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  • How to use affirmations for success
  • 22 affirmations that really work

Why do some people always lucky, and others all goes vice versa? Certainly each of us attended a similar idea. We will reveal to you a little secret: these people believe that luck and success accompany them everywhere and always. They know what they want and achieve it. And you too can become a using affirmations for success and good luck.

How to use affirmations for success

What is the power of these affirmations? There is such a thing - positive thinking. Its essence lies in the correct perception of the world and programming yourself to achieve what you want. The universe is arranged just magical: it always gives you something that you customized. Unfortunately, most people unknowingly, program yourself up for failure rather than ask for a better. But you will not necessarily be adjacent to their number! You can use a positive attitude, which will set your mind on the right wave.

The power of affirmations is that they set the right direction for your thinking. This is a unique and very simple tool to help people change their lives for the better. In some ways they even look like a magical spell. But there are certain rules that are made affirmations:

  1. Use the words and structures in the preparation of affirmations that they cause you only positive emotions and state. You should be completely absent resisting their pronunciation. "Spells of happiness" should enthrall and motivate you to achieve success.
  2. They should be made in the first person, so be sure to include the text of the affirmations pronouns like "I", "me" me ". Only then is introduced into the formula is your personal involvement and energy.
  3. Use moment. The past is in the past and the future is unknown when will. You just have power over his present, so do not miss this chance! Instead of "I will be happy," say, "I am happy", and only then affirmations work.
  4. In some cases, when using affirmations people have a resistance. It is connected with the real obstacles to achieve your state. Simply put, the text states that the installation of something that is difficult to believe in the here and now. To get rid of this, change the formula to a sharp progressive improvement. For example, long and seriously ill woman is difficult to think, "I am healthy." But the idea that she recovers, would be appropriate and energetic.
  5. Affirmations should be short. It is not necessary to write the life-affirming installation on five lines - it's not going to work. Affirmations should include two to ten words - the only way to ensure their ease of repetition. In addition, the short formula will gain strength in your mind, do not need to waste memory resources on the processing and storage.

Below we have given you some examples of effective working and affirmations, but, most likely, you have a need to change them something to adjust by itself. No need to hold back - on the contrary, positive attitudes should be taken into account your individual features and be motivating for you.

However, little good to make affirmations - you also need to know how to apply them. Perhaps you have already tried to do so have failed, and now you visit the idea: "Yes nonsense all these affirmations! Deception and fiction for silly girls! ". Usually the case is not in the plants, and that you properly use them.

The most important secret to affirmations work - this is their repetition. You need to use them quite often and for quite a long period, so that they really could change your mind. It's like the old proverb: "Tell me a hundred times that he is a pig, and one hundred and first he zahryukaet." Sooner or later, you listen and begin to implement positive attitudes derived from the instructions. First, you will likely have to exert extra effort, but soon you get used, and affirmations will themselves float in your mind.

Another important aspect - is the belief that affirmations work. Of course, do not expect from you instant confidence in their miraculous power. However, the use of the type of "yes I'm still here nonsense toil" of no benefit. Sarcasm and irony are not very relevant in positive thinking - at least in the early stages of practice.

Be moderate in the use of affirmations. Some people believe that the more the better, and begin to take on directly behind the set of settings, for example, just by reading them. This needs to be done - it is better concentrate on one or two of the most beloved and use them for a couple of months and then move on.

Blurts affirmations only in a good mood and with a positive attitude. This is very important! Pleasant emotions put its energy into the work of "magic" formulas. Well, if the good mood you happen infrequently, then you learn to enjoy yourself and lift the spirit. You can also work with affirmations at rest, for example, using techniques of meditation and relaxation. The state of trance gives you quick access to your subconscious mind, and the power of positive attitudes increases several times.

In order to get a good result, it is necessary to work with affirmations daily. Only regular classes will provide you with success, so do not look for excuses and put off such an important matter. You must pronounce affirmations at least three hundred times a day, preferably more. Clearly, it is better to break the occupation of several approaches - morning and evening, for example. And be sure to concentrate on them, otherwise the effect will be miserable. You can enhance the action of music or visualization systems, which are connected with you uttered affirmations.

 correct affirmations of success

22 affirmations that really work

The Internet is full of articles that lists a variety of positive attitudes and affirmations. However, there is a question about their quality and efficiency, because you do not know if anyone tried to use it in their lives and that it gave him. Especially for you we have prepared a list consisting of proven and reliable affirmations. They offered Laura Silva and other talented and successful people as a positive attitude, ability to bring happiness into your life. What are affirmations of success you can use every day?

