How to whiten your teeth at home for 1 day


  • Five folk methods of teeth whitening
  • Bleaching of specialized products
  • Secrets of snow-white smile

Whiten your teeth in a single day at home, not having lost in this jaw, it is very difficult. Even specialty pharmaceutical gels and pastes not cope with the task in such a short time. It will take at least three to four sessions, to smile at least for a lighter tone. But this does not mean that you have to immediately contact your dentist.

Folk beauty recipes to help you get rid of the yellow plaque, which is a result of improper cleaning or due to the consumption of food with a lot of dye. And in some cases where, for example, need to quickly get together to go on a date or at a friendly meeting, that is enough.

Five folk methods of teeth whitening

  • Soda and hydrogen peroxide

Perhaps it is - the most popular and dangerous today way to whiten teeth at home. On the one hand, all the ingredients can be purchased at your local pharmacy, and they are quite cheap. On the other - soda and peroxide greatly hurt the enamel, causing it begins to crack and break. But if you resort to such cleaning is not more than twice a year, acting in accordance with the instructions, unfortunate consequences can be avoided.

To prepare the paste you need to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with peroxide (half a teaspoon). The resulting slurry is diluted with water should be, until a homogeneous, jelly-like and a little dough. Apply product to toothbrush and brush the problem areas for two minutes, then spit out everything in the sink. Note swallow the mixture is by no means impossible, otherwise you may get poisoned. After the procedure, rinse your mouth with plenty of water. And remember, the next two or three hours there is nothing impossible.

  • Wood ash

Potassium hydroxide contained in the ash wood, has a wonderful bleaching properties. Of course, one day you will not become the owner of a snow-white smile, but the resulting effect you too will like. This tool will help you to get rid of plaque, even in places where the lack toothbrush.

As in the previous case, to such a method should be used as sparingly as possible, so as not to hurt the already weak enamel. By the way, despite the fact that one of the times is nothing wrong will not be, dentists still do not recommend to carry out such manipulations. To reduce the negative impact, they are advised to add a small amount of wood ash into a paste (available in bleaching). After cleaning, be sure to rinse your mouth with a special solution.

  • Egg pasta

There is no safer means of how to whiten your teeth in 1 day than toothpaste, made from one egg white teaspoon soda, mint and a tablespoon of milk. Use this tool should be used twice - in the morning and evening, with the procedure of cleaning should take at least three or four minutes. Rinse mouth with lukewarm water needed to because of the increased sensitivity not started aching gums. Within an hour of the fair sex it is recommended to avoid the cold and bitterness food and beverages that can stain the enamel again.

  • Lime

Despite the fact that the lemon also has bleaching properties, women try to use it as sparingly as possible. Indeed, only at the memory of this product begins to be reduced oskoma teeth. In addition, some beauty can not stand the bitter-sour taste. But, as they say, beauty demands victims.

For at home to get rid of yellow, squeeze lemon juice on a cotton swab and rub their teeth properly. After one or two minutes Rinse off and apply ordinary whitening toothpaste. This will help to achieve better results.

  • Essential oils

Whiten teeth at home using essential oils can be not more than twice a week. Dissolve a couple of drops in a teaspoon of alcohol, then immediately wipe with a cotton swab enamel. It is necessary to be careful, because some will give such facilities can cause allergies. Be sure to try the every time a small amount of the mixture on the skin to avoid irritation and inflammation.

Copes with yellowness and ordinary olive oil, which is also completely harmless to human health. Suffice it every morning to apply a small amount on the teeth for five minutes to seven. You can then proceed to a normal cleaning paste.

 How to whiten your teeth for 1 day at home

Bleaching of specialized products

  • Kappa gel

One day is definitely not enough for a complete home bleaching, but after two or three hours after your teeth aligners still become a little lighter. But do not run to the nearest drugstore in search of this wonderful device, as it must do in the dental clinic on the order. After all, if the shape and size does not fit you, you will have a serious burn gums.

Before you wear a mouthguard, carefully read the instructions. If you wear it a little longer, you risk to buy a dull, grayish and cracked a smile. That after such an unsuccessful result in bleaching teeth in order, you will need to spend more than a thousand rubles for spraying.

  • Whitening Strips

Their main advantage is that it is rather a good positive result can be obtained even in the first days of use. But do not forget that the higher the efficiency, the more dangerous means. So, for example, you have to first work with the upper jaw, and only then from the bottom. At the same time it is impossible to whiten teeth, or acid will corrode the enamel continue your smile will be even darker than before. Therefore, the fair sex is recommended to pre-consult with a specialist who would tell about the rules of the use of such wonderful strips.

  • Whitening toothpastes

Unfortunately, few people know that whitening toothpastes should not use every day. They are recommended to use twice a week, so as not to injure the enamel and not to hurt the gums. It just helps to maintain good condition and is not a panacea for all ills. In addition, if a girl does not know how to properly clean your teeth, no matter how good and expensive means is, it will not be able to cope even with a slight yellow.

