Accessories: Fashion Spring-Summer 2012

With the advent of the new fashion season is reborn like any woman, taking the image, which can highlight its advantages in this time of year. In so doing, it helps not only the original decision leading fashion designers in terms of clothes, but also, seemingly insignificant, but to complement the image of accessories.

So, focus on accessories, fashion in the season spring-summer 2012. They may be only a slight touch to the image, or a powerful accent, capable of completely switching the attention of others. Sometimes, that the image was the most complete, it is necessary to gather a band at the same time, another outfit requires only a small ribbons or thin strap that style was formed.

Modern fashion - it's a classic wardrobe in combination with fashionable accessories and complement them enough fresh notes once a season, and the reputation of an inveterate fashionista woman assured.

One of the most popular accessory of the summer season will be the future seat. Their creation function fitted silhouette in the past - now it is a separate element. Leather, textile, suede, with a spectacular buckle or completely transparent, wide and narrow, with a simple design, shiny, resembling a corset or belt-sash - all fashion spring summer 2012, vividly presented in many fashion magazines, including Online magazine Vogue, in which new ideas and draw inspiration from many fashionista. It is worth noting that this is the most complete edition are presented with the appropriate photographic material latest collections of leading designers.

Of course, the summer fashion season is not without hats that protect delicate skin from the burning rays of girls spring and summer sun. In the foreground, wide-brimmed hats that were relevant in the past season. But now their ranks diluted straw hats in the style of the 20s that will appeal especially to fans of retro style, and fun "Fedora." Also in vogue back shawls, scarves, bandanas and scarves, which can be performed in a fur version of the early spring, and from the finest silk to the hot summer. A striking trend of the season - dressing. This may be tape, strip and knitted with a miniature bow and lace.

As without decorations? After all, is not that how jewelry can bring to a strict "lifeless" outfit playful colors. So, for the glory I tried to present the most relevant ideas summer house Chanel. Among his models occupy a leading position brooches, which were unjustly forgotten. Perhaps the women of fashion accessory that you need to fall in love again, because many of them are associated with grandmother's cameo. And, of course, an original Chanel managed to solve this problem, just change the position of this accessory. When a decade ago brooch fastened only at the gate, but today she would be superfluous and scarves, bags, pants, belts, skirts, and even a wedding bouquet.

As for the neck ornaments, their motto in 2012 - "conspicuous." Necklace large beads, oval pendants, features original and bright colors, especially when they are dominated by contrasting colors, ethnic and pendants, all kinds of chains - all of this will be appreciated more than ever fashion fans. Also on the catwalks of the world relevant religious ornaments. Pendants, earrings, bracelets with crosses adorn the outfit and add the image of a certain detachment from the world. Incidentally, the last recommend wearing in "Different dimensions" and "raznoteksturnoy" combination. The combination of thin and wide bracelets is a hit of the season.

Of course, fashion makes our lives brighter and more interesting, and to find new solutions to the majority of her fans develop a unprecedented creative talents. So "born" the new fashion designers who bring into the world something new and original.

 Accessories: Fashion Spring-Summer 2012

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 Clothes for Halloween

The Western tradition of celebrating Halloween in Russia has taken root, and it's wonderful, because for us, fashionistas, this holiday has become a great opportunity to show off dress, to show that we know how to dress "to the place." But here there is a whole bunch of questions: what to choose, what costume to give preference as to demonstrate originality and at the same time comply with all the traditions? After all, clothes for Halloween should be thematic: on the eve of All Saints' Day will not just be a flower, a bird or a butterfly - definitely need to somehow be related to otherworldly forces, evil spirits, spirits, saints.

We have made this review to ensure that each of you girls could pick up a spectacular and at the same time relevant to this year's outfit. Let's see what it will be, Halloween 2011, and let's stay fashionable on this holiday. It is appropriate to begin with the general recommendations, so to speak, to pay attention to the iron rules of selection of dresses - just that we now turn.

General recommendations - what to wear for Halloween - 2011?

