• Halong Bay or the beauty on the verge of science fiction
  • Vietnamese Water Puppet Show
  • Tunnels of Cu Chi and heroism of local residents

If Vietnam was a little closer to Russia, such as Turkey, the flow of tourists would be endless. This country has no minuses as a place of rest, except for a long flight.

Everything else - the sights of Vietnam, service, low prices and a variety of beaches - you have to appeal to even the most fastidious tourist.

Many people do not appreciate the best way to Vietnam because of their prejudices associated with memories of the huge bales of trash, fried herring and other extravagant features of this country, but it has nothing to do with the rest of Vietnam.   Because of the wrong point of view, you may lose the opportunity to observe the incredible sights of Vietnam, as well as enjoy diving, healthy and tasty food and many others. This article will detail the most important and popular places that should not be missed, being in this wonderful country.

 Vietnamese Water Puppet Show
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Halong Bay or the beauty on the verge of science fiction

Describe the Halong Bay in a few words, it is simply impossible, because his majestic beauty is indescribable. But if your imagination is developed enough, then try to imagine the huge amount of green islands that rise from the waters of emerald color. However, you can hardly understand the feelings of the person who first saw something like that. It is necessary to come on their own to remember this moment forever. Halong can be compared to a work of art. This is something perfect and created by hand very nature, not man.

So, if you decide to start their acquaintance with Vietnam at this point, it would be useful to know more about it. you can do so, as do almost all other tourists, go on a cruise around the bay, ie, acquainted with the caves or go on a walk through a local park island of Cat Ba. On the other hand, if you do not want to immediately go to explore, you can pay tribute to his laziness and to lie down on the sand, using the numerous beaches that are scattered around the island of Cat Ba.

Halong is famous not only for its stunning beauty, but also many myths that go around it. Vietnamese are very respected their traditions and heritage, so this bay is considered a very important place, and its name can be translated as "the place where the dragon descended into the sea."

One of the obligatory destination, through which you pass on the way to the bay, it is the same city. This city is not like tourists, because investors are in no hurry to develop its infrastructure. Many people roll their eyes and say that compared to the paradise islands of the bay and the town can be compared to a living hell, but it will not stop the curious tourists since despite such a negative reaction of the majority, the city is preserved in almost its original form and may be a source of much knowledge.

Halong can be called the main attraction of the northeast of the country, and therefore the lack of tourists, he does not suffer. However, from February to April and go into this bay is not necessary, because the the weather is poor. All this time period you will be accompanied by high winds and fine drizzling rain that severely limits visibility.

It has been said that the name of the bay has a relationship with a dragon, who allegedly went into the sea at this point. This is a legend, which says that the island was created by a huge dragon, who lived nearby. Once the dragon decided to get out of the shelter in the mountains, but along the way he pulled down his tail a lot of rocks and plunged them until finally, unable to land in the sea, which also flooded the island, and green islands - a top of the cliffs, which rose high in the sky before Halong Bay was flooded.

Speaking of dragons. Their images often appear as the background image or to small souvenirs that locals love to haggle. The course and all sorts of beautiful stones found in caves.

How to get to Halong Bay?

You can just join a group of tourists that have literally driven to the end of the route, and showed all the fun, but you can handle yourself, which will be much more expensive. For some reason, some tourists like to go to the bay on their own. To do this, go to the city of Hanoi and Halong order a boat or in a boat to the island of Cat Ba. The boat takes you through the main attractions, and landed in the Bay of Ben Beo.

Finally, you can try search service helicopter rides over the bay. It would cost about $ 200.

 Tunnels heap
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Vietnamese Water Puppet Show

Puppet theater is quite popular around the world, but in Vietnam it has a unique feature. The fact that all the action takes place on the water, this makes it possible to implement many Vietnamese puppeteers bold ideas. This is a unique way to display the reality of using puppets. Water Puppet Theatre has been around for over 1,000 years, but the Vietnamese had him grow cold. However, the puppet theater in the Vietnam ranks first among all theatrical genres.

