About Engagement Rings

If you think that such a custom as the engagement came to us recently, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, this tradition is quite old, and has always worshiped by our ancestors. Engagement is the proclamation of lovers of mutual consent to marriage, after which young people are officially known as the bride and groom. Typically, this event occurs in a narrow family. However, if desired, to the gala dinner can be collected and a large number of guests who will witness the formal declaration of lovers. A symbol of love and serious intentions of the young man is the engagement ring, which she receives from him as a gift.

Where it originated the custom of giving engagement rings now hard to say. However, we know that it is as old as the engagement itself. The first mention of an engagement diamond jewelry dates back to the 15th century. Before that young people acquire only gold engagement rings with diamond, emerald, turquoise, amethyst, ruby ​​and sapphire. And immediately ordered three similar ornaments: for the bride, groom and witnesses. Young people had to wear the ring, not taking to the wedding, while their place will not put wedding.

Modern tradition concerning choice and giving engagement rings, is not so strict. Today's lovers can choose either option symbolic decorations from classic to cutting-edge models. This is most often a piece of jewelry for a woman becoming only as a custom to exchange engagement rings have long been outdated.

Today jewelry stores offer a huge selection of engagement and wedding rings. Given the desire of the vast majority of couples do not buy a banal product, but something original and unusual, shops are constantly updating the range of products, offering a huge number of fashionable novelties. There are many cases when young people make a custom selection: acquire as a combined engagement wedding rings made of gold several colors or bizarre items with huge stones. However, the classic version of the ring with a small 'pebble' all remains popular.

In addition to the "real" jewelry stores, and today there are plenty of virtual. Each online store selling engagement rings and tends to attract more customers. Accordingly, the range on these shelves will be richer and newer, but the price - more profitable. In addition, virtual stores often organize a variety of events that enable or buy your favorite product is much cheaper than in stores, or to obtain, in addition to the ring and still present in the form of jewelry, or discount card.

 About Engagement Rings

 Trust hairstyle for the wedding only to professionals

Preparations for the wedding includes many elements: the search for a restaurant (cafe), Toastmaster, photos and so on. All of the above can be attributed to the organizational component of the wedding. For the bride, the most important other "side" of preparation for the wedding celebration - the choice of dress, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, shoes.

Most often exciting and at the same time, a very pleasant process "pre-wedding" young labor begins with the selection of dresses. And only after that should be the definition of the desired type of hairstyle. Choosing the right hairstyle - this is to some extent an art. In some cases, even the bride can choose for yourself the perfect outfit and his hair. However, if you do not trust your own taste, so it is best to consult a specialist. The most important thing for the bride - in any case, do not be distressed because of the bad makeup or hairstyle unsuccessful.

Selection of the type, shape, hairstyle - this is certainly a very important task. No less important is the level of professional hair is done. If you want to take advantage of previously unknown to you hairdresser, then you should make a trial hairstyle. Of course, most of the cost of the procedure is close to the cost of this wedding hairstyles. However, if you do not want to be disappointed in the long-awaited wedding day, do not be stingy - pay for a trial hairstyle. And then you realize that it is not for nothing waste of money, because will feel quite confident.

 Trust hairstyle for the wedding only to professionals

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 wedding preparations

  • Options preparations for the wedding
  • How to have a cheap wedding?
  • The scenario of the wedding day
  • Perfect Wedding

One of the most important events in the life of every girl - a wedding. From early childhood, we all dream to wear a luxury, a beautiful wedding dress and feel like a princess in it! And if we ride in a limousine, it is strewn with a bunch of roses, then all the true queen. We dream, dream about her wedding day, and when he begins to loom on the horizon, we suddenly think seriously about how to spend an unforgettable wedding fun. It is no secret that sometimes long-awaited celebration turns into a dull meal, occasionally exploding sluggish cries of "Kiss! "Or full of unpleasant surprises day. And often the reason for this becomes poor preparation for the wedding.

But so want to make this event memorable. And if the preparation of the wedding is not negligent, and to approach this task responsibly and creatively, then this grand event promises to be a truly unforgettable experience not only for the young but also for guests. Well, let us consider how interesting it is to hold the event, and what should be the preparation for the wedding.

