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What distinguishes women from men? The first thing that comes to mind - it's chest. Beautiful, elastic and certainly the 3rd dimension. But what if nature decided otherwise, and your dignity quietly fit in a bra cup in? There cabbage? This, of course, an option that's just from the constant use of this simple vegetable can grow in size only to your gut. Go under the surgeon's knife? Certainly not! No man in the world is not worth such a sacrifice. If still in doubt, read the statistics of failed breast enlargement. And even better - see photos of victims of plastic surgery. You changed your mind? Well, fine. All the more so ways to increase breast lie not only outside the walls of plastic surgery clinics, and certainly not at the door of the refrigerator. Where it can be transformed from a teenage girl in a luxurious Pamela Anderson? Now a look.

 ways to enlarge breasts

Proven ways to increase breast

First, let's agree to comply with the proportions. Believe me, the breast size 5 looks ridiculous on a low slender girlish body. Therefore, using many ways to increase the breast, do not forget glances in the mirror.


With it begins not only clothes, but also the female breast. And a bra can not only increase the feminine charms, but also ruin even the most perfect their form. To avoid this and your breasts always look impressive, if not, then at least at all, you should always try on lingerie before you buy. This automatically excludes the purchase of bras on the market (you're not going to show their nakedness endless series of buyers?) In addition, in specialized stores always have a certificate of quality products, so you can be sure that the used sewing thread and fabric quality. And it's not even an effort to buy the best (also in principle a good idea). Just quality raw materials does not cause allergies. This property is very valuable in a situation when it comes to underwear.

So, choose a bra. If the laundry or pressing on the body formed folds, then the bra you small. The same conclusion can be made if after wearing the bra on the body were red stripes. Now the cup. The harder its form, the more it will look neater and chest. Add a bit of foam rubber, and the effect of the increase achieved. Best option for women who want to increase the breast - a bra "push-up". In it so much foam that it will last for a good two sizes. Of course, you can invest in a bra silicone insert, but where is the guarantee that they will not fall out at the most crucial moment, and not disclose your little secret?

Makeup for breast

And now we embellish our two beauties. Yes, we are still talking about breasts. So reach for your makeup bag, we will learn to increase the bust using a bronzer. Of course, on the size of your bust three will not grow, but to improve the shape with the help of the tone is quite possible. To do this, apply a darker shade of bronzer to hollows, making it deeper and lighter tone handle protruding part of the bust. An indispensable condition is considered to be a thorough rastushevyvanie makeup bronzer skin.


We all wear clothes. But not all know how using the normal blouses can enlarge breasts. But it is very easy to do. Take, for example, cut-out. What he did is only in our time! The multi-faceted fashion ladies allows everything from tight blouses buttoned up to the deep neckline. But not all these things correctly emphasize the shape. For example, if you have small breasts, you can safely throw away all things with a square neckline. This form makes it visually less bust. But round, oval and V-neck will adorn your chest.

What else comes to mind of the clothes, visually enhance feminine charms, it's bull. They are, incidentally, are in vogue, so you can not look back in horror at the grandmother's dress with ruffles. Especially that new - it has long forgotten past. Do not want shuttlecocks? Not fear. Wear a blouse with pleats on the chest or Pin flirtatious bow. In short, if the volume of a greedy nature, increase its own. Only again - keep an eye in the mirror! You never know what. Or will bow "is not the topic," or flounces too lush.

Physical exercise

The most effective way to increase and ignored his chest. Efficient because they really can make the bust more. Ignored because it needs to spend a lot of effort, time and their own sweat. On the other hand, what do you want? Effectively undress in front of a man, but this is nothing to do (other than eat candy, what all modern women simply "Master of Sports")? It does not happen. Therefore march to do push-ups! Yes, the same ones who tormented us in physical education classes. The more and more will be wrung out better in the end get the chest. Those who have not lifted anything heavier than a computer mouse, it is advisable to start training with push-ups from the wall. Mastered a couple of approaches? Get down on the floor.

