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  • Perfume with pheromones: beautiful fairy tale or harsh reality
  • Flower, fruit and ocean scents: delicious, sweet and not too sugary
  • Amber fragrance: Where East converge with the west
  • Fern fragrance: the lot of rich men or the smell of a successful woman?
  • Chypre: forest fragrance for nymphs
  • Wood aromas: feel the closeness to nature
  • What smells do not like men or the most common mistakes women
  • How to choose your scent: eight rules of successful purchase

Have you noticed how much of our lives mean the smells? We turn away in disgust from the man that smells unpleasant, and with pleasure we start a friendly conversation with a special that does not neglect hygiene and uses delicious and expensive perfume. This has no particular significance status, age and sex of the interlocutor. In the twenty-first century, the spirits - a card of any self-respecting woman, as thin beckoning aroma is able to turn the head of even the most inaccessible of the stronger sex.

However, not every perfume is equally good, as even the most elite, expensive and advertised products are not always quality, resistant and efficient. That is why it is important to know what men like women's perfume, and which cause terrible disgust.

Perfume with pheromones: beautiful fairy tale or harsh reality

As promised manufacturer, only one drop of perfume before a date, and your young people will be conquered once and for all. They are not cheap, but for the kind of effect do not mind paying double (or even triple) the price, the main thing - that they did not disappoint at the right time. But is it really such a perfume like the stronger sex, or is it - another publicity stunt aimed at making a profit? Unfortunately, the answer is ambiguous.

Some ladies claim that after the use of such means of guys lining up to meet you. Other girls say that spirits do not help them to pick up the gentleman. The reason for the success or failure often lies in what kind of perfume was acquired and how it was used. The important role played by psychological background, as waiting times due to existing myths are too high.

The first myth - will act on all the spirits who are near

To begin to understand that, first, all people smell differently and, secondly, each person perceives the scent of a stranger in his own way. Someone he can wildly exciting, but someone it will be very unpleasant. And there is nothing to do about it. The same applies to spirits with pheromones - a universal remedy does not exist, therefore premature to hope for a miracle is not necessary. Think about it, if the perfume was so effective, then all around him constantly be applied to the body and liked each other.

The second myth - used in perfumes human pheromones

As would be sad as it may sound, but this perfume contains enzymes animals (mostly pigs), because human pheromones added to such products is strictly forbidden. It turns out the flavors that are popular with men and drives them crazy - this selection genitals animals?

The third myth - the price does not matter

Buying a cheap bottle of spirits, many girls do not even think that the producers simply unprofitable to sell goods at cost. In this case, go to the company's little tricks - they add in the scented water, synthetic, not natural substances. This is not hype - they honestly indicate this in the composition, but to understand what is in a particular bottle, unfortunately, can not every woman. By the way, this perfume is less effective, which is not always reflected in the price.

Myth Four - spirits with aphrodisiacs long hold

Not many people know that pheromones are destroyed very quickly when exposed to air, water and alcohol. Therefore, if you are dealt a perfume, and then used conventional deodorant, there will be no result. By the way, experts say, in most cases a positive effect - it is the result of self-confidence, as she unconsciously setting yourself up for success.

 what spirits like men

Flower, fruit and ocean scents: delicious, sweet and not too sugary

It is believed that the sweetish smell of flowers can bring to mind any man. Buying a perfume, you should take into account not only the character of the young man, and your preferences, but also the time of year. So, for example, others may like summer lilac, jasmine scent in the winter - pink or Landysheva.

With regard to the notes of fruit, everything depends on your age. A young and very young ladies suit light, not too sugary and unobtrusive odor, such as citrus or berry. Adults and settled in the life of the individual is to pay attention to more serious toilet water. Remember, solid man in the prime of life like more stable, but in any case not sharp or heavy perfume.

Amber fragrance: Where East converge with the west

Cinnamon, thyme, clove - they maddening practically all men without exception. But the combination of sharp and pungent aroma is not always popular with women, who are accustomed to the softer and less intense smell. In addition, use a similar perfume should be carefully and not too often, otherwise your partner too quickly to oversaturate it. It is best to apply a few drops of an evening dress before going to the theater or restaurant. Thus outdoors should not be too hot, or aroma may change.

Fern fragrance: the lot of rich men or the smell of a successful woman?

The pronounced and intense smell of mown hay, mixed with the scent of fern - an expensive and high-quality perfume preferred by almost all representatives of the stronger sex. He is like a strong, successful and self-confident people who are willing to reach any heights in this difficult, but fascinating and full of adventure life.

But who said that a woman can not use "male" smell? This does not mean that you have to take a bottle of eau de toilette from her boyfriend. If you do, then others may think that you're crazy. Indeed, in our time, almost all the leading manufacturers and there is a line for the beautiful ladies who like fern fragrance. You can use a similar perfume every day.

Chypre: forest fragrance for nymphs

Francois Coty - the great perfumer, who in 1917 invented a new bitter-sweet smell. In fact, he made a great discovery in the world of spirits, to date, its formulation is used by many global brands. So chypre - a blend of patchouli aroma, fragrant moss, bergamot. And what man does not like light, barely perceptible smell of pine forest? Believe me, it will bring to your mind a young man. We recommend using this option in the winter, when so lacking in brightness, warmth and color.

