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Cellulite, which appears on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen - is a problem that haunts almost all girls. Many people believe that cellulite is formed solely due to excess weight. Immediately it is to say that this view is mistaken. Naturally, poor, poor diet also contributes to the formation of cellulite, but its manifestations can also contribute to an unfavorable environment, and various diseases, and hormonal disruptions.

Today we talk about how you can get rid of the "orange peel" using anti-cellulite vacuum massage - one of the most effective and simple methods. But before you begin a story about this kind of massage, we would like to say a few words about the female physiology.

Connective tissue disposed between subcutaneous fat (adipose tissue) and the upper layer of skin, called epidermis. It is the connective tissue and is responsible for smartness, flexibility and overall condition and appearance of skin. Men are slightly more fortunate than us - even with age the quality of connective tissue have not changed, but that's about the girls do not say - from year to year lost strength and elasticity of the fibers.

However, it is justified, because in nature nothing is simply this: if the fabric has not been changed, the women would not have to bear and give birth to children. But what can be done to the appearance of cellulite and swelling are not made themselves felt? Help comes massage! It's time to discuss how to do it properly.

Features anti-cellulite massage

It is not necessary to say once again that massage is one of those physical treatments, the effectiveness and value of which has been proven many times over the centuries. It is true that this massage is to trust much more than expensive methods, among which are called LPG, or hardware massage, which helps not all. Naturally, we should not deny the possibilities of professional beauty, but not everyone can afford it. With the right approach is the use of a home massage is no less visible.

Massage affects all the complex processes taking place in the body: stimulates circulation, warms up the body - that the complex allows you to burn excess fat accumulation. This kind of passive gymnastics and will have a restorative effect on muscle mass. Especially useful it is for those people whose lifestyle can not be considered active. Massage is combined with daily physical exercise and beauty treatments.

If you do daily anti-cellulite massage, working on problem areas, you accelerate the process of detoxification, cleansing tissues. In addition, the activity will be activated lymphatic system. Experts recommend to carry out self-massage after exercise to enhance its effect.

 Vacuum cellulite massage

Vacuum massage against cellulite

Before the procedure, anti-cellulite massage vacuum prepare your body to perform daily manual massage. For the meeting, you can use rollers, brushes or special massage glove. Start massaging the body with a calf gently stretching the leg from the bottom up, in the direction of lymph flow. Incidentally, the hands are massaged in the same manner. And in any case, do not put pressure on the skin much in those places where there is even a faint manifestation of varicose veins. This massage should be done in the morning and evening, every day.

Vacuum massage clinic

Of course, if you spend a massage clinic, its effectiveness will be a little higher, because the expert is better versed in what areas of the body need more elaboration. The equipment allows you to adjust the pressure and the intensity of the performance - all these parameters are set according to the sensitivity of your skin. Hardware massage - is carefully and accurately rolling the skin in different directions.

Massage is carried out according to the principles of acupuncture, according to which the surface of the body is divided into separate zones. The vacuum that formed in the process of massage affects all active points, helping the local recovery and strengthens the body and relieves fatigue.

Home Vacuum massage banks

You can do vacuum massage at home, using a simple jar. It is important to know that this procedure should be done very carefully and gently. You will need to purchase multiple polymer-glass or silicone cans that are sold today in almost every pharmacy. In addition, you will need anti-cellulite cream and a bit of warming essential oils. Effectively fights cellulite orange and grapefruit oil.

Vacuum massage of cellulite with the help of cans held as follows: attach themselves to the problem areas the banks so that there is a significant tension. After that, the bank moved in slow circles. In the course of such an impact is mechanically broken all the fat cells.

However, banks are very easy to overdo, and the massage itself gives quite painful. Sometimes the skin can leave bruises vivid proof - is evidence of the procedure properly. And therefore absolutely necessary to monitor the performance of precision and accuracy of movement. Visit your doctor and he will show exactly how to do cupping massage. Do not forget to follow its recommendations!

Honey cellulite vacuum massage

Honey vacuum massage - a nice way to deal with cellulite. You will need lime or buckwheat honey, as well as the bank for the massage. First of all, take a bath to steam the skin. Take the honey and start slow, circular movements rub it into the skin on problem areas. Now take the jar and gently pressing it to the body, massage the skin. Sometimes, tear off the bank from the body, and then press it again to the skin and continue to massage.

Observe the regularity and carry out the procedure twice a week. The general course of the treatment - two months. To enhance the effect, use a good massage and anti-cellulite gels or creams. Adjust intensity, ignoring the peculiarities of their own skin. Needless to hard massage can damage it, and on the skin remain visible bruises.

It happens that the skin is sucked into a jar. In this case, press it tightly to the body and skin of a finger push into the banks, then it quickly prisosetsya.

 vacuum massage cellulite

This vacuum massage is contraindicated

As with any procedure, vacuum massage has some contraindications because of its intensity. Massage is contraindicated in the presence of diseases of internal organs and defects of the skin in problem areas. This includes kidney stones and gallstones, thrombosis and tumors of various kinds.

Vacuum massage against cellulite is forbidden to do to those who suffer from diseases of the blood and pronounced varicose veins. With increased sensitivity of the skin to do massage is not recommended. Please note: in the course of this anti-cellulite treatment is not necessary to massage the popliteal fossa, and the inside of the thighs, chest and abdomen.

Wraps against cellulite

Action vacuum massage perfectly complement wraps that today there are many varieties. Wrapping effectively that even a single session, you can get rid of a pair of centimeters in the hips and waist. Usually, this effect is achieved due to the abundant outflow of excess fluid from the tissue. All beauticians recommend to include this procedure in a program of anti-cellulite care.

The easiest option wraps - a wrap with a warming anti-cellulite cream. To do so it is necessary to: apply the cream on clean skin, rub well and distribute it. Now, using the plastic wrap, wrap the hips and waist. To enhance the effect, lie in bed and cover with a woolen blanket - you will begin to actively sweating. However, excess liquid will come out all hazardous substances and wastes. The effect of the wrap is similar to the effect of the Russian bath or sauna.

To make homemade wraps, you can use a variety of products, such as honey, combined with mustard powder, a combination of coffee and massage cream (hope you know that caffeine is actively breaks down fat). Often used the pulp of vegetables or fruits, herbs, mummy - all this has a positive effect on the shape and condition of the skin. Experts advise to carry out procedure before wrapping massage.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massage - this is what will allow you to keep your figure in excellent condition. However, do not forget that it will help you only if you play sports every day (even if it is the usual warm-up), periodically go to run and, of course, to eat. By acting on the body in a complex, very soon you will notice a pleasant change in their appearance. You can be proud of not only the perfect forms, but also their commitment and perseverance.

 Advantages and disadvantages of anti-cellulite vacuum massage