adoption of a child databank of photos

Children - this is the greatest happiness, which can only be in one's life. But, unfortunately, sometimes at the couples, for whatever reasons, it is impossible to give birth to her own baby. Some couples continue costly treatments for years and attempts to have a baby, others resign themselves to this state of affairs and for all humble themselves, and part with the hope of becoming the father and mother.

However, there is a third way out of this difficult situation. This, of course, the adoption of a child. Adopting a child from the home of the baby - it's a real opportunity for childless couples experience the joy of being parents. What should be done first couples who decide to adopt a child? You should not recklessly cling to this idea - for example, the adoption of a child from the hospital is often hasty and ill-considered. Carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and enlist the support of all members of your family - it will help to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels in the future.

If a unanimous positive decision, you just need to find "their" baby, as well as to learn the requirements for adopting a child. If you take that important step, as the adoption of a child databank of photos will help you to make your choice. Database children for adoption contains complete information about all the kiddies.

Next, prospective parents must submit an application for the issuance of conclusions about the possibility of being adoptive parents. The application is made to the guardianship and trusteeship at the place of residence of the parents. Together with the application you need to prepare and attach a number of documents. Here's what you need for the adoption of a child:

  • Brief autobiography, written in any form.
  • A certificate of employment of both parents. The certificate must indicate their posts and salaries. Take this certificate must be in the accounts of the enterprise LLP, where working parents.
  • The bank must be able to take the statement of the financial account, if available at the contenders for the adoption of a child.
  • Extract from the house and the documents confirming the ownership of the dwelling.
  • Help from the law enforcement agencies that have applicants for adoption no convictions for offenses against human life or health.
  • The medical report on the health of persons applying to adopt a child. The medical report should be issued by a municipal or public health - care institution.
  • A notarized copy of marriage certificate.

Remember that when you contact the guardianship authorities have asked to present a passport or other identity document, provided by legal acts of the Russian Federation. Be sure to keep them to yourself, and do not forget about the need to make copies of these documents and to assure them of a notary. They also explain to you the procedure for adoption of a child.

To future parents had given an opinion on the possibility or impossibility to be adoptive parents of the child, the representatives of the guardianship authorities must draw up a statement survey of living conditions and lifestyle of the applicants. To this end, representatives of the guardianship authorities must leave the place of residence of the applicant.

After consideration of the application and documentation packages listed above, and after drawing up the survey of living conditions of the applicants, the guardianship authorities are obliged to 15 days to make a decision about the possibility or impossibility of being adoptive child. The decision must be in writing and handed out to applicants. The statement subsequently serve as the basis for inclusion of the applicants on the list of candidates.

In the event that the guardianship authorities had taken a negative decision and imposed the refusal to make the applicants base prospective adoptive parents, the guardianship authorities must, within five days notify the applicant and give him a written refusal to justify its negative decision. Together with the decision of the applicant should be returned to all the documents are handed over to them earlier and explained the procedure to appeal the decision.

Selection of a child for adoption

In the same case, if the guardianship authorities have given their approval and have you on the list of prospective adoptive parents, the applicants provided, the database of children for adoption, and all information about these children and give direction to visit the selected child's place of residence .

In that case, if the prospective adoptive parents are not finding the ideal baby at their place of residence, they have the right to appeal to the guardianship authorities of neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. There they will also be given a list of children waiting queue up for adoption, and all the necessary information about them. In order to appeal to other bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, prospective parents do not need to take any special directions.

To the parents were able to get the information they need about any - any kid who is subject to adoption prospective parents must write a statement to the guardianship authorities of the place of residence crumbs, enclosing a copy of the conclusions about the possibility of being adoptive parents.

If you want to get information about children left without parental care and for adoption of the federal database, you need to present your passport and the following documents for the adoption of a child:

  • The statement, written in any form, in which you must specify their desire to take the child to grow up in a family.
  • Fill in the form of standard pattern for a citizen who wants to adopt a child. This questionnaire contains information on the name, surname and patronymic of the applicant's place of birth, marital status, citizenship, contact phone numbers.
  • If the adoption is made by a foreign national, he is also required to submit an opinion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent.

Ask more accurately, whether it is the entire list of documents for the adoption of a child.

Statement of the candidate has applied for adoptive parents must be considered within 10 working days. In the event that for some - any reason documents do not meet the requirements, or else for what - ever reason, the applicant will be denied, the operator must return to the applicant all the documents and written reasons for its refusal and the procedure for appealing the decision.

And in that case, if the application is considered and issued a positive verdict, applicants will be given a full list of children waiting for adoption, as well as detailed information on the crumbs that are interested in the potential parents.

After the adoptive parents find information about all the kiddies and will be able to make a preliminary selection of the operator has to issue direction adoptive parents to visit the selected baby.

The issued direction is really to visit only one child and only for 10 days. However, if the applicant has a good reason, for example, such as a trip or illness, upon presentation of a document confirming this fact, the period of validity may be extended direction. Once the prospective adoptive parents visited his chosen child, he shall in writing notify the guardianship authorities about the results of a visit to the child and his decision.

The applicants before taking a decision on adoption, are entitled to:

  • Get a complete and objective information on whether any of the selected baby - or relatives - brothers, sisters, grandmothers, and to know about their whereabouts.
  • Visit any independent municipal or state medical - prophylactic establishments for medical examination of his chosen child. However, we must remember that this survey will be carried out in the presence of medical personnel of the institution, which is currently at the selected child.

Do not forget that in addition to the rights from the adopter, there is also a number of responsibilities. The first thing you need to do prospective parents, is to get to know their future baby and try as quickly as possible to establish contact with him. Good contact with the crumbs is a very important step to success. Preparing a child for adoption in the first place lies in establishing contact with the adoptive parents. After all, during the trial the fact of having a good emotional contact is a big plus in the direction of a positive decision about the adoption.

