the use of activated carbon

Activated carbon is perhaps one of the most popular pharmaceutical products, which are widely spread. And that, in principle, it is not surprising: the activated carbon is none other than the very strong adsorbent. And adsorbent natural and not chemically synthesized, which is also the indisputable advantage. It is made of activated carbon or charcoal peat, which are processed in a special way. Activated carbon is the most diverse applications.

Due to the fact that the activated carbon is porous, it has the ability to excrete toxic substances that enter the body from the outside or are generated as a result of digestion. In addition, activated carbon is perfectly out of the body those toxins which are produced as a result of ability to live viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms in various diseases. And while diet activated carbon effectively rids the body of toxins.

In addition, activated carbon is not only perfectly cleans the human body, but is also used for water treatment, as a filter. This ability is particularly relevant for urban residents - because the water that flows through the water pipes, virtually unfit for consumption: it is turbid, has an unpleasant odor. And, despite all the assurances, the sanitary epidemiological station of the complete safety of tap water, often it contains quite a lot of variety of bacteria and substances that have a negative impact on the human body.

Due to the absorption properties of activated charcoal it absorbs contained in tap water radon, mercury, lead and other harmful substances. That is why as activated carbon is widely used for purification of tap water. However, if you plan on using activated carbon to purify the water from the minerals, it is unlikely to succeed - this fact is also worth bearing in mind. For this purpose it is necessary to use special filters, whose operation is much more complicated than that of the activated angle.

Incidentally, the activated carbon is also very widely used to purify alcohol, in particular health. After rubbing alcohol it is not only used for the treatment of the skin, but also for the preparation of a wide variety of liqueurs. A crude use rubbing alcohol in any case inadmissible, since the human body is fraught with a variety of negative consequences.

Activated charcoal, the use of weight loss is not a direct indication also suc

Indications for use of activated charcoal

Most often, the activated carbon is used in all kinds of violations of human normal digestive process. There are a number of gastro - intestinal tract, which recommended the use of activated carbon:

  • Diarrhea different etiologies of origin.
  • Flatulence.
  • Intestinal colic.
  • Intoxication caused by the use of low-quality food or as medicines, salts of heavy metals or alcohol.

 the use of activated carbon for weight loss

To the effect of the application of activated charcoal was the most effective, doctors recommend starting the use of activated charcoal as quickly as possible. And are not important is the fact you will use activated carbon powder or tablets. However, doctors in case of poisoning is still recommended to give preference to powder. But do not immediately go to the pharmacy - if you have a house activated charcoal tablets, you can just simply crush them.

Taking activated charcoal for poisoning must be as follows: add one cup of cool clean drinking water two tablespoons of activated carbon powder and mix thoroughly. The sick person should drink small sips one glass of this solution. It is not necessary to drink the whole amount in one gulp - otherwise you run the risk of provoking the emergence of uncontrollable vomiting.

This method is good doubly - Firstly, activated carbon adsorbs remarkable all the toxins present in the body of the sick person. And secondly, the person receives so it needs fluid. And it was dehydration is a major threat to human life and health, poisoned than - ever.

In the same case, if a person is suffering from increased gas production, doctors recommend him every three hours to make activated carbon, the rate of one tablet for every ten kilograms of body. Taking activated charcoal must be long until there is no discomfort. And remember that the sooner treatment is started, the more effective it will be.

Equally effective and useful activated carbon in those cases where a person confronted with a variety of allergic reactions. Activated carbon is very effective outputs from the human body is not only a variety of toxins and allergens. In that case, if a human patient started or that reaction, it should take two tablets of activated charcoal, every two hours. However, please note - you can not take any antihistamines simultaneously with activated carbon. Between doses should be at least one hour.

Not the last role played by activated carbon and in the treatment of difficult and dangerous diseases like typhoid and cholera. Activated carbon improves the primary treatment of the disease is at least three times. And twice reduces the risk of complications of various diseases data. Of course, fortunately, these diseases in our time there are less and less.

Atopic dermatitis, also delivers a huge amount of human patient discomfort. And activated carbon greatly facilitates the course of the disease. For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, in addition to those drugs which are assigned by the attending physician, the patient is a person must take the activated carbon as follows. In the morning, on an empty stomach before breakfast, the sick person should take two tablets of activated charcoal. Further, during the day, the sick person should drink one tablet every two hours. And before going to bed is also necessary to take two tablets. The course of treatment should last at least two weeks. As a rule, very often, thus manage to forget about the disease for at least a year.

No less useful activated carbon and for those people who are suffering from ulcers or gastritis with acidity. Doctors recommend that people such patients to take one tablet of activated charcoal every day, in the morning on an empty stomach. And the course of taking activated charcoal can last an average of two weeks.

Contraindications for use of activated charcoal

But, nevertheless, no matter how beneficial properties not possessed activated carbon, it is a drug. And in any case, is not allowed unsupervised administration of activated charcoal. Its long-term use can cause negative effects on the human body. In no case can not use it more than one month in a row - otherwise, a person may be nausea, vomiting, beriberi.

