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Little black trouble, sometimes forms on the face, called the comedo. And she can ruin the life of anyone. Rash property such that they occupy the most inconvenient of the face, namely, the so-called T-region. Black dots - these are the same acne. Its color they acquire as a result of coloring the outside dirt and oxidation. Squeeze the black dots are not recommended, but it does not mean that they are not necessary to get rid.

The most correct solution would be the destruction of unsightly acne in a beauty parlor. This method is not cheap, but it can not be called reliable. No adequate doctor or cosmetologist not promise you that comedones are no longer produced. This is a natural process, therefore, it is necessary to fight constantly. Another option may be the use of disposal of special masks at home.

Where there are black spots

Among the most common causes include the following:

  • Wrong skin care. The overabundance of cosmetics or improper care can not only cause irritation, but also black points. Clog the pores of the cream, oxidized, stagnate, overgrown horny particles, dirt and gets an unpleasant black. Blockage of a hair follicle can lead to inflammation and more serious consequences. In summer you need a more careful approach to the care of the person as well as natural factors may contribute to exacerbations;
  • Genetic predisposition and endocrine diseases. The tendency to the appearance of blackheads is inherited - it is a proven fact. If your relatives suffer from this misfortune, perhaps, you will have the same problem. Hormonal disorders often lead to excessive sweating and sebum. As a consequence, there and comedones;
  • Malnutrition and addictions - another reason. Oily and sweet foods are paramount. Followed by alcohol, which reduces immune resistance, as well as smoking, make the skin very dry places, and sometimes too oily. This combination brings us back to the first item.

 face masks by black dots in the home

Means for removing blackheads

In stores you can see many different tools that can help get rid of the problem at home. Among them should be allocated lotions, scrubs, masks and strips. Based on collected data, it is possible with full responsibility that lotions have only preventive effect. Scrubs and masks of black points are designed for deep peeling, so that the dirt is removed directly from the follicle.

Most bars are proven. They remove the largest number of black dots. Their only disadvantage - the exclusive use for the nose as they are produced in a small format, in the form of labels. The procedure for such a cleansing face very painful. The strip is attached to the skin torn off and with the effort, taking with him all the deposits, leaving a slight redness, which passes in a few minutes.

 facial masks at home by black dots

Home Beautician

The most attractive and simple solution to deal with this problem is the mask of black dots. Variants of cooking variety of recipes based on cleansing and nutrition. Effective will be the face mask recipes that require long stretches of comedo.

Masks on a natural basis

  • Mask based on chicken protein. Perhaps the most simple mask of black dots in the home. It is necessary to beat one protein in a thick foam, you can add a drop of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on clean face soap. Sustain for 10-15 minutes, until dry. Remove the resulting film from the face gently, it is desirable that the mass reached, but not shaken;
  • Recipes honey facial cleansing at home will be very helpful. This great product is available on virtually every kitchen and purse, he must find his place. On the face, apply a thin layer of honey, let it soak for 5-7 minutes. The skin gets a lot of nutrients. Then, by gently patting movements make facial massage. Honey should begin reaching out, grabbing all the unnecessary and revised. Do not apply the honey in the eyebrows and eyelashes, otherwise you risk to spend more and depilation. Removes residues of honey with warm water.

Masks on the basis of the chemical

  • Use baking soda or lemon to cleanse the face - a chemical peel. Hold it in the home should be very cautious as both lye and acid can cause great damage. Recipe masks from soda states that you must mix it with water to form a slurry, which is applied to problem areas of the face. After 7-10 minutes, the composition is washed away. Soda very dry! Use a mask, it is desirable only to a very oily skin;
  • Lemon characterized by the same properties. Its use is wiping face juice, after a five-minute exposure be sure to wash with warm water. Perform these procedures more often than once a month is not recommended;
  • An interesting could be called a mask on the basis of PVA glue for paper. Substances that form part of it, are not toxic - the basis is water. Glue is applied to the problem area and allowed to dry completely. After that, the formed film is removed.

Whatever view cleanse you decide to use, you must adhere to the following order:

  • Cleansing the face with water or tonic, applying a mask;
  • Required flushing its residues;
  • Processing antiseptic drugs (alcohol lotions);
  • Hydration and nourishment.

All of these recipes are tried and tested. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that you can hurt even the most innocuous product. Therefore, before embarking on experiments to remove blackheads at home, consult a physician. Is it possible in your particular case, use a mask? But it may be wise to trust cosmetologists?

 Mask of black points at home: get rid of the problem of folk remedies

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 unusual manicure at home


  • Manicure with a sponge
  • Manicure with adhesive tape
  • Drawing on nails needle
  • Velvet Manicure
  • Lac craquelure

Let's see what is included in the concept of female beauty. Healthy hair, fashion, and emphasizes the dignity of the figure clothes, expertly applying cosmetics and, of course, well-groomed hands - these are the basic criteria of femininity and attractiveness. And in order to achieve the desired effect, you must work hard on yourself, spend a certain number of money on clothes, hairdresser and manicure. And if you cut your hair alone is unlikely to succeed, here to make trendy and unusual manicure at home is quite real!

