a compression fracture of the spine

Injuries, unfortunately, are quite common nowadays. And this is not surprising - the risk of injury in the modern world is very large: occupational injuries, traumatic sports, road - traffic accidents, in the end. And one of the most common injury is a compression fracture of the spine.

Very often people, hearing this diagnosis, it is much scared. But is it really justified their panic? What consequences may be from this injury? This is what will be discussed below. First we need to understand what exactly is such a fracture of the spine, and how it differs from ordinary fracture.

As you know, the whole spine is formed by individual vertebrae - the small bones, cartilage interconnected. And full natural that these bones, though small, can be on a par with the rest of the bones break. That these bones and fractures are called a compression fracture of the spine. Most often, these fractures occur either in the lumbar spine, or lower thoracic.

There are compression fractures of the spine due to an excessively strong pressure on the vertebrae, causing the body becomes the last wedge, and its apex leans forward. As a result of external influence internal fabric content vertebra or extremely deformed or destroyed altogether.

As a rule, most frequently this kind of spinal fracture occurs when jumping from a height on the legs or in the water, as well as road traffic accidents. However, in some other cases, a compression fracture of the spine may also occur - it all depends on exactly how during trauma affects the vertebrae.

There are some cases where the risk of vertebral compression fractures is much higher than that of all men. As a rule, the risk group are people whose spine is weak, and for the destruction of the vertebra is required not such a great effort, than in healthy people. However, healthy people can also run into this type of injury - enough only one vertebra, which would be a little weaker than the rest. And as a result of the healthy vertebrae easily withstand the pressure, and the spine absorbs and cushions the shock or pressure, but the weakest vertebrae may be damaged.

By the way, not to mention the fact that most often the spine fracture occurs in people who suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis. A feature of the disease is significant loss of bone mass, resulting in bone largely attenuated, whereby it is unable to move even the smallest load.

As a result, a compression fracture of the spine can occur even with the banal tilted down. Statistics doctors - trauma is extremely disappointing - about 45% of all women to 80 years in the "arsenal" has at least one compression fracture. By the way, it is similar to fractures of the spine and lead to the development of the elderly hump - pointed kyphosis.

Symptoms of this type of fracture of the spine

Spine fracture has very specific symptoms, which is extremely difficult to confuse with any - or other. People should be aware of these symptoms, to know in what form of first aid needs of the injured person. Thus, compression fracture of the spine has the following symptoms:

  1. Pain. In the event that triggered the trauma fracture of the spine, the very first symptom that will test the injured person is a sharp and extremely intense stabbing pain. And pain can be localized not only in the back, but in the hands or feet. In the same case, if the destruction of the vertebra in osteoporosis is not abruptly, but gradually, then the pain will increase gradually, reaching its peak at the very moment when the bell finally not withstand the load and break.
  2. Weakness. Immediately after the initial shock of a sharp pain recedes, a person who is injured spine, may experience strong feelings of weakness and dizziness. Moreover, according to the affected people, these feelings are so intense that the words to describe them is almost impossible.
  3. Pressure. In that case too complicated fracture of the spine, where the backs of the broken vertebra is largely shifted toward the spinal canal, the sick person experiences a painful feeling strong pressure on the spinal cord.

First aid and diagnosis of vertebral fracture

In that case, if a person is injured, and on the basis of his complaints is likely that he has a place of fracture of the spine, the main first aid to non-interference - try not to touch the sick person as long as the scene arrives brigade "first help. "

In the same case, if you leave a man on the spot is dangerous to his life, and move it all the more imperative to stay physicians need to carefully follow the rules of carrying of such victims. It is necessary to try to move as little as possible the person, and even more so to put it - it can lead to the displacement of the fragments, making predictions for the patient not so favorable. Wrap the person preferably on a hard flat surface, for example, removed from the hinges of the door.

After the injured person will be taken to a medical facility, doctors will conduct the necessary examination and interview of the patient man. If his condition allows. Proper diagnosis is crucial - because back pain are often caused and many other causes. However, successful treatment and full recovery of all the functions necessary to the spine correctly assign a diagnosis and carry out the necessary treatment.

For the diagnosis of vertebral fracture, doctors use several types of research. One of the first is a common but highly effective neurological examination, during which the doctor checks the basic functions of the spinal cord, peripheral nerves and nerve roots.

Thereafter the affected person will immediately be made X-rays of the spine, with the help of which the doctor will reveal what kind of damaged vertebrae. If necessary, further be computed tomography.

The prognosis for compression fractures of the spine is very favorable - almost all the affected people quickly enough almost completely rehabilitated.