This is explained as follows: - activated carbon absorbs not only toxins and other harmful substances, but also the essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the normal functioning of the body, without which it is impossible.

Therefore, activated carbon can be used only as a means of quick relief. And the treatment of certain systemic diseases that have been described above. It is important prior to use activated carbon to consult with your doctor. And to begin treatment only after his approval.

Separately it is necessary to tell and about the use of activated carbon during pregnancy. It is widely believed, appeared out of nowhere, that the use of activated carbon during pregnancy can lead to the birth of a child with dark skin. However, this is not so - the expectant mother can safely forget about these prejudices.

On the contrary, gynecologists often prescribed to pregnant women receiving activated charcoal. It not only eliminates the future mother of the annoying signs of toxicity. It also greatly facilitates the work of the liver and kidneys of pregnant women. In gynecology activated carbon has a very broad application.

As you can see for yourself, activated carbon is very useful drug. Therefore, its presence in the home medicine cabinet is highly desirable. Buy activated carbon at any pharmacy without a prescription.

 Activated charcoal, the use and contraindications

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 lactic acid in the muscles

In recent years, more and more people begin to pay their health more and more attention. Especially not the last place in this list are sports, and just going to the gym. However, sometimes people seeking as quickly as possible to achieve the desired result, overdo it. And in the end faced with such a problem, as the lactic acid in the muscles.

And this lactic acid can result in a number of discomforts such as:

  • Pain in various muscle groups, and especially those in which the load was particularly high. And the pain is often very strong.
  • General weakness and a feeling of "weakness" - a person is not able to do too much movement. Moreover, this state can last quite often.
  • Increased body temperature - someone she rises slightly, and someone - may require immediate admission antipyretics.

This condition can last from several hours to several days, and sometimes, in severe cases, up to several weeks. Of course, if the exercise has not too intensive, and lactic acid developed a not so much discomfort will not be too great, and will disappear on their own, without - any problems.

The man did not even mind the special exacerbate - like state periodically is almost everyone. And it does not always appear in the result, it is sports - sometimes even a long walking tour can cause a similar condition. As a rule, it is very fast, so if there is no temperature, and pain do not bring huge discomfort, do not take any action - very quickly, usually within a day, the pain will disappear without a trace.

Where does the lactic acid?

So let's try to understand, where does this is the lactic acid? During any exercise involving human muscles. And to the muscles can perform their normal biomechanical function, they need to consume a sufficient amount of oxygen.

It is through the absorption of oxygen muscles replenish your supply of energy - ATP updated. During exercise muscle contraction occurs at times harder than at rest. But the more intense muscle contraction occurs, the more muscles require oxygen.

But the peculiarities of the human body such that too intense contraction of muscle tissue will inevitably lead to the blocking of oxygen. Why is this happening? During heavy load on the muscles is decelerating local blood flow and as a result, proceeds in muscle oxygen. It turns out a kind of vicious circle - the muscles require more oxygen, but at the same time restrict themselves blood flow, thereby reducing the blood flow and, as a consequence, the oxygen.

But the same load on the muscles, despite the absence of oxygen, it is still going on. This means that your muscles need all the new portions of ATP - the energy source. And the body has no choice but to start the production of ATP without oxygen, the so-called anaerobic mode. Thanks contained in muscle glycogen muscle ATP continues to produce and without oxygen supply.

However, as a result of this energy is gaining muscle development of the local selections, which were called lactic acid. If you remember, a little above said that during high load largely hinder blood flow. This means that the outflow of lactic acid from the muscle tissue is also very difficult, so it accumulates in muscle.

Lactic acid itself consists of two major components - lactate anion and hydrogen. It acid greatly reduces the pH in the muscles. As a result, a person begins to feel a burning sensation and pain in the muscles. And, despite the fact that scientists refer to the group of lactic acid with mild acids affected people hardly called lactic acid such a soft.

 As a conclusion from the muscles of lactic acid

Why sore muscles?

So now it's time to talk about the most important - why muscles hurt? Feeling the pain after exercise or other physical activity, people immediately trying to learn how to rid the muscles of lactic acid. However, this is not quite correct formulation of the question.

Most of the exhausted during exercise lactate very quickly independently derived from the muscle fibers - a maximum of two days after its generation. Lactic acid does not tend to linger in the body for a long time. That is why that muscle pain that a person feels after three days or more, has no relation to lactic acid.

But here you must be very attentive to their health - despite the fact that after three days of muscle acid almost completely leaves the muscle fibers, it can cause damage. As a result, the person will experience severe muscle pain as long as the muscle is not fully restored.

And these notions must be very strictly differentiate - lactic acid does not lead to muscle pain after a few days. However, lactic acid is able to trigger muscle damage, because of which the person will experience pain.

And remember that the appearance of a burning sensation during exercise or immediately after it, it is not evidence that a person will necessarily experience pain for several days afterwards. However, to listen to their feelings still stands - in the event that a burning sensation is too strong, it can be assumed that lactic acid developed in very large quantities. This means that the risk of damage to the muscle fibers increases significantly.

