Toad for feng shui to attract the money of well-being


  • Trehlapy toad and money tree - a symbol of prosperity
  • Peacock and Phoenix for career growth
  • Ducks mandarin: Feng Shui for Love
  • Elephant for the fulfillment of all desires

What are the secrets to finding harmony in the home? How to attract good luck, to strengthen family ties? On these and many other questions are answered by one of the most mysterious and fascinating science East - feng shui. According to the teachings of the centuries-old culture, aides in achieving these goals are the special charms of Feng Shui. They can be used to activate certain sectors of our home, and thereby achieve the desired life.

At the same time it is of great importance not only for yourself charms, but also their location on the competent sectors.

This is the idea of ​​the eastern science. All items in the room should be arranged harmoniously in the space, that is, their intended purpose should correspond to the sector of the home. Failure to do so may result in unwanted and sometimes even negative effects.

Most often, people care about issues related to welfare, career development, health, romance, family relationships. In order to establish these areas of your life, you need to bring order to the sector responsible for them in their homes, get rid of old and useless things and get talismans that recommend experts in feng shui.

 Elephant to fulfill the desires of feng shui
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Trehlapy toad and money tree - a symbol of prosperity

One of the most powerful talismans to attract money in the home, according to the teachings of Feng Shui is the golden toad. It stands on three legs, and holding a coin in the mouth. Despite its increasing popularity, few people know that to activate its energy power, remember the following:

  • Firstly, it is impossible to stick the coin;
  • Secondly, the mascot should be placed in the sector of wealth - the south-eastern part of the dwelling;
  • Thirdly, the need to regularly toad lowered into the water, after which it must dry themselves.

Attract wealth into the house to help such a talisman of Eastern culture as a money tree. That title was gifted with all kinds of succulent plants with large leaves rounded shape. To enhance the effect of the mascot, can be put in a pot of coins. By the way, a living tree it is possible to replace the image on the panel. Another interesting and at the same time symbolic option - an artificial tree with coins instead of leaves. As auxiliary elements can be used to image streams panels or functioning water sources, indoor fountains. But you can not put a number to the money tree cactus. It is believed that their energy incompatible.
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Peacock and Phoenix for career growth

Talisman Feng Shui Peacock necessarily help its owner to get to the very top of the career. To fully admire its beauty, for it should be given its rightful place in the sector of glory - in the south. The greatest energy force have peacocks made of precious metals, decorated with stones. Talisman, attracting good luck in your career, can serve as a peacock. In this case, you should prefer a bright and beautiful panels and paintings. Strengthen action birdies on his sector could be burning the candle beside her, "feeding" grain.

One winged creature, attracting career - Phoenix. Of the mythology is known about its ability to rise from the ashes. While in the house, it endows its owner the ability to rise above all odds. If you take for Phoenix in the southern part of the home, it will attract to its owner success and fame. On the other hand, the bird is different enough impulsive violent temper. Therefore, to achieve a balance, according to the Chinese teaching should be placed next to it the image of the Dragon. Also, you can soften the power of the Phoenix using figurines Turtles.

 Mandarin ducks to attract love
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Ducks mandarin: Feng Shui for Love

Image of mandarin ducks is widespread among all those wishing to bring into your life romance and love. Also, this talisman is very popular among those who want to strengthen the marriage bond. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the ducks should be placed in the south-west, that is, in the sector of marriage. Being in the right place, the mascot became a guarantor of loyalty, love and happiness in marriage.

There is one condition that must be fulfilled in order to achieve the desired goal. Ducks should be arranged in pairs. In this part of the home you can put wedding photos, images happiest moments. Moreover, in the sector of marriage all other items must be paired: figurines, candles and other paraphernalia. You can also close to the ducks to leave for the night wedding rings.

On small ducks ulterior motive bear the primary responsibility, as the preservation of the marriage bond. According to Chinese legend, mandarin ducks, choose a partner just once, and remain faithful to each other forever. The best mascots, bringing luck in love and remain faithful in marriage, considered ducks orange shades made of natural materials.

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Elephant for the fulfillment of all desires

The most unpretentious figure, serving, according to the culture of feng shui talisman - an elephant. Statuette with great success can replace, and the image of this noble animal. Magic mascot and want to christen limitless. In eastern culture it is believed that the elephant in the house brings happiness and luck grants wishes, gives well-being and health of the entire family. The symbol of the elephant and strengthens the sector in charge of children, gives care and support for the younger generation.

Versatility mascot is its ability to bring good luck in the sphere of life, which is responsible for the sector of its location. If you place a figurine of an elephant in the middle of the apartment, the family waits for the well-being and health. Picture an elephant in the northern part of the home will provide career growth. Statuette of an elephant in the east will strengthen family relationships. Elephant, located in the south-eastern sector of the house, will bring wealth. Go on a journey to help the image of an elephant in the travel sector - in the northwest room. Statuette in the western part of the house will have an impact not children. Perhaps this decision will help the younger generation to develop new talent and open up great opportunities in front of them.

