black spots on the face


  • The cause of black spots
  • Prevention of blackheads
  • How to remove black dots on the face

What a pity that the seasons alternate the weather outside the window and the changes in our wardrobe. Agree, it would be nice if the first drippings held acne and dark spots on the face would melt together with the last snow! But, alas, it is - just a figment of women's imagination and another manifestation of the girl's laziness. What does the lazy? Just only a man, not accustomed to look after themselves, could be tempted to all defects "melted" on their own. But we all know that the struggle with acne need not through desire, and in the chair at the cosmetician. And to ask, how to remove black dots on the face, do not have effective spring wind, and the doctor-dermatologist.

As you may have guessed, we are in this article will focus on the shortcomings of the skin. Namely - about black spots that spoil their appearance is not one girl's face. Add to this the traditional women's mistrust, and you'll see that the usual spot on the skin sometimes becomes a problem of universal scale. Well, let's learn to get rid of this scourge.

 How to remove black dots on the face

The cause of black spots

Black points - nothing else like hardened sebum, clogged pores. Most often they "settle" to the so-called T-zone (nose, forehead), since in these regions the most oily facial skin. By the way, the excess fat is a stimulant and the appearance of black dots on the face, so that they do not appear sufficiently well defat the skin. However, about how to remove black dots on the face, let's talk a little later, but for now will continue to list the reasons why this deficiency is formed.

So, we have seen that the first fall in the risk zone holders of oily skin. Second in the list of "lucky" followed by teenagers. Hormonal imbalance often leads not only to the disobedience and rapid challenging views of parents, but also to the appearance of blackheads. By the way, those who drink hormonal tablets, too, is wary of appearing on the face of comedones. Not protected against blackheads and pregnant and lactating mothers. In short, they are (comedones), no one is immune.

By the way, the reason for the appearance of black spots on the face and body can become favorite potatoes, fried in lard. If you do not eat potatoes, and the person is still in the dark spots, eliminate from the diet of sweet and spicy. Go on a diet food and stop drinking sodas. Thus you will be able to deal effectively not only with comedones, but also with obesity.

But most of the black dots do not appear on the hormonal failure and from the elementary inability (or unwillingness) of women to look after themselves. Someone badly washed off makeup before bed. Someone picked up the incorrect nourishing cream. Well, some did ignore the modern cosmetics, believing it unnecessary emission of money. To object to such people is easy. It is only necessary to calculate how much energy, time and money they spend on it to remove the black spots from the face. And do not hope that they will not appear. Illiterate skincare necessarily turns problems. It's a fact.

Prevention of blackheads

Now is the time to teach our readers to prevent the appearance of black spots on the face. We are confident that many of the items will be familiar to you, therefore, to care for a problem should arise.

  1. Never go to bed, do not wash the face with makeup. Such tricks were only in adolescence. But then the makeup on her face was less, and the skin itself looks much better.
  2. Every week, remove the dead skin cells and moisturize the skin scrub mask for the face.
  3. Drink 2 liters of clean water a day. Do not like water? Replace it with a decoction of herbs. Here are just a caffeinated advise not to go to far. He'd certainly will not benefit your skin. Of course, the black dots on the face of the coffee does not appear, but the yellow color of the face and teeth is unlikely anyone will appreciate.
  4. Get enough sleep. You know, as the old proverb? To look good, you need to go on the wrong day, when you need to wake up.
  5. Eat right. This is what we have already said. Even the readers probably know more than one recipe for a balanced diet. But somehow all at McDonalds and cosmetologists this does not become less.

 How to remove black dots on the face

How to remove black dots on the face

Assume that the black dots on the face already appeared and preventive measures carried out too late. How to remove blackheads? The first thing that comes to mind - it is a professional beautician. That he will be able in a few sessions to transform your skin into a real masterpiece of purity. But what if a woman has no time to appeal to the salon? Or elemental no means a beautician? Then it is necessary to learn how to deal with black dots on the face of their own. Moreover, it is not so difficult.

