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  • Foot terms acupuncture
  • The foot in terms of modern medicine
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Acupuncture (also igloukalyvaie, acupuncture, reflexology) - direction of the non-traditional (alternative) medicine, in which the effect on the body is carried through the singular points of the body through the introduction of these needles and subsequent manipulations. It came to us from China, Japan, but also a long time (more than 4 thousand years) is used in India. The points on the human body are located on meridians, which circulates the energy of life. They call these biologically active points. There are about 150 basic points on the human body. The method is designed to normalize the functioning of all body systems.
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Foot terms acupuncture

One of the varieties of acupuncture - a foot acupuncture.

Foot special place in acupuncture as it is rich in nerve receptors and therethrough get access to any part of the body. Of all the biologically active points on the foot is approximately 60. The soles of the feet is considered as a small map placement of internal organs. Points are connected to all internal organs.

If this is taken as a basis, then it is possible to easily affect the whole body by using acupressure or acupuncture using needles. It is known that the human foot - is the basis, the foundation, which receives and distributes the load of the whole organism, when we move. Ankle assembly - one of the most unique perpendicular to the body. A large cluster of nerve endings and weave creates a lot of reflex points that are used in acupuncture and foot. The inner edges of the foot are responsible for the spine, the outer surface - for the front part. The ends of the fingers are connected with the head. The sole of the foot corresponds to the rear side of the torso. Heel part is responsible for the buttocks and the lower part of the heel of the genitals.

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The foot in terms of modern medicine

Modern medicine looks at the stack as an important network of blood vessels (microcirculation). On foot a lot of nerve nodes, it responds well and has a beam transmission. It has a more complicated structure than the surface of the hands. Muscle is more dense layer. When walking, due to muscle activity, the blood vessels expand and contract. At the time when the blood vessels are dilated, the downward flow of blood is easy and feeds the foot. When muscles contract, blood vessels, blood is pushed into the upper part of the body. Consequently, it becomes possible movement of blood from the most distant places of the heart. Pump operates on the principle that normal circulation is accelerated. Stops are sometimes referred to as a second heart.

Due to the fact that modern people walk less and less, to reach normal operation of the pump is not possible. Therefore, there are obstacles to the circulation. Modern people, on average two-thirds of their time sitting or standing. No effect on the active points. A consequence of this becomes that the harmful substances which are found in the body, under the influence of gravity settle in the human foot. This leads to poor circulation.

Not surprisingly, the aging of the human body starts with the feet. In an age of progress, when the development of technology, engineering, people are less and less often go on foot. As for the women, walking in high heels increases the load on the foot. And the further, the less opportunities to use their feet to the destination.

Therefore, from the point of view of modern medicine, reflexology foot markedly improves microcirculation and helps enrich the body with oxygen.

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Contraindications to acupuncture foot

Many studies conducted by scientists have shown that reflexology of the foot has a positive effect at any age. We remember that this method can not replace necessary treatment of classical medicine. But successfully used as a supplement. But if anyone can carry out such treatment? Note that when such treatment the doctor uses a needle, improper administration of the skin which can be painful and cause a number of complications.

Without experience and sufficient skills to practice acupuncture is not recommended. Before you begin treatment, you should check whether you have contraindications. This is primarily bleeding disorders, pregnancy, acute infectious diseases, severe disorders of the liver, chronic infectious diseases in acute, venous thrombosis, embolism at the time of exacerbation, the presence at the site in terms of skin pathology.

In the acupuncture points can be influenced by self-massage . This type of massage is recommended to perform for 10 minutes. It is possible to use a cream or oil. This massage will remove the tension in the leg muscles and tones the human body. In summer, as soon as possible try to walk barefoot.

 Acupuncture human foot

 acupuncture to relax the body


  • What is acupuncture?
  • What Acupuncture treats?
  • Arguments for and against acupuncture
  • Contraindications to acupuncture

Acupuncture - it is a very ancient method of treatment of various diseases. This term there are also a number of other names: acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture, reflexology. All these words mean one of the areas of traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on a certain kind of exposure with the help of needles strictly in certain places - the acupuncture points on the human body. Their myriad. The basis of this treatment is to work with these points. Many believe that if the right to influence them, you can not just get rid of stress, speed up recovery and build functional disorders in the body, but also completely cured of many diseases.
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What is acupuncture?

