hair accessories with their own hands


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  • New life for old jewelry

Oh, those women! And all the while they have to decorate, to make bright and attractive, brilliant and original. So they try to, come up with various tricks, to be the most compelling and attractive. Decorate everything - bags, shoes, coats, belts, jackets. But most attention is still paid to hair. There are so many invented accessories and jewelry to him that the eyes diverge: hairpins, hoops, rezinochki, scallops, invisible and studs, ribbons and bows.

But the true value and distinctive charm have hair accessories made with his own hands, and warmed the soul. At this point who it wants, and the dodge, comes up with individual decorations and then bragging to friends of his ingenuity and skill. If you want to always look beautiful and original? Then try to do his own hair ornaments - this is no big deal, and fun, believe me, a lot.


So, the easiest option decoration - wrap it comfortable and unpretentious, does not require the application of efforts in creating hairstyles, but at the same time, it is this accessory allows you to always have a neat and well-groomed hair. You will need: a simple black wrap (the most common), the bright satin ribbon (not wide, and tape), ribbon with crystals, scissors and pliers, glue. Now, we act incrementally:

  • Is applied to the ribbon with crystals some glue (from the inside) and attached to the hoop. Crimp fingers and leave for 10 minutes - let dry up;
  • Now, take a satin ribbon and begin to wrap it a hoop. At the same time go around straziki (at this point it is possible to roll a little bit), but on the inside we put the full width;
  • Makes one revolution and ties a small nodule. Be careful - the nodules should be located on the edge of the hoop;
  • Finished wrapping, pliers align hoop and give it the desired shape. He must hold fast to the head, not crawl every minute.

All! Stylish, trendy and original wrap hair ready. By the way, for such ornaments can use tape for flowers and chain with rhinestones and a hoop may be plastic and metal - there's up to you.

 beautiful hair accessories with their own hands


It is no secret that is now in vogue bright and vibrant colors in everything - clothes, shoes and bags. But if you're a lover of the warmer and pastel colors, and want to look fashionable, use the comb for hair - make it brighter, and you are sure you recognize the stylish fashionista.

You will need: a comb and some bright ribbons. And to do something this decoration literally five minutes. Take the ribbon and tied tooth comb, nodules are located at the base of teeth. You can make colorful decorations, but you can in the same tone, but very bright. This accessory is used to create a variety of hairstyles and unique image.

 fashion accessories for the hair with your hands

New life for old jewelry

If you want to bring a bit of intrigue in his image, but do not own exquisite taste, you can completely simplify things. For example, the famous stud - straighten them and put large beads can be colored, can be in the form of pearls. Now attach the original form and all - can shear Dulko, tails and simply fix the locks. With this accessory you will always be "on high"!

Similarly, you can decorate and banal invisible - just put on their beads or glass beads or stones. They are sold already with holes and thread the Clip them is not difficult. And with these pins, you can create the whole picture in your hair - just place them geometrically (zigzag, flower, spiral) and be ready to receive compliments.

You can experiment and decorate banal scrunchy, for example, the colors of the fabric. On sale now so many different stylish stuff: rocks, flowers, insects that can give free rein to their imagination. There is nothing no need to invent - simply glue or sew accessory on gum.

And you can just wrap a cloth and sew the edges, you can make yourself and gum - with the use not only the fabric but also the fur. In winter, a bandage, you will feel very comfortable! After the bandage can be worn on the ears - and the heat and original. Just do not forget to insert the rubber band into "mehovushki" without fixing it permanently will subside.

It should be noted that to do hair accessories on their own is very exciting experience, which could easily become your hobby. And by the way, is an innocent hobby may turn into a profitable business, well, or at least cost. Firstly, finished hair ornaments are not cheap - that's you and economy. And secondly, these decorations can give friends and acquaintances, or even sell.

Handcrafted always appreciated and valued customers. Take a chance, dream and create hair accessories - such work is sure to be fully justified.

