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Homemade face masks do not need advertising. Their use and ease of preparation to compete with dignity facials offered by well-known manufacturers. Our article is dedicated to the simple and affordable product - gelatin.

What is the value of gelatin? The fact that this product is an indispensable protein or natural collagen. It supports collagen our skin to tighten the state is responsible for its renewal. Most modern cosmetics contain this element, and gelatin, it consists almost entirely of collagen digested so well into the cells of our skin.

Especially useful gelatin face mask when the first signs of skin aging as laxity and heterogeneity of the color of the skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores, skin drooping and other age-related changes. But the mask of gelatin also has a whitening effect: with the help of it you can get rid of freckles and lighten age spots.

 face mask with gelatin

Rules applying masks

Before applying the mask must be cleaned skin. To enhance the effect of masks and penetration into the deeper layers of the skin is necessary to steam the face and (or) use the scrub. Home scrub can be made from a spoon (the dining room) and a spoon of honey (teaspoon) of fine salt.

Apply the mask should be in a prone position, and after the application can not talk or smile. Gelatine mask strongly tightens the skin, tightening its natural cosmetic lines, so try to relax the muscles of the face and to have fun, relax during the procedure.

When completely dry gelatin necessary to wash off the mask contrast shower and apply your usual face cream. Recall that you need to wash off the mask, without stretching the skin, apply the cream should still wet on his face.

Gelatin mask can be applied not only to the face. The neck and decollete area also require your attention. These areas of our body is also subject to the first age-related changes. However, in no case can not apply a mask to the area around the eyes. The skin in this place is very thin and delicate, and gelatine mask her very much deformed.

Gelatin can be bought in any store, and can be either powdered or granulated. It is recommended to buy the usual classic gelatin without flavor additives and other fillers. For breeding gelatin or use the supplied instructions, based on your skin type, dilute it with milk - dry, the juice - for oily or herbal decoction - for oily skin. The prepared mixture can be used as a ready-made mask, or serve as a basis for the preparation of hybrid mixtures.

 gelatin film mask for the face

Recipes masks gelatin

Gelatine mask classic

Ingredients: one spoon (tea) prepared gelatin, one spoon (dining room), yogurt or milk, one scoop (tea) of wheat flour or ground oatmeal. All mixed to the consistency of sour cream and apply on face. The resulting thin film after drying washed off with warm water.

Gelatine mask for normal to dry skin

For its preparation you need a spoonful of gelatine (for measuring tablespoon of need), glycerin and honey, four tablespoons (same table) of water. Cook separately gelatin mixture and dilute with water glycerin. Mix both the concentrate and add the honey. The resulting mask to survive in the face for twenty minutes. The remaining mass, place in the refrigerator and use it next time, pre-heating.

Gelatine mask for aging skin

For this mask you need to mix one teaspoon of diluted gelatin and a spoonful of crushed banana (measure ingredients tablespoon). The concentrate was put on the face for twenty minutes, and after the required time, carefully remove the mask with warm water.

If the skin you have dry, we recommend using a banana instead of a melon, avocado, gooseberries, persimmons. And you can add a small spoonful of sour cream. For oily skin component will be a fine pear, cranberry, strawberry and grapefruit. And for the drying effect as an additional component, use the egg white from one egg. For normal skin, use kiwi, peach, orange. As the nutrient can be added oat flour or flakes.

Gelatine mask of wrinkles

Preparing for the future for a few days. To prepare, mix one teaspoon of gelatin (tea), half a glass of water and the same amount of glycerin (available at pharmacies), and one gram of salicylic acid (also sold in a pharmacy). Bring the mixture to homogeneity on a steam bath, then cooled, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a gelatinous state.

The resulting composition is applied daily for twenty to thirty minutes, as a means of avoiding the evening; its remains that the skin is absorbed, it is necessary to take a napkin. Stored cooked mass in the refrigerator before using a portion of the necessary pre-warmed at room temperature.

Whitening Mask gelatin

To enhance the bleaching effect of this mask should be diluted gelatin fresh cucumber juice. After swelling mixture, it must be heated in a water bath and add one spoon (tablespoon) finely grated cucumber. The resulting mask cool and applied to twenty minutes.

Pores gelatin mask

For its preparation you need one spoon (tea), gelatin, egg white (one) and one spoon (tea, too) lemon juice. Apply on your face steamed certainly not more than twenty minutes. Mask to narrow pores can be used only once or twice a week, not more.

The mask of black dots on the face

As a measuring tablespoon take. It should be mixed in a glass of milk and two tablespoons of slightly less than one spoon of gelatin. The prepared liquid is put in the microwave just fifteen seconds - until dissolved gelatin and then mix everything into a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture should be applied to the problem areas in several layers, each layer dries wait, and wait the complete drying of the mask.

Then, having picked up the edge of a dried film to pull the mask off the face from the bottom up. Penetrating into the steaming the pores of the gelatin film draws a black point, after which the pores are narrowed and the skin gets a healthy appearance.

Efficiency gelatin masks you can see after the first application, and regular treatments will give your face a fresh, fit and beauty.

 A noticeable rejuvenation and effective facelift using gelatin

 how to do anti-cellulite massage


  • What you should know about cellulite
  • How to make your own anti-cellulite massage

Nowadays, many women are faced with the pressing problem as cellulite. The reasons that cause its appearance can be unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits and disorders in the ecological environment. Affects purely physiological factors - genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, violation of the circulation of lymph fluid, a variety of diseases - for example, lack of functioning of the thyroid gland, or a violation of the pancreas.