 A compression fracture of the spine - a sentence?

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 Pancreatitis Treatment

There are a lot of various diseases of the digestive tract. And one of them - a pancreatitis. This disease does not so harmless, so if you, or your loved ones pancreatitis, treatment should begin as soon as possible. And in order to promptly draw attention to existing problems and to consult a doctor, you need to know about the symptoms of the disease.

So, what is it - pancreatitis? Doctors call the condition since the human body, in which the pancreas becomes inflamed. Most often, this condition develops under the influence of various factors from outside, such as:

  1. Gallbladder disease. Very often, the development of the inflammatory process, which involves the pancreas, is a result of disruption of the gallbladder and biliary tract. Especially in those cases when there is a disruption of the normal outflow of bile. And no wonder - the work of the gallbladder and pancreas are closely interconnected.
  2. Alcohol abuse. Among the people is very widespread misconception that excessive consumption of alcohol, and soft drinks only suffering liver. But in fact this is not so - the impact of ethanol rather detrimental to many of human organs. Including the pancreas is very much affected by drinking.
  3. Malnutrition. Also, very often the main cause of inflammation of the pancreas becomes wrong diet. To prevent pancreatitis should be completely excluded from the diet, or at least to limit foods such as meats, herbs, overly fatty and spicy foods, as well as carbonated beverages.
  4. Stressed. Surely every man heard the phrase "all diseases of the nerves." In this statement, there is a great truth. That pancreatitis - it also can develop in the case, if a person has experienced a strong nervous breakdown or permanent stress.

Signs of pancreatitis

The disease occurs pancreatitis attack - deterioration occurs in waves. During an attack of pancreatitis sick person feels strong enough pain localized in the upper abdomen. In addition, very often such pain can be very giving in the back that can complicate diagnosis disease.

Typically, the pain developed during the first thirty minutes after ingestion. The pain can continue for a very long time - from several hours to several days. The pain can be intense and debilitating, depriving the sick person sleep, and may be barely sensitive - it all depends on how strong the inflammatory process affecting the pancreas.

Besides pain during bouts of pancreatitis often a person has a feeling of nausea, vomiting, exhausting can open, loose stools, having a shine. Sick man quickly loses fluid, and thus the weight of the body. One day during an attack of the sick person can lose up to two kilograms of weight. And, moreover, human skin, mucous membrane and its proteins eyes become yellowish.

Immediately after the attack, pancreatitis sick person should be hospitalized as soon as possible to the hospital. It is a necessity due to the fact that an attack of pancreatitis is a serious enough threat to the general state of the human body, as often happens during an attack necrosis of the pancreas.

There are several types of pancreatitis. Of course, they have a lot in common - the causes of the disease, its course and so on. However, some differences do exist. It is about them and will be discussed below. It is necessary to know that the treatment of pancreatitis was initiated in a timely manner.

Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis can lead to very serious inflammatory changes, and even the collapse of the tissues of the pancreas. In the disease process may be involved as a whole pancreas, and only certain portions thereof.

In severe cases, acute pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis can occur with suppuration and formation of multiple abscesses, petechial hemorrhages in the tissues. This condition is extremely dangerous for the patient's condition and requires immediate hospitalization. But, alas, even in this case, intensive treatment to save lives sometimes a sick person can not. That is why the delay in the situation in any case can not be - at the first symptoms of the disease as quickly as possible is necessary to seek medical help.

According to the observations of doctors, most often acute pancreatitis traps the elderly as well as people who are overweight. And, in addition, women are much more likely than men to suffer from acute pancreatitis. Therefore, if you are at risk, be especially attentive to their health, and remember - the earlier the treatment of pancreatitis, the better it is.

 treatment of pancreatitis

The course of acute pancreatitis

The most important leading symptom of acute pancreatitis are pain in the abdomen, either localized in the right or in the left upper quadrant. As a rule, during acute pancreatitis pain does not stop even for a moment, their intensity is constantly increasing, in the absence of timely medical care is big enough risk of a painful shock. By the way, keep in mind - in case the inflammatory process affects the whole fabric of the pancreas, pain may be of the nature of shingles.

Very soon after the start of an attack a person starts vomiting. However, in this situation, vomiting does not bring a sick person is no sense of relief. In themselves vomit very often seen bile. Also, a sick man complains of hiccups, belching, and a strong feeling of dryness in the mouth.

If an attack of acute pancreatitis not be docked at the beginning of the disease, the patient's condition is rapidly deteriorating human - it can significantly increase the temperature of the body, shortness of breath and tachycardia, a reduction in blood pressure. Perspire - and sweat is usually sticky and cold despite the elevated body temperature. Human skin becomes pale and very quickly become earthy-gray color.

Diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, usually for an experienced physician is not difficult. A doctor examines a person and assigns it a number of essential research:

  • Blood test

In acute hepatitis in blood indicators increased ESR and white blood cells, and observed a distinct increase in amylase.

  • Analysis of urine
  • Survey abdominal radiography

In conducting the review radiography doctor can observe the presence of intestinal paresis, increased flatulence and high standing diaphragm. It is also often marked accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity.

As mentioned above, at the first symptoms of acute pancreatitis sick person must as soon as possible to receive quality medical care. As a rule, timely treatment, in the first hours after the onset of an attack, is able to stop the development of inflammation.

Usually, during the first few days of a sick person must comply with strict bed rest. Eating during this period should also be stopped completely, allowed only alkaline water. To cure pancreatitis, a diet is required.

Stomach sick person was washed with cold water gavage - this measure helps to greatly reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process. Immediately should begin and drug treatment - intravenous different antispasmodic and analgesic drugs that reduce the intensity of pain and facilitate the general human condition.

In addition to the sick person assigned treatment antibiotic drugs are required to remove existing inflammation and prevent secondary infection.

Chronic pancreatitis

In addition to the acute forms of pancreatitis course there is also a variety of diseases such as chronic pancreatitis. The disease is characterized by the presence of a human patient of chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Chronic inflammation leads to a malfunction of the pancreas. The disease is aggravated, it calms down.

Complications of this form of the disease are the same as in the acute forms of pancreatitis, with the only difference that they do not develop so fast - fibrosis and necrosis of the pancreatic tissue. In addition, it is often chronic pancreatitis is a precipitating factor in the development of diseases such as cholecystitis, duodenitis, gastritis. In addition, quite often due to chronic pancreatitis develops hepatitis. And it goes without saying that because of the fact that the pancreas is inflamed, and can not fully carry out its functions, is very high risk of developing diabetes.

Symptoms of chronic hepatitis B is very similar to the symptoms of the acute form, however, expressed not so bright form. During the disease a person is experiencing pain in the hypochondria. The intensity can be very different - from barely noticeable to very severe, both permanent and cramping.

Also, during chronic pancreatitis frequent nausea and even vomiting, emesis and in chronic pancreatitis as well as at an acute, almost always found impurity bile. A sick person is almost always complains of a feeling of dryness in the mouth, poor appetite, there is considerable weight loss.

Also, special attention should be paid to the chair of the sick person - it becomes mushy, often with pieces of undigested food. And, besides, the most striking feature of chronic pancreatitis is fatty stools - it is badly washed off with water. He appears as a result of the fact that the body of the sick person loses the ability to digest fats. As the disease in humans are beginning to diarrhea.

Diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis usually is not the physician - gastroenterologist any - any particular problems. During the ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity physician sees changes of a pancreas - it is either reduced or increased in size over the seal. In addition, the pancreas of the patient can be a human areas of necrosis or fibrosis.

During acute attacks of chronic pancreatitis and certain changes occur in the blood - increased leukocyte and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, amylase increase is observed both in blood and in urine. When scatological study of feces found food particles, muscle fibers and neutral fat.

In exacerbations of chronic pancreatitis sick person in the same way as in the acute form of the disease, in need of hospitalization. During an exacerbation man showing strict bed rest. As you know, whatever for not taken pancreatitis diet is required. To remove the bouts of pain, a sick person receives an injection of drugs such as atropine, no-spa or papaverine. In addition, a sick person being treated pancreatitis anti-inflammatory drugs, which greatly reduces the severity of the inflammatory process or even cropped it.

In order to facilitate the work of the pancreas and reduce gastric secretion, the sick person must take drugs such as ranitidine, almagel, cimetidine. In addition, during acute pancreatitis in a sick person observed constipation, flatulence, bloating - to improve the digestion of food to be taken enzymatic pharmacological agents: mezim - forte, festal, Gustav.

After the relief of chronic pancreatitis attack, as, indeed, and after the disease acute pancreatitis, even if it is caught up with a man for the first time in his life, the patient must completely rethink their way of life.

The first thing to do - is to completely abandon the use of any drinks that contain alcohol. Alcohol impairs the very well-being, which is faced with an inflammation of the pancreas.

The second limitation - this diet: it must be radically revised. If you do, at least once in life I was pancreatitis, a diet is required, because the disease can recur at any time. A fat, smoked, salted and canned foods, soft drinks at times increase the risk of recurrence of the disease. Your health is in this case in your hands!

 Treatment of pancreatitis

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