Also, adoptive parents should not neglect the careful study of all the information relating to the child. This measure will help in the future to avoid many difficulties, for example, when suddenly announced the child's grandmother or his mother. Of course, the presence of living relatives have chosen crumbs - that is no reason to abandon the adoption, but awareness - your peace of mind.

You also need to carefully read the medical report on the health of the crumbs. The fact that you're familiar with it, you must confirm in writing. Even if you do not fundamentally health of crumbs, and can not influence your decision, be sure to take note of this information, because taking care of the baby's health after the adoption lies exactly on your shoulders. You should know what you need to be ready.

In the same case, if you selected a pipsqueak for some reason does not suit you, you must notify the guardianship authorities. Bodies of the guardianship and custody, in its turn, should give prospective adoptive parents to visit another area of ​​his choice remains. In the same case, if the adoptive parents are not able to find suitable for their crumbs, they have the right to apply to the guardianship authorities with the request to continue the search of crumbs.

The guardianship authorities must take the candidates to adopt a written statement and put it on hold. The representative of the guardianship authorities must at least once a month in writing to inform the adoptive parents, waiting for a baby, the emergence of new forms of kids waiting for adoption. Or, alternatively, their absence.

Upon receipt of such notice of the guardianship authorities, the adopter must, within 15 days is entitled to know questionnaires crumbs for adoption. If for some - any reason not to get acquainted with the questionnaire in a timely manner, he must put in writing notify the guardianship authority, enclosing documents confirming this fact - a hospital or travel sheet, and so on. D.

In the same case, if the applicant twice in a row, after receiving notice of the guardianship authorities, is not to introduce a new questionnaires child without a good reason, the search for his child may be temporarily suspended. And it can be resumed only after obtaining guardianship authorities an appropriate application by the candidate for adoptive parents.

Also, a citizen applying for adoption of a child shall notify the guardianship authorities about:

  • Taking a decision on the adoption of the selected crumbs and filing a court action for adoption.
  • If the applicant has changed his mind, he had written to refuse further search of the child and the availability of information about it in the database adopters.

The judicial review of the case of adoption

 adoption of a child from home baby

The procedure for adoption of a child is quite simple. The process of adoption takes place during the proceedings in the manner prescribed by the civil procedure legislation of the Russian Federation. In order to adopt the chosen crumbs, you will need to submit a standard application to the court, located in the residence of the child.

The feed adopters application must specify the following facts:

  • Name, surname and patronymic of the applicants, and the address of their residence and address of the actual residence, if they are different.
  • First name, last name, first name and date of birth of the adopted child, the address of his location at the time of application.
  • If there is a single woman to adopt a child - you must specify the motivation.
  • For complete information about the presence of the child's close relatives - parents, brothers, sisters.
  • The reasons for the adoptive parents to decide on the adoption of this particular crumbs.
  • The statement also said to be a request to change the names of the adoptive parents to name the child, and in addition, all the information recorded in his birth certificate.
  • Written notice that the applicant had known the conditions of adoption of a child.
  • If an adoption of Russian children by foreign citizens, you must specify the applicant's residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The application to adopt a child, filed a lawsuit, you must also attach the following documents:

  • If the adopter is not married - a copy of his birth certificate.
  • If the applicant has previously been married, you must attach a copy of the certificate of divorce.
  • If the applicant is married - is applied to the application a copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Conclusion Medical Examination of the health of adoptive parents.
  • Letter from the employer of the applicants which must be taken in the accounting of the enterprise.
  • Documents confirming the ownership of the dwelling.
  • Conclusion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent, issued by the guardianship authorities.
  • Conclusion for registration in the database adopters.

Remember that all the documents necessary for the adoption of a child, the court must be submitted in two copies, certified by a notary. The above is all that is necessary for the adoption of a child.

Following the submission of all required documents to the court, the lawsuit adoptive parents will be considered in a closed court session. At the trial necessarily present:

  • The representative of the guardianship authorities.
  • Prosecutor.
  • The child if he has reached 14 years of age.

The Court, after considering all the materials of the case, make a decision to approve or refuse the adoption of a child. In that case the decision will be positive, you will be issued at the hands of the court decision on adoption of the child. This judgment provides a reasonable basis for making changes in the records of the birth certificate.

After the decision on adoption is necessary to make the state registration of adoption. The basis for the adoption of such registration in the registry offices is also the court decision comes into its force on the expiration of ten days after the decision. In the event that the applicant for some - any reason not written an application for registration of adoption agencies registrar will register it only on the basis of a court decision. And it is only the court has such a decision, as the abolition of child adoption.

The civil registry will be made details such as:

  • Last name, first name and patronymic of the child, which he wore until his adoption.
  • Last name, first name and patronymic of the child, they received after the adoption.
  • Passport data adoptive child - the surname, first name, age and residence.
  • The record number of the act of birth and the date of its publication.
  • All the details of the court decision on adoption of a child.

Payments at the adoption of a child

Cash payments in the adoption of a child are the same as the birth of his own:

  • Maternity leave. It is paid in the event that an adopted child is under three months of age. It is paid based on the certificate of registry office at the place of work of the mother.
  • The lump sum paid by the state when sending crumbs in foster care. To date, its size of about 8, 000 p.
  • If a child under the age of eighteen, the mother is paid a monthly benefit when a child is adopted, as long as he turns a half years.
  • In addition, in the case if the adoptive parents already have a child, or are they just adopted two children, they are entitled to receive maternity capital. To do this, parents must apply to the pension insurance fund of residence.

In some regions in the adoption of a child are additional benefits. For more information, parents should contact the local Social Security.
Of course, the adoption of a child - a process very responsible and long enough.