The monument Sung Thien Linh Zien written 4036 words that explain in detail the origin of puppet theater, its origin in Vietnam. Key role in those days played a fairy and a gold turtle. By the way, in spite of such a serious period that has passed, in many performances still can be seen that same turtle, and the most fairies.

One of the most famous cases in which the puppet theater on the water showed itself in other countries - this tour in 1984. It was attended by 15 people, and they were able to overtake a few large countries, among them the Netherlands, Germany, France, etc. Wherever they appeared, they were received everywhere with enthusiasm, and critics claimed that the puppet theater was a stunning tribute to the cultural heritage, which has already started to forget.

The scenery of the theater, which is always done in a communal house, set right in the artificial or natural body of water. The action takes place in the same place, and the puppeteers stand behind a screen, almost to his waist in water. All this highlights the unusual happening and creates a surprising and unusual atmosphere for the viewer.

One of the peculiarities of this theater - is the presence of many monologues. Protagonist for over 1000 years is a doll-boy Teu. He is clever and cunning, a great joker, likes different games. Despite his age, he becomes the center of any accident and sharply criticizes the situation. During the presentation he shows his respect for the kindness, blames base feelings and qualities, but praises the simple truth and wisdom. Every time begins a new view, he appears before the audience in a loincloth, and begins with the same phrase that welcomes the viewer, and denies the need for the representation of his person.

The basis of the plot plays are ordinary Vietnamese weekdays are devoted to work in the field, as well as talk about the pursuit of livestock and fishing. But that's not all, because in performances often featured folk holidays and festivals, where you can admire plenty of characters in the Vietnamese mythology. There are dolls turtles, dragons, phoenixes and unicorns. Even at the Vietnamese have long become a tradition that these mythical creatures crave the simple life on earth as a normal person. Well, the most amazing and fascinating action - is the dance of the fairies.

Water Puppet Theatre - is the foundation of the culture of Vietnam. It is considered the center of all theatrical activity of this wonderful country. By the way, puppeteers over the years developed a practice of many professional secrets, such as the explosions of firecrackers under water or puppet acrobatics.

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Tunnels of Cu Chi and heroism of local residents

All of South Vietnam was the center of partisan opposition during the America's Vietnam War. This also applies to the area of ​​the Ku Chi, where the main attraction of the steel tunnels extending over a distance of 187 km along the ground. They dug for 15 years, at a time when US Marines suspected nothing at the surface.

The village of Ku-chi, whose name is associated with rubber, would continue to be the most common settlement, used by US soldiers for the purpose of warfare. But thanks to the heroic actions of the local people and their hard work, the village has become famous for many years. It was dug a whole series of tunnels, which had a huge number of branches, which were used as living quarters, hospitals, kitchens, etc. The main tunnel and affects all, since he is not only huge, but also paved with bricks in several rows, making it extremely durable and to withstand artillery fire or explosion of a powerful bomb.

Tall American soldiers still found out about these tunnels, but because of its physiological structure had difficulties in moving around him, and someone and could not get inside. Those who were able to enter the tunnel, expected unenviable fate, because they meet a lot of cunning traps. But all things of days gone by, and now the tunnels are used as one of the attractions for foreign tourists who are personally acquainted with the life and the life of Vietnamese guerrillas.

The museum on the territory of the village you can see the film, which tells of the many interesting facts of those times, and the heroism of the people. Among them, a girl, a schoolgirl, which account for several hundred dead soldiers, as well as local craftsmen who own sawed unexploded bombs to make them bomb. After the museum, you can go on a military training ground, to shoot from the present an AK-47.

Then your way is in the forest, where a local guide will once again make fun of tourists, offering to find the entrance to the tunnel alone. He jokes since the first year, and the joke does not cease to be relevant, since Entrance is practically impossible to find. Then, when he tired of vain attempts to observe the search, it will show a manhole, which can squeeze far each man. Do not be afraid to get stuck or to remain on the surface, because Some manholes have been specially enhanced for the tourists, which means anyone can crawl in tunnels in pitch darkness, and lose track of time.

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