  1. That's the first rule that is observed at all times: in addition to be a full - no half measures or individual elements. It is important to create a rich image. So if you, for example, decided to put on a witch, you must consider not only the costume, but her hair, makeup and accessories. His suit is necessary to work out, trust our experience: not enough just to put on a large black tunic ruffle hair and declare everything at the party that you're a witch. The effect is very weak, especially if your hands will not pomelo or grimoire and favorite handbag from Louis Vuitton.
  2. Please note that today is not a problem to buy a ready-made costumes for Halloween: photos and descriptions of catalogs of online stores make it easy to choose the right size dress, in which you will look just fine. But remember, always hand made valued and Halloween 2011 is no exception. Especially popular will be accompanied by hand sewn and make costumes, because they always carry a certain amount of originality and daring of authorship. Therefore, defines the character and forth - Create a witch, angel or vampire queen.
  3. Also popular are known to use images from fairy tales, folklore, films: to take at least the same Baba Yaga and The Snow Queen - it will be a win-win. That's only necessary to achieve maximum realism and similarities with his character: for example, if you want to create an image of the famous Alexandra Medford (witches, played by Cher in "Witches of Eastwick"), lush black hair and piercing eyes are mandatory. And if you want to be at the time of the Dead Bride from the movie by Tim Burton, is to detail to consider wedding dress and makeup.

Do not forget about these simple but important tips when choosing a dress - guided by them, you will be able to create a truly spectacular image that will decorate even such an original holiday like Halloween.

 what to wear for Halloween

Classics of the genre

Girls looking for "win-win" or simply do not wish to think long on the original dress, we want to advise more easily embodies the image, promising to be relevant in 2011 - go directly to them:

Repeatedly referred to us "witch" usually will be a success, because every day even want beauty, but stay bitchy subjugator men's hearts. Again, the suit can do the most, or buy in the store (the benefit options offered plenty): the main thing to choose the combination of black and purple, "fashionable" colors for witches find pointy hat, better to dress up and, of course, do not forget about the accessories - a broom Staff or wand.

If you are deciding what to wear for Halloween, stubbornly do not want to be "representative of the evil forces", can be Little Red Riding Hood. This image over the centuries has remained popular in all cultures - it will know at a glance. And reincarnated as Little Red Riding Hood is easy: just find a mini-skirt, available in the arsenal of every fashionista, black corset, white blouse and, of course, cap. The suit will be interesting and moderately sexy, but the important thing is that it can also be bought or easily do yourself.

But lovers of glamor wishing to be in the spotlight and on the eve of All Saints' Day, we advise to stay on dresses of princesses. Yes, choose curvy dresses with deep cleavage, do not hesitate to chic accessories and luxury jewelry. Of course, such a suit is quite difficult to make, but it is perfectly accentuate your delicate taste and allow you to be stunning and irresistible.

Originality in fashion

And now let's talk about the unusual and original versions of suits - who said he would definitely need to choose a classic and instantly recognizable image? It's so nice to stand out even from a motley crowd of spirits, ghosts, angels, vampires vivid and unusual appearance.

Thus, the present assistant for the girls in this case will be folklore and fairy tales: the same Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Lewis Carroll gave virtually inexhaustible source of inspiration. And we, the fair sex, can be used for their appearance even male character. Believe me, in the same costume Wolf of "Little Red Riding Hood" or the March Hare from "Alice in Wonderland," the girl will look very interesting and sexy. Of course, these characters are not evil spirits, angels, spirits or demons, but, along with the Mad Hatter, Snow White, Gerda, they are strongly associated with the Day of All Saints. Therefore, the appropriateness of such clothing for Halloween, no one doubts arise.

Get originality, be the focus of attention, surprise the crowd of people and their unusual way they set the bar high for the next holiday - let them break your head over what to invent in 2012 to surpass your original outfit.

 Halloween costume photos

Clothes for Halloween and erotic lingerie

We want to say that all this Halloween is associated with fantasy and fairy tale - this is a good occasion to make a small and slightly unusual holiday for you and your loved one. Designers, fashion designers, fashion designers produce a huge variety of erotic lingerie and costumes for Halloween: Photo collection of the famous line of Victoria's Secret prove it without further ado.

Inspired by this example and thinking over her racy outfit, she can appear before a modest favorite maid or confident queen performances, mischievous imp or angel docile, playful cat, or a passionate Spaniard. The options are many images, but each of them will be pleasantly surprised by the favorite of your creativity - as we can see, the script of a romantic Halloween simple. By the way, the guy is a hint or a husband, that he, too, thought up this outfit - Halloween can and should carry out unusual, fun, and what could be there, juicy.

Our overview of coming to an end - we hope that it will become your humble assistant, and now you'll know exactly what to wear for Halloween 2011.

 What to Wear for Halloween 2011: The pick up outfit