  • The leader in the fight against comedones is cleansing. In order to deal with it without the help of a cosmetologist, you need only an hour of free time and a small store of knowledge. First rasparte skin (hold your head over the hot broth of herbs or lie down for five minutes with a hot towel on your face). Then disinfect hands and gently squeeze the blackheads, pressing his fingers on both sides of clogged pores. Finally, wipe the skin tonic containing alcohol, and wash your hands thoroughly. If the first attempt to remove black dots does not work, do not push hard skin. So comedo has not "matured" and should postpone the procedure at any time.
  • The second way to get rid of blackheads is still used by our grandmothers. They applied a thin layer of toothpaste on the affected area before bedtime. Per night pasta took away excess fat and dried comedo.
  • If toothpaste does not work, grate raw potatoes. Lightly press the resulting pulp and apply it on the skin. Soak the potato mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • No less impressive results in the fight against the black dots is credited with tomatoes. To the vegetable able to overcome your problem, you need to take off his skin, chop the pulp and apply a thick layer on the face. The mask is ready!
  • If you do not want to spend time on household production of masks can cleanse your skin with special strips. Place the strip on the problem area, give it time to act and remove the plaster with black dots. It's simple.

Those who fought with black dots all existing methods, and the result did not see, we hasten to reassure. Do not despair! Comedones - time thing. Time will pass, and your skin will shine again. The main thing - do not forget about diet and observe proper skin care.

 Art to be beautiful: remove black dots on the face

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 how to remove bags under the eyes


  • Why do I get bags under the eyes
  • Bags under the eyes: To prevent the emergence of
  • How to remove bags under the eyes at home
  • Blepharoplasty: cardinal measure against the bags under the eyes

By the age of 30 every woman should learn not only a masterful cook soup, but also to look after themselves. At the same time it does not matter what it looks endowed by nature. Modern cosmetology teaches wrapping all the disadvantages into advantages, but that could not fix - in the personal highlight. But what really does not paint any woman, so it is bags under the eyes. They sometimes can not be washed off with cold water, or hide under a thick layer of makeup. Will only sunglasses. But you're not going to go into them in the room, right? Therefore it is necessary to know how to remove bags under the eyes, to your opinion again turned into a weapon, not further proof you are no longer young age, or roughly held the evening before. By the way, it's not hard and certainly does not hurt (unless of course you do not make an appointment with a plastic surgeon).

Why do I get bags under the eyes

Before we deal with some problem, you must first determine the cause of its occurrence. Typically, bags under the eyes - a genetic predisposition of the body. There are people who drink an immense amount of liquid, do not sleep for days, while their eyes clear and the skin under his eyes as a baby. But if you are among them, you would not be reading these lines now, right? So genetics you are less fortunate.

Typically, bags under the eyes appear after:

  • lack of sleep;
  • excessive fluid intake at night;
  • oily and spicy food.

If you only eat diet foods, do not drink a lot of water, sleep well (you like a man, not some saint?), And bags will still appear, it's time to make an appointment to see a doctor because of smoke without fire as the bags under the eyes for no apparent reason.

 bags under the eyes, how to remove

Bags under the eyes: To prevent the emergence of

Somehow, many women aware of their problem and even about the reasons for its appearance, still lead their familiar way of life, and in the morning once again frustrated at the sight of under-eye puffiness, and begin to puzzle over how to reduce bags under the eyes . Lovely girls, when you already understand that small preventative measures will help not only to save time that you spend the morning on the smearing puffiness under the eyes, but also to spare the nerves (well, someone tell me, like swollen aunt in the mirror, to respond to your name ?). Especially that do-nothing would have only:

  • sleep at least 8 hours a day (a luxury in our time);
  • stop drinking fizzy drinks (champagne, too, is one of them);
  • Speaking of champagne: drinking, too, will have to limit (especially at night);
  • c What else ought to say goodbye, it's a greasy, spicy and sweet food (so not only do we get rid of bags under the eyes, but also to remove unwanted wrinkles on the sides and on the testimony of extra dividing floor scales);
  • before going to bed, make sure that you are on the bed waiting for orthopedic pillow, not a huge mess down from your grandmother's reserves;
  • the level of the head during sleep should be above the level of the body;
  • Recently usually advised not to drink a lot of fluids the night. I guess what part of the body goes afternoon tea? That's right.

