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It does not matter whose wedding ahead - your own, someone from friends or relatives. If your pen gold crave activity, upcoming wedding - a good excuse this activity they provide. Because the masters-needlewoman able to produce a really exclusive accessories for the wedding with his hands.

Do you think that in luxury bridal salons in demand consumer goods? Only Hand Made! So why make such accessories are not his own? Let's find out what it is possible to attach the handles.

Accessories for brides

The bride, of course, the wedding appears in the title role (even more important than the bride!). And the person it more important and more attention to it, and dress her richer. Not in the sense that it is expensive (although that too has a place), and that the components have this dress very much. Here are the optional accessories you can easily make yourself.

  • Suspender

Accessory, became complement to the bride as well as our country's recently. In general, it is an optional element, but this is almost erotic and inalienable. Soft elastic, lace, lace, satin, silk, ribbons and braid: that is all that is necessary for this intimate details of the costume. However, you can still garter crochet or weave in the art of tatting. In short, who can sew and knit needlewoman can bring their skills in the process of manufacturing the smart garter for the bride.

  • Purse

Again, any needlewoman, famously managed with a needle and thread, able to sew a handbag for a bride with her hands. Typically, this accessory and handbag only remotely similar. You can certainly do and the pattern of this mini bag by stitching it from the same satin or guipure, and now we can restrict a popular form of bag or torbochki decorated with embroidery, pearls, flowers and ribbons.

  • Decorations

Oh, it's an inexhaustible topic! Already adorn themselves any bride is able to infinity. What is so exclusive you can make? Flowers - is the first thing a bride adorned all over the world. For example, in Japan silk flowers for a wedding dress is made in the traditional technique tsumami kanzashi. Just turn chic decoration! These flowers can be a complement to the hair, add a little chic dresses and even "grow" on the shoes. By the way, artificial flowers made of fabric - an essential element of any wedding attire of the bride. So that they can perform in any technique.

  • Gingham

Especially craftsmen and "tough", even such an accessory. Any small Umbrella in their hands could turn into an umbrella for the bride. Aerosol paint transform the "skeleton" of this accessory and lace, satin and lace turn it into an exclusive addition to the present as well. Incidentally, the old version of the umbrella can crochet.

 Accessories for the wedding with his own hands

Accessories for the bride

Here, more concise and much nowhere to turn. However, for the groom and you can make handmade accessories.

  • Buttonhole-flower

Of course, today is considered good form boutonniere made of the same colors as the bridal bouquet. However, boutonniere organza or silk also has a right to exist. And if such an accessory is made bride's hands ... And, boutonniere not necessarily have to look like a mini-bouquet. It can be quite extravagant decoration, including creative elements that emphasize the individuality of the bride: dice, guitar strings, floats for fishing rods, figurines in the form of musical instruments and other interesting things.

  • Shawl

If the lapel of a jacket decorated with wedding boutonniere, you must look out of the corner pocket handkerchief. And a scarf will be a very touching gift, if you sew his bride herself. But given (and linked!) Mother or sister, he will not only be a pleasant gift, but it will acquire a symbolic meaning.

Accessories for registration

The marriage registration ceremony also "involved" special accessories

  • Ring Pillows

Some are limited to those that take such pads for hire. But you can make and exclusive thing, which will have after the wedding. Especially for the production of such pads do not require any special skills. Beautiful fabrics, lace, ribbons, cords for decoration, plus imagination and artistic flair.

  • Wedding glasses

Of course, this accessory is needed not only in the registry office. On the registration of such glasses are just beginning or continuing their "participation" in the wedding party. By the way, this is one (if not the only) accessory that is useful to the newlyweds, and in later life: a beautiful utensils are not redundant. Wedding glasses can simply beautify with ribbons or lace, or you can take advantage of special materials (plastic, cold porcelain) or colors and create something exclusive and fabulously beautiful.

  • Wedding towel

Required. On it are the young knees during a wedding ceremony. It has long been a towel embroidered bride. Today, wedding towel can be decorated as a symbolic embroidery and cutwork embroidery, openwork, lace edging or applique.

 Accessories for the wedding with his own hands

Accessory Reviews

Guests at the wedding and put some accessories. Among them are traditional, and there are those that have become fashionable, we only recently. It is for the manufacture of such useful accessories and possession of "bureaucratic" needlework.

  • Invitations

Exclusive wedding invitations will initiate vivid impression of this grand event. It will be useful, such as the handmade art quilling (bumagoverchenie) bumagoplastika, silhouette cutting, assamblzh. And how exactly do you manage to arrange the wedding invitation, it depends only on your imagination and skills.