Did you guess that the old and, in your opinion, completely unnecessary things can be useful to create a stylish and beautiful image? Yes, do not be surprised - it really is. And such ordinary objects as Dish sponge or Scotch will help you transform your hands beyond recognition. Let's take a closer look at home design nails and try to create something unforgettable.

Manicure with a sponge

The secret of this technique is very simple - the texture of the sponge leaves abstract pattern on the nail. What will be the main criterion in our unusual manicure. So, what you'll need:

  • Luck of any color. Better, of course, light, as it will be easier to pick up the tone for the pattern;
  • Sponge and acrylics;
  • Exercise book and a glass of water;
  • Fixing varnish.

Begins to happen:

  • Prepare nails: remove old paint, remove the cuticle, attach the form;
  • Now we take the basic varnish and paint the nails on the entire surface;
  • Wait until dry. On a sheet of paper squeezing a little bit of paint, suitable to pitch. Now damp sponge in water and dunks it in the paint. Before applying the pattern, remove excess paint from the sponge, print it on paper;
  • Then everything is simple. Lean sponge to the nail where you want to get the picture;
  • After processing all the nails, cover them with fixing varnish.

 beautiful unusual manicure at home

Manicure with adhesive tape

For this type of manicure, you will need: Scotch (better color), a fixing agent, and two shades of nail polish, in harmony with each other.

  • Cover the main color of your nails, wait until the paint is completely dry. Not rush, otherwise, smearing may occur;
  • Take the scotch and carefully cut the figures out of it. If you are a first time doing a manicure on this technology, it is better to use triangles. With them the easiest to work for beginners;
  • Stick figures on each nail;
  • Now take a second nail and cover their places around the tape. Do not worry if it did not work very carefully - scotch still comes off;
  • Wait until completely dry and tear off the adhesive tape. If the figures are not precise contours can be cut around their contrasting color or sprinkled with sequins;
  • At the end of a fixer coat manicure.

Having trained in simple drawings can proceed to more complex design. Try to combine multiple shapes of different sizes and shapes. Do not be afraid to apply decorations such as rhinestones, sequins, small pebbles. Crystals, for example, can be pasted on the perimeter of each figure. Will surround manicure.

Drawing on nails needle

With ordinary needles can draw on nails the whole work of art. In order to master the technique, you need a set of sewing needles and coatings of different colors. Why set? A thin needle is good for drawing fine lines, but the tool is thicker will gently put a point or draw a three-dimensional figures.

Before you start painting, make sure your nails are ready to manicure. Remove the old paint and treat each nail specially grained nail file. So figure will lie straighter. Lucky choose liquid. Do not use old and thickened varnish, it will be difficult stretch of the nail so that the will is not the same pattern that you expected.

  • We cover the nail base, then apply the base color. We are waiting for the complete drying;
  • Now we take the spray pattern and put a few drops in different corners of the nail;
  • Take a thin needle and begin to paint, varnish droplets stretching. The pattern can be any - at your discretion. The easiest way to portray the feathers, twigs, curls or abstraction;
  • If the pattern involves several shades of lacquer, perform the procedure again. For example, you decide to portray the flower. So, around the red bud draw green curlicues or leaves;
  • Thicker needle point can be put in a contrasting color on one of the nails, as if releasing it;
  • And in the end we fix manicure fixing coated so it will hold on to your nails at least a week.

 trendy unusual manicure at home

Velvet Manicure

To create a velvet nail design, you need to purchase a special dry powder. It is called - the effect of velor polish. For sale in specialized stores. You also need basic coverage, the main paint and hardener.

  • Apply the base, give to dry completely;
  • The main color is applied in two layers;
  • While the second layer of varnish is not dry, sprinkle it with powder. Evenly distributed, pressing a finger. The powder color should match the color of the base coat;
  • Give your nails to dry completely, then take a clean Makeup Brushes and remove the remains of powder;
  • We cover the fixing nail manicure.

Looks velvet design is very impressive. Of course, it is not suitable for everyday life in the office, but at a party with a manicure you really will be irresistible.

Lac craquelure

The word "craquelure" is familiar to the people who work with painting or interior design. Today, this concept came to the nail and scope. Another name for this tool - Bursting varnish. Use it to simulate the nails a different structure, the main thing to choose the right color. Let's try a manicure in black and white. To do this, you need white matt lacquer and black craquelure.

  • Degrease nail polish remover, and we put basic coverage;
  • When the base is dry, cover white painted fingernails, waiting for drying;
  • Now take the black craquelure and apply it to the entire surface of the nail. Components of varnish will react with air, making it immediately goes cracks;
  • Apply nail quick and easy strokes because it dries very quickly;
  • Fix the manicure.

That's the whole secret. Experiment with different colors and create a unique cover. Cracelures polish looks very impressive. If desired, you will pick up variations manicure and office, and for a meeting, and for the party. And most importantly, they will be with a different, unique pattern!

As you can see, perform a manicure at home yourself can every girl. Why pay money to the master, if there are so many wonderful means by which your pen will always look stylish and neat.

 Making an unusual manicure at home

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