About spiritual treason ...

I sincerely believe that such a thing as spiritual betrayal, have come up with our favorite, unique, smart women are forever. And psychologists to them as a support, have come up with a category of treason.

If we write on the topic frankly confess that the first sexual experience (since the last millennium ... How many are already years have passed?) Was just a girl who decided to change his beloved. And after "that" confessed that she did not spiritually changed. So I did not make any calls. I was not going. Incidentally, he was a married man. This is my friend, of course, did not like it here and decided to "go to the left." Like, that's the night, he is now with his wife at least knows about my sincere feelings, and what have I done?

Familiar priests with whom I spoke, was not surprised by the comments on the topic. I heard in response, still sin, no matter how changed - or spiritual body. This is only a "trick" the faint of heart people - share the treason to "Category". In principle, I agree with them, despite my recent atheistic views.

I read somewhere that it hurts women, when their "half" change spiritually. What then is this "half"? We agree! A man offends respectively opposite - physical betrayal of loved ones.

A psychological reasoning about the fact that women may feel less pleasure after sex "on the side" because they will be much to stifle feelings of guilt and the fact that changing children's father, and the last change, to put it mildly, in my opinion, questionable. It is assumed that if there is not spiritual intimacy with her husband and another man a woman could potentially move to the last. And whether it is necessary it will be?

And this opinion I remember: spiritual adultery in women often leads to physical intimacy. Logically, if the men - "primitive creatures" - changes the physical, the result will reach the spiritual adultery?

Therefore, get a fantastic experience in campaigns to his mistress, and in the long term can "go" to one of them? Never! The minimum of the time! - You know, mistresses. And let it tells you that it you comfortable, so warm spiritually, he will not be with you, despite the "spiritual closeness".

It was very interesting to hear the words on the topic of women respected. One admitted that she cheated on her husband spiritually because not everyone can tell him because you say something to him, and he will make the wrong conclusions. And he ... with him about everything you can almost talk. And let it also not free, most importantly, that there is a spiritual affinity.

Another woman was a little surprised by their arguments. She believes that the spiritual betrayal - it is, for example, when it - the Orthodox, he - a Catholic, and his family tradition to marry (marry) only for Catholics. It would be "changed" - changed the denomination. But my personal opinion - when they begin to share in the confession of one God, this is ...

From the men heard (who would doubt that what they say) about the benefits of high treason - the physical. Like, going back to his wife and understand that it is still the best! And yet - that's unfaithful to his wife, as if to love another, but where is the guarantee that the other will not change? Men's logic: like a woman - and more! Why then in her bed thinking how cheated on his wife?

Maybe a little confusing described his thoughts, but, you see, no doubt: the man - a whole physically and spiritually. And when the "physics" and "lyrics" in a person begins to interfere (in different ways to change), it is necessary to take the coupons to the doctors. Changed (change) changed so much, and why there can still be justified?

Alexander Pukshansky.

 About spiritual treason ...

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 the difference in the age of 20


  • Why women decide to unequal marriage
  • Cons unequal marriage
  • Pros unequal marriage

It is said that love of all ages that meet a truly close and dear person and can be 30 and 50 years. On the TV screen we watch happy couples of celebrities, where husbands twice, or even three times older than his young companions. They all keep repeating that their marriages - the most happy and secure. But on the screen, but in real life any girl reshivshayasya link their lives with a man 20 years older than themselves, really runs the risk. Will not her prince on a white horse ordinary boring old man of 10-15 years old commercials through life together, if it does not seem an age difference of 20 years, an insurmountable obstacle to a happy family life?

Agree that when a girl falls in love with a seventeen year old man 20 years older, we all shake our heads and hope that this "wind in the head" will soon pass, the girl turned her attention to another object, more suitable to her age. But when the decision to marry a man twice her age itself takes quite adult, mature woman, we secretly "keep the cams" for her, hoping that she does not commit a fatal error. 20 years difference - it is almost different generations, where each of the spouses are completely different as the interests and temperaments. Despite this, the unequal marriages with a large age difference - are not uncommon, in fact, they are very popular.

Why women decide to unequal marriage

While you 25 years old, and he was 45, all, like, okay, he is still young, full of energy and desire. Girlfriends with curiosity and amazement considering nice uncle, gently hold your hand, and you're just a light of love and happiness. But what time you're 40, and he was 60? Hardly any woman, reshivshayasya link their lives with a man much older than her, do not think about it. But why, despite all the apparent difficulties, they climb into the pool with his head, why?

