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Nature - a capricious thing. Someone she rewards long legs and breasts the size of 3, also highlights the remaining breast modest and obviously saves on the length of the legs. And all would do, but with all the luggage woman has not only live, but also to conquer the imagination of men. This is where it begins uniforms injustice. Somehow the guys legs are only to walk, but the breast did not taken into account. So, another part of the body, followed by a courageous heart beats. But if a woman's breast size is not impressive, and the heart of her, no one is interested. Of course this is a controversial statement, but that it takes as a basis 80% of women and about the same as men.

But what remains to do for those whose less seductive neckline? Put on a cross? Certainly not! It is enough to learn a few tips on how to visually enlarge the breasts, and men again become heads turn. Just not worth it for the sake of a whim to go under the surgeon's knife. Of course, breast augmentation with silicone implants - this is a sure method to correct the mistakes of nature. However, no one is immune from mistakes physician. And there is no guarantee that the result of the operation will be exactly the one that you expected. Therefore, discard the bad thoughts out of your head and learn to increase breast visually. How exactly? Who will tell.

 how to visually enlarge the breasts

Women's Tricks: Increases the breast

In fact, the beauty of women around the age of 30 does not depend on the initial data, which awarded her nature. If a girl wants to please itself (and not to men, as they love to present), it will do everything in order to be attractive. The course will absolutely everything from underwear to clothing and cosmetics. The same applies to the chest. Properly presented to bust necessarily impress others, while even the most luxurious of the 4th dimension could be lost under the wrong pick up clothes. But we are with you clever girl, right? So let's multiply their dignity and visually and practically.


So the first ace in our pack of tricks is a bra. It is he who forms the female breast, what size it is no matter. For a start look at yourself in the mirror. If your bra bites into the body, forming unsightly wrinkles on the sides, his model (and possibly size) was selected incorrectly. Many women are embarrassed to buy a bra, or do it in a hurry, thinking that underwear is still not visible under clothing, so what particularly wise. Dear you, our if you have a bad bra, then discreetly under clothing will not only himself, but also of your bust. You can not imagine how can change the shape of the breast strip of normal tissue. Therefore, choosing a bra, be sure to measure it and consult with the shop assistant.

Now for the little feminine wiles - learn with the help of a bra to increase the breast. And help us in this little silicone pads that are placed in a bra to wear. Here it is - a healthy response to plastic surgeons. We do not need silicone breast and painful hours spent under anesthesia. We may use small inserts of the same material, and achieve the same effect without casualties and money.

Those who are not sure that he could set silicone tabs correctly, quite suitable bra with push-apom. There is already a bra default visually increases the breast by about a couple of sizes. How exactly? With a thick layer of foam. But others know this is absolutely not worth it. Therefore, unbuttoning the top buttons of blouses and the march to conquer the hearts of men!

But with swimsuit is more complicated. There silicone inserts will not help. More precisely, put them in a bra bathing suit, you certainly can. But where is the guarantee that after a long swim one of the pads will not go to feed the fish, and your breasts will not turn into a source of ridicule travelers (believe me, if one breast is much larger than the other visual, it will not go unnoticed). So let's resort to other, more reliable tricks. It's a tough calyx, the same foam (so it is not thrown out at the wrong time) and tiny ruffles and sequins at the top of the leotard. In addition, you can play on the contrast of colors by light top bathing suit and concise without melting dark decorative finishes.

Apparel & Accessories

As you know, properly chosen clothes also able to add points in the treasury of your female attractiveness and draw attention to your bust, what size it may be. To begin with, visually enlarge the breast help white. Yes, the one that you (in your opinion) complete and which is associated with the school and the office dress code. Speaking of office blouses. Remember the classic white shirt, fitted silhouette with a jacket collar? So, it was she who makes the breast more. Therefore, set aside in a corner of the subconscious all their stereotypes and try to try on the image of the charming bank workers. We are confident that he will be very becoming.

Lovers of romance can advise blouse with ruffles at the chest. The more additional components thereon, the stronger it is confusing men. What size bust under this pile of flounces? Each in his own answers to this question. But breasts will undoubtedly look great. Just do not overdo it with bows and frills, not to remind the girl overgrown or "a woman on the teapot."

As for the neckline, the owners of modest forms better to choose dresses and blouses with U- or V- neck. However, it is important to a sense of proportion. You should not "throw out" clothes what you madly want to brag. Cut should be moderate and not the chest underneath shine through, and just guessed. After all, men are so fond of puzzles! So give them an equation with two unknowns, even scratching their heads.

Now disappoint lovers of the massive decorations. A thick gold chain with a pendant may look rich, but visually makes the breasts smaller. Therefore, if you want to make your neck look tempting, choose long thin chain and catch yourself admiring glances. Clings to a huge number of accessories too, should not, or around pay attention on chains and pendants, and your breasts, alas, remain unheeded. But we want to have a very different effect, right?


Yes, you heard right. We suggest you use cosmetics for breast augmentation. Just paint the bust, we will not with ink and lipstick, and bronzatom. So, we proceed. Apply a darker color on the exciting cleavage, and a lighter shade adjust protruding part of the bust. Thoroughly blend the border and you can safely wear a dress with a plunging neckline. Now, a little trick, coupled with a proper fitting bra will make your bust visually larger, and the chances of success with the opposite sex above.

Down Diet

Fans starve should think what is more important - thin legs or lush chest. The fact is that when you sit on a diet, lose weight everything and appetizing pyshechka previously normal breast size is transformed into a harmonious, but a flat lady, about which men say "not at all pinch." So maybe we should start there already? Then the breasts will return the old form, and with it come back and admiring male glances.

By the way, our grandmothers were assured that the carrots and cabbage make breasts bigger. So you can combine business with pleasure - eating healthy foods and increase your bust at the same time. Of course, the promise of your humble cabbage 1st size will become a promising second, we can not. But the fact that your body will get an extra helping of vitamins guarantee.

 how to visually enlarge the breasts nicely

Physical exercise

Here we come to the most time-consuming method of breast enlargement. This daily workout. And the gym for this is not necessarily recorded. It is perfectly possible to train at home, alternating with the normal daily chores like cooking borscht or general cleaning. According to coaches, to help increase the bust of push-ups and easy breeding hands with dumbbells in hand. If you do not have dumbbells, will be able to replace their water bottles. As they say, all the conditions for you, just to deal with. Those who find the strength and will to carry out daily exercises, the reward will be strong and firm breasts to increase in size. Of course, growing by leaps and bounds of your bust will not push. But surely gain a clearer shape and become more attractive than the untrained your breasts larger neighbor.


This item is in our plan, called "wave breast", sure to please women as a massage - a procedure not only effective but also very pleasant. Especially if it does not do a massage therapist in the salon, and a loved one in the light of scented candles. Add to that the rose oil and cream to increase skin elasticity, and your breasts will surely thank you for your efforts. At the very least, a good mood for the rest of the day. As a maximum - the increase in volume.

Finally I want to wish our readers a little more to love yourself, and then you will fall in love with any man you wish (we recommend still not stare at the celebrities, and choose from a simple guy, so reliable), regardless of the size of your bust. For a real sense independent of breast size or the length of your legs. Man's love for some personal qualities, rather than external dignity. Therefore, love and be loved.

 Learning tricks for women: how to visually enlarge the breasts

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