how to make a leopard manicure


  • Leopard manicure - tap into the talent of the artist
  • Manicure using powder
  • Manicure Safety stamping art

Leopard print burst onto the catwalks back in the mid 60s. Fashion industry experts believe that this happened because of the famous actress of the time - sexy and charming Ursula Anders. Of course, today few people remember this stunning blonde in Switzerland, but it was she who first brought to the world the image of a cat. After a couple of decades the most extravagant fashion houses in Italy, such as the «Dolce & Gabbana» and «Roberto Cavalli» made leopard print their brand name.

And so it began the "wild jungle rebellion." His popularity then subsided, it was growing again, but it never went away completely. Catchy and stylish spotted pattern as established for extravagant women who do not see themselves without secular parties. Dresses, belts, scarves, handbags and even tights with leopard print probably ever found a place in every woman's wardrobe. But today we will talk not about them. We will tell you how to make a leopard manicure, which will undoubtedly be a great addition to any image.

Leopard manicure - tap into the talent of the artist

So, let's begin. To draw a cat pattern on your nails at home, you do not need any special tools. All that is required of you - it's a bit of patience. Remember high school art lessons and start creating!

  • First of all we prepare nails: remove old paint, attach a form (preferably oval) to put the base coat;
  • Now select the foreground color (for the classic version - it's beige) and cover their nails. If necessary, apply two coats;
  • Next, we use the white matt lacquer. Take a thin brush or toothpick and gently draw the rough spots on the entire surface of the nail. We do not stick to any standards - spots must be placed randomly. We try to figure does not spread;
  • When the spots are dry, take a black lacquer and encircle them. Do not make too smooth contour, so figure will look more natural;
  • Apply the fixing cover - our manicure ready.

 leopard manicure at home

Manicure using powder

To make this option manicure at home, you need not only the desired color varnishes, but also special bronze powder. It can be purchased at specialty stores.

  • Apply a layer of the main varnish, give it to dry;
  • Now you need a transparent varnish and dust. Remove the excess varnish on the edge of the vial, dip the brush into the powder and put dots on the nail;
  • After drying pattern, draw out its black lacquer;
  • Fix the result of a special coating.

At all. Go to conquer all the exquisite manicure done, mind you, in your own home!

 how to make yourself a manicure leopard

Manicure Safety stamping art

The most beautiful leopard manicure can be done using the special stamps and stencils. This technique is called stamping art. In order to master it, get a manicure kit, which consists of metal plates with patterns (stencils), stamp and scraper. Also included and a special lacquer-hardener. With this set, you can change the design of nails at home as often as you want.

How to use this set?

  • To start, prepare all the necessary tools for manicure: cotton pads, paints, liquid without acetone, nail file and tweezers;
  • Give marigolds in order: Treat cuticles, Tame necessary, shape the base color and apply lacquer;
  • Take the nail polish remover and the desired pattern (in this case the leopard). Degrease the plate. Legally treat nail file with the smallest grain size;
  • Drawing on the stencil generously cover the necessary varnish, make sure that all depressions filled. Now, take a scraper and remove excess polish from the surface of the plate - it should remain only in the figure;
  • Take a stamp and make the impression. Try not to pull over time, otherwise the paint will dry up, and the pattern will not be as clear as we would like;
  • Now you need to quickly migrate our drawing. How to do it correctly? Place the stamp to one edge of the nail and gently rolled him to the other side. If the pattern is printed on the skin, just remove it with the nail polish remover;
  • Wait until the image is dry, and cover the nail varnish fixing;
  • Likewise, treat the rest of the nails. Do not forget every time degrease stencil and stamp. This is to ensure that each print crisp, clear and smooth.

Perhaps someone will say that this process is long and tedious. This may seem like a habit. Here the main thing - practice. And then the procedure does not take more than 10 minutes. Agree, it is faster than paint toothpick or a needle.

As you can see, to make an original manicure at home is possible! Do not despair if the first time you turned out not quite accurately. Be patient - everything comes with experience. By the way, you can use any nail polish shades. It is not necessary to follow the classic version.

It is worth noting that this type of nail design is not suitable for very short nails, and for too long. The optimum would be the average length. Overloading leopard print image is not necessary. If today you chose a dress color the cat, prefer discreet French manicure or classic pastel tones. But in combination with a bag or handkerchief to match, leopard nails will look perfect. And it is not necessary to decorate the fingers large rings, better put on a modest ring without stones, and other frills.

And remember that the manicure at home poses no difficulty. You should not fear. Try different options, dream and create! In the end, the appearance of the fair sex depends on the woman!

