Why not lose weight legs


  • Because of what the diet feet hardly lose weight?
  • Because of what physical activities do not benefit
  • To solve problems as they become available

You do daily activities without getting out of the gyms, only eat low-calorie food, try not to eat after six, but your legs did not want to lose weight? In fact, in most cases, the problem lies not in the features of the body. Everything is much easier - you do not choose the direction and only drain the organism. In the end, you can earn a neurosis, gastritis and other diseases, but did not gain the coveted forms.

Because of what the diet feet hardly lose weight?

In the first three days in the body slimming man burned carbohydrates then the water starts to leave. And only a few weeks later it comes to fat. But the trouble is, if the fat of the fair sex have dramatically stops and starts strengthened in sports, stretched skin will hang heavily and will striae (stretch marks lighter).

However, if you exclude from your diet harmful products and prepare healthy food that does not contain fat and cholesterol, as well as going to the gym, then after two or three months, hated kilos begin to disappear. As a result, the amount of your feet is reduced several times.

Slimming products and we eat a tasty and wholesome food

  • Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt

How quickly satisfy your hunger at work, not eating at the same rolls, pizza, candy, and other starchy foods, sweet and harmful products. That's right, you should always choose low-calorie food, which is still preserved nutrients and trace elements. For example, it may be plain yogurt with pieces of fruit or a glass of low-fat cottage cheese. Calcium is contained in fermented milk drinks will help you in just a couple of months to get rid of excess weight.

The only caveat is that the product should not be purchased, and the home-cooked. To do this you will need yeast, which is sold in pharmacies and some stores, and yogurt. Should this technique is inexpensive and is affordable for almost every inhabitant of the country. With this device you and your family will eat yogurt without dyes, preservatives, flavorings and flavor enhancers.

  • Salmon or fish oil

It is well known that when we sit on a diet and begin to starve in the stomach inflammations occur, which ultimately can lead to gastritis, ulcers and other serious diseases. Omega-3 help to cope with this problem and help burn fat in the body. Therefore it is very important to guzzle a course of vitamins or eat at least once a week dishes baked or boiled fish (preferably from the salmon family).

  • Green tea

When the girls start drinking green tea instead of black, they have improved metabolism, causing them to lose weight in the legs, hips, waist. However, it should drink without sugar. The maximum that you can afford - a couple of tablespoons of honey (liquid or sugar).

  • Water

To lose weight, do not refuse to eat, you just have to eat less. You can be satisfied more quickly if, before lunch or dinner, drink a glass of warm boiled water. By the way, during the day you need to drink at least two liters of fluid. Only remember for a lifetime of sweet and carbonated beverages, juice store, because they contain huge amounts of additives and sugar.

  • Coffee

Unfortunately, with his help, we do not lose weight, but will be able to recharge your batteries for the day. Drunk in the morning cup of this drink will make you work hard, and do ten minute breaks to cheer. As in the previous case, it should be drunk without sugar. If you wish, you can add low-fat whipped cream or milk.

  • Eggs

In fact, almost all diets celebrity breakfast from cooked soft-boiled eggs. Of course, every day is not necessary to use them, but they are encouraged to eat two or three times a week (instead of sandwiches and pastries). Truth should take only chicken and quail, but in any case not goose or duck. Firstly, they are softer and softer, and secondly, you do not become infected with salmonellosis.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Remember, to be healthy and not suffer from vitamin deficiency after the diet, every day should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They also do better snacks at work and dinner the evening after six, when I want to look in the refrigerator and eat all that there is. So, it can be an apple, grapefruit, avocados, blackberries, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, watermelon.

  • Kashi

If you decide that the time for you to lose a few extra kilos in the hips and calves, that from this day on your favorite food should be oatmeal. It is possible to add pieces of fresh fruit, dried apricots, raisins, honey. For a change is cooking buckwheat porridge, with oil and salt in it can not be added.

  • Slop

The fair sex do not lose weight in the legs, and gain weight when they stopped to eat soups and borscht. For good reason all of us are taught from childhood to that lunch have to be liquid. In a pinch, you can hire a small sudochki broth, cooked on vegetables or chicken.

 feet do not lose weight

Why not lose weight legs or what should be discarded plump girls

  • Flour and sweet

Pasta, buns, dumplings and dumplings - it's not the best friends of girls. In an extreme case, it is necessary to eat with soup or a few slices of black bread Žitny (and then only with liquid meals). Confectionery replace with dried fruit, honey, homemade jams.

