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  • Seven errors in manicure
  • Manicure correctly
  • What should be remembered every woman

Manicure any woman, whether she is a great actress and an ordinary housewife, should always be beautiful, well-groomed and neat. And not necessarily for it all the free time to sit in the beauty salon, leaving the amount of space there is for painting and nail filing.

Create a masterpiece that will exceed the professional masters the robots, you are unlikely to pass without specific courses or training, but to make a neat French or Italian Home Manicure - easily. It is enough to show a little patience, buy all the necessary tools to follow the rules and avoid the most common mistakes amateurs.

 beautiful home manicure

Seven errors in manicure

Your nails are constantly exfoliate, break and look worse than before the manicure? Improper handling of tools, neglect of personal hygiene, use of low-quality products - every woman at least once in his life allowed one of these mistakes. It is not laziness or greed - ladies do it out of ignorance of important rules, which, incidentally, are not known to all specialists in beauty salons.

  • Old manicure set

Use a nail file, scissors for trimming cuticles, tweezers and other accessories, which were used by your mother or grandmother - is strictly forbidden. The maximum service life of manicure sets - five years. During this time, most of the time to be blunt and accessories break, no matter what expensive and quality they are.

  • Dirty tools

Very rarely, a girl is wiped with alcohol or nail file wash after it sawed nails. As a result of neglect of hygiene, appear on the surface of bacteria and fungus multiplies, which then falls into his arms. So do not forget to handle the tools each time before and after use. It is recommended to purchase a special solution that does not corrode metal and plastics.

  • Set for the whole family

How could you not love their relatives, never make manicure mother or sister with their devices. It is unlikely that they will be happy if you take their toothbrush to clean the teeth. The same applies to set - it's personal, and no one but you should not use them.

  • Excessive zeal

Doing manicure at home, some of the fair sex pressed against the nail file as much as possible, to quickly take the form of nails. So, ladies only injure him. After a couple of days, he can start to exfoliate, crumble or completely broken. Rasp to gently, gradually moving from the edge to the center.

  • The use of defective products

Never buy cheap paints and solvents, otherwise you will ruin your nails. Note, the fluid remover in any case should not contain acetone. But the presence of vitamin supplements is strongly discouraged. By the way, there are also special solutions which give a second life has withered in flakonchike colors. Therefore, add perfume, deodorant, and similar substances in the varnish is not worth it.

  • Improper control of cuticles

Some ladies prefer to leave the cuticle on his hands, because they believe that without them, the nail would not be complete. Other representatives of the fair sex cut them at the root, to make the home look like a manicure salon. And in the first and in the second case, the girls admit a serious mistake.

Overgrown, thick and ugly nail cuticle prevents develop. To remove it completely, you are doing hands defenseless. From this point on, any bacteria or fungus can get inside, as no barriers for them no longer exists. Therefore, it is best to first soften the skin using special tools, and then stick (wooden rather than iron) to push the surplus aside.

  • Luck does not stay forever

Whatever super expensive and professional nail was not, it should be washed off after four or five days after application. If you do it later, manicure covered with small cracks, the paint will start to fall away with the upper layers of the nail. This not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also very dangerous to health.

 how to make a home manicure

Manicure correctly


You should first bring the hands in order. Wash them with soap and water (better to use a bactericidal) and erase the remnants of nail polish. In the room where the procedure will be conducted, prepare everything you need, so you do not interrupt and do not run for water or cotton wool.

Think of the length of the nail will be best for you to make it look beautiful, and you feel comfortable working. The best option - three to four millimeters above the edge. Centimeter nails often repel men, these ladies they resemble normal predators. Too short, too bad looks, as they visually extend your fingers and make them ugly.

Trim or to file - this depends on the intended length. If you need to slightly adjust the shape, better use nail files with rubberized base or sputtering. Iron is better to throw out because they injure the nail. As for the scissors, their use must be minimized.

By the way, if you can not achieve the same result, so that on the right and on the left arm was identical shape and length, you should contact the salon. Experienced master lead your manicure in order, and you only need a little further rasp regrown nails.

Step-by-step instruction

Please note, with the softened skin is much easier and safer to operate. Therefore, after you have removed the old varnish, five minutes poparte hands in the bath with a decoction of herbs, then apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream based. Gently slide the shovel edge of the cuticle. Take care not to damage or scratch them.

Burrs are removed by means of special tweezers, then wound handled bactericidal agents (can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide). Liquids which include an alcohol, in this case, are not suitable. Now you need to lighten the tip of the nail manicure white pencil. By the way, irregularities, roughness is recommended to eliminate the usual nail file, for grinding. After the procedure is applied to reinforcing lacquer, which serves as the basis for any nail polish.

 fashionable home manicure

What should be remembered every woman

Home manicure does not have to be pretentious or too complicated. It is necessary to ensure that your hands are beautiful. This important procedure is the same as the daily cleaning of the teeth, combing hair, washing, bathing or washing things. It is not necessary to run itself to such an extent that without the help of a specialist will not be able to bring the nails in order.