With the help of these mascots Feng Shui can energize your home, to achieve harmony, to achieve the desired. It is also important to learn to enjoy the process of using this beautiful oriental culture in their lives. After harmony with his inner world - the first step on the path to harmony with the outside world.

 Achieving harmony of feng shui

 the right feng shui kitchen


  • Taboo kitchen
  • Requirements for the arrangement of the kitchen
  • Stove - a symbol of prosperity

The kitchen is the most popular place in the house, a symbol of hearth and home. She can tell a lot about the atmosphere in the house, the nature, thoughts, relationships and health of its inhabitants. Kitchen of Feng Shui to attract wealth and prosperity to the family. To do this, follow the rules of interior decoration.

First of all, you need to ensure comfort and convenience. Kitchen of feng shui have to be spacious, clean and well-lit. Better lighting - solar. But if the size of the kitchen is very small and it gets little sunlight, use artificial lighting.

 by Feng Shui next to the sink for dishes should not be stove
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Taboo kitchen

  1. Main taboo - clutter and junk. They represent a mess of your life, leading to problems with money and excess weight.
  2. You can not save things that are not used, but should be discarded or to give to someone. Otherwise, they will accumulate negative energy.
  3. Do not use cracked cups and saucers with chipped edges.
  4. It does not store broken appliances. They need to fix it or throw it away.
  5. Do not use leaky faucet. Such cranes carry money from home. They need to be repaired or replaced.
  6. In the kitchen, as in the other rooms, not allowed to put over his head bulky objects. They symbolize the problems that can suddenly fall down.
  7. You can not sink, dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator, which represent water, placed near the stove and microwave - incarnation of fire.   In this case, the elements of water and fire will conflict with each other, which will lead to constant quarrels between family members. To harmonize energy and provide a beneficial feng shui kitchen, you need to place objects between the wooden object, he will perform the role of mediator and neutralizes fire and water.
  8. You can not have entrance to the kitchen opposite the front door, because the energy coming from the outside, will harm the well-being, and the money will flow out of the house. If you have a case, then place near the kitchen door some bright object for distraction: a screen, a statuette or a houseplant.
  9. It is undesirable to leave the sharp corners in the kitchen. Flatten them with round objects, for example, containers for cereal or indoor plants.

 mess in the kitchen is forbidden by feng shui

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Requirements for the arrangement of the kitchen

Kitchen should ideally occupy the southern part of the house associated with fire, or the eastern associated with trees. The most disadvantaged cuisine - the northern part of the house. It is not recommended to equip the kitchen in the center of the house and near the entrance. In the first case, the inhabitants of the house will often quarrel, and the second money will quickly leave the family.

If your kitchen is communicating, it is necessary to remove the back door or separate it, for example, by the buffet, a low wall or flowers, and on the opposite wall hang the mirror. You can not place near the kitchen bathroom and toilet, as in this case, all the accumulated money will be washed off with water. If you can not reschedule the layout of the rooms, the feng shui offers a place near the entrance to the kitchen a wind chime or a crystal. They neutralize the negative energy and transform it into a positive.

Ideal for kitchen use of pastel shades. Color kitchen feng shui should not be conspicuous. Preferably arrange the kitchen in green, yellow, brown, orange and white colors. Do not use red and blue shades. In addition, black and blue colors, symbolizing water, can not be used in the southern zone - the zone of fire, and color of the metal - in the eastern part of the zone of the Tree.

All piercing tools (knives, forks, scissors) must be stored in a closed box: they cause negative energy sha. This energy leads to a deterioration of health and well-being.

The dining table should be round or oval. Near a place even number of chairs. All shelves of cabinets should be closed. The best material for cleaning - stainless steel (to Metal), destroys harmful energy.

Feng Shui recommends that decorate the kitchen plants, attracting favorable energy qi. You can not decorate the space with dried or artificial plants: they are dead. It is desirable that the kitchen was a bowl of fruit. Ideal fruits are oranges, symbolizing happiness and prosperity. The decor Feng Shui Kitchen advises using the number 9: 9 oranges, 9 cups, 9 lamps on the ceiling. It symbolizes happiness.

The ideal placement of the refrigerator - in the south-east or south-west zone. On Feng Shui experts recommend to put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator mirror. It multiplies the number of products.

 the correct location of the furniture in the kitchen on Feng Shui
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Stove - a symbol of prosperity

The main object of the kitchen - stove, which is a symbol of prosperity, the queen of the kitchen, and her heart. It is advisable to place it near the southern wall, dominated by fire. You can not put the stove in a corner or near a window. If you do not comply with this requirement, the money will evaporate. Best of all the guide plate in the center of the house, and worst of all - at the main entrance: all the residents will feel the shortage of money.

Oven must always be perfectly clean, like the rest of the kitchen. If your life is something not going well, then, first of all, do some cleaning plates, and immediately notice the improvement.

The ideal option is a plate arrangement, when standing at the stove can see everyone who enters the kitchen. But if you can not do so, then hang a mirror on the tiles. It is necessary to use all the burners. It is desirable to light them in turn.

If you comply with the above requirements, the Feng Shui kitchen will always be favorable, and the house will attract wealth and prosperity.

 Feng Shui kitchen: the rules of interior decoration