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  • What do the bags under the eyes
  • Why should I see a doctor

Waking up in the morning, you will find bags under the eyes, with no cosmetic product does not help to overcome this problem? Do not rush to buy the night cream and tonal foundations to disguise puffiness and dark circles. According to doctors, any, even the smallest changes in the face of evidence that us something is wrong. And popular recipes beauty in such a situation does not save the beautiful ladies.

 bags under the eyes of reason

What do the bags under the eyes

In fact it is very difficult without the help of a specialist to determine why at one time or another girl were bags under his eyes. The reasons may be different, ranging from allergies to cosmetics, ending with kidney disease. That is why it is important to first pass a comprehensive examination, and only then proceed to the treatment of the popular and professional methods.

  • Preferences: Salt and pepper

Lovers of the more acute and salty foods should be careful, because the spices cause thirst and salt retains fluid in the body. As a result, there are bags, bruising and swelling under the eyes. This does not mean that the rest of your life you have to eat only fresh food. It is enough to follow recipes and observe the daily rate. Not so long ago it was thought that a woman should consume in a day, no more than ten to fifteen grams of salt, today recommended to eat no more than six grams (maximum - teaspoon).

  • Wrong lifestyle, wild parties

Alcohol, tobacco, toxins, dehydration, sleepless night - this is not the best friends of our health. After a wild party (with booze, cigarettes, or even worse - with drugs) on the morning of periorbital tissue swells, the area under the eyes change color tone (dark or red). To avoid swelling after partying still get some sleep at least eight hours, and before going to bed drink plenty of fluids.

  • Genetic predisposition: from mother to daughter

If your parents had a similar problem, you it can also be hereditary. In such cases, bags under the eyes appear in adolescence, and fight with them you will have the rest of your life. Girls who fall into this category, you should eat well, exercise, use of high-quality cosmetics and give up bad habits.

  • Serious illness: the failure of the body

If the fair sex had never faced the bags under his eyes, and she suddenly appear swelling, it is most likely a symptom of a serious disease. It is necessary to check the kidneys, sinuses, tested for the presence of a respiratory infection.

  • Fatigue and stress: work less, rest more

Perhaps the most banal cause of swelling on the face - this overvoltage eyeballs for two to three hours. Try before bedtime did not sit at the computer, take breaks while watching TV. By the way, if you like to fall asleep with a book or newspaper, then remember that you can not read lying down.

Also, the human body does not respond well to the constant stress, tears and tantrums. Sensitive individuals should not take everything that happens to heart, and rapidly respond to a particular situation. If you cried, always wash with cold water and do not go to sleep for the next two hours.

  • Ultraviolet: dangerous radiation

No wonder doctors constantly say - ultraviolet light is harmful to health, so do not be too carried away sunbathing or tanning. In the hot season, always use protective cosmetics (SPF at least 15) and wear sunglasses of high quality glass, not plastic. On the beach is better to go in straw hats with a wide brim or a cap with a visor.

  • Age: irreversible aging

Unfortunately, the girls late thirties begin irreversible processes - periorbital tissue loses its elasticity, it begins to grow in size, and after a year or two under your skin begins to sag. Why does this happen - scientists have not yet figured out. Average of cosmetic products, which would help to overcome this trouble does not exist. In such cases, it will only surgery that is performed in specialized clinics.

  • Allergic reaction: Dangerous cosmetics

Improperly selected cosmetics (cream, eye shadow, carcasses, tonal basis) can cause eye swelling. Remember, you may have recently purchased a new product for too long or using old and its shelf life has long been released. In any case, all test on a small area of ​​skin to determine why there have similar troubles.

 why bags under the eyes

Why should I see a doctor

Once you figure out the cause of the bags under the eyes specifically in your case, immediately begin treatment. Do not tighten with a visit to the doctor, because even one or two months can be critical. Otherwise, even if you deal with the problem on the face may appear early wrinkles, or, even worse - a hernia.

It's hard to find someone who would love to go to extreme measures - a surgical operation, if you can overcome the trouble has arisen less dangerous ways. But what you should not do is to experiment with their own health and to use traditional methods, without consulting a doctor.

 Bags under the eyes: the causes of and ways to combat them

 How to whiten your teeth yourself


  • Why darken teeth?
  • Prevention as a way to whiten your teeth
  • Methods for bleaching teeth at home

Smile - a powerful weapon in dealing with others. You can smile at you a pleasant person, or just pretend glad someone if the person you care about. And in fact, in both cases you will consider agreeable. But what if a smile is not perfect? If the yellow plaque on the teeth spoils the whole picture, and not save even the proverbial politeness? Then you direct road to the dentist in the teeth whitening procedure. And while you tune a moral to this visit, we will teach you how to whiten your teeth yourself or damaging the enamel at the same time.

Why darken teeth?

Perhaps, to the list of endless "why" is to add a question about the causes of yellowing enamel. Moreover, 90% of the population knows why darken teeth, but continued to pretend he did not understand why their enamel is far from perfect. So the enemies of toothy smiles are:

  1. Coffee

    Probably the most popular and proven way to wake up mankind in the early morning, not only helps to restore vitality, but also makes the tooth enamel darker. And the more coffee you drink, the higher the risk that you will smile, without moving his lips. How to deal with it - drink less espresso or after every coffee break to brush your teeth - you decide. Just do not forget that caffeine is harmful not only to the teeth, but also for the heart.