At least once a week to do the peeling and mask to remove dead skin particles and moisturize dry skin. In the winter (about an hour before going outside) are lubricated with a special protective hand cream. In freezing temperatures for a walk without gloves is strictly prohibited.

If you exfoliate ends, it is not recommended to do a home manicure with conventional paints. There are many popular ways how to strengthen nails. Try to give the discharge at least once a month. At the same time every day, wipe the surface with lemon juice or olive oil. The main thing to not be lazy and do regularly, not sporadically.

If the situation does not improve, but on the surface appear spot, education or change color, immediately contact the hospital. This may indicate the emergence of a fungus, which is not treated with improvised means. You could get infected or in the cabin, if the master does not sterilize instruments after a previous client who is a carrier, or in contact with the patient.

In any case, do not self-medicate and do not diagnose yourself, not having passed the preliminary analysis. Maybe it's just a vitamin deficiency or lack of calcium in the body, and you will have enough to spend on drink a course of tablets. But at the time of manicures have to forget all the same, so as not to injure and so weak nails.

 Home Manicure: give hands in order

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 black spots on the nose


  • The causes of this problem
  • Struggling with comedones traditional methods
  • Consultation with a specialist

The black dots on the nose can occur in women of any age, and it does not matter, she uses make-or not. Despite the fact that they do not pose any health hazards from these ladies try to get rid of as quickly as possible. The fact that open comedones do not look very attractive on the skin refined lady.

The causes of this problem

Before you remove the black spots on the nose, it is necessary to find out why they are there. This will help in the future to avoid a repetition of such a trouble. It is much easier to prevent a relapse, than to try to overcome the consequences. So there are some of the most common options, why it happened to you.

  • The bad heredity

If your parents are familiar with the problem firsthand, then your face in the future can be covered with open comedones. In this case, get rid of blackheads on your nose will be much more difficult, as in the body at the genetic level laid this disease.

  • Poor or incorrectly picked up cosmetics

Often the girls are trying to save money by buying the products on sale or ordering it in the directory at random. Not having experienced foundation or powder, you will not be able to predict how a person after five or six hours to react even on the easiest makeup. By the way, it plays an important role for any skin type or that cosmetics intended. Those who can not determine the choice of suitable means, you should contact an experienced beautician. Initially, he will examine your face, and then tell you that you better use, but from what you will need to give up.

  • Improper care

Did you forget to wipe the daily problem areas with lotion and tonic, do not apply on the face nourishing and moisturizing creams, go to bed, do not wash with the makeup. In the twenty-first century, when the environment and the food is poor, the skin without any additional care can be covered with pimples, blackheads and other such entities.

  • Malnutrition

If on the face of the fair sex rash or her nose was covered with a black dot, then she has problems with the intestines or stomach. Fatty, salty, sweet, smoked, spicy food - all this is bad for the skin. Thus girls should limit yourself to coffee and alcohol. It should drink plenty of green tea without sugar or herbal tea. By the way, you can replace the sweet honey which is much more useful.

 How to remove black dots on the nose at home

Struggling with comedones traditional methods

Clear skin of impurities as possible in the salon or beauty parlor, leaving not one hundred rubles, and at home, using the popular recipes beauty. To prepare the masks, balms, cleansing scrubs own, you have to spend a minimum of effort and finances. But the result will be no worse than if you visit a specialist.

But do not forget that for a particular product can be allergic. Therefore, to avoid adverse effects, the resulting mixture was pre-test on a small area of ​​the skin. And if after twenty to thirty minutes on the treated place appears a rash, irritation or itching, then you can use the tool.

  • Steam baths and scrubs

So, first you need to properly steam the skin, make it easier to get rid of blackheads on your nose. For this brew decoction of chamomile, oak bark, yarrow and lotions do (this will help to open pores). Five minutes later you can begin to peel homemade scrub or shop.

To prepare the means to cleanse, you need melkomolotye coffee beans and the usual gel cleanser. Mix these two ingredients and rub the problem areas. If you wish, you can add a pinch of salt. Carry out the procedure should be careful not to damage the skin, or the sebaceous glands begin to secrete a secret twice as fast. As a result, in a few weeks you will have to resort to repeated cleaning of the nose.

If you have increased dryness of the skin, is very useful once a week to do the peeling scrub greasy, home-cooked. A teaspoon of regular table salt (large and without any additives) mix with one tablespoon of sour cream. Rub into the problem area for about five minutes, then rinse with water. Note that this means not only removes black spots and removes keratinized, but also allows you to moisturize the epidermis.