More often than fat located in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. In rare cases, cellulite appears on the upper arms. If you are affected by this problem, today we offer you to learn how to do anti-cellulite massage at home in such a way to help myself once again make your body healthy and attractive.

 how to massage cellulite

What you should know about cellulite

In order to successfully get rid of the problem, we must first thoroughly understand what it represents. Strictly speaking, cellulite - not necessarily body fat. Normally, the fatty tissue must be in every organism, even in lean women it is. The cells of healthy fat tissue is removed through a special membrane products of their livelihoods, and the bloodstream, they are carried away.

Under unfavorable circumstances - we already talked about them - the membranes are blocked, "waste" is no longer displayed, because this fat cell is sealed. Such cells gather to densified "groups of" creating densified portions in adipose tissue and further blocking blood flow and liquid in these areas. And we find unpleasant surprise at "orange peel", as they call the visible appearance of cellulite because of visual similarity with the peel of citrus.

In general, the appearance of cellulite is safe for the health of women, but it gives the appearance of great discomfort and sometimes even a sense of inferiority complex.

The dream of every woman suffering from cellulite - to find a remedy that "heal" and finally save her from this problem. To fight against cellulite, there are entire programs that include special complexes of exercises and different diets. As well as selling drugs, special clothes and fitness equipment, which can be engaged not only in the gym, but also at home.

But the most effective tool against fat is massage, which can be easily carried out at home, in a familiar and comfortable environment. If you master the technique of anti-cellulite massage and begin to deliberately make it to the problematic areas of the body, the result can be rewarded for the effort and for all say goodbye to this harmless but highly unattractive flaw.

 how to make anti-cellulite massage at home

How to make your own anti-cellulite massage

Preparing for massage

Before the massage you need to clean the skin of the body, so it is necessary to take a shower (here's the first evidence that the anti-cellulite massage is best done at home). But it is to steam the skin is strictly forbidden, or with a massage, you can damage the capillaries.

Water for showering should be warm, but not hot. In order to become a body skin soft and supple, it is best to make a soft peeling. Gentle cleaning of the skin contributes to its regeneration, removes the remains of dead cells and thus does not injure living. A massage will have to clean the skin more beneficial effects.

Anticellulite massage

This anti-cellulite massage is considered superficial and based on spanking and stroking movements. While at home, you can relax well, and then this movement will have a better effect. Here's how to perform the procedure:

  1. Massage is recommended to begin with light strokes across the palm, in the direction from the knee to the hip. Gradually move on to more intense movements of the hands.
  2. Then it is necessary to collect finger skin and fat from the tribe of the shaft and move it up her thigh. This exercise should be done twice all round hip - first on one leg, then on the second.
  3. We continue to light stroking massage all over your palm in the direction from the knee to the thigh, gradually moving to more intense movements for speed.
  4. After that, begin to knead and rub the problem areas of the body. Doing cellulite massage at home when you do not see strangers, you can use the massage movements reminiscent of kneading dough on the most problematic areas that you would be ashamed to open prying eyes.
  5. The following exercise: hand, closed fist, to carry out his knuckles on the leg from the knee upwards. This is done twice on all sides thighs.
  6. Finish the massage against cellulite is necessary vigorous pat on all problem areas of the body, which gradually replace stroking hands. This should be a light burning sensation of the skin, which by the end of the massage session should still blush.

Another version of anti-cellulite massage

Technique of massage directed against cellulite, is based on the original exciting movements. This method is considered more effective and efficient in comparison with the superficial massage. Using gripping movements possible to study deeper tissue, which increases the blood flow in them. When this is achieved by strengthening of the connective tissue and the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite.

To perform this massage you will need no more than ten minutes and you can easily find for himself this time, every day, in the morning, before leaving the house, or in the evening after a hard day. For this special massage oil or cream is not recommended, as the slippery skin exciting massage action will be difficult to carry out, and the desired effect in the fight against fat achieve fail.

So, we begin to massage:

  1. Clenching his fist, his knuckles begin to massage the skin on the thighs, buttocks and knees. At the same time the skin on problem areas should blush.
  2. Fold your hands so that you could fingertips in a circular motion to massage the problem areas of the body.
  3. The skin of the thigh or the upper part of one arm pinch between the thumb and fingers of your other hand, then start to perform such an exciting movement from the bottom up.
  4. The skin of the thighs, buttocks or abdomen pinch between thumb and forefinger. And without releasing the captured skin, passing it between clenched fingers, move up. When driving down the thumb as if stroking the skin with slight pressure.

Anti-cellulite massage - this is a great preventative tool, which helps to fight even against the possible occurrence of fatty deposits in the future. So this type of massage is recommended even for those women whose skin is not associated with an orange, if for one reason or another they are at risk.

Perhaps you diligently lose weight by dieting or struggling against excess subcutaneous "stocks" by visiting the sauna or the gym; it all - a great way to maintain good physical shape. But if at the same time you also add the anti-cellulite massage, which you can do yourself right at home, you're using it only to accelerate the achievement of a positive result. At the same time you do not even need to seek the services of a professional masseur - master and a massage itself quite easily. In practice this massage technique is available and easy to use at home. The most important thing - the desire and the desire of every woman to look spectacular every day.

 How do anti-cellulite massage at home