Options preparations for the wedding

Here you have the choice not great, or rather minimal. You can go to specialize in wedding agency, or organize all their own, and some even make their own hands. In the first case, you will save time and effort (but not the nerve!), And the second is significantly save money. Consider poles and cons of both options.

If you are going to entrust the organization of the wedding professionals, first of all, choose an agency with a good reputation. Some organizers offer a full range of services ranging from preparation of the script and the choice of restaurants and ending with the selection of dresses and the provision of transport for a wedding convoy. Other agencies act as intermediaries and simply find you those who provide a decent banquets, music and entertainment support and rental of wedding accessories. So ask not only prices, but also a list of services provided by an organization.

If you think that the preparation of the wedding will cope on their own, be prepared not only to the high costs, but also to the maximum waste of time, mental and physical strength. Of course, the wedding will have to prepare more than one person - it's a common celebration of the newlyweds and their parents. It would therefore be advisable to allocate responsibilities. For example, some parents are completely take over the organization of the banquet, and the second involved the purchase of wedding dresses and provide wedding transport. The script can be developed by the young, or ask for help from friends and relatives.

In short, the options are not so much, but the opportunities are not so little. Pros treatment specialists: saving their own time and to avoid various linings. Cons, perhaps, only one - the need to lay out a tidy sum for the work of the organizers. With self-preparation of wedding you significantly save money, you can choose a suitable price for the kitchen and restaurant, as well as many bridal accessories and attributes to make their own hands. Cons in this version a lot - you can simply do not meet the deadline, you'll need a lot of free time, you might just be tired, so that will be a celebration and not a joy.

And, nevertheless, have to make a choice. However, regardless of the option you choose, you can save, and choose a holiday scenario. Let's look at these points in more detail.

 Preparations for the wedding with his own hands

How to have a cheap wedding?

While the preparation and planning of the wedding day requires a thorough approach, it all begins usually with the intention of young not much to spend on a wedding. This is understandable, because the money will be useful for a honeymoon. So why throw them to the wind, arranging lavish feast and invited to the wedding a lot of guests? How cheap to spend the wedding while the bride dress in a beautiful white dress and a ride in a limousine at least a couple of kilometers? Correctly. Save on the number of guests.

Here lies the first trick. Because the wedding - a wedding, and if you invite her girlfriend Lena, and girlfriend of Ole forget the insults and death Olya become an enemy for life. And if you call my mother's sister, my aunt and my father's brother Lida Uncle Sasha, but do not call them second cousins ​​and brothers, it would be unfair. Never mind that we do not even remember what they look like. It's ugly, that's all! And try to protest the pope with his mother. From the perspective of parents, the perfect wedding - this is the wedding, attended by all, without exception, family members, whose names we do not remember and those we do not know. It's nothing, it's normal, the parents say, because money collected from visitors must pay back the wedding. Recoup any, is unknown, but the question of how to spend the wedding cheap, disappears by itself. All the "inexpensive" penetrate to the representation of parents of the ideal wedding.

No, the young intending to carry out inexpensive wedding, of course, there is an alternative. They could go to the registry office in jeans, without notifying parents about this, drink a bottle of champagne in the street, and then take and umotala somewhere on a honeymoon. But, firstly, it is fraught with resentment moms, dads and other relatives, and secondly, it is unlikely after such a modest wedding about how it will remain a vivid memory. Drove off for a month to the warm sea whenever possible. A wedding is a once in a lifetime.

In short, we forget about the word "cheap" and change it to the phrase "as soon as possible more economical." Here the space more. You can save on the wedding salon, and dishes, and to lease the place where the wedding will take place, and even at Toastmasters. And, you can not buy, and make their own hands invitation, candy boxes, nursery cards. Yes, and some of the attributes suits the young can also be done by hand. For example, many women consider it an honor to make your own hands boutonniere for the groom, happy to make the bride's purse or even a bouquet for his attire. And, you can ask for special masterovityh friends or relatives to do with your hands or a small pillow for rings trunk for money, embroidered towel, bake a loaf or even make a wedding cake.

