Acute bronchitis: treatment, symptoms, classification

What is acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis - a diffuse inflammation of the mucous membrane or even the entire wall of the bronchi. The main factors causing the disease are infectious agents, which include viruses, bacteria, and combinations thereof, physical effects, such as hypothermia, inhalation of large amounts of dust, chemical agents (vapors corrosive substances). There will also be wrong to ignore the predisposing factors of acute bronchitis, which include smoking, work in hazardous environments, and some heart disease and the presence of foci of infection, which are located directly in the nasopharynx, oral cavity and tonsils.


Acute bronchitis, the treatment of which should pick up the doctor-pulmonologist, can rightly be called unpleasant, and sometimes even dangerous disease. If a person has a disease such as acute bronchitis, symptoms of this disease include: anxiety and a burning sensation in the chest, dry cough, weakness, and sometimes a feeling of "weakness", fever, pain in the lower chest and abdomen. These bodies are directly connected with the strongest muscle tension that occurs when you cough.
Dangerous disease - acute bronchitis in children, treatment and classification of which is shown below. Bronchitis are acute (simple bronchitis), more severe obstructive bronchitis in children whose treatment is lengthy, difficult to treat obliterans, bronchiolitis and recurrent bronchitis.

Acute bronchitis - treatment

Acute bronchitis in children may occur in different forms. Among them are mild, moderate and severe. Good to treat acute bronchitis in children, the treatment of which is as follows.
To begin with the patient mode is set. Mode on the background of acute manifestations of respiratory viral infections polupostelny appointed, then - home. The patient must ensure excessive drinking. Liquids, drunk with bronchitis patients should be so much that it exceeded twice daily age need. The liquid can be consumed 3-4 cups of broth sweatshops herbs such as sage, mint, lime color, elder honey.
When it provokes acute bronchitis, which is a classification of diverse, well-proven tea with raspberry fruit dry or frozen - no difference, except for the jam. Some days you need to starve at this time are allowed to use only orange juice and water. Further, in order to simplify the separation of thick mucus is desirable to drink warm water or warmed milk. You can also use inside the onion juice, it is an excellent expectorant.

In a balanced diet, the patient should gradually translate .  The patient should be put on a diet .  The diet should be lacto-vegetarian, which excludes the use of extractive dishes also need to reduce the intake of allergenic foods .  Patients received antiviral therapy - namely, the intranasal administration of the drug is used in aerosols or interferon 5 drops 4-6 times a day .  If patients have acute symptoms of SARS, he administered immunoglobulin and ribavirin within 3-5 days .  Note that in the treatment of a person who has acute bronchitis, antibiotics are not included .  In other words, not shown antibiotics in acute bronchitis .  In acute bronchitis will be useful to use aerosol soda or soda-salt inhalations .  Also very useful is the use of expectorants .  These include marshmallow, and iodine-alkaline medicine, medicines' Mucosolvan "," Bromhexine "and others .  Recommended postural drainage and vibration massage with abundant sputum .  Opinions about the usefulness of cans, mustard plasters and the like remain unconfirmed, as, indeed, and clinical effects of these manipulations .  You can also use electric procedures such as electrophoresis, but this is not necessarily .

Treatment folk remedies

Well treat acute bronchitis folk remedies. Here are a few recipes for the treatment of acute bronchitis means of alternative medicine:

  • Recipe №1. Take 0, 5 kg of onions and chop it. The prepared onion should be mixed with 400 g sugar and 50 g honey. Next on the recipe - Add 1 liter of water and chopped onion. The resulting mixture should cook for 3 hours. Take inside of 1 tablespoon several (4-6) times a day.
  • Recipe №2. One cup of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon of finely ground roots primrose spring. This mixture must be heated using water bath, and stir. Ostuzhennoy and strained mixture to take 1-2 tablespoons every 6 hours necessarily before eating. The effectiveness of the drug is very high in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.

Be healthy!

 Acute bronchitis: treatment, symptoms, classification

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 valgus foot


  • Causes of foot deformities
  • Prevention and Treatment

Valgus deformity of the foot is a fairly common disease that is diagnosed in a large part of the working population (according to various sources, in varying degrees, suffer from the disease from 17 to 60 percent of adults). There flatness of the forefoot, the fingers are deformed. A man suffering from severe pain, because of which can not wear normal shoes and are suffering when walking. If the disease is left untreated, it progresses and can lead to permanent disability.

Causes of foot deformities

Why deformed foot? The reasons for the emergence of this disease more. Sometimes it is caused by a genetic predisposition: a person from birth says the weakness of bone and connective tissue. As a result, a so-called cross-flat, which often affects women who wear high-heeled shoes with a narrow toe. In this case, the main burden falls on the front of the foot, leading over time to deformities and arthrosis of the thumb.