  • Success - is the only possible result of my actions;
  • Where I am, there is luck;
  • I transforms all its possibilities of success;
  • Today, my ability and determination - is the key to success;
  • I rejoice with all my accomplishments, and they come again and again;
  • I am a winner;
  • I create my own success;
  • I believe that I will succeed;
  • My decisive actions and my thoughts talented necessarily lead me to success;
  • Here and now I create for myself lucky ticket;
  • I like to be successful and I do everything to go through it again and again;
  • I imitate really successful people, and my luck is multiplied;
  • Today I will overcome all obstacles on the way to a successful day;
  • Success permeates every cell of my body;
  • I am worthy of success and good luck;
  • I thank the universe for all my present and future success;
  • Each success leads me to a new success;
  • With each passing day, my life is getting better and better;
  • Everything that I touch turns into a success;
  • Any initiative completed my success and achievements;
  • I choose to move forward towards agreed goals;
  • Every minute I'm creating a wonderful new reality for themselves;

Many successful people have realized and are actively using weapons such as affirmations. Following their example, you can achieve all your goals and reprogram your thinking in the right direction. It remained for the small - to make the first step and begin to apply this technique every day. Who knows, perhaps that is what separates you from your personal success?

 Affirmations for success: the secrets of attraction of luck

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 positive thinking


  • What is positive thinking?
  • The principles of positive thinking
  • Development at positive thinking
  • How do we limit ourselves?

How much do you know about what is positive thinking? Almost everyone something about it heard, but never seen and did not personally familiar. A pity, because positive thinking has enormous potential, and if someone does not use them, it deprives itself of the heap of life benefits. Do you want to be happy and achieve their goals? Then the power of positive thinking at your service!

What is positive thinking?

Do you think the world around you - it is what? Good or bad? In fact, both thought to be correct, as in the example with a glass half-filled: we can say that it is half empty, but you can - that is half full. The world is different, and that which side he turns to you depends entirely on you. Therein lies the power of positive thinking. But what is its essence?

If you dig a little deeper, positive thinking - a special relationship to itself, to life, to a past event, and those who have yet to happen. Using different methods and psychological techniques, you will be able to tune in and improve their quality of life. And she starts to change for the better if itself!

What things includes positive thinking? First of all, it manifests itself in anticipation of a pleasant and good things of life: health, joy, happiness, and successful completion of all the situations that occur to you. You just respect yourself and believe in their own strength and capabilities. However, the simple faith is sometimes enough - need activity. And it manifests itself in search of opportunities, solutions and inspiration. All of this can be called creative thinking.

Choosing positive thinking, you choose happiness for themselves and their families. Such a person usually knows what he wants and how he can do it. He understands that everyone on the way there are setbacks and obstacles, and sees them as a gift of fate, which helps grow and become stronger. Positive thinking can help you quickly and easily achieve success in all your endeavors. He fills you with energy and brings happiness - in contrast to the negative. Positive thinking gives you a huge internal resources and control over themselves and their lives. You inspire and motivate yourself and loved ones to conquer new horizons. People begin to feel respect for you, and the difficulties go. Simply put, life begins to smile at you.

 power of positive thinking

The principles of positive thinking

You have probably realized that positive thinking - is the key to happiness and longevity. However, what is its essence? The principles - the magical language that magically (apparently, the power of thought!) Change your life for the better and bring you happiness. What are the principles of positive thinking are capable of it?

