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Affirmations - it's just any claims on a particular topic, formulated by us consciously or unconsciously spoken. Sometimes we say, see, for example, that the burger was burnt almost with a frying pan, "Oh, what a nightmare! "And at the same time experiencing a terrible disappointment and reluctance to tear off from the patty pans and then clean the pan itself. And we can purposefully change their attitude to the situation and say, "What nonsense! Five minutes - and as though nothing had happened! Just something and cases! "

And what's interesting: the nature of the phrase we often say (positive or negative) of the same character, our attitude and behavior is decisive for us. If we make positive statements and repeat them again and again, they will affect our lives positively. And if you prefer the negative statements, that, accordingly, in real life we ​​are not all going well. Given this pattern, psychologists around the world recommend the use of conscious affirmations every day. Such affirmations - like drops of water falling on a rock. If only a few drops will, they will not make any difference to the rocks; but if they methodically, day after day will drip and drip, then over time protochat and stone.

 correct affirmations every day

How do affirmations every day

We go through life guided by their beliefs. For example, we know that touching something hot lead to burn, so never touch with bare hands, for example, iron. But young children a belief system has not yet formed. Consequently, they do not know what is the difference between the hot and warm, and, left unattended, certain to grab a hot little hands of.

Once they get to experience the pain of burns, never no longer repeat the same action. An alternative to this sad and totally undesirable experience could be repeated explanation of parents that do not touch to hot, because it is very bad and because it would "bo-bo." And negative experiences and explanations of parents in children form a belief system, which then become the basis of their identity.

All our beliefs are stored in the subconscious. So if you find that you have, for example, did not get to make a lot of money, or the money you will immediately spend, and can not keep them in their hands, it is quite possible that in your subconscious nest such beliefs as " I do not deserve to thrive "or" money - it's bad, it's bad. " To change our beliefs, and with them our lives, we must act on the subconscious level.

Our subconscious mind is like a computer. It takes input, processes it and outputs a corresponding inducing impulses. And the subconscious mind does not analyze the information and do not know the difference between good and bad. You've probably heard the expression, regarding the computer: "Nonsense at the input - output nonsense"? That is why our mothers once so insistently advised us to avoid bad company and hobnob with just a good girl! In good company, you will hear only good and positive thoughts, you will see that the only correct actions are performed. Constantly rotating in a circle, you soak it all in your subconscious mind and your thoughts and actions, in turn, also become good and positive.

Thus, in order to change their beliefs and create a new reality for yourself, you have every day literally "bombarding" their subconscious thoughts about his desire. At the same time, these ideas must be formulated correctly, otherwise you can not get the results, which were expecting. Consequently, there are certain dos and don'ts that must be followed, optimally using affirmations every day. These taboos and rules are listed below:

  • Using the present

    Do not use the future tense. If you say, "I will be rich" - then your wealth will remain in the future! The subconscious just takes a message that he is asked to do. Therefore it is necessary to say: "I am rich" or "I'm ready to prosperity." According to some psychologists, it is very useful to use the word "choose" to be rich because then it becomes your choice ("I choose prosperity", for example). Maybe they are right; In any case, it is difficult not to agree that our present life is the result of choices that we have made in the past.

  • The need to be positive

    Work on the desired result only positive statements. If you say to yourself: "I'm not fat! "- In the subconscious of" no "is ignored, because the main focus is on the word" fat ", and in the end it turns out that you told herself:" I am fat! "The subconscious mind will be focused on the fact that both can be securely stored and even increase your weight. Therefore correct to say: "I keep perfect shape", "Every day I lose weight" or "My body every minute burn unwanted fat."

  • Affirmations can be spoken or write

    If we pronounces them in mind, or (preferably!) Aloud, then to say they must be firmly and confidently. It is advisable to say a few affirmations throughout the day, or you can repeat them in the morning and evening, only if at least twenty times in the beginning of the day and the same evening. Another great way to - to write affirmations at least fifteen times a day. And he and the other way to have a fairly rapid impact on the subconscious. There is another technique - mirror. You must stand before a mirror and looking at herself in the eye vigorously repeating affirmations. Looking at myself in the eye, you can quickly connect to your subconscious. Only this should be done on a regular basis, then the effect will be very strong.

  • Repeat. In order to achieve significant changes in his life, repeating affirmations necessary daily (not for nothing that they are called - "affirmations every day"), and several times a day - as long as you do not notice that your statements have became a reality. If you do this just a few days, the expected result, you will not see.

In support of the latter rules, we want to tell the story of the two guys - an intelligent and an Egghead. This story illustrates the importance of repetition of affirmations on a regular basis.

Two guys decided to train the muscles to build the beauty of their bodies. Their coach told them to do special exercises for one hour a day, five days a week for one year. The first guy immediately started exercising for an hour (and sometimes more) every day, as well as advise the head of the sports section. And did he have to say smart.

And second, nerd, did some calculations. It certainly did not want him to wait a whole year until he poured muscle strength, and the body will be beautiful! He estimated: five days for an hour a day is five hours a week. In the year fifty-two weeks. This means - and fifty-two times for five hours, that is, two hundred and sixty hours. If you engage in eight hours a day, the annual "norm" can be done in thirty-two and a half days. Thus, he decided nerd, I work out a shock for eight hours, and after a year, and only a little more than a month I'll be strong and beautiful!

Do you think it has anything happened? No, of course, because the muscles can not be formed so quickly. Moreover, the habit he overtired, which experienced a strong aversion to the sport in general and threw it. And with envy looking at smart guy, who, though not yet a few months later the way aspired to be, but much prettier.

The same applies to the daily affirmations. It is very important the word "daily". Only when you train your brain, every day thinking a certain way, and so every day, over a period of time, your mind will get used to perceive what you say as your own setup. Your subconscious mind will start to change your behavior to conform to new thinking. And then the positive changes will take effect in your life!

At the same time we need to understand that we humans beings are not sinless. It may happen is that some days we do not find the time, energy or desire to speak the affirmations. It's not terrible, but the next day it will be necessary to begin to say our affirmations with renewed vigor and energy. Just because of the fact that we missed one or more days, do not stop at all. "Restart" will be the key to our success. Think about it: when the baby just learning to walk, as he falls again and again. But he does not stop his efforts! He goes again and again, until one day make his first confident step. The same should be our attitude to work on your subconscious, or rather it would say - to work on their lives.

 useful affirmations every day

Daily Affirmations

We'll give you a few affirmations that can successfully "work" in your favor:

  • Every day, my life has improved in all respects.
  • All the forces of nature and the universe together to fulfill my wishes.
  • Every breath that I do, fills my body health and beauty.
  • Success - my second nature, I choose to success in any activity.
  • I am grateful for all that get in your life, and what else I get.
  • I effectively control their thoughts.
  • I always get what I want.
  • I'm rich, successful, healthy and happy.
  • I let go of the baggage of the past and focus only on the present.
  • I let go of the need to obtain approval from others, I am always pleased with myself.
  • I have always and everywhere the best.
  • I'm perfectly healthy mind, body and soul.
  • I take responsibility for my life, so I'm able to have such a life as I myself want.
  • My life is full of joy and happiness, I radiate joy and happiness.
  • I deserve and get good from the world and give itself good in the world.
  • The more I give, the more I get.
  • I understand that the universe is infinite, and I am open to receive all the blessings that I designed.
  • I am a loving and caring person, and I was surrounded by loving and caring people.
  • I love, respect and accept myself for who I am.

Work on yourself, of your life, and always be happy!

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