Spring manicure


  • Yellow flowers
  • Tenderness
  • Spring is coming - spring street
  • Manicure with foil - the current trend of the coming spring

The sun shines brighter, the nature wakes up somewhere already sounds spring drops .... This means that many approaching a favorite time of year - spring. Together with nature and we wake up. In the image appears more vibrant accents are replaced by boring trousers skirts, hats and scarves to hide the far shelf, giving the freedom to develop in the warm wind hair. Spring mood affects even the most sullen people, because in those days, it is impossible not to smile!

Today we tell you how to add the image more vivid colors. How? It's very simple! You just have to choose the time and make yourself a manicure spring. For starters, let's see what surprises we have prepared the fashion this season. So:

  • What are nails in fashion, long or short? It is short, since the naturalness again at the peak of popularity;
  • What form to choose? It all depends on the shape of the fingers themselves. Or simply guided by the base claw. It tells you how to file, whether round or square, or better to shovel;
  • Do I need to build? In the unanimous opinion of stylists - no. Again, it is the naturalness of fashion;
  • How to do a manicure, which will last at least a week? Very simple. Get a special base before painting basis and apply it to the nails. And the top is covered with fixing varnish. So manicure is able to last up to two weeks;
  • What colors to choose neutral or contrast? Remember - manicure, appropriate shade of lipstick, it looks elegant. But it is not necessary to adhere to this rule. Primarily focused on the mood;
  • This spring in vogue turquoise color. It will look great in tandem with makeup, made in natural colors;
  • Red nail looks good not only on long nails. Scarlet nails and bright lipstick to match - undying classic of the genre;
  • Actual and dark blue manicure. But do not combine it with dark lipstick, eye make-up to perform better in the style of «smoky eyes», using the purple hues of shadows;
  • Crimson color - rich, really spring. It can be combined with emerald shadows, not only bright, but also pastel.

With the basic principles that we dictate the spring of this year, manicure, clear. Now let's look at some examples to help you create a unique and colorful way.

 beautiful spring manicure

Yellow flowers

You will need: basic coverage, fixer, acrylic paint, needle or toothpick brush to paint on nails.

  • You must first apply foundation to dry it thoroughly;
  • Take the dish, squeezing to paint yellow and burgundy shades. No mixing, just next;
  • Flat brush dipped in yellow paint on the one hand, maroon - on the other. Start drawing a daisy while two colors; Figure get to the middle of the dark, but will remain bright petals;
  • Leves draws green paint;
  • Black tone make the stroke pattern, pre-diluted with water paint. Thus, the line would look softer;
  • Take a needle or toothpick and complete the picture by putting a few yellow dots at the base of the bud;
  • Apply two coats to figure fixer.


You will need: base, hardener, acrylic paints and flat brush.

  • Apply foundation, we wait until dry;
  • Flat brush dipped on one side red, the other - white;
  • Draw any flower in two colors at the same time;
  • You should not hurry and make sudden movements, the line should be smooth, easy;
  • Sprigs draws white paint, put some points using a toothpick;
  • Tighten all two layers of sealant.

Spring is coming - spring street

This spring in vogue as bright and matte shades. Preference is given to pastel tones and abstract patterns. To create the next spring manicure, you will need: nail polish shade of mint, white and black paint, a fixer and a thin brush.

  • Getting a manicure with nail polish application mint. Apply the first layer, giving dry, then the second layer;
  • Now, the upper corners of each claw paint matte white paint. Let the line will not be smooth, but a little tortuous, so figure will be more gentle;
  • Next, take a brush, dipped it in black paint, remove the excess and draw out a white contour zone. In the middle of doing a slight curve, leaving the white. It should look something like a bow;
  • According cents each draws a bow knot - put flyspecked using a toothpick and white lacquer;
  • Do not forget to cover the image fixing means.

This manicure is not only decorate your nails, but also to cheer up. After all, his figure so like young grass timidly punched out of the ground.

 Trendy Spring manicure

Manicure with foil - the current trend of the coming spring

To create this manicure you will need: paint color aqua, foil manicure, cotton swab, clear varnish.