That is why if you suspect that your body has developed in the course of exercise too much lactic acid, you can try to get rid of it. How this can be done by yourself, you will learn a little lower. And while that should tell you a bit about what else can lead to pain in the muscle fibers.

What is a syndrome of delayed muscle pain? This kind of pain got its name due to the fact that it does not appear immediately after exercise, and after some time - day or even two. Many people might argue - as the muscles begin to ache almost immediately, and do not stop for quite a long time, up to a week.

However, this is due to the unusual, at first glance, the fact is very simple - in the first hours and days the person is experiencing pain as a result of the fact that the muscle fibers to excessive amounts of lactic acid. After a short amount of time, lactic acid is cleaved by the liver and excreted from the body.

However, by this time makes itself felt a different type of pain - traumatic pain. It arises as a consequence of strong exercise that resulted in the deformation of the muscle fibers and damage - such as hyperextension. Such pain often occur after exercise on muscle strain, walk up the stairs, and the like. It takes such a physical pain in about a week, but in very severe cases, the affected person is forced to seek help from a doctor - traumatologist. Fortunately, this phenomenon is very rare - most common among professional athletes.

Another reason related to the appearance of delayed pain syndrome is the development of the inflammatory process that takes place in the muscle fibers. We have already mentioned that an excessive amount of lactic acid coupled with a voltage of muscle fibers, often leads to the development of muscles microtraumas.

Of course, the human body necessarily react to trauma, even minor - there is an inflammatory process. The damaged muscle fibers begin to act very vigorously those immune cells that are necessary for that to start the process of regeneration of muscle tissue. Without it, the restoration of the muscle fibers is simply impossible. And the pain occur because of this very flowing inflammation.

And remember that inflammation is not always accompanied by extensive trauma to the muscles, for example, stretching - sometimes enough damage just a few cells. But the injury is accompanied by muscle fibers certainly strong enough intramuscular inflammatory processes.

 how quickly bring the lactic acid from the muscle

How to get rid of lactic acid?

Thus, in any case, excessive production of lactic acid in the muscles, it should attempt to withdraw as soon as possible from the body. Thus, you will be able to largely reduce the risk of delayed pain, and burning sensation will disappear, that will not be redundant.

That is why it is time to learn how to quickly bring the lactic acid from the muscles. However, in fairness it should be noted that skeptical doctors say that it is almost impossible to do as long as the body alone will not break, and not display it.

However, the second group of doctors still are encouraging and argue that derive the lactic acid from the body is still possible, though not so simple. What ways are there? This is what will be discussed below:

  • The sauna

One of the most effective ways to bring the lactic acid from the muscles - a sauna. The high temperature and the muscle fibers in blood vessels are greatly expanded, blood flow becomes much more intense. And that means, and output of lactic acid from the muscles much more intense.

But do not go to extremes and trying to hold in the sauna too much time without a break. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved. Visit Scheme pair should be approximately the following - the first approach should take about 10 minutes, then get out of the booth is five minutes. The second approach can be increased by approximately 10 minutes, and stay out of the booth to cut about three minutes. Just one day in the sauna is allowed to spend no more than one hour. To complete the procedure, preferably a cool shower.

Be sure to consider your overall health - in any case not to use the sauna if you have certain diseases, under which there are contraindications to the use of the sauna or bath. For example, such diseases include hypertension, diabetes, and others. If you are not sure - before visiting the sauna you should consult with your doctor.

  • Hot bath

Not always a person has the opportunity to visit the bath or sauna. However, in this case it is possible to try to get rid of excess lactic acid. This can be done using conventional hot tub. Enter the bathroom is so hot, how can sustain your skin. In the bathroom, you must be at least 10 minutes, but be careful that the water does not cover the skin in the region of the heart.

After about ten minutes you should pour a little cold water and stay out of the bathroom. During this time, in case the water has to cool, add hot water again and repeat the procedure. There should be at least five such cycles. After the procedure carefully rub the muscles towel, until then, until the skin turns red.

On the day you can spend no more than three of such baths. And also do not forget about the fact that such baths are contraindicated for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, women during menstruation.

  • Drinking large amounts of fluid

On the first day after increased physical activity in order to bring an excessive amount of lactic acid, it is necessary to drink as much as possible. And for this purpose the most suitable green tea, which is an excellent antioxidant. But beware - despite the fact that it is very widely believed that green tea does not increase the pressure, it does not.

And therefore, if you are prone to high blood pressure, give up the green tea. However, you need to drink anyway, so give preference to pure non-carbonated drinking water. On the day you need to drink at least five liters of fluid.

And try to learn from this case is the right lesson - strictly dose load to prevent the recurrence of a similar situation. And you no longer have to puzzle over how to get rid of the pain in the muscles. Perhaps it makes sense to use the services of a professional coach?

 The lactic acid in the muscles. Where does and how it lead?

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