The scenario of the wedding day

It is very important for any wedding preparation of the script. The scenario of the wedding day - a serious matter. Schedule the wedding day is not necessary to be, guided by the program of wedding mom and dad, girlfriend, aunt or uncle, a grandmother. They had their own wedding, we have - their own, and we will arrange it according to their own desires. No, of course, from the cries of "Kiss! "And the parade of relatives and friends anywhere in the wedding did not go, but they have to schedule the wedding day are indirectly related. How to make this schedule?

Wedding - a celebration of the bride and groom. Only they can decide how to plan the wedding day, where to celebrate a wedding than to entertain guests, and that, in the end, her wear. Because white dress with crinoline - it's great, but to hold it all day is not as easy as it seems. Especially if the wedding venue - a country house, some rock club or a beautiful meadow on the waterfront. Long in crinoline and heels then not run.

I do not want the wedding contests on the second day - and do not! I do not want to buy a stolen boyfriends bride - and do not! I do not want to drink champagne from the bride's shoes - and do not! All of this is already crammed on edge, and the order does not add fun to the festival. In planning the wedding day should be a maximum of imagination and free creativity. They wish the bride and groom brakosochetatsya a balloon - go ahead! Dream ride on this day in the city on motorcycles surrounded squad bikers - but for God's sake! They want to make family frolic in the pristine nature and sleeping in tents - and let yourself! Off boring tradition, but boredom did not cause! In short, if we are thinking, wondering how to conduct a wedding, so we think, first of all, about what we want. But others do not.

Getting to the planning of the wedding day, we must remember - all go perfectly can not. Well, there is no way, and everything! We can say that if something came through the stump-deck, so the wedding was a success. Dress the bride will not, be able to order a limousine instead of black "Lexus", bridesmaid will sleep on the way to the registrar at the car tire burst ... But you never know! All of these force majeure should be considered not to shake the nerves, if they do occur. Wedding - a day of joy, not a royal reception. However, even these methods is everyone.

 Wedding preparations

Perfect Wedding

Well, of course, not every couple will be decided on drawing up a custom plan for the wedding day. It usually is categorically opposed to the parents. Even the young often want a wedding that would be most consistent with the traditions - from limousine photos, redemption, a walk and so on. In this case, planning a wedding day, you should make a list of wedding affairs and held in accordance with the list of pre-rehearsal.

In compiling the list of wedding Affairs should consider the unpredictability of the weather and the presence of traffic congestion, make allowances for being late for the wedding of the right people, the fact that someone has something to forget, and so on. This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises and keep the peace.

Do not make the wedding program is too rich. After the bride and groom - not long-distance runners. And too long a walk after the registrar can tire them much. But there is still a restaurant, endless kisses, the crowd of guests, dancing and all kinds of entertainment quirks. You can handle it all in one day? No. So make up your wedding plan, focusing on the minimum cost of power in the traditional events: the registry office, a walk, a restaurant. Then will power and joy.

When planning a wedding, it is necessary to focus on the available budget for it. All young, of course, I want it to be very pompous. However, to borrow a wedding or save it for a year unreasonable. Not the fact that the wedding will be able to collect that amount of money, which not only cover all the costs involved, but also with more than they pay for. No money for a grand dinner - make a buffet with champagne, there is no money for the musicians - invite a DJ. The main thing - that was fun!

And that was fun and joy, preparing for the wedding and should include a psychological aspect. That is, you have to be ready around the cells. Because the stylist can make up different eyes or concoct horrible hairstyle groom drunk in the trash the night before the wedding, a second cousin to enter into a fist fight with the master of ceremonies, and the witness in person to sleep Olivier. Well, let! It's a wedding! And that such incidents will be remembered for many years with a warm smile. And it does not matter. It is important that the girl and the guy is now not just lovers. They are now - a real family, which has a large front, a very interesting and full of various events of the future. And they will go it alone.

 Preparations for the wedding - how to make this day a memorable one?

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