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Do you know what animal most popular in Russia? Roasted cock. It is he who makes the women recorded in the gym for a week before the trip to the sea and to buy expensive cream in 50 years, when wrinkles are already furrowed his face. No time to do everything - to pull the figure in early spring and regular care for their skin. But our girls are hoping for a magical "maybe" and as a result are very surprised when a week of training cellulite does not disappear, and the extra weight somehow remain in their places.

Do you think that in the end they begin to analyze our mistakes and lose weight in advance? Certainly not! Women prefer to criticize gyms, trainers, hormonal disruptions, but not myself. And only a small percentage of girls (continuing to complain about the external factors) begin serious fight cellulite and folds at the waist. They are recorded in the pool, go on a diet and arrange collective jogging in the morning. And those who go to training does not allow a busy work schedule, save the honey massage at home. Natural ingredients, not only warms the body and promotes weight loss, but also effectively eliminates cellulite. Therefore, if you want to have the sea and the old swimsuit does not fit in the figure, learn to lose weight on their own, especially the technique of honey massage is very simple.

The benefits of the honey

The fact that honey is useful, they know everything. Almost every family in the winter stored honey to add to tea for colds, compresses or just put in for a taste of pancakes. What are its characteristics? Firstly, it is entirely natural product. Secondly, honey contains many useful substances, as you will not find in any pharmacy packaging vitamins. Third, the honey bee is already processed, so it is very easily absorbed by our body.

Agree weight advantages. But that's the best use of these advantages of our women are somehow not in a hurry, preferring medicines and ointments overseas, which include exotic plants. However, they do not think about the fact that the Egyptian lotus, Muira Puama and Pfaff (if they exist in nature) will not be much more useful to the ordinary Russian daisies. And honey is able to do far more good than overseas grass, which you've never seen in the eyes. Convinced? Now let's see how to make honey massage.

 how to make honey massage

Technique honey massage

At first glance it is difficult enough to understand what lies the effectiveness of honey massage. Well, honey is applied to the skin, well, she patted her on the buttocks. And what happened kilos something? Especially suspicious are trying to obtain from the happy owner of a slim figure prescription diet even more skeptical decide that they simply cheated, and no miracles honey massage are not doing. But it really works. And in addition to the extra kilograms and cellulite, eliminates toxins from the human that had accumulated in the body. This massage is done in three stages (though very impatient, or too busy, you can leave the girls the first two points of procedure):

  1. Pilling and disclosure far

    First honey mixture is applied to the skin with light massage movements. Particles of sugar exfoliate dead skin cells, honey gradually heats the female body, helping to open the pores. This preparatory stage, without which it can not do any honey massage at home. You boil the potatoes before pounding it into mashed potatoes, right? So, your skin should be prepared for further massage. By the way, a mixture of honey for massage should be fresh, nezasaharennym. If others in your refrigerator is not found, put a thick mixture in a water bath and a little melted.

  2. Just massage

    Those who have been around long enough rubs honey porridge in the skin, preparing the body for massage, surely noticed that the end of the procedure, the palm began to adhere to the skin. This means that the preparatory phase is completed and it is time to start direct massage. No, to clean sticky hands off the body is not necessary. Conversely firmly press the palm against the skin, and with the power to tear them. You can yell if the procedure is quite painful (especially To those who have not made an epilation).

    Repeat on all problem areas. Only strongly do not zealous, or leave bruises on the body, and then will long to prove the second half that the fingerprints on your buttocks, not Cute young chief, who for six months is a stumbling block in the family scenes of jealousy.

  3. Vauum therapy

    This is especially welcome for persistent or desperate. Here the massage is done without hands, and a small jar or pialki. Attach the bowl to the sticky honey from the body and press gently. The body will push the excess air out of the jar and create a kind of vacuum that will help get rid of the extra kilos, and by the hated orange peel. But in order for this to happen, to hold a vacuum honey massage should be not less than half an hour. And it is better if before you spend as much time an ordinary honey massage hands.

 Appliances honey massage

Recipes mixes honey massage

Now that the technology is mastered honey massage, and you will be able not only to repeat it, but do it right, it's time to share recipes massage blends. Well, not as pure honey, we will coat yourself, right?

Honey-lavender mixture

This recipe is very good for those girls who work hard and often nervous. Honey warms the body, lavender calms the nerves. What else is needed for a Friday evening? At least a few drops of peppermint oil and lemon. If we talk about proportions, you will need to mix 2 heaped teaspoons of fresh honey, 3 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of peppermint oil and lemon. By the way, to the mixture is well kneaded, mix the butter first, and only then added to the mixture of fragrant honey.

Eucalyptus Honey massage

Where is our amateurs exotics? Especially for you Estheticians invented evkalptovuyu honey mixture, which, unlike the overseas creams and shampoos really bring the expected effect. For this to happen, mix 2 teaspoons of honey, 5 drops of lemon oil and 2 drops of oil of eucalyptus and lavender.

Juniper-honey mixture

Remember the piercing smell of juniper? And you want to make this scent for a long time lived in the bathroom and on your skin? To do this, add 2 teaspoons of honey, prepared for the massage, 3 drops of lemon and juniper oil and 2 drops of oil of lavender and orange. This mixture is recommended rubbed into the skin immediately after preparation. Therefore, set aside everything and proceed to the honey massage.

 how to make honey massage

Honey massage: Contraindications

Unfortunately, the fact that a single panacea for all the other turns the aggravation of existing sores. Therefore, to not turn honey massage for your hospital bed, carefully check the list of contraindications. The first warning readers in a hurry to do with allergies to honey. Unfortunately, honey massage does not threaten you. And do not make excuses that you will not have the sweet components of the mixture. The fact that honey is absorbed by all the particles of your skin, and it is much more serious than if you just swallowed a spoonful of sweetness.

Second on the list is followed by high blood pressure. We hasten to disappoint you, but honey massage raises the pressure, so look for another way to combat cellulite. During pregnancy, skin diseases, cancer, tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases as honey will serve bad service. Not recommended honey massage, and varicose veins. However, if you do not fall into this rather long list, you can safely carry out the procedure of honey massage and prepare for the summer holidays.

Subtleties of honey massage

To cellulite really fell under the yoke of sweet honey massage should not only correct, but also regularly. You will need at least 10-15 sessions (depending on the degree of neglect your problem) at intervals through the day. By the way, when you do a massage, listen to your own feelings. When massaging a particular area feels pain or discomfort, it is better to go to handling a different part of the body. One site should be massaged with a mixture of honey not more than 15 minutes. After the procedure, take a warm shower and thoroughly rinse off the honey from the body (with prolonged exposure to the skin, it can be toxic). You can also be applied to the skin moisturizer. Just do not overdo it, or can score a mixture of oily pores, you just so carefully purified.

We would like to warn very impatient - the effect of honey massage (especially if you do it at home and not in the cabin) will be noticeable no sooner than 6 days of regular use. Honey because you do not have a magic wand, right? So please be patient and .... honey!

 Honey massage at home: a cure for cellulite

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