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  • Breast enlargement products: Pros and Cons
  • What it is not necessary to experiment
  • Healthy foods
  • Consulting physician

People say if the girl will have a lot of young cabbage, it will grow large and beautiful breasts. For some it is - a fairy tale invented to beauty ate more vegetables and fruit, and for some beautiful ladies - the only hope for the acquisition cherished magnificent forms. But even the most die-hard realist sometimes think much about whether there are products that increase breast.

Unfortunately, the jump from the first to the third dimension is unlikely without surgery. Otherwise, all the ladies would look more often in the refrigerator. But make minor changes to give elasticity or slightly adjust the shape - it is possible.

Breast enlargement products: Pros and Cons

To start such changes, you must use a product that contains a large amount of phytoestrogen. However, excessive passion for such food is fraught with many unpleasant consequences. In some cases it can even lead to cancer or gastric ulcer. In small quantities, the same cabbage, nettles, hops, flax seeds or beans will not be able to enlarge breasts. But the fair sex, who are constantly at breakfast or dinner eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do not know that this vitamin deficiency and obesity.

 what foods increase breast

What it is not necessary to experiment

Some foods that are recommended for use to increase the bust, do not even eat. Achieve the desired you can hardly, but earn disorder after the tenth batch of raw or stewed cabbage, and also poisoning after using the popular beauty recipes - please.

  • Yeast

Whatever is not yeast - dry or compressed, they will not be able to help you acquire a third breast size. Moreover, it is not necessary to eat raw dough, since you they can score his stomach. Cleaning the intestine - a procedure not the most pleasant. By the way, if you decide to conduct a similar experiment, prepare for the fact that after you have to sit on a rigid diet, because the waist you will be more accurate.

  • Ale

Some of the "knowledgeable" people recommend the fair sex a day to drink at least a liter of this life-giving liquid and magic. First, find a truly natural and high quality beverage without chemistry (flavors, stabilizers, flavor, coloring agents, etc.) practically impossible. Secondly, even hoppy beer does not help you. Do you want to grow a nice belly or make alcohol, which is practically incurable. A further overreliance drinking can affect the offspring.

 products increase the breast

Healthy foods

Then, from what is, and what to prepare meals for breast augmentation? The estrogen contained in soy, some spices (cloves, ginger, turmeric), vegetables, fruits and herbs (pumpkin, tomatoes, papaya, apples, alfalfa, etc.). It should be consumed as much useful food, without overloading your body.

  • Legumes

It is believed that almost all pulses are equally useful and effective. But to increase the size of the bust is best to cook porridge and soup with peas, beans (red, lima), lentils. We should be careful and constantly monitor their weight.

  • Tea with milk

The important role played by the fact what herbs you use for welding. Regular tea bags contains almost no nutrients and elements, but additives and dyes in it can be a lot. It is best to dry on their own plants or buy in pharmacies charges.

So, you'll need strawberries or oregano leaves. Tablespoons herb pour boiling water and leave to infuse for twenty minutes or thirty. Take one hundred milliliters of fasting is necessary. Incidentally, after the drink should be good to eat, because fasting and diet will not lead you to the cherished goal.

  • Nuts with honey

Jar of peeled walnuts pour honey and lemon juice. Leave the resulting mixture was day four or five in a cool dry place. To consume is recommended twice a day - morning and evening. This tool is useful not only for breast enlargement, but also is an excellent medicine, prevents migraine headaches, colds, etc. By the way, it is recommended to pregnant ladies eat every day at least one handful of nuts to have better milk supply.

  • Fatty food

When the fair sex gets better, it increases not only the waist and hips and bust. And if you eat high-calorie food, while sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, abdomen in this case does not change. But this does not mean that ladies should immediately transfer to a fast food or eat some fried cutlets as around the need to know the measure. It is unlikely that the girls want to then treat pancreas and fight obesity.

It is best to give preference to olive, sesame, or linseed oil, and sunflower in that case you should forget. Eat more fish of the salmon family, as well as herring, pork and lamb. And never, under any circumstances, do not wash down the food sodas or juices shop.

  • Kashi

Every morning, eat a large portion of oatmeal, rice, wheat or corn porridge. If desired, add a little milk or cream. By the way, do not buy the breakfast fast food, because they are so many unnecessary additives, which adversely affect your health.

 useful products for breast augmentation

Consulting physician

In any case, before such experiments should consult with a specialist. What products are better to take for breast augmentation, and by what right is to give - in more detail about this tells your gynecologist. But what exactly is not necessary to have recourse under any circumstances, since it is a superimposition of mustard plasters, iodine grid drawing and rubbing juice hemlock. Burn - the least that can happen to you.