  2. Black tea

    Everyone understands that in tea, no less, and sometimes even more caffeine than in a strong morning coffee. Nevertheless, people continue to drink and complain about the yellowness of teeth. It is at least strange, because just enough to reduce the strength of the drink or the amount of tea drinking in the day to the problem of "color" the smile was not so acute.

  3. Cigarettes

    Another avowed enemy of the teeth, lungs, and human health in general. Look at your fingers smoker, they are yellow, as well as tooth enamel. Now imagine what state amateur drag cigarette lighter?

  4. Red wine

    Why is it? Yes, because our valiant manufacturers like to add to the wine not only alcohol, but also a lot of dyes, which give the drink a beautiful ruby ​​color. And all would do, but as a result of the dye deposited on your enamel.

  5. Genes

    If many family members "famous" yellow teeth, then you are likely to also be a problem with the color of the enamel. No, we do not encourage you to accept the situation. Just be prepared for the fact that whiten teeth (even at home), you will more often than correcting her hair in a hairdressing salon.

 independently whiten teeth

Prevention as a way to whiten your teeth

Why set yourself on the trip to the dentist, pay money to pass the difficult process of bleaching or to learn to lighten the enamel in the home, if simple preventive measures can help avoid the problem? Of course, the Russian people like to think in hindsight, but we are wiser than you, right? Therefore, let us learn to adhere to simple rules to ensure that our smile was pure white with no extra effort?

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day

    Moreover, the brush should be chosen not by brand or by price, and based on the advice of your dentist (yes, go to see him still have). The same applies to the toothpaste (we'll talk about it in more detail later).

  2. If you have problems with tooth enamel, you must restrict yourself to the use of coffee and strong tea

    Of course, a cup of espresso in the morning - is sacred, but we will turn into a coffee lover you still do not recommend.

  3. By the way, this is not all the drinks that fall in the Prohibited List

    You will have to give up red wine (which we mentioned earlier), carbonated drinks and ice ... in glasses. Of course, the ice facets look through the glass is very nice, but too cold for liquid enamel makes sensitive and, therefore, susceptible to the influence of all sorts of coloring elements.

  4. Quitters

    Now our motto reminds many labels on cigarette packs, but believe that the Ministry of Health, and we particularly wish you nothing but good. Why poison themselves with cigarettes, if in addition to yellow teeth, lung problems and nicotine addiction, they do not carry with them?

  5. Do not forget the way to the dentist

    Beauty smile - it's not just the snow-white enamel, but also healthy teeth. Therefore, busting your own sign up, finally, a dentist.

 how to whiten teeth

Methods for bleaching teeth at home

How carefully would you not guarded own teeth yellowing, from time to time, the enamel is "please" you with their unhealthy color. What to do in such cases? First of all, patience. Further, we advise you to rummage in your home medicine cabinet. What to look for? Who will tell.

  1. activated carbon

    It turned out, not only helps in case of poisoning, but also in case the yellowing of teeth. To do this, crush a few tablets and apply the resulting powder to the teeth. To obtain a better rub properly activated carbon yellowed enamel. Rinse with warm water. If your teeth are not immediately began to sparkle like the waves in the sun, do not worry. Dentists say that the effect will be visible after a month and a half after the beginning of the use of activated carbon as a bleaching agent. Incidentally, the procedure can be repeated more than 1 second per week, otherwise damage the enamel and the color will not have values.

  2. Baking soda

    That is certainly the product exists in every kitchen. And it is not only suitable for baking, but for the teeth. Apply a thin layer of baking soda on your toothbrush and gently brush the enamel. Try not to hurt the gums at the same time, otherwise the risk to injure the delicate skin. Do not repeat the procedure more than once a week, and if the tart taste of soda you do not like it, mix it with toothpaste.

  3. Hydrogen peroxide

    Perhaps this is the most effective, but at the same time the most dangerous way to whiten your teeth. Effective because the hydrogen peroxide immediately returns the white enamel. But the danger of this method of bleaching is that the careless use of peroxide can damage the enamel or gum disease.

    To your smile still shining, and harm the teeth when it was not, put peroxide on a cotton ball or cotton swab. Gently wipe the enamel without affecting the gums. Then you can wash peroxide and save the bottle for exactly a week. That is the frequency of offer dentists using this method of teeth whitening.

  4. Lime

    Rub teeth lemon slice, and begin to lighten the enamel. Of course, this will not happen immediately, and white will not be perfect, but as a method of emergency rescue smile, this method is quite suitable.

  5. Whitening Toothpaste

    Here everything is clear. Familiar to all from childhood paste will not only clean off the accumulated per day raid, but also whiten your teeth. But before buying bleach at the pharmacy, we recommend you consult your dentist or at least, not to save money on the purchase. The cheap pasta manufacturers put a lot of fluoride, which destroys tooth enamel. So be careful.

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    & gt; By the way, a strawberry is also able to bring back luster and whiteness of teeth

    True, eat it you need to do a lot, but then the fun and you can get a huge, right?

Finally I want to warn all readers: do not chase the perfect whiteness. Not all white enamel, so do not ask the impossible from his teeth. Well, if you are determined to combat all others smile, and all of the above methods do not help, consult your dentist. Especially that professional tooth whitening procedure is not only the most effective but also completely painless.

 A couple of tips on how to whiten your teeth yourself

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