Adversely affect the ligaments hormonal changes that are inevitable at puberty, during menopause, during pregnancy. Accordingly, women are much more likely to suffer from this disease.


Prevention and Treatment

Do not we say that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. This fully applies to valgus deformity. It is important to wear properly fitting shoes. This means, first of all, the absence of excessively high heels (they should be not greater than 7 cm), the dissolution of socks. In addition, shoes, boots, boots should be made only from natural materials (leather, suede).

Especially carefully to relate to the selection of the correct shoe for those who have to spend a lot of time on their feet. In this situation, it is necessary to give the feet rest.

If you develop symptoms should contact to specialists, who carry out a survey and provide the necessary guidance, select orthotics. Thus it is possible to stop the disease.

In the treatment of foot deformities should take into account how far the disease. It is clear that the sooner treatment starts, the better the result. If medical assistance is provided at an early stage, it is quite possible to slow down its development. The special orthopedic footwear significantly reduces pain and helps reduce foot deformities.

With a significant distortion of conservative treatment can only relieve the pain in the affected joint. Typically prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. When severe pain well helps steroids, which are used locally. Of course, all this is done only by prescription and under medical supervision.

In advanced cases, one way out - surgery. Before this is carried out a thorough examination, including X-ray (in three dimensions). Osteotomy - it is a difficult operation, which is the reconstruction of several bones of the foot. It aims to bring the situation back to normal deformed joints.

I must say that there are many different methods of operating the foot deformity correction, some of them do doctors call barbaric. After such interference, firstly, it is a very long recovery period, and secondly, can have adverse consequences. So if you decide on surgery, choose a proven clinic, where doctors trained in modern techniques.

When properly conducted operation people just for a week or two can lead normal life and get to work. But the main advantage - it is almost zero possibility of recurrence.

 Valgus feet: prevention and treatment

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  • What is anorexia?
  • A little history
  • Types of anorexia
  • Complications of anorexia
  • Treatment of the disease
  • A bit of "stars"

Many people have a great desire to be in great shape and look good. Sometimes the desire to have a slender figure turns into an obsession, against which developing mental illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia. But the topic of our today's conversation will be exactly anorexia, because it is the most common. In addition, very few people know what anorexia. Let's try to understand together.

What is anorexia?

What is this disease? The people Anorexia is called "Barbie syndrome". Trying to lose weight with all sorts of methods, the girls do not notice how his body was brought to exhaustion. And immediately the body reacts to such "bullying." Begin to change metabolism, develops amenorrhea (menstrual cycle slips), mental changes occur.

Incidentally, it was mental problems are the most serious threat since aggravate the disease. People are beginning to assess the situation distorted. The reflection in the mirror - is not enough Slim (regardless of reality), and the food is perceived as a kind of substance with a certain number of calories. And even after a small meal people resort to vomiting and enema.

So, to answer the question of what anorexia is quite simple - it does not need special medical knowledge. Anorexia - a serious mental illness that poses a serious threat to human health and requiring immediate serious treatment.

A little history

Some believe that anorexia - a disease of relatively young, appeared not so long ago. But in fact this is not so. Even in the 19th century there were cases of anorexia. In 1859, the physician William Chipley described state "sitomanii", which was described as a fear of eating. Chipley worked in a psychiatric hospital, and drew attention to the girls with great exhaustion, which was brought by relatives.

These girls were from bourgeois families and the lack of food they had. They refused to eat a reduced amount of food to unacceptable for a full life size. A similar phenomenon 10 years later described the American physician William Gull, and called him a "hysterical apepsy." A causes that lead to loss of appetite were the same as modern beauties. The girls wanted to be a lady and ladies should always look good.

 What is anorexia

Types of anorexia

Currently in pursuit of the "ideal forms" are subjected to the dangers ill anorexic girls and young women with low self-esteem and excessive demands to themselves. According to statistics, 90% of the patients with anorexia - is the fair sex in the age from 13 to 25 years. The remaining 10% are men and older women. Incidentally, anorexia arises not only because of starvation, but incorrect, overly strict diets and exhausting exercise. By the nature of the disease is divided into two types:

  • Restrictive anorexia nervosa - is characterized by partial or complete refusal of food.
  • Cleaning anorexia nervosa - after eating sick after eating their fill, causes vomiting, diuretics and uses laxatives. When this type of anorexia people eat a lot - this phenomenon is due to the lack of internal control over food intake.

  Complications of anorexia

In most cases, the patient only after healing recognize his illness and begins to perceive the seriousness of the situation. During the very same disease anorexia for a sick person is not a cause for concern. He feels perfectly healthy. When relatives and indifference surrounding mental illness leads to serious health problems.