  1. The most important thing in the universe - it is love. That's it in all its forms and creates our world: love for oneself and for others, love for his work and to rest. Look closely and you'll see that it really is everywhere. For example, why do people go to work by doctors with a small salary? Because they really want to help others, and that they were healthy. Almost every man choosing between making another good or bad, will choose the first, and that is love. This is the basis of positive thinking.
  2. The universe is infinitely abundant, and resources will be enough for everyone. Establish itself in this thought, because it was she who is given to us with great difficulty. And it is no coincidence, because from childhood we pursue the thoughts and ideas of limited resources, such as a small amount of budget places in the institute or a cake that you want to share with other children.
  3. Each of us is a magician, able to do themselves and their lives. The power of this idea is truly immeasurable! Of course, you may ask, "But what about those people who live in poverty and misery? ". And here, again, positive thinking works, but with a negative sign: the universe just takes their wishes and ideas, such as "I am unworthy of all this" or "I'll never be happy."
  4. We need to love yourself in this world. This is how our consciousness, that if in our minds there are thoughts of worthlessness, the idea carries over to everything. The world immediately begins to appear before us in black, and it never seems to positive thinking.
  5. The ratio of the universe to man is directly connected with man's relation to it. You've probably noticed that if you sympathize with someone, he says the same to you? The same thing is happening with the world. He feels and perceives your relationship. If you are friendly, it helps you if angry and scold him - he turns away from you. But the latter so unpleasant! Positive thinking resembles an investment: you invest in the world of his good attitude and get their benefits from this.
  6. The universe holds. It sounds shocking, does not it? In a world of constantly going on a lot of things that seem to us horrible, disgusting and unfair. But at the same time, we should not forget that we are ignorant of the supreme idea, and everything that happens in the world, for some reason, someone needs. Each of us has unlimited possibilities for the realization of all his expectations. And if he prefers to create for itself a problem, it is his right, but do not blame the world at the same time. The situation in which you are, you are worthy, and that your thoughts and actions created it.
  7. The universe is admirable. It so happens that all the good that happens to us in life we ​​take for granted, and the poor get offended and angry, saying to myself, "Yes, this world is disgusting! ". But this is fundamentally wrong position! We must rejoice in the world here and now, and not when he will give you what you want: an apartment, a car or a loving husband. It's positive thinking, not trade in the market!
  8. Focus on the positive aspects of life. Of course, much easier to slip into depression and to celebrate all the bad that surrounds us. But this is nothing, but to get rid of the shock when confronted with it. It is much more correct to focus on the good, and to develop it in yourself and around. Do not savor the negative and think about how you will be fine when you get rid of it. Simply put, to always see the glass half full rather than empty - this is a positive way of thinking.

 positive thinking the power of thought

Development at positive thinking

It's all very well, but how to realize the above wonderful thought? Of course, using simple machinery positive thinking. You can use them every day in their everyday life and enjoy the results.

First of all positive thinking is to allow into their lives only good and useful feeling: joy, power, success. Ignore the negative thoughts and replace them with notions of happiness. In this respect, it is very useful to reduce the time to watch the news and important documents, as well as communication with the dull and negative people.

Make sure that as you build your speech. Talking to himself, try to use only the words that carry a positive charge, "can", "I can do it", "I can", etc. ... To illustrate his speech Pick up the positive and joyful images that you associate with happiness and achievements. Include in a conversation such definitions, which have a positive meaning "beautiful," "intelligent," joy "," cheerful "," bright ".

Do not be lazy to use a visualization technique. Before you engage in any case, clearly and in detail, imagine the final positive result. But it is important to do it is not "for show" and really believe in what you see and charging this energy. Identify yourself with successful and pleasant people, and do not notice their good fortune will go to you.

Remember the sources of inspiration. Positive thinking somewhere must be powered. Look good and good filmy.Prochityvayte at least one inspirational book a week. Exercise and a walk in the fresh air. Travel and sports. In short, release themselves and their emotional outbursts and let yourself be filled with joy and complacency. And, of course, try to find as many reasons to smile.

How do we limit ourselves?

There are lots of tricks and ways in which we limit positive thinking and do not give him to turn in all their glory. They seem small and insignificant compared to everything that we do, however, is known to consist of little things big things. Let's try to analyze the typical errors of modern man, who did not allow him to use positive thinking to the "full speed":

  • The tendency to generalize. Habit, which was originally a useful person and contributed to the development of his thought, some people gets exaggerated form, as a result they begin to pull one size fits all. A typical example of this tendency is a saying: "All men - the bastards." Therefore, the use of the words "all", "always", "nobody", "never" and the like are rarely appropriate and useful for you.
  • Wrong word. Sometimes we think about some things in a completely negative terms. For example, a mother can not punish a child who has committed an offense. However, if you replace the word "punish" to "teach that you can not do," the promise of completely changing. The same applies to love the word "problem" - try to use it as little as possible, substituting more positive synonyms.
  • Disguised as a positive negative statements. Well this feature illustrates the common phrase, "You look great today." Women tend to take offense at it - and rightly! That is, yesterday I looked bad, but today - right? Or another example: "We need you healthy. Hurry Get Well ". That is sick, I do not need you? Somehow it is very unpleasant.

All these things are great to impede the development of positive thinking. However, you can get rid of the harmful effects, transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. To do this you have to put into question the usual ideas, such as the one which says that the world is unfair. Agree, it is much easier to get rid of what you are in doubt, rather than on what you seem immutable. And do not forget to fill the void of ideas that embody positive thinking.

To live in harmony with oneself and the world is not so difficult. Positive thinking can use each, and if you do it does not work, this may be two reasons: either you have a few tools, or you are too accustomed to using inefficient model. However, you no longer have barriers, because this article is all that you need. Use positive thinking and be happy!

 Positive thinking - your key to happiness and longevity

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