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  • Hair removal and depilation: what you should know the girls
  • Ingrown - why is this happening?
  • Ingrown hairs: struggling with the problem at home
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Redness, inflammation, itching, swelling - with the problem of ingrown hair on legs, many of the fair sex do not know firsthand. Most often such trouble occurs due to improper handling of epilators, wax, razors, depilatory creams, etc. So ladies should first learn how to work with the instruments and means to remove hair to later do not risk your health.

Hair removal and depilation: what you should know the girls

  • Preparatory stage

Ten to twenty minutes before epilation (hair removal), take a warm bath, shower or hot compresses do. Remember, no matter what way to deal with the vegetation on the legs you choose, remove the hair with steamed, cleaned and degreased skin much easier. Moreover, in today's world the observance of elementary rules of hygiene has not been canceled.

Includes some epilators have a special attachment to peel. This device should always use before the procedure. It helps to remove dead skin particles of the epidermis, which do not allow to grow normally rod, and raises the hair on the surface, to make it easier to pull out or cut the vegetation on the body. To achieve the same effect and may be using a standard scrub. The only thing to observe is always a sense of proportion. Do not rub the skin much as due to mechanical effects on the body will be strong irritation.

  • Struggling with vegetation with a razor

If the removal of body hair you use the razor, then, of course, familiar with the three basic rules. Sticking to their need to constantly, even if you are lazy, you do not have time or you have limited finances.

Rule number one: the purity and freshness - especially

First, always use new (still sharp) blade rather than biennial, which you shave even in the first year of university. The problem of ingrown hair often faced the fair sex, saving on the part. Whether they think the razor never blunts, or women experiencing the pleasure of pulling out, not cutting hair, but the fact remains - virtually every other forgets to change the tapes at least once a month.

As for disposable razors, in this case, the name speaks for itself. Therefore, use two, three or four times more so they are not worth it. Remember once and for all, dull blade much traumatize the skin. And if the winter red spots on the legs are not visible, the summer is not only ugly but also dangerous. In hot weather, when the sebaceous glands of man working in double volume, sweat gets in microcracks, which leads to irritation, burning and rashes.

Disposable razors are used as long as the strip-light does not brighten. After each wash the blade under running water (preferably a very hot), so they do not remain hairs and skin cells. Otherwise, in a wet environment will breed bacteria or fungus. And the next time you start waxing, through cuts and cracks all the dirt gets into your body.

Rule two: Do ​​not use force

Move the razor should be smooth, easy direction - on the growth of hair. The blade should barely touch the surface, otherwise you will be cut off the upper layers of the epidermis. If your legs appear scars, the rod will be difficult to bark through the rough skin.

Rule three: Maintain legs after depilation

When you have finished shaving my legs, do not forget to moisturize the skin with a special cream, which included no alcohol or other corrosive components. If there is none, use the normal children. Please note, hover the skin after the procedure is not recommended.

 how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs correctly

Ingrown - why is this happening?

The fact that the razor to shave, plucked or torn wax epilator hair becomes thin and weak, so it is much more difficult to grow out. After five or six days the rod starts to bend inward, causing the skin becomes red, inflamed, and she bulb - festers. By the way, the one who got rid of him using stabbing or cutting objects may eventually notice a slight spots on the site.

Ingrown hairs: struggling with the problem at home

In fact to get rid of ingrown hair it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Firstly, inflamed skin especially sensitive to mechanical stress, and secondly, there is a risk to stay with scratches that may eventually turn into scars. And, thirdly, it is unlikely the girls will be comfortable walking down the street in the summer with the patches.

What not to do with ingrown hairs on the body

So, if you find yourself on your feet ingrown hairs, do not panic. To begin to give up some time on hair removal and shaving, as this can injure and so damaged skin. And in any case, do not use a needle, tweezers and alcohol! As if you do not disinfect the problem area and the tools to bring an infection risk in this case is quite high.

However, despite such warnings cosmetologists and physicians, women continue to do things the old way. As a result of this "craft" sore spot begins to fester and after some time without the help of a surgeon so ekstrimalkam not do. But this does not mean that it is necessary to sit and wait for the lazy hair wants to climb out, since such a miracle would not happen ever.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Peeling

If the inflammation is not strong, and you are free to touch the area where there has been ingrowth, try to make easy peeling using conventional cosmetic scrub. It can be purchased at any store or prepare their own coffee beans from chalking and pomegranate.