  1. Developing an arrhythmia (heart rhythm goes astray), slowing heart rate (less than 50 beats per minute), reduced blood pressure, feeling of dizziness. Loss of consciousness occurs. In the advanced form of anorexia nervosa is most often the cause of death is a heart disorder.
  2. Most of the patients eventually develop bulimia, there is a constant desire to hunger, with which people can not fight. An integral procedure after a meal is vomiting.
  3. There is a metabolic disorder that leads to changes in the endocrine system, so that stops menstruation, loss of interest in sex and one of the most feared diagnoses for women - infertility.
  4. Lowers blood pressure and body temperature. This is due to lack of potassium in the body, a large quantity of which is lost during vomiting.
  5. Vomiting acidic contents of the stomach has a negative effect on the teeth and the esophagus.

Striking while the mortality rate of mental illness. More than 10% of affected individuals eventually expects to death. The most frequent causes of death is starvation, heart failure and suicide. So I think - is it really safe anorexia?

Treatment of the disease

No matter what stage of the disease was not necessarily needed to treat it. In the treatment of anorexia in the first place need to convince the patient that he was sick and he needed help. Man is not able to adequately assess the seriousness of the situation. And without their own desires to recover almost all the methods of treatment will be ineffective.

In the initial stage of the treatment of anorexia may house. In addition to the adjustments in the food and pharmaceuticals reception they held sessions of group and individual therapy. And such therapy will continue for a very long time. Even after the complete recovery of the body there is no guarantee that the psychological problems will be solved. In the treatment of anorexia, psychotherapy is a long and painstaking process.

In severe cases, treatment takes place in a specialized hospital. In fairness it should be noted that this pathology is in most cases detected too late, when the human body to the extreme exhausted. The primary and the main task of doctors is to restore body weight. In some cases, there is a need to resort to medical treatment. On the basis of the overall clinical picture of a sick person appointed certain medicines. The duration and dosage is determined by the physician on an individual basis.

And, of course, in the treatment of mandatory psychotherapy is present, which is a key element of treatment. With timely and proper treatment of anorexia patients are fully restore your fitness and health.

 Anorexia is

A bit of "stars"

However, not only mere mortals suffer from anorexia. Until recently, feminine shapes and sizes were considered little more than a child among the beauties showbiz something indecent. Today, the situation has not changed much. Many Hollywood stars in pursuit of the ideal of beauty continue to "starve" yourself hunger and "melt" before our eyes. Sometimes they bring themselves to exhaustion, when doctors have concluded their early stage of anorexia. But in their pursuit of beauty nothing can stop even the fact that each year from this disease die dozens of models.

Among the famous star-thin persons included in the top 10, there are either anorexia or successfully fighting this disease. Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie became close to anorexia after the death of his mother. Angelina fell into a depression that almost did not eat anything, and bring themselves to the hungry fainting. But this is not the first time that Angelina brings herself to such a state. Often star neglects food during filming to look good.

In early 2009, the public was struck by excessive thinness main blonde Paris Hilton, which never was so overweight. Paris justifies this by saying that she had a great metabolism. But in the press leaked rumors that Paris and her sister Nicky agreed that their weight does not exceed 50 kg and began to adhere to a rigid diet. After 3 months of starvation Paris weighs 45 kg, friends sisters are concerned about their health and appearance, and the Hilton sisters argue that the only way they can win the hearts of the opposite sex.

Victoria Beckham is often referred to as a symbol of anorexia due to unhealthy thinness. After each pregnancy Victoria becoming slimmer. Vicki herself claims that her slender body through sports and diets.

Kate Moss herself personally said many times that suffers from anorexia. The model said that the lost weight with the help of drugs, and then fell into a dependence on cocaine. Because of its dependence Kate lost her job, became depressed and got into the drug treatment clinic. Now the model very well, she got rid of bad habits, she gave birth to a daughter, gained weight and starred in the popular glossy magazines.

Journalists do not get tired of accusing Keira Knightley in anorexia, but the actress says that her health is all right, and thinness - it is the structure of her body. Mary Kate Olsen itself admitted in 2008 that the dependent fashion for thinness. But the actress was able to gather his forces and stop in time.

Nicole Richie was ill anorexia for several years, she lost weight from 65 to 38 kg. According to rumors, the actress has decided to become slim after meeting with Paris Hilton. It is not known, so it or not, but after several years of suffering Nicole came in the form and managed to give birth to two children.

Allegra Versace, the niece and daughter of the famous fashion designer Donatella Versace, began to ache anorexia as a teenager, she fell several times in a psychiatric clinic and weighed 32 kg. This weight almost brought the girl to death, her body had been denied, she could not feed himself and move around. Today Allegra came in the form.

Thanks to the film "Bridget Jones's Diary," Renee Zellweger is not only famous, but also has health problems. For the film, the actress had to gain about 15 kg, and after the shooting to get rid of them in a short time. Rene was on the verge of exhaustion, but by good dietitian and your common sense girl cope with their problems.

 Anorexia. The ideal of beauty, or a pathology?

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