  1. It is sad, but most of the women and girls agree to a marriage with a man twenty years older than commercials on for quite mercantile reasons. The men in advanced age have already achieved certain heights in your career and received the status of a secured, respected human society. In financial terms they can afford much more than what the young people, and this factor is crucial to many women. Hundreds of young girls are in active search of the rich "Papic", which once and for all solve their financial problems. Most often, such an alliance resembles a business contract, where the role of each of the spouses are registered in advance: she gives him her youth and the body in exchange for material well-being.
  2. Very often young girls pay attention to men twice his age to themselves because they did not have his father's love as a child. Every little girl needs a smart, kind father, who would take care of her, give advice in difficult situations, to give gifts. If all of this in the life of the girl was not, then she involuntarily tend to warm your soul close to those who are almost in her fathers do. With him, she finally feels what she lacked in childhood - reliability, protection, affection. This is only possible if these feelings are called true love, do not understand whether it is in time that her husband did not need a "father", and the usual loving man?
  3. It has long been known fact that girls mature faster than boys much. And now, having reached the age of sexual maturity, young lady, and not looking at their peers who have some computer games but on mind machines - Give them an adult, "who has seen life" boyfriend. With him is much more interesting to chat, he is able to see that beneath the round excellent pupil lies quivering female soul. Fortunately, these hobbies are usually quickly, and adult men may soon get bored with relationships with so young maidens.
  4. There is a category of men in family life that prefer to play the role of mentor, and there are women who love to play the role of students. If these two meet and decide to form an alliance, then it can have any chance of success, despite the age difference. So girls usually interesting to chat with peers in principle, because it is necessary for the life of the wise, having a rich life experience man.
  5. Of course, it does happen that two people who have an age difference of 20 years, a feel for each other real feelings. They love, in spite of the fact that they share a "not years, and the life." This does not happen very often, but these people can be really happy in marriage. A brilliant example of - the famous singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angeli. Celine's husband over as much as 26 years, their relationship has lasted for a quarter century. When Rene ill with cancer, the singer immediately stopped her singing career, and husband nursed until they are cured. Is it not said that and unequal age marriages are happy, if built on love and understanding?

 the age difference of 20 years plus

Cons unequal marriage

Why is society so negative about the marriage where the age difference between men and women is very high? A couple of hundred years ago, nobody would have been surprised Union wealthy elderly nobleman with a young beauty. Moreover, this situation was considered absolutely normal, and mercantile interests on the part of the bride were not considered something shameful. Nowadays attitude towards such a union is quite different. It is no secret that with age, men are attracted to young girls, they are attracted by their freshness, naivety and inexperience. But what women themselves, entered into such a union, what to expect from such a marriage?

  • The most serious problem in families where the man is much older than his wife - is the difference in interest. From a certain age and the nature of a person's habits are changing, and this is not surprising. Gone are the days when he was dancing until dawn at discos, when he wanted to go every day in search of new experiences. Close to fifty men prefer to lead a quiet life, and instead of fun and folly find it best to read an interesting book or watch a good TV show in the cozy lounge. But what if the young women still boils the blood, if she wants to enjoy life, meet with friends, lead an active lifestyle? And then there comes a time when two people loving each other no longer understand each other.
  • Very often a man who married a girl 20 years younger than him, painfully experiences the aging. He sees that his health and temperament do not allow keep pace with his young friend, and it gnaws at it from the inside. Hence - unfounded jealousy, chicanery, the fear of losing a loved one. Not every married couple can overcome such a barrier, a constant samoedstvo partner can ruin a marriage.
  • Let's face it: with age male potency weakens, and thus meet the young woman partner is becoming more and more difficult. After two decades of marriage sexual relations in a family are very rare. If only his wife does not belong to that rare category of ladies who are quite indifferent to sex, then the problem could be a real disaster for the family life. And it's not only that the spouse is gradually losing his virility - men aged often lose interest in the process itself and perform his conjugal duty "for show". Hence - a betrayal of a woman's hand, or parting with an elderly spouse.
  • Many young ladies who married men of venerable age, complain that their husbands do not want to have children. Is it surprising? Their life has been all this: the sleepless nights, a baby crying, diapers, undershirts. Most men who have this experience behind them, are content with children from a previous marriage, they just do not need those physical and mental problems in their life. And so often happens, that before the young women the question is: either give up motherhood and continue to live with this person, or to look for another mate.
  • Sometimes in marriages where a man much older than his wife, children did not appear for another reason. After 40 years of reproductive ability of men falls, the chance for their companions to conceive healthy children decreases dramatically. Of course, there are exceptions, and quite often, but for the most part the situation is so. If 30 years ago the "culprit" was a woman infertile marriages, in our time it has changed: now it is men who have problems with fertility. And, unfortunately, with age, this negative situation is only getting worse.
  • Whatever it was, but society often condemns marriages where the man as much as 20 years older than his wife. On a couple of look askance, discussing behind, pour taunts. Woman, chose a husband a man twice her age, or accused of commercialism, or stupidity. For most women, this situation is quite unpleasant, they are under constant stress, worrying attitude of others. And what can we say about the opinion of their parents and they do not easily survive the fact that Dochkin husband - the same age as the Pope himself. In short, the film is poured from all sides, and to overcome this stressful situation can not all women.
  • Unfortunately, this is the law of life: a woman married to a man 20 years older in appearance are much older than their husbands - on the contrary, younger. This is not surprising, because each spouse adjusts his mate, wanting her to comply. Every man at the ripe age subconsciously feels the fear of death, and finding a life partner as a young, energetic woman, he just adapts its biological clock. The young wife becomes a such a donor: a husband younger before our eyes, she looks fade. Surrounding pretty quickly notice changes in the appearance of a recent beauty and their sympathy and compassionate views are not added to the good mood woman.