Do this procedure should be twice a day - morning and evening. This will help get rid of keratinized particles that interfere with the rod through the skin grow up. By the way, for a day or two before the hair removal is recommended to purify the body, to further avoid ingrown.

  • The remedy for rashes

With highly inflamed skin and pustules this trick will not work, because the friction will only aggravate and so is not a very pleasant situation. In this case, it is recommended to put on the problem area facility that is used for acne. Cream, tonic, mask - all of which help reduce pain, reduce the area of ​​redness, speed healing. Lubricate the skin should be several times a day until the problem persists.

  • Steaming

Get rid of ingrown hair on the legs is much more difficult, if it was deep enough under the skin. Try to make hot compresses of decoctions of chamomile, oak bark and yarrow. Pour boiling water over the grass, leave a quarter of an hour to brew it, and the water is cooled to the desired temperature, comfortable for lotions. Take a small soft towel, wet it and apply to problem areas. A few minutes later, as soon as the fabric becomes cool again, repeat the procedure.

Usually, missing two or three times to steaming through the skin on his feet slipped hair. If this does not happen, you should seek the help of a beautician, as you cope, unfortunately, can not succeed. Also it can go so that redness and inflammation on the body appeared a completely different reason.

  • A solution of salt

Half a cup of large sea salt mixed with two teaspoons of aromatic oils (orange, pink or lavender) and moisturizer. It should get a thick mass. This tool is applied on the skin and thoroughly pounded. After five minutes, rinse with copious amounts of scrub of cool water, and dry thoroughly with a towel and apply a healing solution. To do this, dissolve one hundred grams of salicylic alcohol with fifty grams of tincture of calendula. Once the agent is absorbed, lubricate the damaged areas of baby cream or oil.

  • Aspirin

Also, get rid of ingrown hairs can be with two aspirin and a hundred milliliters of purified water. The resulting solution wipe the skin immediately after removal of the vegetation on the body. He will remove the inflammation, irritation, a little numb. If you take this advice into service, it will never have this problem.

To pull rod, mix the aspirin with glycerin and apply slurry on the inflamed area in a couple of hours, no less. Once the head appears above the surface, gently get rid of ingrown hairs with tweezers. But in any case, do not pick out his pins or needles. Do not forget to wipe the treated area with a disinfectant.

  • Concoctions and hydrogen peroxide

Mix these two ingredients in equal proportions and apply the mixture to the affected areas for fifteen minutes. Attention, during the procedure may occur burning and tingling! There is nothing terrible, but if there will be pain, immediately rinse with plenty of water means.

After the procedure, lubricate the feet nourishing moisturizer or baby cream to soften skin. With these procedures, you will be able to get rid of ingrown hair in just one or two days, and the body does not remain sores, redness, swelling and inflammation.

Be careful, as the mixture of concoctions peroxide can not be too long to keep the body. In this case, the usual rule regarding the fact that the longer you go with the mask, the better, is not valid. By the way, after the application of the marsh plants accelerates hair growth, and if not in your best interest to daily shaving her legs, it is not necessary to experiment with time and amount of ingredients.

 how to get rid of ingrown hair on legs alone

Getting rid of ingrown hairs in the cabin

  • Electrolysis

This method allows you to painlessly resolve this problem in any areas of the skin, without resorting to surgery. Should such a procedure is relatively inexpensive, but the positive effects will be seen immediately. However, in advanced cases, especially when the ingrown hair began to rot, electrolysis will not help.

  • Ointments and creams

Some beauty salons offer to clients to deal with the consequences of a failure of hair removal using special sprays, gels, creams and similar cosmetic products. In the future, you can buy in pharmacies or in the same institution, to use it every time there is a problem.

  • Laser hair removal

Using the laser can remove deeply ingrown hairs that without help out not come out. It is recommended to contact a specialist as soon as you find a problem, do not wait to increase the focus of inflammation. Moreover, thanks to the laser, you avoid skin pigmentation.

 How to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs after epilation?

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