Wood aromas: feel the closeness to nature

Often women confuse this line with chypre, because sometimes odors can be very similar. But to claim that there is no difference between them - a real sacrilege, since the principle of the creation of flavors and colors they are totally different. Their difference - the smell of sweet-tart with a touch of smoke. It's not just crazy men, and makes them much stronger heart beat. This perfume by default may not like strong and confident people.

 What men like spirits

What smells do not like men or the most common mistakes women

It so happens that she spends three hours a perfume shop to choose the appropriate fragrance, and on the day the man turns back the X's nose, as he is not very pleasant smell. The reasons why her spirits were not to the taste of the guy, maybe a lot. But most often it is a fake or low-quality cheap, bought in the transition, or misuse of toilet water. What are the errors at least once in his life allowed everyone, even the most intelligent woman?

  • The mixture of flavors

Apply odor control agents with a strong scent and perfume - a thing of the past. It is unlikely that such fragrances will drive crazy guy. Did not respond to a nuclear or a mixture of people can not smell (do not feel scents), or a very intelligent person who do not want to hurt your partner.

  • Excess spirits

Another point which overlooked the fair sex - all should be harmony. Even if you like the flavor and your guy away is crazy, do not throw out the contents at a time. If the perfume-quality and luxury, then it is applied to specific areas: a bit on the neck, wrists, neckline. As for ordinary spirits, then there must be a dispenser or sprays. Sprinkle the air and circled over a little. Thus, the droplets will settle evenly, and you'll smell good all day.

  • Perfume before sex

Natural fragrances for women who like men with a capital "M" can not even compare with the spirits. The enzymes secreted by the excited and in love woman, able to bring to mind the ardent and passionate guy. But bitter perfume on the skin not everyone will appreciate. Therefore, before intimacy it is recommended to take a shower to wash away the odors. After water treatment is not applied to the skin means no aromatic oils, and allow man to enjoy your fragrance.

How to choose your scent: eight rules of successful purchase

Going to the store for a new bottle of perfume, girls are often carried out in a perfume shop more than one hour, and sometimes go out there without shopping. This happens due to the fact that they did not adhere to seven basic rules, which, unfortunately, did not even know some sellers luxury toilet water.

  • Rule one - in front of shopping not to use perfume

An hour before the exit, take a shower to wash away all the smells that are absorbed into your skin and hair. Do not use lotions, balms, creams and other cosmetic products with flavors and fragrances, so as not to bring down their sense of smell. And the most important thing - in any case do not apply perfume on your skin.

  • The second rule - use probes

Have you ever noticed that on the shelves of large stores, which sell perfumes, are small and thin leaves of paper. They are necessary to ensure that customers can quickly and accurately determine the order yourself which option they prefer. By the way, do not pour the whole of available toilet water so as mixed odors will distort the real picture. As a result, you will get a perfume that you do not really fit.

  • Rule Three - bring your coffee

In stores with luxury and expensive products are always the seller has a small jar of ground coffee. This is to ensure that the client was able to clean the receptors are clogged after the second and third vial. But if you go to a regular supermarket, everything is better in any case to take with a couple of grains. And remember, more than seven options at a time is not worth trying.

  • Rule Four - Expectant five minutes

Finally found a perfume that you and your young man madly in love! But do not miss the package off the shelf and run for her pay. Wait five or ten minutes and smell remaining on the probe or the skin scent. After some elements evaporate, perfume can smell entirely different.

  • Rule Five - never trust advertising

Buy products, relying on advertising and beautiful picture in the booklet can be a girl who did not have the sense to understand that the advertised product is not always good. So do not order a bottle of perfume through the catalog without having felt it and felt the flavor, even if you've been using perfume. The fact is that, for example, a manufacturer could make some changes that distort or radically change the smell.

It is not necessary to believe as the inscription "For the stylish Lady", "You will reduce men mad," "For young girls", as it is usual, unfounded slogans. You can come to taste the flavors of Baby Doll, even if you are over fifty, or do not like perfume for seduction.

  • Rule Six - do not buy perfume on the recommendation of friends

Even if you are crazy about perfume your sister, mother, friend, and the list goes on, to buy exactly the same, or order them as a gift is not necessary. On your skin, they can express themselves differently (better or worse - depending on the characteristics of your body). Initially, therefore, try them for yourself, and then take such a serious decision. Also, do not listen to advice, if someone one or the other option is not approached.

  • Rule Seven - the battle of substandard products

Every self-respecting girl should acquire and use only good quality products. Fragrances in this case is no exception. Buying toilet water, ask in advance its real value. And if in any store, it is cheaper at least fifteen percent, so it is - a fake. It is unlikely that commercial institution wants to operate at a loss. It differs from the original fake a less pronounced aroma, which is also rapidly eroding.

So, if you follow the above rules, without relying on luck and honesty of sellers, you can easily find your fragrance. Picking the right you will notice the smell that make a man mad and make him love me a lot easier than it seems at first glance.

 Women's perfumes are like men: skilful seduction secrets