By the way, to find a woman who would be completely yourself and your body, you can not. Before breast augmentation (national or surgically), be sure to check with your second half. And if the husband or boyfriend convinced that he's crazy about your forms, postponed their plans for later.

 Products for breast augmentation: Myths and Reality

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 massage for breast augmentation


  • Benefits of Massage
  • Water massage breasts
  • Correcting breast massage
  • Spot Shiatsu massage

Massage for breast augmentation - Does he? Oh, how I would like to get a positive answer! But it is not so simple. To achieve a real increase (size 1-2) is only possible with the help of plastic surgery. But the chest muscles tighten, adjust its shape so that it seemed longer, it is possible. Especially since the massage - it is not only useful, but also pleasant procedure. Let's see what benefit breast massage, and what his views most effective.

Benefits of Massage

Regular massage can work wonders! It improves micro-circulation of blood and lymph, which is reflected in the appearance of the bust, and his health. Massage for breast augmentation - is a medical procedure that must be combined with beauty treatments and physical activity. The only way to achieve a positive result. Namely:

  • Chest will be higher;
  • The skin acquires elasticity and smoothness;
  • Increase the sensitivity of the breast.

Perform the massage and you can own. Just remember that the breast - this is the most delicate part of the female body. No sharp and rough movements should not be. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, be sure to change tactics. Avoid all sorts of tweaks, twisting and pressure. Never pull the skin - it can lead to the appearance of stretch marks and bruises.

Breast massage is of several types, and if you want to visually increase it, proceed as described below with the help of tips.

 how to increase breast massage

Water massage breasts

To begin with it is necessary to water treatment.

  • We set up the temperature of the water so that it seemed a little cool;
  • Increase the pressure to the maximum;
  • Direct water jet on the chest slightly above the nipple and make a circular motion by hand for 2-3 minutes;
  • That same was done for the other breast;
  • After the procedure, you can increase the water temperature by a few degrees, and just spend a stream of the upper chest and bust.

This massage raises muscle tone. In addition, it helps with nervous disorders and insomnia, relieves tension before bedtime, relaxing and uplifting.

Correcting breast massage

The next stage - correcting massage. For his performance you need any fat cream containing emollients and moisturizing ingredients.

  • Take a small amount of cream and rub it in the chest in a circular motion clockwise. Capture and the area above the breast;
  • After this, the strokes directed from the nipple to the shoulders;
  • Then do "sawing" motion using the fingertips;
  • Now covers one breast with his hand and fingers of your other hand gently tapping on it;
  • Repeat this procedure for the other breast;
  • You can then perform a sliding motion directed from the nipple to the bottom of the chest. Movements are performed with two fingers. You should begin in the area of ​​the nipple, gradually shifting up;
  • Finish the massage with gentle pumping movements.

If the procedure will be performed by the man she loved, it will bring more effective results. From his touch in the blood increase the level of female hormones, and in fact they affect the size of the bust.

Water and corrective breast massage can be carried out as often as you want. The more sessions you spend, the more quickly get a positive result.

 Shiatsu massage for breast augmentation

Spot Shiatsu massage

This procedure comes from China. The secret is simple - acting on specific points of the body, it is possible to enlarge breasts. Run a self-massage is unlikely to succeed. Firstly, you are not physically able to do so, because many points are necessary at the back and on the back. Well, and secondly - it's dangerous. Do not risk the health, after clicking on the wrong point, you may damage the operation of any organ. To know all the details, you must have special education - it at least.

If you have learned the location of all relevant points and still decided to try to make a point massage to increase breast at home, pay attention to the recommendations listed below and use the help of a friend.

  • The procedure is performed with your thumbs. Push all you need not finger, and only a small pillow, just from the top down;
  • The first point that must be pressed, are on his neck. There are only eight. To perform a complete cycle of the massage, you need three times to go through all the points, influencing each, five times for two minutes;
  • The next point is located on the back of the head. Where hair growth begins. The impact on this point must be very careful. Pressing time - 5-7 seconds;
  • Next, go to the point of shoulder. They are two, they are located just above the collarbone. Pressing must be carried out in two ways. The duration of 5-7 seconds, the break between sets - 20 seconds;
  • And the last six points are located between the shoulder blades. The duration of exposure is also 5-7 seconds each.

As you can see, Shiatsu massage - a difficult process. And it would be better if you use the help of a specialist. Yes, the procedure is worth the money, but because their health is more expensive, is not it?

 Massage for breast augmentation: water, adjustment, spot

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