 Accessories for hair with his hands. All brilliant - just

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 laying short hair at home


  • What you'll need
  • The romantic lady
  • Creative chaos
  • Business lady
  • On every day
  • Pigtails
  • Curls

Owners of short hair often complain that such tresses laid very hard, but for imagination and improvisation is absolutely no inspiration. Meanwhile, they are very wrong, because just with short hair the easiest way to "fight" at home! And if you learn to do styling for short hair, then you can every day to change your image, presented to the surrounding seductive coquette, a teenage girl, or business, strict business lady.

What you'll need

  • Hair dryer with nozzles;
  • Round brush massage;
  • Conventional comb with wide teeth;
  • Fixing - lacquer, foam, mousse, gel;
  • Curling iron and straightening iron is for them;
  • Curler.

Pick such fixing means, which in its composition have gilaurinovuyu acid - it nourishes the hair. Hairdryer choose three modes of heating air force jets should also be on three levels. Hair styling - it is stressful for the body, so do not fanatically buying all known tools and devices - should take care of your health, then the hair will delight shine and softness. And if the hair styling at home will not differ from the "hand" wizard, you can only envy.

Among the masters-hairdressers believed that lay short hair at home is easier - because it does not require special adaptations strictly certain skills. Several options for styling short hair can make the most inexperienced in the affairs of man hairdressing. These we consider in this article.

The romantic lady

Stacking means using any fixing means. Apply it on a slightly damp hair and distribute evenly over the entire length. And now we have to dry their hair dryer - the average power of the jet, the air is warm. When drying squeeze strands of hair fists, moving from the top to the temples, after making clear parting. All done! You're just a little wave comb comb with a few teeth and a beautiful hairstyle for the weekend ready!

 How to put the short hair at home

Creative chaos

This embodiment is even simpler to use a wax. Fixing wax begins with the fact that in the hands of warming up and warming up a few drops of a cosmetic product that is applied to the strands. They are separated and placed in the right direction. Hair should be slightly dry hair dryer and then fixing is even stronger, and ruffling their hands, get what we need - a cute disheveled hair.

Business lady

Place the hair in an orderly fashion when the strand is adjacent to provide designated and nowhere nothing sticks can literally 10-20 minutes. At home, this would require a round brush, hair dryer and a little gel. So, we begin to clean hair to dry hair dryer and a round brush at the same time a little curl a little. At the same time adhere to the strict lines - the hair should not be disheveled. Parting - a strict and perfectly smooth. This involves the use of styling gel - it is possible to fix the bangs or side locks. When the hair is laid in such a way, you'll feel confident in any office, or in the negotiations.

On every day

For hairstyles for every day does not need very much the perfect styling. Here you can use a universal method. For fixation on short hair impose foam is distributed over the entire length. Now, do a side parting (or straight - as you prefer), and begin to dry the hair dryer. This round brush roots and raise a direct stream of air directly at them. That will turn the volume and accuracy, so to speak, "two in one". And yet time and will need quite a bit - that's really really comfortable at home!


Do you think that short hair will not allow you to wear pigtails? You are wrong! A little imagination - and everything is possible. Divide hair parted in the middle and begin to weave braid on the right and one to the neck, and then fasten it invisible. Now we do the same braid on the left and fastening it to the back of the head. It will turn out that the two braids come together behind - at this point you can fix some hairpin with rhinestones. Now, sprinkle all this beauty varnish - hair is ready! Only here for this procedure at home learn to weave a French braid it - they look more interesting.

 Short Hair styling at home alone


If you do not really short hair, and the hair at least a little down on his neck and shoulders, and you can make curls. Of course, they will not subside chic curls on his hands and shovels, but the femininity and elegance you will achieve. Stacking not complicated, but it looks nice and make it at home easy.

Apply a locking means and start to dry hair. At the same time as the round brush to tighten the locks - in the direction in which you want. Then comb and sprinkle varnish - graceful curls ready! If you want stronger curls, use rollers or a curling iron.

As you can see, even in the home, you can experiment with short hair, apply a variety of ways and create your image. Hairdo - a delicate matter, and does not tolerate fuss, so expect the time so that was a few minutes and to ensure that correct or alter the entire hairstyle. Learn seek, improvise and get pleasure from their ability to stack short and unruly hair!

 Laying short hair at home - hairstyles for all occasions

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