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  • Why is there belly and how to fight it
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Even the most loyal to the diet - a serious test for each girl. And it's not that the lost weight after two or three months back in the double volume. Just after a week of fasting in human problems begin with metabolism. Beriberi, gastritis, ulcers, poor skin condition, dull and lifeless hair, nails, breaking one touch - this is just a small list of what faced during this period of the fair sex.

But what about women who are fat on the abdomen, flanks and thighs interfere with normal life? So ladies, you need to develop for themselves a detailed action plan and follow it, keeping each of its points. Surprisingly, the formula looks beautiful figure: five meals plus correct systematic exercise.

Why is there belly and how to fight it

The reasons why, instead of a nice flat tummy grows small tum - a lot. It can be both excessive love of fat, flour, smoking and genetic predisposition. Therefore, in order not only to eliminate the consequences, but also to prevent recurrence, we should first understand what is it that was the impetus of folds.

Stress and failures

  • The problem

Every time you are very worried, take close to heart everything that happens at work and at home, worried about nothing, your body begins to produce cortisol. Not everyone knows, but this hormone promotes the accumulation of fat around the waist beautiful ladies. And, of course, some girls stressful situations cause a constant feeling of hunger. It is much easier to seize a piece of cake or failure of a bucket of ice cream, you try to take any steps to resolve the problem.

  • Decision

First you need to learn to control themselves and their emotions. Whenever you after violent tantrums and clarify the relationship with the young man, for example, want to eat, try to switch to something more important (for reconciliation, cleaning, walking in the fresh air). In an extreme case, to eat an apple or a cucumber, but do not look in the fridge for the next portion of the roast.

A slow metabolism

  • The problem

If you already eat very little and prefer only healthy food, but the belly is growing like a weed, you may have a slow metabolism. In this case, all received in your body virtually no calories burned and turned into folds of fat on my stomach.

  • Decision

You should first be examined to find out what caused the deterioration of metabolism. Then the doctor, based on your condition, write out a diet and advise what exercises you need to perform every morning to wake up your body.


  • The problem

Every year more and more people in Russia Europeanizing. As a result, we are taking not only a good habit but also the bad characteristic of a successful and constantly engaged in the work of the people. We begin to cook less soup, soups, and are increasingly resorting to eating fast food and convenience foods. And almost every evening a modern family spend watching TV or in front of the computer, eating pizza, popcorn and other "delicacies". All this leads to problems with the stomach and, naturally, to obesity.

Too bad, if, after a hearty dinner before going to bed, you have a couple of times snack. During sleep in humans almost all processes are slowed down several times, including metabolism. Anything you eat, not processed and converted into fat.

  • Decision

Breakfast should be dense and not consist of one cup of coffee and a couple of sandwiches with sausage. You and your family should eat porridge (buckwheat, rice, oats), which you can add milk, and drink green tea with honey and lemon. Eat well in the morning a man will not do snacks at work until dinner. If you still want to stay one's stomach, look for lunch, fruit, vegetables or light salad without mayonnaise.

In the hour of the day take a short break and go to the dining room, coffee shop, restaurant to eat anything liquid. By the way, at this time, most institutions make good discounts on many dishes. If you can not absent himself, grab the vacuum container soup, cooked with vegetable or chicken broth. Those who used to eat only bread, better to replace a couple of pieces of white on black or gray.

Four hours to eat anything from sour milk. Perfect yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt. If you wish, you can eat cheese, mixed with a small amount of sour cream. Note that the best place to buy is not completely fat-free products, and with the smallest percentage. Otherwise you will not be filled, and you will feel the slight hunger in half an hour after a snack.

Supper only need up to six maximum - up to seven in the evening, but not later. Those who work to stop and get home at nine or ten, after a meal should take a walk around the house. But in no case can immediately sit down at the computer, or, even worse - to go to bed. By the way, if you wake up at night appetite, try to drown out his fruit.

 how to get rid of belly fat properly

Passive lifestyle

  • The problem

Think about how many hours a day do you spend on the move? What most people commute to and from work on a personal and public transport - it's not in the bill. House, instead of walking and physical activity, the girls engaged in household chores or sitting near by her husband. But nature intended that all eaten you need to spend, and what is spent - you need to re-fill. That growing tummy at the lovely ladies who are constantly planning to enroll in a gym, but did not dare to do it.

  • Decision

You can not get rid of excess weight, for anything that is not done. Get it a rule to swing in the morning and the press in general do a full charge. This will not only help remove tum, but also lead the body in tone. You do not want to sleep the first three hours on the job, so you'll be more qualitatively carry out their duties. The only thing we should not forget - this morning on water procedures. Take a contrast shower should be after, not before exercise.

Every weekend, get out with friends or family outside the city. Go (and not go by car or taxi) to the tents in the woods, in the mountains, biking, rollerblading, ice skating. In general, try to stay as low as possible. Remember, the movement - this is life.

Violation of posture

  • The problem

Look around, most of the ladies walk? Shoulders lowered, concave chest, shoulder blades stick out. The range of such people like a question mark. After some time in these ladies begin to grow tum, with the hips, thighs are the same as they were before.

  • Decision

Work on your posture and gait. Each time the free time will stand, lean against the wall, heels, buttocks, head and shoulders at the same time should not touch the surface. Standing in this position should be thirty or forty seconds. Another effective exercise, after which you will be even a little painful stoop. Squeeze hands on the lower back in one big fist, then rotate the wrist so that the palms facing outward, and lift them up. Fingers can not be at the same time to decompress. Walk about five minutes, then relax. You'll see two or three exercises per day - and you're just not physically able to bend even while working at a desk.

Also remember to wear shoes on a small heel. Sneakers and flip flops - it's very convenient and practical, but a true lady prefer sports shoes to run and do in the gym and not to flaunt the street. Flip Flops, etc. better to leave for the beach. But do not rush to extremes and buying shoes desyatisantimetrovyh heels. Foot deformity, joint problems and varicose veins - it's the least you expect.


  • The problem

First, alcohol is very high in calories, so it is not surprising that his advise to exclude from the diet while dieting. Second, because it deteriorates metabolism. Also important is that an inexpensive drink contains preservatives, colorants, stabilizers and other chemicals, which hardly adds health. Find a really good beer or wine in our time is difficult, plus the cost not everybody can afford to be.

And, of course, people who consume alcohol in unlimited doses, are subject to many serious diseases (ulcer, gastritis, cirrhosis). But in this case, the fair sex should have to think only about the treatment (or more precisely - the salvation), and not on how to get rid of belly fat.

  • Decision

Of course, the original should abandon alcohol. Even an ordinary beer with a fish will have to forget. The next step - a full examination to detect hidden diseases caused by incorrect lifestyle and treatment.

Hormonal boom

  • The problem

Very often there is little stomach in women over forty. During this period the body is hormonal changes and menopause begins. But many women, rather than to engage themselves and their health, begin to get depressed.

  • Decision

Of course, the first thing is to make the fair sex - is to make an appointment with a gynecologist. He is obliged to monitor and advise her, explaining that there is nothing to worry about. In some cases, the doctor prescribes medication to help easier to survive such changes.

 how to get rid of belly fat saostoyatelno

Lose Weight correctly

Keeping a diet and visiting the gym, you have to know when to stop. Many girls who have driven themselves to anorexia, people think that they need to get rid of even from a couple of kilos. So before you give up food, consult a gastroenterologist and nutritionist. They have to calculate how much you need to lose, based not only on your present weight and height, but also focusing on your age, lifestyle, etc.

 How to get rid of belly fat, or what is the cause of obesity

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