 the difference in age of 20 cons

Pros unequal marriage

If a marriage where men much older than their women would be some disadvantages, it is unlikely that they existed at all. In the world there are many couples who have overcome all the difficulties of living together, due to the difference in age. Sometimes these unions are much stronger and more reliable than than in families where the wife - the same age. So what are the pros have this unequal marriage?

  • One of the biggest advantages of marriage, where the husband over his wife of 20 years that man has a wealth of experience. He is not so foolish as to youth, and is well aware of what to do to keep the family together. In contrast to the young guys, he would carefully preserve your family home from minor quarrels and troubles, can destroy the relationship. He knows what PMS knows what gifts women like and what they expect from the man in bed. In addition, a husband - a wonderful counselor, he is wise and prudent wife peers. Of course, in our time, and young people are remarkably shrewd and intelligent, but they do not have the patience and flexibility. Just these are the qualities that come to people with experience.
  • As a rule, the majority of men over 40 have already gained financial stability, they are able to provide his young companion, a decent life. There is no need to save for an apartment and a car - at this age, men usually have time to become successful and financially independent. As a result, the woman is financially stable and can easily learn to make a career or doing things you love, without fear that their needs will ruin the family budget.
  • If the husband is much older than his wife, he is very proud of his young wife and is afraid of losing it. Hence - his constant attentions and efforts to keep close to his young wife. These people value the relationship is not an example more male peers. And, you see, every woman is very nice when it is so highly valued and protected.
  • It is unlikely that a man whose wife is 20 years younger than him, decide to go "left", because his house waiting pretty wife - young and sexy. Yes, and what to look for adventure on the side, if at its disposal a young, elastic body, full of fire and passion? Of course, there are exceptions, but such "gulёny" is in any marriage, and the age difference is nothing to do with. In an unequal marriage is where a man much older than his wife's, men's infidelity - very rare.
  • If a man in old age was lucky enough to be a father, the best dad you simply will not find. Agree that the ratio of children of young parents and grandparents is quite different. Older people are much more conscious approach to the education of children, their joy of communicating with them is huge. With age comes the realization that the children - it is a great happiness, it is a miracle that you want to love and protect. Young daddy is not always capable of expression of such feelings toward her baby. But the man, who became a father at the ripe old age is an incredibly caring and loving parent.

In today's world many happy couples with a big age difference. In order for a relationship to last, you need to have men and women had similar psycho, common interests, the love in the end. If you really love, then all the problems and difficulties can be overcome unequal marriage. But if you decide to marry a man 20 years older than myself, you need to understand that sooner or later take its age and your husband is old. When one of the forty-year brutal macho, he will turn into a white-haired old man, swallowing pills, and requires a hot water bottle. And at that time you'll still young and good-looking, attractive and men will continue to pay attention to you.

Are you ready to be an adult for your husband not only a loving wife, a caring mother and in one person? If so, you can count on a happy family union for many, many years. If not, try to look for happiness in another place - or a couple of decades, you will be unbearably hard to see next to him grown old copy of the person you once loved.

 The difference in the age of 20: the pros and cons

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