  • Here are the nails in order: to shape, remove the cuticle;
  • Apply turquoise nail polish;
  • Further, we are working with foil. The material is very thin, so it accurately cut into small triangles;
  • These blanks must be glue with a damp cotton swab to not completely dried paint;
  • As a result, you should be covered with foil 1/3 nail in the upper right corner;
  • Foil, peering beyond the fingernail, you can remove the nail file - easy to cut;
  • Top apply clearcoat as a fixative.

A variety of nail design will allow you to be fashionable in any situation, to show themselves to others with the best hand. It's so important for women to look perfect, from hairstyles, and ending with his fingertips. We hope you will succeed! Give yourself a good mood, smile more often. Let spring come not only outside, but also in the shower!

 Spring manicure - the mood at your fingertips

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 how to quickly increase breast


  • Proper diet: key to success
  • Special clothes: a little secret of successful women
  • Supplements: Myths and Reality
  • Vacuum massage: brilliant invention or another toy
  • Magic pills or why the breasts grow by leaps and bounds
  • Estrogen creams: and I want to, and prickly
  • Sex as a universal remedy
  • Exercises to increase bust
  • Traditional recipes of beauty or Danger!
  • Plastic: the best option, or extreme measures

Generally very happy owner of a magnificent bust of a little want to reduce it, and those who by nature are not lucky with this - to increase. Unfortunately, without plastic surgery to quickly jump from the first to the third size is impossible, but to correct the form and add a little volume - easily. It would be the desire and patience, and then the chest will appear.

Creams, ointments, dietary supplements, special pills, hardware cosmetology - whether the funds will help to get the coveted plater or is it another hoax? In fact, breast enlargement without surgery - the procedure is rather complicated. In addition, sometimes it is impossible to determine the fine line between a quality product, which has passed numerous tests, and subtle advertising course experienced marketers. And for some reason rarely remembered the fair sex that instructors specially designed exercises can also give small positive results.

Proper diet: key to success

To begin to understand that when a girl sits on a diet, the first thing thinner chest and ass, and when recovering - there are sides and belly. Try to find a middle ground and start to eat right so that your body did not feel constant stress. Imagine that the human body - a house that you need to constantly build. But you exclude from the diet of construction materials - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, then what is?

So eat beans, figs, broccoli, cherries, apples, garlic, carrots and other vegetables, fruits and spices, which include phytoestrogen. As it turned out, a substance similar to human hormones, so it can affect the size of the bust.

But, unfortunately, to achieve a positive effect, the fair sex would have to eat pounds of these foods. And excessive absorption, for example, soya can cause health problems (cancer, obesity, problems with metabolism, etc.). So sometimes we have to choose: either breast augmentation or graceful waist. However, it is still possible to avoid sharp fluctuations in weight, it is enough to play sports, and at least once in three days to rock the press, to run in the morning, doing exercises. And then the fat on the buttocks, arms and sides will not appear.

But in any case, do not settle for "magic" drink (tea, tincture of hops, herbal tea) available in pharmacies for a fortune, since they are rarely effective. And instead of a beautiful lush breasts can make a whole bunch of diseases. Problems with the stomach and the endocrine system of the fair sex, dared to such an experiment will be provided.

 how to enlarge breasts for a week

Special clothes: a little secret of successful women

Do you think one day is impossible to increase a bust? You are wrong, just use special clothes with a push-up cups. This method is good for those who want to flaunt at corporate parties, or a party with an open neck, but shy of its forms. The main thing - to choose a good and comfortable bra that can be worn almost every day.

Supplements: Myths and Reality

He says advertising is - a panacea, and all ills! Supplements are able to solve any problem, starting with hemorrhoids, finishing small breasts. One or two capsules a day - and you are successful, beautiful skaters. But, unfortunately, the reality is different. Before you purchase a package of tools read his composition: yeast, hops and other substances, which perhaps you do not even have heard of. Month of these additives bring you except to march to the endocrinologist, but not to the coveted and elusive dream.

Vacuum massage: brilliant invention or another toy

Twenty years ago, almost all channels in full advertised small devices with which you can in just one month, "pump up" a huge bust. Breast enlargement is due to the blood flow. You just need to put a cup on his chest and set up a pump that will deflate the air out of the device.

Today, the demand for these products is not so great, as not all women believe a vacuum massage can work wonders. In fact, you need to spend more than one day for such procedures to achieve a positive effect. Usually on the second or third week of the machine fill up in the corner cabinet and safely forget about it.

