edging manicure at home


  • Forming nails
  • We are working with cuticle
  • The final stage
  • Tips for nail care

Woman's hands - her passport. No self-respecting lady, will not leave the house without a manicure. Among women, even the perception that better without makeup, but have time to tidy nails. Not to rush to the beauty salons in search of an experienced and cleanliness manicurists should learn how to do a manicure at home. And today the best option for the care of nails - not edging manicure.

First you need to remove the old paint from the nail plate. Make it better special nail polish remover. In most cases they contain only acetone, but also vitamin supplements. Such funds are not issushat nail plate, and will nourish it - this is important. There is a liquid with the addition of plant components - for example, sea buckthorn pomace. In the selection of nail polish remover, be sure to read the part - if there is one present acetone, it is better to give it up.

Forming nails

  • Remember one immutable rule: try not to use scissors to trim nails. If it does not nail cutting can not do, try not to do it in one motion. If you do a manicure properly, you can avoid breakage and separation of the nail plate;
  • If you want to do is edging manicure, then use a nail file to undermining the edges of the nail. They should be soft - e.g., glass coated abrasive. In no event it is impossible to use metal nail files;
  • To avoid breaking nails, it is necessary to make them round or square - pointed nails tend to quickly lose its shape. Never rasp nail plate on the sides - can damage not only the nail, but the skin around it.

 how to make edging manicure

We are working with cuticle

The most problematic place - the cuticle. Women struggling with it all the time - and cut, and push. As a result, only hurt myself, and cause inflammation of the skin. To date, scientific developments in cosmetic industry is so advanced that we have created a special liquid, dissolving the cuticle. So, what to do with this part of the nail:

  • On the skin cause a special tool;
  • Wait two minutes - during this time completely dissolve dead skin cells;
  • Gently push the orange stick skin.

If done correctly, this method of edging can greatly facilitate the process of manicure. When choosing to dissolve the cuticles carefully read the composition. There must be given anti-inflammatory components (such as chamomile) and healing (tea tree).

For moving away, use only treated cuticle stick from an orange tree - the material is stratified and has optimum qualities of softness and density. Now we have to wipe the remnants of funds from the nail plate with a napkin. After these procedures, consider that half edging manicure done.

The final stage

After all done procedures that should be applied to the nail plate and the skin around her nutritious oil with vitamins E and D. The Rub oil should be massaged a little putting effort. Wait until all is absorbed and it is believed that the edging manicure is ready.

If you want a manicure with nail polish color, then oil should not be applied. Immediately after treatment of the cuticle, and its removal is necessary to degrease the nail. Only after that should be applied to the desired nail polish. Note that colored lacquer is applied in two layers. If you prefer to the enamel, the beautiful appearance to be thoroughly trained. This should be done as follows:

  • Apply the first coat of nail enamel, make sure that the strokes were smooth, without glades;
  • Give the first layer to dry for 10 minutes;
  • Apply a second layer - now make sure that the strokes to lay completely flat.

The difficulty in the use of matte varnish is to make absolutely smooth, perfect layer. This varnish should sparkle in the light, and no dash, no glimpse of the rough smear should not be visible.

When applying pearl lacquers everything simpler. Of course, you still need to be careful and attentive, but even if some of the smears turned rough, then do not worry. After all, the beauty of the nacre is what to do with it, you can quickly manicure. The light is refracted at the surface of the nail plate and no accidental erasures can not be considered.

 how to make edging manicure

Tips for nail care

  • If your nails are always painted in the state, it is necessary from time to time to take a break. A manicure and causing nutritious oil, leave nails alone. At home, it is very easy to do - even if only one night nails' podyshat. " Ideal - give them a couple of days to relax, use its output;
  • Do not do a manicure in the presence of lesions of the skin around the nail and cuticle - wait for complete healing. The fact that under such conditions skid infection in wounds is too large and subsequently a purulent inflammation and possibly even very small scratches;
  • If you prefer to do a manicure at home, then make sure to purchase a good manicure set. Do not skimp on the branded products in this area - the quality of the material depends on the health of the nail plate.

It argued that the manicure should be done only in beauty salons - safe, nice and fast. But it is misleading! Under optimal conditions, the availability of good tools and a variety of means, it is appropriate to carry out the procedure at home. In addition, it is believed that if the nails are short, then not require special care. This is also incorrect statement. Even the most short nails in need of care and the application of varnish. No matter what the length of your nails, it is important how they look.

With proper care for your hands, you can always look attractive. Regardless of age, every woman is simply obliged to lead the nails in order regularly. By frequency manicure should be carried out once a week, at least. And then you will always be on top!

