Accessories for the house with their own hands


  • Decorative mat magazines
  • Mosaic of the eggshell
  • The rebirth of wooden salt shakers
  • Candlestick Bead - beautiful and stylish

Accessories with their hands, made with the original approach, and most importantly with a desire, can transform any interior. These things always retain warmth of human hands, so brought into the house only comfort and tranquility. And what else does a man need to feel truly at home? And if you have the feeling that it's time to renovate the interior, there is no need to immediately run to the mall and buy a new mat, lovely lampshades or a frame for your photo is particularly successful. All these and other cute accessories for the interior, you can do it yourself. It is important to only a little effort, patience and, of course, a fantasy!

The main thing to remember, creating accessories with their hands - no haste and carelessness. After all, if something made personally, it does not mean that it should be done somehow. Even without a practical purpose, such a thing is to bring you the pleasure of contemplating it. Therefore, use all his skill, be extremely careful, and use high-quality materials. And then home accessories made with his own hands, will please you for a long time. What is so creative and able to transform the interior can make without any ploys?

Decorative mat magazines

Interior Accessories can make your own hands not only of yarn, beads or lace. How do you, for example, such an idea - to use magazines that you have read for a long time, and throw hand does not rise? Maybe someone will seem absurd idea, but someone and inspire creativity. Try?

To create unusual rug only need free time and a little perseverance. And what is most attractive - the minimum financial outlay. It will also need scissors, glue, tape, thread and wooden sticks (you can use chopsticks for sushi). At the beginning of the work necessary to remove staples from magazines that hold the sheets. Expand the sheets and fold the edges so as to obtain a square. By the way, it is better to use several sheets to a square, pre-glued them - so the mat will be stronger. Brushing glue wooden sticks, screw them on the edge of your square, on the side where the edge was folded.

In order to well understand how such a thing is made, do no more than eight squares - four place vertically and four horizontally. Next time, if there is a wish, make a larger rug. Now lay the workpiece on the table so as to obtain a large square. The joint between the rod and the coffee leaf has to "look" at you. Now it is necessary to bond it all together. This will require a thread and tape. In those places where it is convenient, accurate thread sew sheets, and then sizing all joints taped. Now turn the product - carpet is almost ready! For greater appeal and strength of it can be covered with acrylic lacquer.

These unique carpets, hand made from old magazines, will be a success and look on the floor and on the wall. Also, they can be decorated with a small coffee table or cabinet. If you put the product on the floor, do it in a place where few go so mat longer continue.

 with their hands home accessories

Mosaic of the eggshell

Home-made home accessories, you can make out of anything. Take, for example, the shell of the egg. You always thought that it's just a waste. True? And there it was! From the egg shell can be made original interior decoration for a child's room - a mosaic with the image of fairy-tale characters.

To work you will need:

  • shells from a few eggs (the number depends on the size of your future masterpiece)
  • paper board sheet,
  • PVA glue,
  • Two notebook sheet,
  • pencil,
  • glass bottle.

To begin prepare the shell. To do this, put it between the notebook sheet and gently roll out the bottle, until we get the right size pieces. Here it is necessary to rely on the requirements for the drawing. Further treated cardboard. First, you need to give it the desired shape by cutting with scissors. If you are good at drawing, you can create a sketch of the future drawing on their own, but if not - use a stencil. It can be bought in a special shop for handicrafts, drawing on the network to download or even use children's coloring.

Now you can move on to the main problem, directly to the decoration pattern. To do this, gently apply a small piece of the picture layer of glue. Then take a pinch of her shell and sprinkle with the site. To mosaic borders have been more clear, you can use the blade aligning them to the edge of the picture. The shell must lie evenly over the whole area of ​​the product. Having finished this painstaking work, cover the design colors - bright picture for children's ready! If you do not want to use the shell of the egg, a similar mosaic with your own hands, you can create out of the ordinary multi-colored beads. Then paint the picture you do not have.

The rebirth of wooden salt shakers

Wooden salt shaker, decorated in decoupage technique, will be a truly exclusive accessory for your kitchen. And presented a wide range of napkins for decoupage (which can be purchased in stores for creativity) and even conventional multilayer napkins with bright pattern will provide an unforgettable flight to your imagination. And even if you have a very old house preserved salt bought in Soviet times your grandmother, it is possible to change the salt, giving her a second life. To do this you will need:

  • salt itself,
  • fine sandpaper,
  • primer
  • napkin for decoupage,
  • acrylic paints,
  • varnish,
  • PVA glue,
  • brush.

The work that you have to perform, starting with the polishing surface of the salt shakers, which must be completely cleaned of old paint and varnish. Then, the treated surface must be covered with primer and wait for the complete drying process with sandpaper again. Then putting a napkin to the product and coat with glue. Wait for it to dry, and once again are passed lightly with sandpaper. If the picture is damaged during application, you can restore it yourself with the help of colors and fine brush and the last step - the product cover varnish. Cute and functional decoration for the kitchen to cook!

Generally, the original home accessories made with his own hands in the decoupage technique, and will transform the interior of the room will give you a completely new and even exclusive look. With this method, you can decorate decorative plates, cups, towel rail, and even the kitchen towels and napkins. The most important thing - it's very simple, not time-consuming and does not require significant financial costs.

 Accessories for the house with their own hands

Candlestick Bead - beautiful and stylish

To make the unique interior of the living room or bedroom, it is important to pay attention to detail. Here, for example, are so necessary in the old candlesticks today have lost their functionality but remain relevant in the design of the house. Of course, you can buy ready-made beautiful candlesticks. But if they do with their hands, then decorate the home accessories can be anything. Any man-made candlesticks revive the interior and give the room a special charm.

To make a candlestick of beads, special skills are not needed. It is important only to perseverance. Metal frame for the product can be purchased ready-made, but you can do it yourself. You need to start working from the bottom up. To do this, cut a piece of wire, about eighty centimeters in length and attach it to a vertical billet crossbar. The right amount of beads strung on wire and connect to the opposite edge of the frame. And so - until it fills all the voids. The same is also done in the transverse beams. As a result, you get a solid figure made of beads.

In this paper we just need to show imagination and your artistic taste. Pick up the beads of various colors, shapes and sizes. Properly combine them: the more colors and cross on the frame, the more original will candlestick. A supplement may be the product of beads and larger beads, and small details in the form of plastic or metal flowers, butterflies, hearts.

In short, no matter how creative or just a lovely home accessories you can not do with their own hands (candle holder, decorative salt shaker, mosaic mat or glossy magazines), they will bring you much more fun than the items purchased in the store. After all, you invest in the product not only time, but the soul and mental strength, as we know the units do not have. So that the value of home accessories simply immeasurable!

 Accessories with his hands: for the house, for the soul

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