  • Aeration

Such beverages retard fluid in the body, causing the body begins to swell, there is extra weight and discomfort in the stomach. In addition, this water is almost impossible to get a drink, so after five or ten minutes, your hand will be pulled back to the soda.

  • Breakfast slimming

If you are an avid fan of quick breakfast, next time before use "low-calorie" read part of the mixture on the package. In fact, a hundred grams of porridge is double or even triple serving of sugar, starch, fat and many other such additives. As a result, women do not lose weight in the legs, and get fat at the waist. You should not be lazy in the morning to cook a normal healthy diet, since it is not only beneficial, but also safely.

  • Sausages

You are still naive to think that in sausage manufacturers add only natural and fresh meat? In fact, in such a stick product contained virtually no protein, but fat, spices, flavorings, colorings and salt - rife. Eat a hundred grams of sausage for breakfast, you will receive an additional 300 kilocalories, which immediately reflected on your feet.

  • Salt and spices

Of course, drastically eliminate from your diet so beloved salt you are unlikely, but to reduce it to a minimum amount you can. Salt retains water in the body, which prevents to throw a few extra kilos, and spicy seasonings clog the receptors, causing you to not be able to understand whether your stomach is full or not.

 I do not lose weight legs

Because of what physical activities do not benefit

Have you noticed that some of the girls, long engaged in gyms, walk with huge bulging muscles on his legs, which looks not very feminine. These representatives of the fair sex have made a very serious mistake - they gave load instead tried to drive away the fat. There are a number of professionally designed exercises aimed at combating excess capacity in certain areas of the body. Feet in this case is no exception. So Get a rug or a soft cloth and go to yoga, shaping, and similar sessions for women.

  • Step Aerobics

Step aerobics appeared in sport clubs is relatively recent, but soon managed to catch the fancy of the inhabitants of our country. And this is not surprising, because the collective employment is much more effective than single. Plus do practice with people who have the same problem, on the order easier. In this case, the girl is not only lose weight in the legs, but also deprived of many facilities that are poisoning their lives. To achieve positive results, it is enough to go to the gym twice a week for three to four months.

If you decide to deal with step aerobics at home, you'll need a special platform. Normally it is possible to buy a sports shop or by ordering via the Internet. At first, this device can be seen a small stand. By the way, that in the future not to wonder why you are not losing weight, it's worth to take a few lessons from a professional. Wrong exercises can lead to serious injury and knee tendons.

  • Run

To begin to understand that to build muscle using the run you will not succeed. Perhaps, in the first two or three weeks the amount of calves increased slightly, but after a while the legs will shrink in size. And one more thing - should decide so, what part of the body needs to lose weight, to develop a training plan for yourself. And do not forget, to achieve maximum effect in the shortest time, you need to combine all of this with more severe stress.

So, thighs and buttocks become thinner, if you jog (first tread on the toes, then the weight is transferred to the heel). Sprint technique when stop repelled from the surface, and is also useful for calves. Please note that the sports should choose a special comfortable shoes, otherwise you can damage the joints and ankles.

If you have no time for morning and evening run on the street, obzavedites usual treadmill. Why such a simulator is better street asphalt? Its distinguishing feature is that you'll be able to control the speed of walking or running, time and number of steps. Thus, you will be able to simultaneously engage in sports and watching TV.

The only thing to keep in mind - it is a certificate and warranty card. Do not buy sports equipment in questionable places, as in the case of damage you may have to repair it. Plus, no one can guarantee your safety. And do not forget to practice at home should also be in special clothes to keep from falling during training.

To solve problems as they become available

Why slender of the fair sex in a moment begins to recover? In fact, the causes of obesity are not so much - it's not a proper diet, a sedentary lifestyle and the constant mental stress. But the fact remains - the girl has become complete, it is difficult to choose the pants, skirts and dresses, as more bottom than the top. And do not complain about the fate and wait for a miracle happens, eating a roll of the fifth day. To be the same as before and delight others with their beauty, you need to vigorously engage in sports and take care of yourself.

So, the first step is to figure out why this happened, and then try to eliminate the source of the problem. The second step - the appeal to the hospital where you want to pass all the tests. Making sure that you're completely healthy, you can start to develop a plan to lose weight. The first time it is better to keep a diary in which to record their daily activities. At the end of the month to sum up and specify how much this time managed to lose you. Thus, you can more closely monitor yourself and your weight. A little patience - and you become even better than they were before.

 Why not lose weight legs after diet and exercise

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