  • Cards for visitors

Rather innovative (for us) design element wedding table. Not yet organize a wedding feast as an orderly. But if you stick to western traditions, that make original cards can also be their own. You need to be able to simply beautiful write or draw, and even use some elements of scrapbooking and kardmeydinga.

  • Bonbonniere

Also completely new to our tradition of wedding accessories. Bonbonniere - little boxes of sweets that give guests a token of appreciation for their participation in the wedding ceremony. These boxes are made from cardboard and decorated with colored paper, lace, ribbons, pictures. So this accessory is also quite capable of skillful needle women.

These are wedding accessories, you can make your own hands for one of the most important events in life. You can take active part in the preparations for the wedding, you can make accessories such as an exclusive gift or apply their skills to handmade design own wedding decorations and its main participants: the bride and groom. Believe me, preparation for the wedding gives no less pleasure than the actual celebration. Be of good cheer!

 Accessories for wedding hands - ideas for needlewomen

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 toasts to the New Year's table

To find a nice New Year's toast, it is not necessary to follow the example of comedy Gaidai Shurik - a lot of good toasting not only in the Caucasus. It is likely that the Shura did not know, but we have something you know that toast - a perfectly formed class of folk art and he is always and in every culture there is a place.

In any even nekavkazskom toast importantly beautiful parable, followed by a short and unexpected ending as the legendary toast about a small, but very proud bird "bird sorry" - the fun continues and the meaning is clear to everyone toast.

In England, the toast - it's not just a drinking short speech, but also a piece of toasted bread that was served "toast" paired with a glass. Our toast not so long, listening to them, the guests managed to get hungry, but capacious enough and wise enough to compete with the Caucasus.

 congratulations and toasts to the New Year's table

It is impossible to meet the same New Year twice ... And so that would have to go through it properly, you should find it as! I congratulate you and wish you a good New Year and good meeting him!

Let the New Year learns from the old only good! I congratulate you and wish the main thing - the fulfillment of dreams! Because when a person has what he wanted - he is cheerful, vigorous, healthy! Happy New Year!

New Year is not a luxury but a means of transportation in time! I congratulate you with this elegant, powerful, beautiful, rapid means of transportation ...!

There is an old custom of Christmas: how to celebrate New Year - so spend it. For a birthday today begins a new year of his life. So let it will be just as fun. Like tonight!

Celebration of the New Year - the apotheosis of contrasts: on the street, snow, cold, dark, and the house sparkling lights, fun, warm, well-dressed Christmas tree, festive table ... Let the new year, no matter how raged around wind and tribulations in the house and the soul It is light and comfortable. Let executed in the new year all our desires!

New Year - is always summing old. But no matter how to make sense of the experience, its highest philosophy is simple and reduced to a single phrase: "Live and be happy! ". Here's to the pleasures of our lives!

Many people know that in Italy there is a tradition before the new year to throw out the window unnecessary and boring things for a year. We, of course, not in Italy, but this custom is so good that I would like to invite all of you to throw out the memory as junk old grudges, quarrels, evil acts, envy, disloyalty, ingratitude. If we do that, we will see that in our minds there were only a warm and pleasant memories of the old year. I remember it so, And then the New Year will be better than the last! Friends! I offer thanks for a brighter year old legacy left to them - for moments of joy, love, success and an invaluable experience for the mind and professionalism!

 New Year greetings and toasts to the New Year's table

Once walked three wanderer. On the way they found the night. They saw the house, knock. They opened the master and asked: "Who are you? "
- Health, Wealth and Love. Let us in the night.
- Sorry, but we have only one space. I will go and consult with his family, one of you to admit.
The patient's mother said, "Let's Health will admit." Daughter offered to let Love and his wife - Wealth. While they were arguing, strangers disappeared. So here's to ensure that in the new year in our house has always been a place for Health, Wealth and Love!

In every man there is unquenchable spark of his soul.
But this part of the candle is covered impermeable cap.
So here's to ensure that in the new year the light of our souls to be reached without hindrance friends.

Let's drink to Santa Claus: How many can remember - do not get sick, grow old, and money on gifts is always there!
For the fact that we, too, were so!

We raise our glasses for seeing the old year to differ from the wires to the train station: the train takes the passing of friends and loved ones, and the outgoing year will bring us to them!
Let's drink to the fact that it has always been!

One man asked:
- Why do you wear shoes two sizes too small?
He answers:
- On purpose. My wife is ugly. Besides evil. Prepares bad! Son - Losers! Mother-in-law - a witch! ... The only joy in my life - when I was in the evening ... take off your shoes!
Let's drink to the fact that in the new year we had other joys!

By tradition, we celebrate the New Year with champagne. Let our life in the new year will be as champagne - an easy, exciting, beautiful and exuberant.

 A toast to the New Year's table