how to whiten teeth at home


  • Why do teeth turn yellow?
  • Simple tips on how to whiten teeth at home

The 21st century dictates its conditions for women. If the nails, then surely groomed feet - on her high heels, hair - hair to hair. Just then the woman is considered beautiful. Although there is. About teeth forgotten something. A smile is sure to be snow-white. And the public is not important that dentists are now expensive, and with time the problem forever free. You want to impress others? Learn to take care of yourself at home. That modern girls break their heads over how to whiten teeth at home and make yourself a manicure. And if a little nail problems do not arise (Know yourself updated time varnish), then whiten your teeth, not everyone can. Yes, and at home. Although it's easy enough to do. You just have to know a few secrets.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The first is to understand why your teeth are covered with yellow. Like and clean them twice a day and choose a good toothpaste and smiling still not impressive. Enemy number 1 white teeth is considered to be everybody's favorite coffee. Yes, it invigorates, yes, after it wants to move mountains, but the dark liquid, inter alia, enamel paints. Not the best goes with your smile and strong black tea. Therefore replace these drinks with mineral water or a decoction of herbs, and the problem is not so essential.

What else makes your teeth turn yellow? Oddly enough, but it may be too cold or hot drinks and food. Dentists explain this phenomenon by the fact that tooth enamel is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Cigarettes also contribute to the treasury of dental problems. Furthermore, smokers are at risk of not only the color of their smile, but the condition of the teeth as a whole. Therefore, it is worth considering whether a momentary pleasure of your health.

 whiten teeth at home

Simple tips on how to whiten teeth at home

So the causes of yellowing teeth sorted out. Now go to the immediate bleaching. Just want to say that it is quick and absolutely not difficult. All auxiliary components for the bleach can be found in every kitchen. So throw away the fear aside and forward to the snow-white smile.

Baking soda

Oddly enough, but to return the smile shine and whiteness can usually baking soda. Apply a small layer of baking soda on your toothbrush and gently brush the enamel. Try not to hurt the gums, or you might damage them. Remember that this bleaching can be carried out not more than once a week, or thinned tooth enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide

Blondes certainly perked up when he heard a familiar term. Yes, hydrogen peroxide can not only discolor hair, but quickly whiten teeth. To do this, put on a cotton swab with a bit of liquid peroxide and gently rub the teeth. Do not overdo it, otherwise stay without enamel. By the way, dentists are categorically against this method, assuming that the hydrogen peroxide can greatly worsen the condition of the teeth. So do not spend like bleaching once a month.

activated carbon

In fact, our grandmothers used to whiten your teeth with charcoal wood, but we will not force you to kindle a fire and burn the logs. It is enough to get the first aid kit from the package of activated carbon. You get it? Now rub a few pills into powder and gently spread the mixture on the black surface of the teeth (gums usually do not touch). But do not expect that coal will act quickly. This is very good whitening effect after repeated use. Do not forget that you can brush your teeth with coal no more than once a week.

Lemon zest

You probably drink tea with lemon house. So next time, getting a lemon from the refrigerator, remove the knife slice peel and rub their teeth. Of course, the immediate effect is not worth waiting, but in combination with other precautionary measures (to drink less coffee and more likely to brush their teeth) is uniquely your enamel becomes whiter.

Strawberries and strawberry

That's what means will delight all women without exception. Still would! No need to endure harsh taste of soda, choking on the smell of peroxide and launder teeth from activated carbon. Know yourself eat berries and whitens enamel! Of course, a quick white smile does not work, but on the other hand, you can eat more strawberries, citing the dosage measures. Incidentally, this method can be combined with any of the above. Oh, then that your teeth exactly shine like a Hollywood beauties.

Whitening Strips

That means that you just will not find in your medicine cabinet whitening strips need to buy special, and they are intended only to improve the color of the front teeth (from canine to canine). But here you can quickly and without any difficulty restore the beauty of the smile. Just do not buy whitening strips in the transitions and do not forget to read the instructions before use.