Such an increase in the bust carries its risks. Firstly, the constant mechanical effects for twenty to thirty days is very dangerous as it can lead to microtrauma sagging and stretching. Secondly, a month after you stop using the vacuum massager, breast begin to decline, which is a huge disadvantage.

Magic pills or why the breasts grow by leaps and bounds

How to quickly increase breast without special effort? You think tabletochku take? In no case do not do it! Propyl pills one month, maybe you will achieve the desired effect, but, again, strongly undermine health. Breast enlargement is due to hormones, which can behave unpredictably. These same changes occur in the body with those each month uses birth control pills or antidepressants.

Estrogen creams: and I want to, and prickly

Of course, the topical application of creams hormone (estrogen or phytoestrogens) is not as dangerous as in the pill, but the effectiveness of their much lower. In general, a positive result is held monthly, sometimes a half. But if you do not put on the body similar means every day, no effect will. From creams, ointments and other "inventions" can expect a slight increase in volume - up to four to five millimeters in the first week, to a centimeter a month.

 how to increase the breast of the day

Sex as a universal remedy

How long has it turned out, regular sex is not only pleasant, but also useful for the female body. He can get rid of the common cold, headache, elevate mood, improve appetite and can cause a slight increase in the bust. Of course, this does not mean that we should make love every day, and to exhaustion partners, but once a month is also not an option.

Exercises to increase bust

Performing a set of exercises every day, you have one month notice positive results: the chest tightened, will be more resilient and will add welcome centimeters. In this case there is an increase in muscle located under the breasts, and thereby changing the size.

  • Push-ups from the floor

Take the emphasis lying, palm position at the shoulders, straighten your back. At the expense of time to descend to the account of the two - rise. Make sure that the housing remain straight. Do the exercises quickly and correctly to the muscles do not cool down. Try to do every day, two sets of twenty times.

  • Exercise with dumbbells

Be straight, feet - shoulder-width apart. Inhale - hands get divorced in hand, exhale - climb up and then slowly fall down. Instead of dumbbells you can use any weights - books, half-liter bottles of water, etc. In this case it is important that the weight of "weights" was less than one kilogram.

Carrying out exercises at home, the girls do not always take care of themselves, their posture and sequence loads. Therefore it is very important the first time to engage with the instructor. You can enroll in yoga, shaping, aerobics, which will help you choose or develop a set and show all you need to perform. Normally classes are held two or three times a week.

 how to increase the chest in the past month

Traditional recipes of beauty or Danger!

Increase bust for many women becomes an obsession, and they are willing to go to any risks, just to achieve a positive effect. But few people think that many folk recipes pose hidden threat. After all, if it were that easy, why so popular services plastic surgeons?

  • Applications for the chest

Be careful breast augmentation with mustard can lead to cancer or the appearance of a tumor. Therefore, application of the burning agents that stimulate blood flow, it is better not to do. If you do decide to play Russian roulette with your health, then go through each month inspection at mammalogy and once a year visit the oncologist.

  • Raw dough and yeast: Pros and Cons

More recently, the fair sex is very much believed that due to the yeast can quickly acquire the third-fourth the size. If you think that eating raw dough for a month you will be Pamela Anderson, you are greatly mistaken. Maximum, which will achieve - is indigestion. Even those for whom breast augmentation - the primary task, the risk is not worth it.

  • Beer belly or what grows

Drink several times a month is good and expensive beer made from hops. It contains phytoestrogens have a positive effect on breast augmentation. Is it because the Germans at all times differed beautiful breasts? However, the dose should be controlled, since, firstly, by increasing the midsection of the beverage, and, secondly, alcoholism has not been canceled. But the non-alcoholic beer can be consumed almost every day.

In our time to find a natural product is very difficult. To reduce costs and increase profits, manufacturers are at different tricks and added to the beverage chemistry. Therefore, purchase only the beer, which has a relatively low shelf life.

Plastic: the best option, or extreme measures

Very quickly increase breast several sizes - is not easy. Unfortunately, you can try a thousand ways and not achieve positive results. In such cases, the fair sex are solved on operation, which, incidentally, are not cheap.

If we talk about the advantages, it should be noted the high efficiency and fast positive result. As for the cons, it poslereabilitatsionny period and painful procedure. But the quality and safety depends on the skill of the surgeon and his experience.

 How to quickly increase breast without surgery

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