attracts the best customers who are pleased to serve;
  • My income is increasing every day;
  • I have given the beloved one hundred percent, and it is very much appreciated;
  • I like to be at my workplace;
  • I am happy of what I've got my work;

If every day you feel miserable, struggling with obstacles, suffering and experiencing emotional pain, remember - it should not be! You can and have the right to be happy. But happiness does not come to you by itself - in order to get it, you must make at least some effort and begin to take steps in the right direction. Affirmations are a wonderful beginning that will help you change your life for the better. Be bold, and the results did not wait long!

 Affirmations for women: an easy way to be happy

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 affirmations for confidence


  • What are affirmations and how they work?
  • Affirmations build confidence

When you want to make a purposeful step towards realizing their true potential, first of all you need to begin to use affirmations for confidence. It is a powerful tool that will help you achieve your goals and create a life filled with great meaning. If you have a sense of doubt in their abilities to take control of their own destiny, or even if you just want to give yourself a boost of confidence and to strengthen the creative forces affirmations to help you create the conditions necessary for positive change.

What are affirmations and how they work?

Affirmations - it positively formulated statements about itself, which you can use to help you replace some internal limitations and negative beliefs about themselves on a subconscious level. You can create affirmations for some specific to their needs, focusing on the opposite belief is holding you back, and the order of these statements in his own name and only in the present tense. That is about what you still would like to achieve, you should speak as if it was already a fait accompli.

This means that instead of talking about what you do not want (for example, "I do not feel lack of confidence"), you do focus on what you want to develop yourself ("I'm confident in myself!"). Because the subconscious mind does not recognize your true purpose, if the approval will be built in the negative, and the entire focus to concentrate on what you do not want. And the nature of our consciousness is such that the flow of energy goes there, what to focus our attention. Therefore, create the proper approval and repeating affirmations, be sure that you're talking about.

Work on an unconscious level

We always say to themselves, leading these monologues in mind. Such talk, sometimes, I must say, quite incoherent, constantly loads in our subconscious for some information, which is then processed into our impulses and motivations to this or that action. Have you ever carried out "inventory" of all the thoughts that come into your head during the day? If not, be sure to try to do it. You'll be amazed at the number of negative thoughts that generates your brain! It turns out that we, without even noticing, constantly using affirmations, but in a negative way when we think something like "I can not do this" or "I did not have enough willpower to do."

The best way to take over control of all that happens to us will be control over what we say to ourselves, replacing negative incoherent dialogue with affirmations to build confidence. These statements gradually seep into our subconscious and eventually become new internal beliefs that will nourish our identity and become the impetus for the formation of a new, more perfect and mature personality. You will consciously use positive affirmations, thereby changing not only their ideas, but also his entire life for the better. So, the more you build positive thoughts in your head, the more positive things happen in everyday reality.

How and when to say affirmations? Ideally, begin to do it better in the morning, when you are relaxed even after a night's rest and your head is free from worries. You can even pin it on the walls throughout the apartment, since the bathroom leaves with various positive affirmations and say them - aloud or to yourself - every time your mind gets to a leaf. You can purposefully spend sessions of self-hypnosis - in the morning or in the evening, sitting comfortably in a chair or on the bed, plunging into concentration pronunciation affirmations on the background of complete physical relaxation. And you can pronounce some phrase or set of phrases throughout the day.

Making changes using affirmations can be time consuming, but you can speed up the rate of penetration of positive attitudes in your subconscious if affirmations to record a disc or player, and then will listen to them through headphones at every opportunity. Even if you do not pronounce them in mind, listening to the recording of his voice, for example, during a trip on the subway or shopping at the store, useful information will still be deposited in your subconscious.

The strength of the word "I"

Psychologists say that the use of the word - whether aloud, to myself there - causes a vibration effect that frees our creative potential, so all the best qualities necessary to combine it with the word "I". Always pay close attention to what you say after the word "I"! How will you use that word now, when you know its power?

Create your own statement, using the power of "I" and combining it with positive affirmations that will help you expand your own capabilities. Here are just a few examples of affirmations for confidence and success that use vibration ability of the word "I":

  • I am the master of his own destiny
  • I'm able
  • I deserve love
  • I successfully
  • I am confident
  • I deserve abundance
  • I can imagine the value of this, what I have
  • I am beautifull

If you want to use these affirmations for confidence and to succeed, you can create variations including modifiers (such as, for example, is "very" - "I am very capable," "I am very successful") to enhance and personalize their how to better adapt to their needs.

 Affirmations for confidence

Affirmations build confidence

We will help you to start working on them and will give a list of the best affirmations by which you can reconfigure your subconscious and create a sense of confidence, which will lead you to success and achievement of the objectives. These affirmations:

  • I know that I have a good health.
  • My job / business I really like and I get through it all that I need.
  • I am prosperous, I'm healthy and happy, and I live in abundance.
  • I open the beauty, joy and harmony of the world, and I like it.
  • I always love and respect yourself.
  • I always do everything right. I am learning that I do.
  • I am sure that everything is done for my benefit.
  • I am able to forgive and understand, I have compassion and kindness toward themselves and others.
  • I open my heart to love and radiate love.
  • I deserve love, and I get it in abundance.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I am sociable.
  • I know how to please people.
  • I am calm.
  • I trust his creative gifts.
  • I admit that I can create anything I want.
  • I am open to new ideas, people and situations that will increase my success.
  • I am open to good and plenty.
  • I love to chat with strangers, and always come to him with confidence.
  • I live in the present and is confident in its future.
  • I radiate confidence and success.
  • I always attracts only the most positive and just the nicest people.
  • I always solve all problems. I focus on the solution and always find the best option.
  • I like to change and easy to adjust itself to the new situation.
  • I always see the good in others. I attract only positive people.
  • In difficult situations I always retain the courage and conviction. I always find a way out of such situations.

Choose what suits you best, add something you invented - and start working on yourself. Affirmations will affect your life in a way that you never could not imagine that this is possible!

 Why use affirmations for confidence

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