We hope that these tips will help you not only whiten your teeth, but little to improve their self-esteem. After all, in life sometimes related to the currently playing the most important role. He likes the girl herself? The world responds to her feelings. And sometimes it happens that a woman is not sure of herself, running like a squirrel, for the eternal circle of "work - home - home - work" and nothing it does not please. As a result, all associates are beginning to treat it accordingly. So think: Maybe instead of teeth whitening spend time reading books on psychology? Or go to any training? You can just do auto-training. The main thing - to love yourself.

 How to whiten your teeth at home: 1000 and 1 secret

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 How to whiten your teeth folk remedies


  • Step one: strengthen teeth
  • Step Two: Getting bleaching
  • Gently whitening!
  • The perfect smile or how to properly care for your teeth
  • Yellow Teeth - health problems

Folk remedies to whiten your teeth at home - it would seem that could be easier? But in fact, not all beauty recipes, we inherited from our mothers and grandmothers, are equally useful and safe. In some cases, such experiments are fraught with quite serious consequences. And hypersensitivity is not the biggest problem. Damage and destruction of enamel of healthy teeth - that's what to be afraid of the fair sex, dared to experience the soda, vinegar, salt, citric acid, peroxide and many similar ingredients.

Step one: strengthen teeth

Before you decide on teeth whitening folk remedies, go see your dentist and properly strengthen the enamel. For a week or two before the procedure start daily consume milk and cheese, to replenish the body's calcium. Please note, cheap products, made from powders and chemical additives not only help, but also harm your health.

Also make it a rule in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth with a decoction of herbs. Not bad helps the tea tree, oak bark, chamomile, mint. Because of tinctures, you can get rid of bad breath and prevent the emergence of bacteria, because of which there is tooth decay, inflammation, periodontal disease and many similar diseases.

 means for whitening teeth

Step Two: Getting bleaching

Today, there are quite a number of methods and techniques that can help you become the owner of the smart snow-white smile. Like any self-whitening at home, and even folk remedies, it has its pros and cons. Therefore, we recommend pre-weigh carefully the pros and cons in order to avoid many unpleasant consequences.

  • Soda

Soda, which we are accustomed to add to the dough so that it has risen, has another remarkable property - it perfectly cleans teeth yellow. Until recently, it added to almost all whitening toothpaste, since it was believed that this ingredient is completely safe. But as it turned out, it quickly destroys the enamel, so abused her all the same it is not necessary.

So, mix baking soda with lemon juice in a ratio of one to one, then add there a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide (just three percent). Moisten a cotton swab and gently rub her teeth, and then rinse your mouth with copious amounts of warm water. After this procedure, we recommend two o'clock to refrain from consumption of food and fluids (especially strong cold or hot). Use these recipes, in practice it is recommended no more than once a week.

If you are afraid to damage the enamel, try more loyal whitening method. When cleaning is added to the paste a small amount of baking soda (on the tip of a knife). Thus, the load is distributed evenly, the surface of the teeth hardly scratched and unpleasant taste is imperceptible.

  • Peroxide

Previously, women using peroxide clarified eyebrows, hair, and even skin to achieve the noble pale color. Later beauties started to use this tool for combating natural yellowing enamel and emerged intact. They are either wiped teeth soaked in a liquid with a cotton swab or rinse your mouth after brushing with a solution (one hundred forty milliliters of water drops of peroxide). Ten days later, the smile becomes a snow-white, and the result lasts for a long time. However, to predict the consequences of such procedures is extremely difficult.

  • activated carbon

Packaging of tablets (ten pieces) grind in a coffee grinder to form a powder or crumble knife. The wet brush lightly dip in the corner, and then proceed with a thorough cleaning of the teeth. Five minutes later, rinse your mouth with a decoction of herbs to remove residues.

  • Tar

Some of the more complex recipes also deserve your attention. So, for example, you can prepare a completely safe toothpaste, which should be used every day. Dry in the microwave or oven banana peel, Peremel it in a blender or coffee grinder with a teaspoon of dry resin and sea salt. The resulting powder, add a small amount of olive oil to the mixture is creamy and not spreading. Apply to the gums and teeth in the morning and in the evening after eating.

  • Salt

To prepare the paste of salt you will need to pack tooth powder, half a teaspoon of fine white salt, which should be ground to a powder, and baking soda. Thoroughly mix all ingredients. It is recommended to use this means no more than once every two weeks.