 How to make a leopard manicure: reveals the secrets of the "wild" beauty

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 honey massage


  • Useful than honey massage?
  • Preparatory procedures
  • Technique
  • Indications for honey massage
  • Contraindications honey massage
  • Features honey massage

Beach modern cosmetology - the fight against cellulite. The debate about what it is and whether it is necessary to deal with it are endless. But there is an opinion, which remains undisputed - Honey helps to cope with this disease, smooth skin, give it a velvety texture and softness. Besides the medicinal product has other, equally useful properties. Honey is an excellent antiseptic, bactericide and simply delicious drug. Pamper your body, to charge it with solar energy, get rid of the weight of health problems - help honey massage.

Useful than honey massage?

Honey - a biologically active product, its structure is such that all the substances present in it, instantly absorbed by the body. Even if we consider that the honey massage is applied to the skin surface and can not fully penetrate into the body, it is not pleading its properties. Massage with honey allows the skin deeply impregnated with amino acids, water-soluble enough of (fast) vitamins. The technique, which involves the honey massage is aimed at stimulation of nerve endings, improve blood flow, the expulsion of the stagnant fluid, the settlement of metabolic processes.

 honey massage

Preparatory procedures

Like any other massage, honey involves the preparation procedures. The skin surface to be cleaned. It is advisable to take a shower, if possible go to the sauna. The second option is the most attractive, since then steaming in and out of the toxins greatly simplify the task of honey.

Before the procedure, you need to warm up your muscles, accelerate blood. For this purpose, conventional strokes. At first they are soft, then more intense. Warm up the necessary body weight, especially the limbs, which have a tendency to stagnation. Due to the nature limfatoka massage should be carried out in the same direction, preferably upwards.

Deposition of honey precedes bring it to the desired state. In many sources you will find information that used liquid honey. But such consistency is available only at the beginning of the summer. In other periods we have to be content with what we have. The main thing is to the life of a real honey! Thickened honey in any case can not be heated above 60 ° C, so put it in a microwave oven, stove, steam room - absolutely not! Flushing best honey in a water bath by placing in a container of warm water.


Med acceptable consistency is applied on the body surface. And on all at once. The neck, bikini, armpits, chest massage the sensitive parts can not. The thinner the skin and surrounding blood vessels located in the legs, so they are covered with a thin layer of honey. Honey massage starts with the feet, then moving up: the lumbar-sacral region, thoracic, hands, cervical, stomach, chest.

The technique is simple and accessible for the layman. It is necessary to put hands to the massaged area, to withstand 1-2 second pause and slowly take your hands. The first 5-7 receptions will be held without effort, following a pull of honey. Making movement becomes more difficult, the skin will be reaching for the hands, there may be pain. If this happens, change your technique. Try sharp and fluid movements, the sensations choose how to continue the honey massage.

This procedure involves the use of disposable material. Within 10-15 minutes, the honey will become very thick, the color will change to a nasty dingy yellow. This is due to the fact that the substance has absorbed all dirt your body: the dead skin cells, toxins, sweat. After the use of all parts of the body, honey is removed with hot towels. Massaged served rug, blanket or bathrobe for 15 minutes. Well in this period to drink herbal tea. Only then soaked time, you can change the temperature of the body and wash away the remnants of honey.

Indications for honey massage

  • Stagnant processes in the body, except for thrombosis and varicose;
  • Metabolic disorders, severe hypertension is not complicated;
  • Vascular dystonia;
  • Colds, except during periods of exacerbation;
  • Honey massage as immunostimulation;
  • Cellulite;
  • Nervous and physical strain.

 Massage with honey

Contraindications honey massage

Honey massage is definitely a good thing. But as with any medical procedure, it has a number of contraindications. Note that some of them the absolute and relative portion, i.e. takes place in a certain period.

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • Fungal and parasitic diseases;
  • Strong ovolosenenie massed zones;
  • Severe forms of diabetes. This refers to the ability of honey is not as such raise the level of glucose and inadequate reaction of the organism to physical stress and risk of injury;
  • Children under 2 years old;
  • Allergic symptoms.

Features honey massage

Honey massage has a complex effect on the body. Due to its wonderful properties, it is able to influence both the external and the internal image of the person. Without specific evidence, carry out the procedure for fun, man charged powerful energy.

Significant negative massage honey - the high cost of the procedure. Referring to the salon or medical center you pay for an hour of fun 1-3 thousand rubles. It would seem at home is much cheaper, but there is a caveat. One procedure uses about a glass of honey, the price of which is not too small.

Honey massage can be carried out both at home and in professional. Despite the availability of treatments, should give preference to the second embodiment, since the honey massage is still a part of the medical rehabilitation, and trust their health better than the professionals.

 Honey massage - a sweet treatment for beauty and health

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