How to remove bags under the eyes at home

But what if in the early morning at you from the mirror looked battered woman with terrible bags under the eyes? Writes to the beautician? At work too late. Stroll the working day? It is certainly tempting, but you're not at school, where unlearned lesson became the reason for non-attendance to class. One can only think about how to remove bags under the eyes at home.

  1. First look for their salvation in the freezer. Beauticians all countries claim that the ice perfectly removes puffiness and eliminates circles under the eyes. You can pre-freeze the tea or broth of parsley. In principle, any suitable grass. The main thing that you had to reserve 15 minutes to the ice completed the therapeutic effect.
  2. The following method - this is a long familiar to all tea compresses. Brew tea bags, squeeze a little paper bags, place them on your eyes. Lie in this position for about 15 minutes The main thing here - do not sleep as well as a hot compress to cool relaxing and you really run the risk to remain at home.
  3. In the spring and summer when the gardens delight the greens, you will have less to wrestle in thought, how to reduce under-eye circles. We need a bunch of parsley and butter. Chop the parsley until mushy state, mixed with 20 grams of butter, put on the problem area. Dwell time - 15 minutes. Just do not forget to treat the area of ​​the eye lotion without alcohol content after washed off the mask.
  4. When parsley helps, bags under the eyes will be removed potato packs. Boil the potatoes in their skins, allow it to cool slightly, then cut into two pieces and attach to the swollen area. Soak in the potato "captive" for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse your eyes with cool water.
  5. The most impatient readers will help get rid of bags under the eyes of an ordinary cucumber. Especially as a mask out of it do not need. Suffice it to cut a small piece of juicy vegetables and attach it to the eyes.

 how to remove bags under the eyes at home

Blepharoplasty: cardinal measure against the bags under the eyes

There are no unsolvable problems. But, unfortunately, many of them eventually progresses, becoming annoying obsession. So with bags under his eyes. Like a couple of years ago, you could quickly recover eyes freshness, using one of the above ways of dealing with bags, whereas today, and swelling more and get rid of them more and more difficult. In such cases, any help come to terms with the lack of, or seek help from a plastic surgeon.

And do not be so scared recoil from the monitor. Today, surgery to remove bags under the eyes is not only carried out under local anesthesia, but also considered the most simple. Its essence lies in the fact that the surgeon makes an incision laser on the lower eyelid and gently removes excess fatty tissue that tormented you lately. And yet! No more puddles of blood and a crazy-sized implants, which is famous for plastic surgery.

But before you run to calculate the cost of the operation, let us give a few tips:

  1. Be sure to ask for help only a qualified surgeon.
  2. During the visit, view photos of customers, which operated on your future doctor.
  3. Do not forget to "punch" the surgeon on forums dedicated to plastic surgery.
  4. Carefully re-read the contract that you will give to blepharoplasty. Nowadays, plastic surgery clinics are reinsured so that shift the entire responsibility for an unsuccessful operation on customers.
  5. Do not be afraid. Hundreds of people have gone through this process and were satisfied with the result.

If plastic surgery is not included in your plans, and the household is able to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes does not work, accept yourself for who you are. Believe me, people see you the first 15 seconds, after which they become indifferent to the color of your hair and the presence of edema. They begin to analyze you as a person. But, you see, the bags under the eyes and personality - are two different things!

 A few tips on how to remove bags under the eyes

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