  • Lime

To whiten slightly yellowed teeth every morning, wipe them with fresh lemon juice. However, these recipes do not fit the fair sex with sensitive gums or dental caries, as acid can cause unpleasant burning a sensation in the mouth. Unfortunately, the result in this case will not be seen right away, plus the perfect whiteness you are unlikely to get anywhere.

In any case not using lemon peel since it may contain chemical additives. Sometimes manufacturers of fruit and vegetables covered by special mixtures or wax to make them easier to transport and store. Therefore, even for food with overseas delicacies should scrape the peel.

  • Berries

Strawberry and many other berries contain bleaching agents that will not harm your health. Suffice it once a week to make a three-minute mask from fresh berries. After the procedure is better to clean the teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

 means for whitening teeth

Gently whitening!

Please note that not all people are suitable methods and means for whitening teeth. Self-medication products and non-professional products from the refrigerator to avoid those who have small cracks formed on the enamel or tooth decay, periodontal disease patients, pregnant. Do not experiment ladies who are allergic to a particular ingredient.

Previously advised to consult with your dentist, who will tell to you the best option. However, in most cases, an expert will discourage their patients from self-medication, as some recipes can spoil even the most healthy and strong teeth.

Common misconceptions people whitening teeth at home

  • Traditional recipes are always efficacious

It all depends on what results you expect to receive. If your primary goal - brightening teeth on one tone, you will not be disappointed (a week or two to clean off the plaque from tobacco, beverages and food). But perfectly white Hollywood smile with the help of improvised means you will not get even when brushing your teeth every day will be soda and peroxide.

  • There innocuous folk methods of whitening

Completely safe methods do not. But if you do not resort to such cleanings more often than once or twice a month, enamel is not damaged and it begins to crumble. Note that a lot depends on the state of the teeth of the fair sex. Patients prone to tooth decay and certainly not withstand such loads.

  • Home whitening results last long

In fact, the resulting effect is short-lived and enjoy the snow-white smile, you can up to three days, after which the teeth will again start to darken. Part of the reason lies in the dye contained in the food we consume daily, in part - in genetics.

The perfect smile or how to properly care for your teeth

If you want as little as possible to apply to the dentist and forget about yellowing teeth once and for all? Often the plaque comes from the non-observance of elementary norms of hygiene, which are often some of the fair sex do not even know. For example, the dental floss used in our country units. Not to mention the special powders and rinses.

  • Shoe

Firstly, the need to brush the teeth twice a day - in the morning and evening. And only twice a week, you should use whitening toothpaste in the rest of the time - the usual fluoride. Be sure to study the labels on the packages and get products for daily use.

By the way, you need to squeeze in the brush a small amount of toothpaste (about the size of a pea). By the time the cleaning procedure should take about three minutes. This is sufficient to remove all the resulting plaque and food particles without damaging the enamel and gums.

  • Brush tool

It should be changed at least once every three months. During this time, on the surface begin to intensively breed bacteria, which then can lead to serious disease. If the bristles are worn out ahead of time, dispose of it without regret. As soon as you have been ill with influenza, acute respiratory infections, sore throat and other viral diseases, change the brush.

  • Mouthwash

Unfortunately, the benefits of mouthrinse know a few ladies. But this tool has whitening, antibacterial and refreshing properties. You can buy ready-made products and to prepare infusions and decoctions of its own, using the popular recipes beauty.

  • Proper nutrition

For whiter teeth also affects food. Coffee, wine, tea and other beverages, containing natural and chemically dyes, lead to yellowing of teeth. Eat as many fish, rich in fluorine, milk, liver, beef, eggs, apples and carrots. Try to give the load on the jaw and do not rub the grated fruit and vegetables.

 whitening folk remedies

Yellow Teeth - health problems

And, last but not least - if your smile abruptly turned dark yellow and mouth came an unpleasant smell, pass a comprehensive examination. Do not start immediately to use traditional remedies. Teeth whitening - is the last thing you need to think in this case. These changes indicate that your body that something is wrong. Remember, the first step should be to find the cause and not the symptoms resolve.

 How to whiten your teeth folk remedies at home

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