 Edged manicure at home: quickly, reliably, conveniently

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 manicure short nails


  • Tips experienced craftsmen
  • Business idea
  • Spanish manicure
  • Magnetic manicure
  • Several stylish designs

Slowly but surely, the fashion for long and bright nail subside. In its place comes naturally. Neat, short nails have become more relevant than ever before. But this does not mean that the care of such nails should be kept to a banal filing and cuticle removal. To manicure on short nails look properly, it needs to be given enough time conduct. How to give zest short marigolds home? Let's try to understand.

Tips experienced craftsmen

To begin, consider some tips to help you choose the right form and decoration for short nails.

  • Now considered the most fashionable square nails. However, there is one "but" - a form suitable only owners of thin, "musical" fingers. If you do not belong to this category, look for the classic almond-shaped;
  • Owners of marigolds in the form of blades may give grace manicure using saturated and dark shades. This side of the nail should remain unpainted;
  • Thin wavy lines also able to visually lengthen the nail;
  • Do not forget - there are colors and decorations, which are able to give a manicure short nails undesirable effect, make it rough. For example, do not use for more than three different nail polish shades, heavy items, sculpture, too many small elements;
  • For a square-shaped nails is best suited lighter shade of nail polish. As decoration on them draw floral designs or abstract thin line;
  • Girls having oval nails, more suitable for dark background. As well as all kinds of French manicure;
  • Love rhinestones and sequins? Use your health! Just doing a manicure on short nails at home, try not to overdo it and be very careful in applying these ornaments.

Well, we have learned some of the nuances, you can now proceed to the consideration of ideas for manicure.

 manicure short nails

Business idea

Lightweight type of manicure short nails that easily can be done at home by yourself. It combines European and classic manicure, make your pen well-groomed and stylish without a hint of brightness and excessive fussiness.

  • Getting a manicure with bath to which you add the essential oils, herbs and sea salt. What is more like it;
  • Next, you need to handle special cuticle oil. Carefully remove it. Either scissor or orange stick;
  • Apply the oil on your nails and rub it well, while making massage around Palchikov;
  • Now go to the coating varnish. The color should be discreet, pastel shades;
  • If there was a desire to put drawing, remember - it is best to choose a palette of paints, but different shades.

Simple, elegant, easy - perfect manicure for a business meeting or a job interview.

Spanish manicure

Spanish manicure on short nails provides deep and rich color tone. This effect is obtained through the use of non-standard bases. That is, instead of clear varnish applied milky white or cream. In principle, the creation of a Spanish home manicure can be used varnish in various shades. But let's order:

  • Make a classic manicure;
  • Then cover the nail a routine basis, we give to dry;
  • Then apply beige matt lacquer, just dry them;
  • The main color, you can choose blue shades, so you get the tone is very similar to the summer cloudy sky. Besides fingernail will look more dense;
  • Apply basic tone must be in a single layer, very carefully, trying to nail went smoothly and subtly.

 manicure for short nails

Magnetic manicure

The novelty of last season - the magnetic paint. He quickly gained popularity due to ease of use. Putting figure with lacquer - a matter of minutes.

  • Here are marigolds in order: remove old paint, sawed, removes the cuticle;
  • Apply the base coat;
  • Once the base is dry, take the magnetic paint and light fast movements they cover the nail;
  • While the paint has dried, take the magnet (it comes), and bring it to the nail at a distance of 2-3 mm, hold 20 seconds;
  • We do the same thing with the other nails;
  • Fixer cover is not recommended.

Since the magnetic imply different sets of colors and patterns, you can change the design of nails as often as you want.

Several stylish designs

  • Cup of coffee on the nails. Pretty simple, and at the same time the original design solution that can be implemented without leaving home. It is better if your nails are square-shaped. Covering their basic varnish is not transparent: white, pink, cream. And on the fourth finger paint a cup of coffee, over which rises fragrant smell. For the drawing you need black and white lacquers;
  • Zebra. The basis of such a manicure is a classic jacket. Simply apply on top of the white stripe black lines, you can speak a little bit over the edge - it is not scary;
  • Transfused classic. Make a classic manicure, in any, the color you like. The main thing is that it is monotonous. Now, sticking to the upper right corner of the nail (on the ring finger) crystals, laying them in the shape of a heart;

Stylish manicure on short nails - it is quite feasible task. And, having at least a little experience in building design, you can easily follow it at home, without resorting to the master. And do not be discouraged if your nails shorter than you would like. Always and everywhere looking for the pros. In this case, a lot of them. This and convenience in everyday life, and easy maintenance, and ease of driving. Yes, many men tend to think that a woman with short and manicured nails look more feminine and sexy. What is not a reason for joy? Be bold, experiment with color and design, and overthrow the men around you!

 Manicure on short nails: more fashionable and original ideas

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