 How to whiten your teeth for 1 day

Secrets of snow-white smile

  • After each meal should rinse your mouth with a special solution;
  • To remove residues of food stuck between your teeth, you should use a special dental floss. Toothpicks, as if they were not comfortable, can harm the enamel and gums;
  • Brushing teeth should be twice a day, while the procedure itself should take at least three minutes;
  • As little as possible smoke (ideally better to give up cigarettes) as well as tobacco leads to yellowing of the enamel. You also need to drink less coffee, black tea and wine, there are dishes that contain dyes. It is better to give preference to natural products. And try as much as possible to chew solid apples and carrots;
  • If you notice that within two or three days after cleaning there are any changes (darkened seal, there were dark spots), immediately contact your dentist. To prevent look into the doctor every six months.

Observing all safety precautions and follow the above rules, you can become the owner of a chic smile in just one day. However, pre still recommended to see a specialist in order to avoid the negative consequences that may occur because of latent diseases.

 How to whiten your teeth at home for 1 day: people's beauty recipes

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 how to shape eyebrows


  • Bends eyebrows: what form you going to face?
  • Rule three lines
  • How to pluck eyebrows

The time when the beautiful considered thin, almost completely plucked eyebrows, long gone. In fashion back thick and natural, like Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Madonna and Natalia Vodianova. But this does not mean that you have to throw out the cosmetic tweezers and forget about his appointment. After all, without it you are unlikely to be able to eliminate even minor defects such as rare hairs on the nose or eyelids, not to mention the more serious problems.

Unfortunately, not all the ladies endowed by nature with perfect eyebrows form that would be suitable for a particular type of person. The saddest thing is that if a girl is at least one permit the slightest mistake in bringing myself up, it can dramatically transform from cute beauty into a formidable lady. Therefore, those who have not had to deal with it, it is recommended at least once a beauty salon to the master did everything as needed. In the future they will have to either go to a correction or trim your eyebrows independently.

But not everyone has the opportunity to pay a thousand rubles for a similar service, plus, not every expert will be able to do what the client needs. In this case, sit in front of a mirror, carefully examine the person and think that you will eventually want to get. And only then you can safely take up the tweezers.

 how to shape eyebrows properly

Bends eyebrows: what form you going to face?

  • Slightly rounded, like Megan Fox

The main difference between the rounded eyebrows is that they do not affect the image of the girl. This option is considered universal, it fits all the fair sex. Therefore, if you do not want to take risks and experiment with style, you should stay on it.

  • Triangular, like Hayden Panettiere

Eyebrows "house" - this form must be selected girls with a round face. This will make it slightly narrower and longer. But do not get too carried away and do too sharp corners, otherwise you will be like constantly Surprised girl or, worse, to look like a comedian.

  • Arcuate rounded, like Beyoncé

Just a little girl with elongated oval face and coarse features can afford to give a shape eyebrows. Otherwise, your image will be incomplete, if you forget something or to finish cleaning. Note, too thin lines look terrible on any beauty.

  • Fracture as Natalie Kelly

If you like nature was originally endowed beauty, then you are incredibly lucky. In this case it is necessary only to remove unwanted hair, to give a clearer shape eyebrows. The other ladies will need to show incredible tenacity and agility to achieve the desired result. By the way, this option is ideal girls with a square face, but looks awful on an oval.

  • Straight, like Liv Tyler

To give shape eyebrows perfectly straight lines can a girl with a narrow face, big lips, with a huge nose and heavy chin. Giving preference to this embodiment, the girls are at serious risk. It is enough to guess a little inclined to spoil their image and become like a surly person on forever, either maudlin lady.

 how to shape eyebrows yourself

Rule three lines

One thing that I would like to see on his face, the other - that will go for you. Therefore, the girl to make it easier to shape eyebrows, beauticians have developed a rule of three lines. For such manipulations you need to line (or any other thin and long object) and a pencil, which you will mark a point for modeling.

So, the first line should extend from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. It is necessary to ensure that you understand the distance between the eyebrows. If you act at random, you may find that the left, for example, is closer to the bridge of the nose, and the right - much further.

The second hand is on the nose wing girl to her pupil. Putting the point, do not forget that you need to sit up straight and look only to themselves, and not somewhere aside. This will help you quickly determine the order in which the tip should be. Such manipulations are necessary, even if you want to give your eyebrows a straight or slightly rounded shape.

The last step - the line of the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. It was here, not somewhere above or below the eyebrow should end (this is, of course, ideally). Of course, if the fair sex a little lengthen or shorten it, it is departing from the rules is not so critical.

How to pluck eyebrows

Before beginning the procedure should be thoroughly wash your face and hands, so as not to carry infection. Next, wipe the skin tonic or lotion, which does not include alcohol and other aggressive substances. If you have not plucked eyebrows, first model the shape using pencil, otherwise you may get two entirely different lines.

Should pull out one hair, carefully capturing it at the base. If you will take on the tip, then just will tear the rod, and you have to walk at least a week with black dots. If the beam will clamp and pull with all his strength, it is formed on the skin wound. For during the procedure did not hurt, apply ice to the eyebrows or do warm compresses.

Once you will attach the appropriate form, remove the vegetation on the bridge of the nose, and century field at the temple. Be sure to put on the treated area a little moisturizer. Initially, the skin a little blush, but after ten or fifteen minutes a swelling and inflammation of the pass. But still it is not recommended to pluck eyebrows before going out.

 How to shape eyebrows and make the face more expressive