To close the pores after the procedure, a couple of ice cubes, wrap with gauze, and drag them across the skin. But do not be too zealous, not to earn a cold facial nerve, especially if you've used a hot gadgets. It is also desirable to wipe the treated area bactericidal agent to prevent infection.

Please note that it is not necessary to do steam baths and exfoliation, if you have rosacea, a slight vacuum or inflammation, and there are problems with the nasopharynx. Otherwise you risk to bring an infection that will only aggravate the situation and so nasty.

  • Remove blackheads handles

Many beauty salons of blackheads on your nose disposed of using the normal manual cleaning, which is carried out by true professionals. At home squeeze blackheads is not recommended. Firstly, this procedure is very painful. Second, you can injure yourself if you accidentally come off a finger or spatula. And last but not least - the risk of infection in a completely non-sterile room is too large.

But if you can not afford to go to the beauty parlor, and no other methods do not help, you can try to get rid of the problem of this old-fashioned method. Beware though, that two or three days after such manipulations you have to walk with a red nose.

So, as before peeling, you first have to steam the face. If you do not want to make lotions, just hold your head over the basin with a decoction of chamomile. Just be careful not scalded with boiling water. Before the very beginning of the wash clean, wash your hands with soap and wipe the tar fingers alcohol.

Squeeze the black spots should be gently and carefully, not pushing nails or spatula into the skin until it sderet. Use wooden better fit, since they are less traumatic. At the end of a person is required to lubricate the tool that helps narrow pores (ice, egg white, cream shop).

  • Masks

There is no better way how to remove black dots on the nose, while not harming your health than regular masks. For example, you can use white clay, which is quick and easy to pull out of the pores all the dirt, grease, dust. Kaolin Signs recommend even in cases when the mechanical action on the skin is prohibited. She sold in pharmacies and stores selling cosmetics.

Copes with the task mask cooked with oatmeal. Please note, to acquire the following traditional porridge, which is cooked for a long time, but not a mixture of noodles. Pour a spoonful in a pan and pour a small amount of warm water (not hot). Leave to infuse quarter of an hour, then add the mixture of baking soda (about a teaspoon). Apply it all on the problem area for ten minutes until dry up. To remove this weight, use a cotton swab or paper towel.

Toothpaste - it is one, a simple and affordable way to remove black dots on the nose a couple of days. This tool is also used to remove acne, reduce inflammation etc. The main thing - do not use peppermint line and normal standard, which buys more of our mothers.

So, at night, apply to the problem area a small amount of paste, making sure that your skin is normally in contact with her. I should get a faint white plenochka. Do not be afraid to get dirty pillow, after ten or fifteen minutes it dries. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, wash with copious amounts of cold water, then put on your nose or a nourishing moisturizer.

Get on the market a couple of aloe leaves, grind them in a blender and rub the skin juice. By the way, if you have the opportunity obzavedites this plant and grow it on the windowsill. It is not fanciful, does not require special care, but it can be used even for treatment of viral and catarrhal and inflammatory diseases.

Also worth a try to cook at home mask of acetylsalicylic acid. Three four tablets a little soak in water to make them easier to stretch. The resulting slurry was add a few tablespoons of honey home (not field to not cause an allergic reaction). It is desirable that he began sugars, since the liquid will quickly spread across his face. After aspirin increases, apply the mixture on your nose for ten minutes or fifteen, no more. Be careful, as this means not only removes black dots, but also lightens the skin. As in any other case, it is recommended to pre-test a small amount in the crook of the elbow.

Traditional recipes are good that almost all the ingredients are there in the home of each family. So, for example, in the winter beauties should wipe the face with lemon juice, and in the summer the girls can do at home usual cucumber mask. Grate the vegetables on a small or medium grater, apply the resulting slurry on the nose and wait for half an hour. This will help get rid of comedones and improve the condition of your skin in general.

 How to remove black dots on the nose

Consultation with a specialist

Traditional methods, over just fine, but in the whole should be aware measure. Removing the black dots with the help of improvised means, girls deliberately go to a number of risks. And in order to reduce negative effects to a minimum, pre should consult with their physician and gastroenterologist. Perhaps the reason lies much deeper than you think. It was only after a full survey will be to figure out which is why the skin condition worsened.

Nor should we start a visit to the beautician, if there is no positive effect after such procedures. The high probability that you picked the wrong set of treatment. Once a specialist will examine you, he will develop for you further plan of action. After deal with black dots in each case be different, based on the age, sex, condition, financial capability, etc. But before you decide to give money for such services, sure to visit yet another beauty salon, to make sure that you do not pay for a pig in a poke.

 The black dots on the nose of why they appeared and how to remove them?

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