The roots of acupuncture treatment go back to the deep past. Authentically following fact is known that more than 5000 years ago in China by means of pressure treatment on acupuncture points have already been applied. After this time the treatment procedure developed. The skill and secrets passed masters of acupuncture from generation to generation. I must say also that on the formation of a lot of acupuncture influenced philosophical and religious teachings of ancient China. For example, Taoism.

Between the III and VII centuries BC this technique has been the most popular among many Asians. In Western countries, acupuncture has spread in the XX century. However, due to the development of traditional medicine and modern science, this kind of treatment is considered only as an alternative. Our country has met with acupuncture is not so long ago, only in the last century.

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What Acupuncture treats?

By acupuncture usually turn when the effect of the medication does not help or help in part. Usually this is due to nerve disease, arthritis, migraines, bones and joints. Acupuncture widely used in the treatment of central nervous system disorders, for the treatment of impotence, depression. This method is very popular in the fight against excess weight.

The impact on some acupuncture points helps to cope with a headache and toothache, high and low blood pressure, cough, pain, various low back pain, frigidity, pain in intervertebral discs and heart. The acupuncture points are of several kinds. Harmonious point responsible for the operation of the system. Tidy up the nervous system helps calming effect on the point. Incentive points help in boosting the body's energy. There are special points. Impact on their use in the treatment of various diseases.

The principle effects of acupuncture for the treatment of a person is following. When a person becomes ill, he disrupted the link between unhealthy body and point, in charge of the body. And if physically act on this point, the relationship between her and the sick body is restored and normal operation of the organism. The therapeutic effect of this procedure, according to experts, can be manifested as directed, and after a while. Acupuncture points arranged in 32 zones on the human body. An ordinary man of about 1000. The most densely populated parts of the body are points of the ears, feet, hands and scalp. Reflexologist use in their work of about 150 active points. The most effective healing and only 10 of them.

In modern hospitals, along with the traditional influence on acupuncture points with needles, also using laser beam apparatus with thermal and magnetic effects. But this is akin to acupuncture technique called acupressure. In this method, all the same, and that there is in acupuncture, with the only difference that no needles. As a consequence, the risk to place any infection in the body disappears. By the way, acupressure is a subject in Chinese schools. The Chinese believe that every child should be able to help himself to render itself.

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Arguments for and against acupuncture

I must say that everyone has a different attitude towards acupuncture. Some medical researchers believe that the effectiveness of this treatment is not higher than a placebo effect. That is, if we talk in simple words, this method makes it as far as the patients and their doctors believe in it. They insist that it is not only effective as a treatment, but also unsafe.

This acupuncture, as well as all invasive methods of treatment can lead to negative effects on the body, side effects and serious complications. Among them may be mentioned are, for example, bleeding, bruising, pain, nerve damage and internal organs, nausea, vomiting, infectious diseases, including HIV infection. If you enter the wrong needle in the skin caused involuntary muscle spasm distorts it. It often happens that the needles can not just get out of the skin. To retrieve the first you need to make a special ejecting massage the muscles around it.

This procedure can be done only highly qualified expert in the field, observing all the sanitary and hygienic norms. Only in this case it is possible to reduce all the negative consequences to a minimum. If you fall into the hands did not know anything about the people claiming to be experts of acupuncture, the outcome of the procedure can become lethal.

The other part says the opposite. Some countries are actively using acupuncture to treat a variety of diseases. Among them are chronic, and even those that require surgery. The World Health Organization acknowledged that acupuncture is effective on the human body effects. In 2010, UNESCO included it in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. However, at present there is no reliable document that would have confirmed that acupuncture has helped cure cancer or some other serious illnesses.

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Contraindications to acupuncture

As with any treatment, had acupuncture has its contraindications. These are: acute infectious diseases, cancer, tumors, severe kidney disease, heart, sudden weight loss, chest age, state of intoxication, mental illness, drug addiction, sharp pain of unknown origin, after heavy physical exertion, after running after bathing with hot water.

Impact of needles is strictly forbidden to pregnant women. It is not recommended for people with fungal and viral diseases, chronic liver disease, hypersensitive people with a high threshold of pain and nervous excitability.

 How does acupuncture on the human body?