Those who do not like push-ups or simply want to supplement the lessons, you can try exercises with small dumbbells. Pick up of the projectile (1 kilogram of body weight each) and start slowly raise your hands to the sides. You feel how tense the whole thorax? It's good. Now wait 10 seconds in this position and repeat the movement. The main condition of this method of breast enhancement - a regular employment. You will be able to allocate a few minutes a day? Your dream will come true. Again become lazy? So strong elastic chest goes to someone else, but not you.

 the most effective way to increase breast

Controversial methods of breast augmentation

Remember the phrase "Beauty requires sacrifice"? So, some young ladies understand these words so literally that they are ready for a delicious bust if you do not go under the surgeon's knife, then smear the entire first-aid kit. Let's see what we offer modern manufacturers sauce "non-surgical methods of breast enlargement", and any of these tools can be used?

Gels, ointments

Colorful bottle promises that the next morning you wake up Pamela Anderson? Congratulations, you have become another victim of the test of the 21st century! And if before the new drugs tried on rats, but today this role we are .  Apparently, the Society for the Protection of Animals decided that rats bust nowhere .  Well, we, of course, beautiful breasts need .  But if such a price? The fact that the gels and ointments for breast augmentation include phytoestrogens, which in a few minutes to increase the blood flow to the mammary gland .  Yes, breast becoming larger (exactly as long as you use a tool advertised), but where is the guarantee that after six months the application of an ointment or gel, you are not formed in the breast cancer cells? Very much they love the flow of blood and unfamiliar ointment, the composition of which is written in small letters to foreign .  Do you want to take the risk? Of course, it can be .  Then there to tell you what is suitable for oily skin gel for breast augmentation, and is intended for dry skin cream .  And just in case, do not forget to pass inspection after your breasts will be the subject of gossip of friends and friends .


There mist more than hyped creams. We can not say that all the boxes - the grass-plantain or rat poison. There is no doubt about these Badami who once worked. And this "someone" would very much like to have all the women who propyut this facility was gorgeous breasts. We must assume that the composition of BUD was chosen for a reason. But whether the vehicle is suitable for you? Can it be drinking at "bouquet" of your illness (today 80% of the female population from something treated), or any component can provoke an aggravation of chronic ailments? This question is best to answer the doctor.

Vacuum massage breasts

This method works on the principle of good old cans that we put once on his back during a cold .  Only there is no impact on your back and chest .  Her modest bust placed in a special bowl and begin to create the pressure by vacuum .  All of this will ensure the flow of blood to the chest, and she (according to the manufacturer) will begin to grow .  But whether it is harmful? Here, opinions differ .  Some looked in the mirror at the bust increased in size, are made to write on the Internet laudatory odes vacuum massage .  Others take up a book on anatomy and are closer to the truth .  Because, if you carefully examine the structure of the breast, remain at least a chance that you will throw yourself pumped bust by vacuum .  Why is that? Yes, because directly in the breast is not muscle .  Accordingly, there is nothing to pump .  The volume, which appeared after the vacuum massage - nothing but the swelling .  And after it subsides, your breasts will remain the same . ...

Though not always. Do you think that now we promise you to fix the third breast size obtained after the procedure? Certainly not! Experts say that the vacuum massage can not only increase the bust, but also to stretch it. Therefore, if you want to "spaniel ears" instead of a strong, but small breasts, then - please! Those who want to preserve the beauty of the bust, we recommend three to think twice before spending a vacuum breast massage.

You can finally question? Why do you want to enlarge your breasts? To please a man? Or just want to enjoy himself in the mirror? Surely you think that such a terrible breasts world has ever seen? But we just believe that you are beautiful. God does not create imperfection. This we draw for ourselves a framework and come up with ideals tried to meet them. In fact, it is your beautiful breasts. And it does not matter what size it is. The main thing is that it is able to bring up a baby. But everything else - it's your whim. Learn to love yourself, then you do not have to spend money on questionable methods of increasing breast rubbed ointment or do vacuum massage.

 Methods of breast augmentation: the most effective and painless methods

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